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AGS The Week Ahead November 7 - 13, 2011 8:00-8:10 10:50-12:45 10:50-12:45 11:00-11:30 11:00-11:40 11:35-12:15 11:45-12:15 6:00PM

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7 Advisory 6th Grade service to Sheltering Arms (bring sack lunch) 7th Grade service to EnAble (bring sack lunch) Middle School Lunch Upper School EDLS Middle School EDLS (8th grade only) Upper School Lunch Winter Sports Team Meetings (locations TBD) Middle School Basketball (Dr. Bobeck, Swandoui Grene) Swimming (Cat Stansbury, Dr. Simpson) Dance (Julia Simoes, Lonnie Davis) JV Basketball (Coach Mo) TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8 Bring a Friend to AGS Day!

8:00-8:10 Advisory 10:30-12:00 10th Grade service/site visits 10:30-11:10 Club Meetings for All clubs MS students not in clubs: Study Hall (Horizon Center) 11:15-11:50 Girl Talk Lunch (advisory locations) 9th Grade Cooking club 3:30-5:00 Cross Stitch (presentation room) 8:00-8:10 8:15-12:15 11:25-11:50 12:20-12:45 5:30-7:30 6:00PM

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9 Advisory PLAN testing for 10 graders Middle School Lunch (MS CoS meeting) Upper School Lunch Book Fair Preview Party for parents/staff (Horizon Center/hosted by the Parents' Circle) Varsity Basketball Parent Meeting

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10 Veterans' Day 7:45-6PM Book Fair (Horizon Center) 8:00-8:10 Advisory 11:25-11:50 Middle School Lunch (Jr. Bake Sale) 12;20-12:45 Upper School Lunch (Jr. Bake Sale) US CoS meeting 3:00 Animal Rescue Club (dining hall) 7:45-8:45 7:45-8:45 7:45-4:00 9:00 10:50-11:15 11;20-11:50 3:30-4:15

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11 Archery Team practice Learning Lab with Ga. Tech tutors Book Fair (Horizon Center) Classes begin with "C" block Class Meetings Advisory Lunch Glee Club meeting (music room)

8:00AM 3:00-5:00

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12 Outdoors Club Hike in the North Georgia mountains Reception: Franklin College, Switzerland (Westin Buckhead)

AGS The Week Ahead November 7 - 13, 2011 2:00

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13 AGS Admission Open House!

UPCOMING EVENTS Nov. 16 7:15-8:15AM Annual Fund Coffee & Run! (front porch) 12:20-12:50 College Visit: University of South Carolina Nov. 17 7:00PM

AGS Fall Drama Production

Nov. 18 7:00PM 7:00PM

Dress Down Day AGS Fall Drama Production Middle School Sleepover (pick-up: 11/19, 8AM)

Sat., 11/19 8:00AM 9AM-1:30

Middle School Sleepover pick-up Middle School Event at GA Tech (Student Success Center) (Society of Women Engineers)

AGS Week Ahead 11/7/11  
AGS Week Ahead 11/7/11  

AGS Week Ahead 11/7/11