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An Empty Nest Means More Options

It was just a few years ago that you were changing diapers, now all of a sudden, you find yourself in an empty home. All the kids are grown and out of the house. There are no more waking up early getting them ready for school, waiting for school buses or picking any babies up from daycare. Being a parent is no longer priority number one; now what?

Starting A New Chapter Whether you realize it or not, a new chapter is opening up a in your life. You need to seek new challenges. Your current home is now way too big for you. This is the time when you might start contemplating moving to a new town that supports more activities or selling your existing home and getting something more cozier. If you are deciding on moving to another city besides Atlanta, there are some popular towns that accommodates couples looking for some new adventures. There are three towns that come to mind right away. These towns are Raleigh North Carolina, Las Vegas Nevada and Austin Texas. The choice you make will depend on what you are looking for to start your new lifestyle. No matter what you choose, these towns have a reputation for becoming great retreats for empty nesters.

Exercising Your Retirement Home Options Raleigh has gone through a big transformation in the past 15 years. The city was always beautiful, but in recent years, they experienced a lot of growth. They landed a professional team, increased their industrial range, and boast a strong performing arts community. They have year round activities to keep all the residents mentally stimulated. Also, the growth of people between the age of 55 to 64 was a whopping 116%. Austin Texas is another town that has seen a major growth in recent years. The University Of Texas town may just be what you need to keep you feeling youthful. The city offers great theatrical events and a new museum. There is also a wide range of outdoor activities to keep you busy throughout the hot summer months. Currently the median price for a home in Austin is about $254,000.


Las Vegas is bursting with energy for the couple that loves hiking, biking and of course the casinos. Even though Las Vegas is really known for their casinos, there many golf courses and other outdoor activities that offers something for everyone. Vegas similar to Raleigh has also experienced a huge increase in the age group ranging from 55 to 64. In fact, the city saw an increase of 156%. In addition, the decline in real estate prices makes it more possible to purchase a beautiful golf course home for about $100,000. Atlanta is great town with plenty going on itself, so you may never think of leaving. Nevertheless, sometimes you need a new environment to bring a little spark back in your life. If that is the case, and if you are thinking about making that kind of move, I would be more than happy to offer you my professional opinion about listing your Atlanta home.

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An Empty Nest Means More Options  
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