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AGS The Week Ahead November 28 - December 4, 2011 MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28 Reserve tickets to Messiah via Pat Beman 8:00-8:10 11:00-11:30 11:00-11:40 11:35-12:15 11:45-12:15 SPORTS 4:00

8:00-8:10 10:30-11:10


10:30-11:50 3:30-5:00 SPORTS 4:30 5:30

8:00-8:10 8:00 11:25-11:50 12:20-12:45

8:00-8:10 8:00-9:00 11:25-11:50 12:20-12:45 3:00 SPORTS

Advisory Middle School Lunch Upper School EDLS Middle School EDLS Upper School Lunch All Things Reconsidered (142) Gold Basketball game @ AGS vs. GHA Middle School Dance Team performs at half-time TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29 Advisory 9th & 10th grades: Looking Ahead Towards College (Gym) Middle School & Joint MS/US Clubs Meet MS students not in clubs: Study Hall (Horizon Center) Girl Talk Leaders Lunch (presentation room) MS students in dining hall 9th Grade Cooking Club (kitchen) GLEE Club Meeting and Lunch (Music Room) Cross Stitch (presentation room) Varsity Basketball game @ Gwinnett Christian Gold Basketball game vs. Cottage @ AGS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30 Advisory Parents' Circle Board Meeting (presentation room) Middle School Lunch (MS CoS meeting) Upper School Lunch THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1 Advisory Parents' Circle First Thursday Coffee (dining hall) Speakers: Dwan Simmons & Amy Conlee (EDLS) Middle School Lunch (Jr. Bake Sale) Upper School Lunch (Jr. Bake Sale) US CoS Meeting Animal Rescue Club (dining hall) Swim Team Carrolton-Oak Mountain Invitational Varsity Basketball Augusta Prep Tournament (away)

7:30-8:45 7:45-8:45 9:00 9:00-12:45 10:50-11:15 11:20-11:50 3:30-6:30 3:30-6:30 7-10:00PM SPORTS

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2 Faculty meeting (presentation room) Learning Lab with Ga. Tech tutors Classes begin with "C" block Admissions Tea & Tour (Horizon Center) Class Meetings/Grade Level Activities Advisory Lunch (bring in Winterim course requests) 6th Grade Ice Skating Party (Centennial Park) 7th Grade Bowling Party (Midtown Bowl) 8th Grade Winter Dance (dining hall) Varsity Basketball Augusta Prep Tournament (away)

AGS The Week Ahead November 28 - December 4, 2011 TBD SPORTS

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3 Outdoor Club goes Indoor Climbing Varsity Basketball Augusta Prep Tournament (away)


Poinsettias ordered to be delivered this week to AGS

Dec. 6 6-8PM

Girl Up Reception @ AGS

Dec. 8 8AM 7PM

Coffee with the Head (Horizon Center) Winter Choral Concert

Dec. 9


WINTER WONDERLAND Dress Down Day (Details to follow) Last day of semester 1 classes for US & 8th grade Grade Level holiday celebrations Parents' Circle Faculty Lunch Upper School Holiday Dance

AGS Week Ahead Nov. 28  
AGS Week Ahead Nov. 28  

AGS Week Ahead Nov. 28