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SUNDAYS AT ATLANTA FIRST SUNDAYS 9:45 am SUNDAY SCHOOL AND SMALL GROUP We were not created to do life alone. At Atlanta First, we don't have to. Check out our Small Group and Sunday School classes to find the fit that works best for you! Pastor Jonathan leads a Small Group Study in his office at 9:45am. They are currently studying "Unafraid" by Adam Hamilton.  The Saint Andrew Class, taught by Ruth Fruit, Ross Lane, and Dr. Bob Smith, uses the Adult Bible Studies curriculum as the foundation of their study. They enjoy discussions, social activities and caring for one another as well as the larger faith community. The Currents Class, taught by Aaron Moody, is a multi-generational group that enjoys diversity of perspectives leading to lively discussion of the Scripture. The class studies a range of Biblical topics, relating all to their life application. Our Children's Class uses "Deep Blue"; an interactive curriculum for all ages.

11:00 am WORSHIP Make it a priority to worship on Sunday. Invite someone to join you! If you are unable to be here in person, please worship with us online at Children are an important part of the church family and are welcome in worship. Don’t worry about squirms or sounds, children remind us of the faithfulness of God! Should you choose, there is a Nursery available each Sunday for infants and toddlers. On 1st Sundays, we love to worship together as a family in the Sanctuary and take Communion together. On the 2nd - 4th Sundays of the month, Pre-School through 5th graders are invited to Children’s Church after the Children’s Moment in worship. Let us know how we can make your family feel at home.



5pm & 6pm in the Fellowship Hall


FREE YOGA 5pm: Beginners; 6pm: All Levels Register online at





NORTH GA UNITED METHODIST DISTRICT GATHERING 4-6pm @ Cascade UMC 3144 Cascade Road, SW; Atlanta, GA 30311




UMCOR SUNDAY We will receive a special offering for the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) that directly affects their ability to respond immediatley to disasters.

5:15pm in the Sanctuary PRAYER SERVICE Drop in, stay, or join live stream at

5:45pm in the Gym BASKETBALL Open gym basketball.

7pm in the Choir Room CHOIR REHEARSAL Love to sing? We'd love to have you join the choir!

MONTHLY Every Tuesday ONLINE SMALL GROUP 7pm; currently a Lenten study based on the book "Fear of the Other" by William H. Willimon

1st Tuesday SAFEHOUSE OUTREACH DINNER 4pm prep @ Atlanta First 6pm @ 89 Ellis St NE, Atlanta 30303



12-13 DISCIPLE II CLASS RETREAT Friday: 6pm Saturday: 8:30am  12

MARY HALL FREEDOM HOUSE DINNER 4pm prep @ Atlanta First 6pm @ 866 Warner Street SW, Atlanta 30310

SEDER MEAL 6pm. Please make a reservation with the Church Office by April 4th.


PALM SUNDAY Disciple II Class Recognition Easter Egg Hunt after Worship

2nd Wednesday


MAUNDY THURSDAY 6-6:45pm: Dinner 7pm: Worship

3rd Saturday


FRIENDS AT THE FRONT DOOR 10am Prep @ Atlanta First 12pm Serve @ Atlanta First

GOOD FRIDAY Noon: Worship Lunch following Worship


EASTER SUNDAY 7am: Sunrise Service 11am: Easter Sunday Worship

1st Thursday

LEADERSHIP TEAM MEETING 6:30pm @ Atlanta First

3rd Sunday MONTHLY CHURCH LUNCHEON Following Worship @ Atlanta First Bring your favorite side dish or dessert to share. No Luncheon Easter Sunday, April 21. 

MAY 12

MOTHER'S DAY We will receive the Wesley Woods Mother's Day Offering. This offering helps Wesley Woods to cover the cost of health care, meals and wellness programs for low income, older residents. 


CHOIR CONCERT 3pm @ Atlanta First


MEMORIAL DAY Church Offices and Day School Closed

4th Tuesday HOSPITALITY HOUSE DINNER 6pm @ 1815 South Ponce de Leon Ave. Bring a dish to serve and fellowship with guests.

4th Wednesday DEVELOPMENT TASK FORCE 6:30pm @ Atlanta First 

Reshaping the future of the church requires setting aside old assumptions, fears, and stereotypes to embrace new experiences and methods. In their new book,  "Blank Slate",  Rev. Lia McIntosh, Rev. Jasmine Smothers, and Rev. Dr. Rodney Smothers explore generational transition, design thinking, and successful private sector organization to discern a new direction for the church.  They name seven mindsets essential to create your own “blank slate” and embrace a new future.   

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"Gracious God we are your children standing in need of your wisdom and of a vision larger than ourselves. Pour your Holy Spirit upon us." - Bishop Sue praying at the Special General Conference For more information about the 2019 Special General Conference, the North Georgia Conference is hosting a District Gathering.


THE HAGGADAH The compilation of the passages and rituals used for the “Seder Service” (Passover), is known as the Haggadah. It came from the word V’Higgadta (Ex. 13:8) “On that day tell your son…” Haggadah means “to tell” the story of Passover, to tell of God’s redemptive grace. The Haggadah was originally brief. Succeeding generations have added their interpretations, legends and traditions. There are now over 1,200 different versions of the Haggadah. The traditional Haggadah retells the story of the Exodus from Egypt. It speaks of God’s great redemption in bringing the nation of Israel out from bondage into freedom. It symbolizes God’s physical redemption of His people. This Haggadah has been prepared to show God’s redemptive grace in the Passover through the death, burial, and resurrection

excerpt from the book "Messianic Passover Haggadah" Author: editor Harold A. Sevener

of His Messiah, the Lord Jesus. It symbolizes God’s spiritual redemption of His people. In keeping with the Jewish tradition, our Messiah, the Lord Jesus, made preparation to keep the Passover: Then came the day of Unleavened Bread on which the Passover lamb has to be sacrificed. Jesus sent Peter and John, saying, “Go and make preparations for us to eat the Passover.” “Where do you want us to prepare for is?” he asked. He replied, “As you enter the city, a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow his to the house that he enters, and say to the owner of the house, “The Teacher asks: Where is the guest room, where I may eat the Passover with my disciples?” He will show you a large upper room, all furnished. Make preparations there.” They left and found things just as Jesus had told them. So they prepared the Passover. (Luke 22:7-13) It is written: In the same way, after supper he took the cup, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood; do this, whenever you drink it, in remembrance of me.” For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes. (I Cor. 11:25-26)


Rev. Dr. Jacqui Rose-Tucker and the Disciple II Class will prepare a Seder Meal on Friday, April 13.

Friday, April 13 6pm | Fellowship Hall

As Judeo-Christians you are invited to participate in this sacred community meal celebrating with MESSIANIC Jews, this last supper of Jesus.

You will not want to miss the Haggadah experience and the delicious food!


All seders begin with haroset, a spiced

All holidays celebrate tradition, though

topping matzo. Then it’s on to the meal—

Passover, perhaps more than any other in the Jewish calendar, really sticks to the script when it comes to the menu.

This is partly because leavened breads and grains are excluded from the

festivities, so the options are slightly

limited. But it’s also because the staples

at a seder—haroset, matzo ball soup, and brisket—are so good that they can’t be skipped, not even for one year.

fruit and nut spread that’s perfect for

here, it starts with a flavorful matzo ball soup. For the main course, brisket is

always my preferred centerpiece, and an elegant potato gratin and roasted asparagus with toasted garlic &

coriander oil to round out the meal. Finally, there’s a rich flourless and

butter-free chocolate cake, lightened with whipped egg whites, and topped

with a crackly caramel-cherry-almond brittle topping.


Welcome to Atlanta First... Meet Our Newest Members

Elean Ajtun

John Farah

Bill Breuer

Erika Henson

Iman Waiswa


Atlanta First would love your help to make Sunday morning a time of radical hospitality, spirituality, and love! Volunteer as often as you like: weekly, monthly, or on a as needed basis.      GREETERS provide a friendly welcome and offer refreshments.        USHERS act as host to our community and collect the offering during the worship service.        ACOLYTES assist in worship by lighting and extinguishing the candles and assisting the Pastor as needed.        KID'S MINISTRY volunteers are needed in the nursery and Children's Sunday School and Children's Church.        HOSPITALITY volunteers help with monthly luncheon and special activities throughout the year.

Spriritual Gifts A Spiritual Gift inventory will help you discover your spiritual gifts and ways your uniqueness can serve to strengthen the whole body of believers.

If you are interested in serving in Leadership at Atlanta First, please complete a Spiritual Gifts Inventory at the webiste below.


with radical hospitality, grace & love #ComeAsYouAre #LeaveLoved #360PeachtreeStreet

CHURCH DOOR MINISTRY: Donations of packs of peanut butter or cheese crackers, granola bars, and bottled water are needed for our weekday homeless ministry. #KEEPATLWARM: Our ongoing ministry to provide jackets, gloves, hats, etc. to our homeless neighbors. Gently used backpacks, bags and suitcases are also needed. Donations can be dropped off in the donation bin  outside the Pastor's Conference Room.  FRIENDS AT THE FRONT DOOR: You don't want to miss the third Saturday of each month as we serve our Friends at the Front Door! We give bag lunches, toiletry items, and have a time of fellowship and prayer with our homeless neighbors.  Visit to see a complete list of items needed and to sign-up to donate. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY:   Our annual Habitat for Humanity home build project this year begins on Saturday, April 6th, running weekly through June 8th. Our Habitat coordinator, Erin Devine Martin, is hosting two 15-minute online information sessions to introduce the project and go over the schedule. The sessions will take place 6:30 to 6:45 pm on Wednesday, March 20th and Thursday, March 28th via a Zoom virtual conference at:

SAFEHOUSE OUTREACH DINNER: This is a mission ministry to feed the hungry that Atlanta First supports on the first Tuesday of each month. We prepare a meal at Atlanta First then travel and serve at SafeHouse Outreach. We have fellowship and pray with the homeless guests. Their prayer cards are placed on the Altar Rail the following Sunday morning and you will have the opportunity to pick up one and pray for  that person during the month.   We meet here at 4pm to prepare the meal. At 6pm, we will travel to SafeHouse to serve and worship with our guests. Visit to see a complete list of items needed and to sign-up to donate. MARY HALL FREEDOM HOUSE DINNER: The Mary Hall Freedom House exists to empower women to end the cycles of addiction, poverty and homelessness for themselves and their children. On the first Thursday of each month, we meet at Atlanta First at 4pm to prepare a meal, then go to the Freedom House to serve the meal and have fellowship with their guests.   HOSPITALITY HOUSE: Since 1981, Atlanta's Hospitality House has provided a "home away from home" to outpatients and relatives of patients hospitalized in 21 local hospitals. We meet there at 6pm on the last Tuesday of each month. Bring a dish to share and fellowship with guests.

Atlanta First United Methodist Church Chancel Choir | Christopher Bryant, Director of Music and Worship Ebenezer Baptist Church Celebration Mass Choir | Dr. Patrice Turner, Director of Music and Worship Arts Oakhurst Presbyterian Gospel Choir | Dr. Tony McNeil, Director St. Paul Episcopal Church | Deandre T. Jones, Director



Save the Dates: TUESDAY,                  APRIL           9TH:           Join us for our spring Brown Bag Lunch at Peachtree Christian Church. We will discuss best practices for screening and vetting potential clients. All outreach coordinators and clergy are invited to attend.  SUNDAY,                APRIL            28TH:           Congregations are invited to join Team Midtown Assistance Center for the Hunger Walk. This is a great event for youth groups and social clubs. Be sure to join team M7200 and a portion of your entry fee is donated to MAC!  SATURDAY,                     MAY          11TH:          Runners and walkers of all ages are invited to our Midtown Race for MAC 5K in Piedmont Park. Registration available soon. If any businesses or groups in your congregation are interested in sponsoring the event, please contact Chris Ferguson, Development Manager. 

Current Needs Group Volunteer Opportunity: We need a group of 3-7 people who can help us re-organize the clothing closet. This is a great project for a confirmation class or social club. Pantry Needs: Laundry Detergent, Dish Soap, toilet paper, and deodorant. Admin Needs: We are looking for a volunteer with Adobe InDesign experience to help design our Annual Report.

MAC's Annual Luncheon Pictured: Jenny Jobson, Executive Director, Rev. Jasmine Smothers, Dorothy Chandler, Jeanne Spencer, Alisa Smallwood, Suzie Moody, Aaron Moody, and Holley Forsyth.

Volunteer Hours Our work wouldn't be possible without our amazing volunteers. The hours volunteers contributed in January include: All Saints' Episcopal: 63 hours Atlanta First UMC: 53 hours First Presbyterian Church: 14 hours Sacred Heart Basilica: 65 hours St. Luke's Episcopal: 30 hours Saint Mark UMC: 11 hours The Temple: 57 hours

Digital Inclusion Last fall, the AJC named the digital divide the "civil rights issue of our time." At MAC, we are working to correct that. We are offering clients with school-aged children computers and up to a year of paid internet access. In addition, we have provided an entire 3rd grade class at Hope-Hill Elementary School, with computers to encourage digital learning. To find out more or get involved, contact Mitch Parsons, Operations Manger.

GLOBAL CHRISTIANITY — CHRISTIANS LINKED BY BAPTISM TO THE KINGDOM THAT TRANSCENDS ALL NATIONS In recognition of World Communion Sunday, the flags were moved to the Parlor, where they flank the beautiful stained glass windows. This led our Worship Team to think about the reason they were moved for this special worship service and to come to the decision to keep them in the Parlor.

The following response to a request for help with the issues of placement of the Agmerican flag and the Christian flag in the Sanctuary was written by Hoyt Hickman when he was a staff member of the Discipleship Ministries.

Thank you for your inquiry concerning the use of American and Christian flags in church sanctuaries. Common as this practice is, there seems to be no way to display both flags together that does not dishonor one flag or the other. The Christian Flag gives the background of the Christian flag and the reasons why it should always have the place of highest honor when it is displayed. It is not a denominational flag or a church flag, but a symbol of our allegiance to Jesus Christ, who is above all others. It is a cardinal tenet of our faith that our loyalty to Christ comes above all earthly loyalties. On the other hand, The Flag Code (United States Statutes at Large, Seventy-seventh Congress, Second Session 1942, Volume 56 — Part I, Public Laws) states in Section 3 (k): "When displayed from a staff in a church or public auditorium, the [American] flag should occupy the position of honor and be placed at the clergyman's or speaker's right as he faces the congregation or audience. Any other flag so displayed in the chancel or on the platform should be placed to the clergyman's or speaker's left as he faces the congregation or audience. But when the flag is displayed from a staff in a church or public auditorium elsewhere than in the chancel or on the platform, it shall be placed in the position of honor at the right of the congregation or audience as they face the chancel or platform. Any other flag so displayed should be placed on the left of the congregation or audience as they face the chancel or platform." Both in The Flag Code and in the Bible, it is assumed that placement on the right signifies higher honor than — and priority over — placement on the left and that higher placement signifies higher honor than and priority over lower placement. One might reason that the Christian flag could be placed in the chancel on the clergy's right, with the American flag on the floor level of the congregation on the congregation's right, or vice versa; but this inevitably means that the flag in the chancel is higher than the other and thus has the higher place of honor. A further difficulty arises from the fact that in many church chancels the clergy presides from various places during different

parts of the service — pulpit, lectern, Lord's Table and baptismal font. The way many chancels are designed, placing a flag to the right of all the points from which the clergy presides would mean placing a flag so far to the side that it is obviously not being accorded the place of highest honor but is shunted off toward or into a corner. It is important to remember that the Christian flag originated almost a hundred years ago in churches that usually did not display a cross in the sanctuary other than the white cross on the blue field of the Christian flag. Today, of course, most United Methodist churches have a cross in the sanctuary in what is obviously intended as the place of highest honor, on or above the Lord's Table. Since this cross serves the same function as the Christian flag, it renders the Christian flag unnecessary. It also places any American flag present in a position of relatively lower honor. Given the provisions in the U.S. Flag Code and the fact that a cross serves as a symbol of allegiance just as a flag does, I do not see how we can properly display the American flag in the chancel if there is a cross there. Because of its central and higher location, the cross plainly has a place of higher honor than the American flag. The same difficulty arises when the American flag is carried in a processional at the opening of a service and the processional cross goes first, as Christians agree it must. There is still another difficulty in displaying the American flag in the place of highest honor during worship. It is one of the oldest and most universal Christian understandings of worship that when we gather around the Lord's Table for worship, the gathering consists not only of God and the visible congregation, but also includes (even though invisibly) the whole universal church of all times and all places, in heaven and on earth. Even if everyone visibly present is an American citizen, most of those invisibly present are not. To sum it up, we in American wisely separate church and state. As American Christians, we honor the cross and we honor the flag; but we keep them separate. An American flag used in the worship of the universal church is no more appropriate than hanging a cross in a civil courtroom used by Americans of all religions.

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Lillian Roberts Deakins Lillian was a lifelong member of Atlanta First. She served as a Trustee and was an active volunteer in the Atlanta community.

Margaret Richardson Kirby February 27, 1918 - January 1, 2019 Margaret was a member of Atlanta First for many years and worked in the office and served as hostess.

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