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What the FUTURE Taught Me Nora Navarro-Gonzalez, PhD, Postdoc, Univeristy of California, Davis


hen I finished the Frontiers of University Training to Unlock the Research Enterprise (FUTURE)programatUCDavislastwinter, I expected to see a change in me. It was not about being a completely different, strange person, but about changing my approach to the job search and to networking. Maybe because of my Latin genes, as a default, I was spontaneous and carefree, but through the FUTURE program I learned about the Individual Development Plan and how to be more proactive with my own future.


I recently had the opportunity to implement the new skills I had learned through FUTURE at the International Association for Food Protection Annual Meeting. First, this time I did not leave it all to chance. A few days in advance, I looked through the program and selected the speakers I was interested in. I had never done this before because I felt like it would take away from working in the lab, reading papers, or writing manuscripts. The FUTURE program made me realize that preparing myself to get the most out of a conference is also

part of my job – our jobs. Thus, this time I printed the program and read it through. I finished planning my three day schedule on the plane, so I did not feel like I used my precious research time. This small amount of planning proved to be most productive. The venue was ideal for networking and job searching, for which I must really thank the organizers. How many conferences have a student booth with a job board? Employers posted their current offers with an envelope for job seekers to leave their CV, resumÊ, or business card. This reminded me of the

Photo credit: Nora Navarro-Gonzalez, PhD

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