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The Mill at Conder Green is nestled on the banks of the Lancaster Canal and new owner Paul Hurst has refurbished the old cotton mill in a contemporary style while retaining its heritage and character. The Mill offers excellent quality local food and ales, and a friendly atmosphere and service. Also offering 15 high quality hotel rooms means we are the ideal place for a quiet drink, a meal with friends or a relaxing place to stay. | THURNHAM MILL LANE | CONDER GREEN | LANCASTER | LA2 OBD

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Welcome to our summer edition, we have had an amazing round up of local events in June and this summer the city of Lancaster also promises to bring many more fantastic local events and destinations to visit. We have plenty of offers to tempt you in our attractions section. We are so lucky that we live in such a beautiful location packed with so many local businesses right on your doorstep, remember what ever you may need, from wall plastering to sailing holidays, from solicitors advice to children’s entertainment, look no further than the @ Lancaster magazine. Here is to a warm and happy summer. We will be back with our September edition.



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Looking for a letting agent? £200 cash for landlords who sign up to our management package All we ask is that you sign an 18 month management agreement Our property management fee is £37 + vat per month Save a further £486 in fees by switching from your current agent * That’s a total average saving of £686 over an 18 month agreement Call now for further details or see our website

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*Assuming a let property at an average rent of £595 for 18 months with an agent charging an average commission fee of 10% + vat, total fees would be £59.50 x 18 = £1,071.00 + vat = £1,285.20 inc vat. Parkinson Property charge a set fee of £37 + vat which is £37 x 18 = £666.00 + vat = £799.20 inc vat. Therefore the total average saving is £1285.20 minus £799.20 = £486.00. Limited offer, can be withdrawn at any time

T: 01524 752263 Parkinson Property, Burrow Farm, Burrow Road, Lancaster LA2 0AP

Dealing with noisy tenants

Property: Dealing with noisy tenants

Antisocial behaviour and in particular excessive noise is a growing problem in society and landlords can face real difficulties dealing with it. By Andrew Parkinson of Parkinson Property. There is no precise definition of anti-social behaviour in housing. Broadly, it is acting in a way that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress. To be anti-social behaviour, the behaviour must be persistent. It is also important to establish whether the behaviour is deliberate or unintentional. Landlords have virtually no powers to control anti social behaviour, but are often expected to deal with this problem and frequently blamed for its consequences. Noisy neighbours can make life a misery whether you own or rent your home. It is a source of irritation and stress for many people and can interfere with people’s rights to peaceful enjoyment of their homes. Dogs constantly barking, whining or howling can also be disturbing and annoying for neighbours. A landlord has no legal power to control a person’s behaviour. The only sanction or legal control they have is to serve notice on a tenant and ask them to leave the property, but they can only take this action for their own tenants. If the noise is caused by a home owner or another landlords tenant then eviction or threat of eviction is not an option. To take action on anti-social behaviour it is necessary to establish who is responsible for the behaviour. The first step for anyone who suffers the effects of excessive noise or anti social behaviour is to have a quiet word with the person(s) causing the problem. They may not be aware that they are causing a problem. There are various community mediation services available which offer support and advice on approaching neighbours and they can be found online or in the phone book. The quiet word may have no effect and the complainant may then choose to contact the landlord of the person who is making the noise. The landlord has a responsibility to contact the tenant to point out that they may be breaking the terms of their tenancy and could be evicted.

The landlord can only take the matter further if the complainant provides evidence that can be used in court. A landlord cannot evict a tenant on hearsay. The complainant should contact the Lancaster City Council’s Environmental Protection Team who will advise them how to keep a record of the disturbances. Local Authorities (Councils) have a duty to perform an investigation when they receive complaints about noise from any form of location. The assessment of noise nuisance is based on whether it is ‘reasonable’, bearing in mind the locality, how often noise occurs and how many people are affected. So whether you live next door to a pub or club, a noisy family or neighbour, have noisy machinery/vehicles and equipment in the street, a factory or any form of business close by, your local authority are obliged to investigate fully. They will also advise what other enforcement action can be taken. The complainant can then provide the landlord with the evidence, necessary to serve notice should the problem remain unresolved. A problem tenant has to be given two clear months notice. The tenants may choose not to leave and a possession order will then be needed from the County Court. This can take a number of months and further action by a bailiff may also be required. It is not unusual for an eviction to take in excess of six months under current legislation. Research from “Which? “suggests at least three million Britons suffer from noisy neighbours, but more than one third do nothing about it. There are solutions to the problem, but you have to take responsibility and do something about it using all the above help that is available.

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Caravan & Motorhome Carpets & Interiors

A Cut Above Carpets is a family run business based in Lancaster, Lancashire. Founded in 1995, A Cut Above has grown into a professional bespoke hand made carpet and rug business that custom builds carpets, rugs and mats to your design and specification, for motorhomes, caravans, boats and yachts that are removable, washable and colour matched to fit your interior. We also make carpets for home and business premises.

A Cut Above

Call Jan: 01524 35660 or Dave: 01524 68728 T H E O L D R O P E WA L K - B U L K R O A D - L A N C A S T E R - L A 1 1 D F

The benefits of green cleaning

Health & Home- The benefits of green cleaning

Sarah Greenwood, owner of Natural Gleam explains the benefits of using green cleaning products and why natural is best. The phrase ‘eco friendly cleaning products’ tends to produce a mixed reaction in people - we all want to do our bit for the planet, but at the same time we’ve been told for years that only bright coloured liquids that smell like synthetic lemons equal ‘clean’. So why should we use green products? THE AREN’T HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH Take a look at the back of your average multi-surface or bathroom spray and you’ll find a cocktail of chemicals with ridiculously long names. Whatever is contained in that bottle is going in your sink and bathtub, all over the kitchen worktops, around baby’s nursery, through that permeable membrane known as skin…you get the picture. If you already suffer from allergies or asthma, remember that the fumes from these products also take to the air, where you can breathe them in.

You can refill a bottle up to 50 times which works out cheaper than buying a new one each time you run out. The most cost-effective way is to use what our grandmothers used – go back to basics with staples like white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to make your own! We have homemade recipes to share on our website. DO I STILL NEED MY ANTIBACTERIAL SPRAY? Switch to products that naturally have antibacterial qualities, such as white vinegar, citric acid (can be bought in packs or found in a humble bottle of lemon juice), or essential oils including Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Lavender.

THEY MINIMIZE THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF CLEANING OUR HOMES A couple of ingredients you will see on the back of most bottles are ionic and non-ionic surfactants. These are what degrease or loosen dirt, and are an essential part of any cleaning product. The problems start when they enter the water system and harm aquatic organisms – by destroying the protective coating on a frog’s skin, for example. Natural cleaning products overcome this problem by not only using a lot less (typically less than 5%), but by making sure the ones that are included biodegrade quickly and before they have the chance to meet the local frogs or fish. THEY AREN’T AS EXPENSIVE AS YOU THINK Eco-friendly products are really growing in popularity, so there’s more than ever before to choose from, whatever your budget. Many brands offer bulk quantities to save on money and packaging, an initiative echoed by Ecover and their Refill Service. @Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


Summer sleep problems

Health - Summer sleep problems

DAIRY PRODUCTS Milk and yoghurt boost your calcium levels (being calcium deficient could make it difficult to sleep) WHOLEGRAINS Brown rice, wheat, oats are just a few whole grains but surprisingly popcorn is also a great wholegrain. Whole grains are rich in magnesium which can help us sleep. EAT YOUR GREENS Green leafy vegetables including kale and broccoli also boast healthy levels of calcium. BANANAS & CHICKPEAS Not necessarily together! Both of these foods are rich in potasium, bananas are also a good source of vitamin B6.

Waking up to light mornings and socialising outdoors on balmy evenings are two of the pleasures of summer but they can play havoc with sleep patterns. Those who already have sleep problems can find it even harder to get enough rest during the summer months, with the difference in light and warmer temperatures. Lack of sleep can place all sorts of strains on the body and contribute to feelings of low mood and depression. HOW OUR BODY PREPARES FOR SLEEP As you start to wind down in the evening, your serotonin levels rise and adrenaline levels fall. Serotonin is a type of chemical which helps to relay signals from one area of the brain to another. As it gets darker outside, melatonin also kicks in which helps to control your sleep-awake cycle. Both serotonin and melatonin are made from 5-HTP, a natural amino acid which is present in most protein foods.

REASONS WE STRUGGLE TO SLEEP SUGAR An inability to sleep can often be associated with fluctuating blood sugar levels, as it’s common for people to struggle to sleep when these fall. To prevent this, sugar and refined carbohydrates should be avoided as far as possible, also cut back on stimulants such as coffee, tea, cola, chocolate and alcohol and avoid or keep them to a minimum in the evening. RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME (RLS) Can vary in severity and causes an irresistible inclination to move your legs. It can cause discomfort in the feet, calves and thighs. Acupuncture can calm the nervous system and it may also boost hormonal outputs by increasing endorphin production. NOCTURNAL CRAMPS Nocturnal muscle cramp causes distress and sleep disruption for more than 13 million people in the UK. Around 82% per cent of women have suffered with the complaint, with 12% per cent experiencing nocturnal cramps every night. Moving about can relieve an attack.

What you eat can help your body to be more receptive to sleep?

NOT TIRED ENOUGH If you haven’t burned enough energy throughout the day, it’s likely that you’ll find it hard to nod off at bedtime but a daily work-out could be the answer.

FISH Especially salmon, tuna and halibut boast vitamin B6, which is needed to make melatonin (sleep inducing hormone)

CHANGE YOUR MATTRESS If you wake up tired or in pain, your mattress could be the problem, mattresses do not last forever. Lack of support from a mattress reinforces poor sleeping posture.



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97 PENNY STREET, LANCASTER LA1 1XN NCASTER 97LA1 1XN| LANCASTER | LA1 1XNNEXT TO KFC PENNY STREET - NEXT TO KFC Telephone 01524 874382 TELEPHONE 01524Email 874382 (lancaste 4382 (

Established 15 Years

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&Physio Ultima

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Ditch the plastic! Neil Tomlinson explains why he and his family choose not to use plastic and the reasons why he started his business Aquapax.

It’s quite simple really; I grew up on a beach and I hate plastic! I’m no scientist, but I’ve held a number of responsible positions throughout my career, so working with chemists and debating with scientists has been part of life. I’ve also trolled the internet enough to appreciate some rather scary horror stories, linking plastics to cancer, precocious puberty in girls, sterility / impaired sperm mobility in boys and young men, along with seemingly irreversible birth defects in children while still within their mother’s womb.

Within the scientific community the ‘precautionary principle’ used to apply, whereby if ‘they’ as extraordinary clever people didn’t know enough about something, we didn’t do it. That principle errs on the side of caution where one simply can’t go wrong. In recent years, however, commercial interests seem to have overtaken the voices of clever people in white coats, to a stage where “well we don’t know, but we’ll probably be alright based on what we do know about the impact on rats” is the new way of doing things.

The facts are no-one has ever lived long enough to know how long plastics last or what their real toxicological impact is on humans and animals! There are enough studies proving how plasticisers are sinister chemicals which can mimic hormones and modify their correct function. The scientific term is endocrine disrupting chemicals, where ‘Bisphenol A’ (BPA) is a known culprit and the body of evidence points to the fact that there isn’t enough evidence.

That’s simply not good enough as far as I’m concerned, so as parents, my wife and I apply our own precautionary principles. Rather than heat things up in the plastic packaging they come wrapped in, we willingly create more washing up by using a glass bowl. We won’t use plastic kettles and we won’t allow our kids to suck on plastic bottles day after day where the manufacturer’s ‘guidance’ is expressly stated not to re-use them.


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Health and Environment: Ditch the plastic That’s the starting point for how I came to develop Aquapax, as an ecologist, tired of seeing the ubiquitous plastic water bottle sales climbing exponentially year on year. But it was when I realised the seemingly innocent letters NO2 & NO3 on the side of water bottles was describing their nitrate levels within the water without expressly calling it by its real name of chemical fertilisers, that I knew… My realisation was that it doesn’t have to be someone else who develops something sensible when it doesn’t currently exist; so I finally resigned my role as a senior executive in a statutory water utility and did it myself. My objective was to market genuinely pure water, without chemical nitrates, in ecologically sensible packaging. Our brand is a wonderfully pure natural mineral water called Aquapax, which we package in majority paper cartons. These cartons have all the integrity of glass, without their weight and overall significant carbon footprint. Aquapax has a near perfect 7.1pH so is easily hydrated by one’s body and was developed for those who believe they can discern pure from impure water. We actually won the coveted QATRAH award as Best Bottled Water (on earth) shortly before Lehman Brothers collapsed. Aquapax gives those who buy bottled water an opportunity to drink our incredibly pure natural mineral water (12 x lower nitrates than Evian and 20 x lower than Volvic) protected inside a more ecologically sensible, BPA free, nonleaching container. Customers can safely give Aquapax to their infant children without fear and safely reuse their empty Aquapax container afterwards to fill it with their tap or filtered water as they wish. From an ecological perspective, our cartons have less than half the carbon footprint of dreaded plastic bottles and a 300th of the carbon footprint of glass bottles. Re-use reduces this comparison even further.

FACTS ABOUT DRINKING PURE FRESH WATER: 1.) Pure fresh water can help expel toxins and metabolic waste products from your body – drinking water with nitrates in it will not! 2.) Pure fresh water can help your body transport vitamins, minerals, oxygen, enzymes, hormones and glucose to its cells - drinking water with nitrates in it will restrict the flow of oxygen in your blood! 3.) All cells need pure fresh water to function properly. Try drinking a few extra glasses for a few days and see how different you feel. 4.) Your water intake is directly related to your body’s energy levels. Caffeine and other stimulants exhaust the adrenals, where pure fresh water nourishes them. 5.) Our bodies are 80% water and our brains contain over 75% water. We all need rehydrating with pure fresh water to pump vital oxygen and nutrients as part of cell reproduction and repair. Without this pure hydration replenishment, we cannot execute all our bodily functions properly and our brain function will not work at optimum levels.

AVAILABILITY Aquapax is on sale from Ocado It is also available from, selected Waitrose stores in London and many other good independent retailers across the UK, Europe and the Middle East. For more information on Aquapax visit, follow on Twitter @aquapax or find us on Facebook aquapaxwater

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The impact of hearing loss

Hearing- The impact of hearing loss

Kristie Hita, manager of The Hearing Centre in Lancaster, explains what help they can offer to people who have a loss of hearing. Here at The Hearing Centre my team and I pride ourselves on offering friendly and helpful advice to our customers on any hearing concerns that they may have. Hearing loss can be a daunting experience for many people and can often leave individuals feeling both isolated and frustrated. The Hearing Centre provides customers with excellent personal service. By working closely with our clients and really listening to them, we are better able to comprehend the challenges and difficulties that their hearing has on their daily lives, and together we can ensure that they receive the best solution for their hearing problems, solutions, that will enable them to enjoy a better quality of hearing. Our method is surprisingly simple: we help you understand your hearing loss and involve you in the process from the very beginning. From assessing your hearing and explaining the different technologies available, right through to fitting, purchasing and follow-up sessions – we’ll make sure you understand what’s going on at every stage. That way you’re always in control. THE IMPACT OF HEARING LOSS If you are suffering from hearing loss it can have a massive impact on your life. Communication may not be as easy as it once was, following conversations may be difficult and often tiring. As a result, you may find yourself withdrawing from social situations. At home you may need the TV or radio volumes turned up and even find everyday communication with friends and family a challenge.

Loss of hearing may also have a major effect on family and friends. They are the ones who deal with the frustration and isolation that hearing loss may produce. Although family and friends are sympathetic and caring they can occasionally feel irritated and frustrated. Not only at having to repeat themselves but at seeing how much you are missing out on. But it is the help and encouragement of friends and family that can help you deal with the situation. WHY WEAR HEARING AIDS? Wearing hearing aids can help you take back control of your life. Conversations become easier to follow and it is easier to join in with confidence. With the developments in technology hearing aids can help you hear the telephone, spend time listening to music, watching TV or tuning in to your favourite radio programme. Many people benefit from wearing two hearing aids as they help to identify the direction from which the sound is coming. Hearing aids have undergone a transformation in recent years, large old-style aids have been replaced by aids that are simpler, smaller and smarter. These discreet new aids are custom made for you and your hearing requirements. Call 01524 845757 for more information

You may lose the ability to hear sounds with which you were once familiar such as bird song, rustling leaves and children’s voices. 16

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Back in action

Health - Everyday activites causing us pain

It is worth knowing that everyday activities could be causing us strains and aches. Physio Fusion in Lancaster reminds us, prevention is better than cure. We’ve all heard the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’, but sometimes even with best intentions, problems with our bodies can occur when we’re least expecting them. The human body is a miracle in itself and in particular, our lower back is an intricate structure in the body - a complex arrangement of interconnected and overlapping tendons, soft tissues and muscles. Once damage has been inflicted, through improper movement or bad posture, without medical help and treatment, the problem will often persist. So understanding the basics can greatly help in avoiding such problems. But where exactly do the problems emanate from? In the majority of cases, lower back problems are caused through a culmination of experiences. Simple, everyday tasks like carrying your shopping and not realising the weight is too much, reaching to move an object from a shelf or a sudden jolt, can result in pain.

However, based upon how long the pain lasts, upper or lower back pain may be either acute or chronic in nature. Acute back pain is classed as short-term pain, typically lasting from a few days to a few weeks. The majority of acute back pain is the result of trauma or maybe linked to a condition like arthritis. Again, symptoms can be extremely painful, typically within the muscle areas where shooting or stabbing pains impede your ability to move naturally or even to stand up straight. Chronic back pain lasts for several months. This type of pain is medically described as ‘progressive’ - as time passes, the pain increasingly worsens. When symptoms persist and chronic pain has developed, then a medical diagnosis and treatment must be sought as the resulting problem can continue. More so, dependent upon your age and lifestyle, various factors such as excess weight and bad posture (slouching in the chair is extremely common) can greatly worsen the problem. Prevention is very important for longterm health. To combat the potential for such injuries, simply be conscious of your movements. Don’t place excess stress and strain on the lower back and pay close attention to your posture too! Regular exercise and being active on a daily basis will help to keep your back strong and healthy. Swimming and walking are very popular choices and are easy to fit into your everyday routine. The important message is to choose an activity that you can benefit from and, most importantly, something you enjoy.

Problems usually centre around three distinct areas within our back: highly sensitive nerves that are located in the lower back and run down into our legs, complex joint issues, or disc troubles are the main causes, with the resultant pain impacting on everyday movement and lifestyle. The majority of pain in the lower back will, over a short period of time (and maybe with assistance from over-thecounter painkillers), begin to mend itself as the body goes into self-repair mode. 18

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hands-on physiotherapy

Don’t suffer in silence Physiotherapy | Sports Injuries | Manual Handling

Ergonomic Assessments | Acupuncture | Massage

Women’s Health | Councelling & Therapy | Nutritional Therapy Craniosacral Therapy | Pilates | Tai Chi

With highly trained, experienced and specialist therapists, Physiofusion is able to provide you with a comprehensive treatment service. We provide a full diagnosis and treatment plan to help with your mobility, therefore avoiding further pain and persistent injury. Call us to make an appointment.

Clinics also in: Burnley | Skipton Padiham & Barnoldswick

Telephone: 01524 874649 Lancaster Clinic, 150a Greaves Road, Lancaster, LA1 4UW

The Sandpiper Club 5 week trial membership for £55 We offer a wealth of facilities including a fitness suite, 50ft swimming pool, sunshower, large sauna, spa bath, steam room and luxurious outdoor hot tub. Our friendly team of professionals offer individual Gym Programmes designed to your personal needs as well as tuition in swimming and various aqua classes. Please call to arrange a showround quoting: @Lancaster.

Beauty Package 3 for £30 An extensive range of Repêchage beauty treatments, Shellac and Minx nails and our ever popular 'Solglo' spray tan. Choose 3 from the following for only £30: Mini Facial; Back & Neck Massage; Eye Lash Tint; Half Leg Wax; Express Manicure; Express Pedicure; & Leisure Club Use Terms and Conditions Apply (Available Mon - Thurs) To book call & quote: @Lancaster.

01524 585185

Events & Leisure Hotel

The Wild Boar

Smoking Courses

As the only restaurant in the Lake District with its own smokehouse, The Wild Boar is working with smoking experts Smoky Jo s to provide one day smoking courses, where guests will learn how to hot and cold smoke a range of different foods such as chicken, salmon, sausage and cheese, using the Inn s own purpose-built smokehouse.

Wild Boar Inn, Grill & Smokehouse

The Smoky Jo s team will show you how tremendous results can be achieved at home on a stove, coverted bbq, wardrobe or even in a filing cabnet! Course 10.00am - 3.30pm. Cost £109 includes lunch, (stays available at a reduced rate). Courses are running on the following Wednesday s: 11th July, 22nd August, & 26th September Saturday s: 3rd November & Christmas Smoking Course on 24th November. Gift presentation available on request. Further courses available in the New Year To book call & quote: @Lancaster

015394 45225


Classes are at The Rainbow Centre in Morecambe, LA4 5EX

Yoga On The Bay

NEW TO YONI SPECIAL OFFER 6 week pass only £30 (1 class a week)

Ditch the workout... Join the party!


Beginners Ashtanga - 7.30-9.00pm

Tuesday Fitness Fusion - 7.00-8.30pm

Wednesday Open mat session - 6.15-7.15pm Beginners Sun Power Yoga - 7.30 - 9.00pm

Thursday Complete (restorative) Yoga - 6.00-7.15pm Complete Yoga - 7.30-9.00pm

Friday Ashtanga - 6.00-7.30pm Meditation (Every third Friday) 7.30 for 7.45 start

Saturday Weekend Workshops & Events


with Jade Taylor My classes are so much fun and full of energy, we always have a great time. Classes are for everybody 14yrs+ and for all fitness levels. They are easy to follow and very effective! CLASSES held during the week in Halton (Mon 6pm) Torrisholme (Tue 6pm) Lancaster & Morecambe College (Wed 7pm) and Brookhouse/Caton (Thur 7pm) see website for details


Lancaster & Morecambe College Wed 7pm & Brookhouse Thur 6pm

Only £4 per class. Buy 8 classes get 2

Call instructor Jade zumba Taylor

Dru Yoga - 5.30-7.00pm


07968 775306

07967 405767

Follow us on facebook: yoniyogaonthebay


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The Benefits of collagen therapy

Health & Beauty - The benefits of collagen therapy

Leanne owner of Vanity Beauty Salon on Ullswater Road in Lancaster, tells us all about collagen therapy. Collagen Therapy is a natural process which encourages your body to produce enzymes, elastin fibers, and collagen that support the skin’s structure. This enables the production of younger, smoother and firmer feeling skin. BENEFITS OF COLLAGEN THERAPY Makes your skin look and feel younger Effective treatment for ACNE Firms & tones skin Restores moisture to the skin Dramatically reduces wrinkles & fine lines Repairs sun damaged skin Helps damaged skin heal up to 200% faster Eliminated stretch marks in most cases Relieves joint pain Greatly reduces scarring Effective treatment for Psoriasis & Eczema Evens out pigmentation HOW DOES IT WORK? As we get older we produce less collagen which results in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The red light therapy penetrates into the dermis layer stimulating cells that produce collagen which naturally repairs and creates healthy skin. The new collagen moves to the surface of the skin which results in tighter and firmer skin with reduced lines, a fresh appearance and a smooth and beautifully radiant look. The resulting benefits can be seen on certain individuals after only a few sessions however it normally takes up to 3 weeks to see the greatest effects. INITIAL RESULTS ( FIRST 4 WEEKS ) Initially you’ll notice fine lines start to diminish, your skin will have a much smoother feeling to it, pigmentation of the skin will start to even out, and any blemishes or acne will start diminishing. LONG TERM RESULTS ( 4-12 WEEKS ) Over time improved oxygenation and detoxification

of the skin is achieved as the vascular walls of the skin’s small blood vessels are strengthened, followed by improved natural repair and creation of healthy skin. This will help restore and firm up tired looking skin, decrease fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, diminish freckles, age spots, eliminate acne, even out pigmentation, minimize the size of facial pores, improve the appearance of sun-weathered skin, and stimulate collagen synthesis. Overall improving the skin’s underlying supportive structure and making you look and feel years younger! RECOMMENDED SESSION LENGTHS 1-4 Weeks: 10 Minutes 3-5 Times a week. 4-12 Weeks: 10 Minutes 2-3 Times a week. 12+ Weeks: 1-2 Times a week.

Collagen Therapy Beds

Now Open

Reduces wrinkles, stretch marks and scaring. Evens out pigmentation. Firms, tones and repairs-sun Sunbeds Getdamaged your 10 minute holiday here skin. Relieves Joint Pain.

Collagen Therapy Beds - Smooths wrinkles, Sunbeds Get your 10 collagen minute holiday. Increases levels etc


Hair -loss Gents as well as ladies! Also Evenings Weight machine, tones body, increases motabalism, helps reduction Nails - Call of forcelulite. availability Mon 6pm - 9pm Tues - Fri 10am - 3pm & Eve 6pm - 9pm Ladies, gents and children. Fatloss - Vibration weight Satloss 10ammachine - 6pm


and lots more....

Waxing Nailsand| appointments Spray Tansplease | Botox | Eyelashes For|offers call 01524 35007 Join us on Facebook (Vanity Ullswater Road) or simply pop in and see us at 99a Ullswater Road, Lancaster LA1 3PX

01524 35007

99a Ullswater Road | Lancaster | LA1 3PX

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Step into summer in comfort

Health: Step into summer in comfort

The Foot Centre in Lancaster tells us the benefits of custom-fit orthotics.

Did you know that each foot is an engineering masterpiece. The foot is made up of 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. We tend to take this for granted until something goes wrong or we develop pain. Biomechanical problems affecting the feet creating localised pain in the foot, ankle and also problems in the lower limbs, knees, hips and back. Correction of these can improve and prevent many types of symptoms such as: Forefoot Pain (Metatarsalgia ) Arch Strain (Plantar Fasciitis) Policeman’s Heel (Heel Spur) Ankle Pain (Tibialis Dysfunction, Lateral Impingement Syndrome) Shin Pain (Compartmental Syndrome, Shin Splints) Knee Pain (Chondramalcia Patella, Patella Tibial Syndrome)

Any of these problems don’t have to stop you from playing sports or training for the Olympics! The aim of custom-fit orthotics is to correct dysfunctional biomechanics and therefore: Reduce pain Provide support Prevent or halt the development of foot deformity Provide better positioning Relieve pressure on a certain area of the foot Improve the overall biomechanical function of the foot Improve pelvic alignment Reduce lower limb torsion and knee stress.

You don’t need to be an athlete to appreciate comfortable shoes!

The Foot Centre is at the forefront in the treatment of foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain and persistent and regular sports injuries. This is achieved through in-depth bio-mechanical analysis leading to the creation of custom insoles (orthotics). To make an appointment or for more information: contact us via phone, email or the website, alternatively call into:

In one hour you could be walking away with custom-fit insoles.

The Foot Centre 10 Kings Arcade, Lancaster LA1 1JZ Each appointment and finished orthotics could be complete within the hour. Also, look out for Foot MOT day’s when you can drop in and have your feet analysed.

07766 856543 24


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The Original Garra Rufa Fish Pedicure Spa

Helps Psorisis & Eczema Takes away dead skin Stimulates points SUNBED 250W acupuncture VIBROBOX

soul star

Balance and Harmony Soul to Sole balance & harmony - sole to soul

Have a golden tan all year round

Burns Fat, Reduces Relaxes the body and Cellulite,fatigue Weight relieves Loss & Tones Skin Sunshower Increases the £20 Unlimited courses blood circulation monthly use

£20 for 75 mins £16 for 57mins £12 for 39 mins



£5 £2 for 10 mins

Mon-Tue: 10am - 5pm | Wed-Fri: 10am - 6.30-pm BURNS FAT Saturday: 10am-5pm | Sunday: Closed

Unit 3 Kings Arcade LancasterCELLULITE LA1 1LE


Mon-Tue: 10am-5pm Wed-Fri: 10am-6.30pm Saturday: 10am-5pm Massa g e s | H o l i s t i c Tre a t m e n t s Sunday: Closed Bea u t y Tre a t m e n t s | F a c i a l s


offers Unit 3S ummer Kings Arcade Lancaster LA1 1LE Meditate a n d M a s s a g e N o w o n l y £ 2 5

Telephone 01524 33033 Organic and original. Try h a v i n g t h e muscles massaged while t h e m i n d i s t a k e n a way into a soothing and t r a n q i l t r a n c e also find usn .on Facebook u sing a guided meditatio


All we ask is ... No fake tan, athletes foot or verrucas. & Picture Framing Workshop Do not use nail varnish or nail varnish remover for 48 hours beforehand.

‘Hopi Ea r C a n d l e s ’ N o w o n l y £ 1 8 On special offer using or g a n i c c o t t o n c andles infused with eith e r : J asmine or Neroli and Ro s e

01524 853553

Soulstar Therapies The Holistic Centre | Middleton Road Heysham | Morecambe | LA3 3JJ

ww w.souls t a r. m e

Unique & Individual Cards Gift wrap, Ribbons & Gifts... 66 Market Street, Lancaster (Near the Castle and Post Office)

01524 36636

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We specialise in exquisite vintage dresses, jewellery, blouses, skirts, lingerie, shoes, handbags, accessories and so much more...

The Vintage Boudoir FOR HIRE & FOR SALE


Open: Mon 10.30-4 | Tue 11-4.30 | Thur 11-4.30 Fri 11-4 | Sat 10-4.30 | Closed Wed & Sun

O s

e ic rv . s e nds g frie ries i n our sso ou. y l d y cce it y st u anand ato su o EEFor y utfittyled No







19 Sun Street | Lancaster | LA1 1EW 01524 874088




r fo


e th

s kid


More than a store... more a way of life


Jack Murphy - Lazy Jack - Weird Fish - Tilly - Muck Boots CLEVELEY BANK LANE, FORTON, PR3 1BY (Follow the brown signs from the A6) Telephone: 01524 791362

Buy online at

follow JC Country on facebook

Contact lenses

Health - Eye wear

Do you wear glasses? If so, you may not realise how much wearing contact lenses could benefit you and your eyesight. From dailies and monthlies to coloured lenses, there will be a choice to suit you at Vision Express Lancaster. Contact lenses are comfortable, convenient, and available in most prescriptions. Vision Express provides the most technologically advanced contact lenses, meaning we can provide the perfect lens to suit any eye - even those that require varifocals! Store partner Jaswinder Basi said “The benefits of wearing contact lenses can be huge. Removing your glasses gives you a completely new look, provides greater freedom for sports and outdoor activities as well as liberation from the worry of losing or damaging your frames.” Vision Express Lancaster has dedicated contact lens specialists on hand to offer you expert advice and guidance through each step of your fitting and trial. Contact lenses can be tailored to your suitability, preference and visual requirements, making your eye test as individual as you are. If you’ve always wanted to try contact lenses, now is a good time. At Vision Express for a limited period, you can have a contact lenses trial absolutely free. Your contact lens trial will include: • Full assessment of corneal health • Reviews of lens wear suitability and lifestyle • Lens selection and short trial period As if that wasn’t enough, in store right now we’ll see that you always get great choice. Receive a free designer 2nd pair from a selected range when you spend £99 or more on any first pair frame in-store. First pair frame must be purchased with prescription lenses charged at the normal price Find us on Penny Street, Lancaster, or visit today 28

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What is The Exchange all about?


Designer Dress & Vintage Agency


The Exchange The Exchange is a clothing agency which has been established in Kendal for 6 years, by popular demand we have opened a second shop in Lancaster. We sell all manner of beautiful ladies clothes, prom and cruise wear, bags, hats, shoes, boots, costume jewellery and much more on a commission basis. We specialise in very lovely pre-loved modern designer and top end high street clothes, and Vintage Clothes. Bring in your items for appraisal and sit back while we prepare and sell your items, then come back and collect the money for the items we have sold for you. For more information pop in or give us a call. PRE LOVED WEDDING GOWNS

by appointment at our Kendal store

LANCASTER: 53 King Street - Lancaster - LA1 1RE - 01524 65456 KENDAL: 115 Highgate - Kendal - LA9 4EN - 01539 740066 email:


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Evans Spot print swimdress | £50

Accessorize Zebra print costume | £30

Bon Marche Tummy control swimdress | £13.30

Accessorize Daisy bikini | £16 top, £14 briefs

Fat Face Hibiscus Tankini | £28 top ,£18 briefs

Red Herring Triangle bikini | £15

Crew Clothing South Islands swimsuit | £50

La Redoute pink swimsuit | £29

Marks and Spencer Stripe swimsuit | £29.50

Fashion: Swimwear to celebrate your shape



Celebrate your shape

M&Co Leopard Monokini | ÂŁ26

Fashion: Swimwear to celebrate your shape Summer is on our doorstep ladies, and it’s time to hit the shops! Whether you are jetting off to warmer lands or popping over to Morecambe beach, 2012 is the year to celebrate all shapes and sizes. The shops are brimming with the most luxurious designs and styles to suit all, from tummy control dresses to skimpy triangle bikinis... and luckily girls, you do not need a huge budget to look fantastic. Remember the key is to know your shape and celebrate it.

BOY SHAPE If you have an athletic body, straight up and down go for a feminine print. Ruffles add a girly feel and a halterneck will increase your bust. The cut out swimsuit is a must for your wardrobe where the cut out shapes create the gorgeous curvy look. FULL FIGURE If you have a curvy full figure celebrate with a fantastic print tankini, combining a print top with a plain brief will flatter your shape, or for a more covered feel a swimdress will hold you in in all the right places and hide the top of your legs....dont forget to roll it up while you bronze yourself though! BIG BUST For those that are large in the bust department, support is the key! choose supporting cups on a traditional bikini, a halterneck will show off your breasts but a thick neck band is a must for support. If you want to draw attention away from up top, go for a dark top with a more colourful brief or bottom. SMALL BUST If you have a small bust you can pull off the tiny triangle bikini look which will give you all the support you need. To enhance your breast shape choose horizontal stripes, or an attention grabbing feature such as a bow or frill, for maximum boost go for a padded bra style. @Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster



now in stock...

54 NORTH ROAD | LANCASTER | LA1 1LT | TEL: 01524 63981


‘Pay o Shopp car pa

Market Gate Shopping Centre Lancaster 30+ exciting stores & coffeeTel: shops01524 382845

110 space car park

We have it


Tel: 01524 382845

Sundays and Bank Holidays

arket Gate

with FREE parking on Bank Holidays

Opening times:

Monday - Saturday 9am - 5.30pm*

10.30am - 4.30pm*

*please check individual stores for opening times


Market Gate Shopping Centre | Lancaster | LA1 1JF

Do you want to make Do you want to make a difference intoyour Do you want make a difference in your community? a difference in your community? Volunteering is a rewarding way to give something back as community? well as helping you to:

Volunteering is a rewarding way to give something back as well as helping you to: Volunteering is a rewarding way to give something back as • Gain valuable employability experience helping you to: • well as Meet new people • Gain valuable employability experience • Try something different and learn new skills Meet new people • • • Get involved in your community Gain valuable employability experience • Try something different and learn new skills • Meet new people • Get involved in your community • Try something different and learn new skills “I volunteered with Help Direct on a number of youth events, I had • Get involved in your community a fun time, met some great people and I’m sure my experience here “I volunteered with Helpas Direct on a number of at youth events, I had helped me secure a role an events assistant my local theatre.” a fun time, met some great people and I’m sure my experience here Sarah, 29 “I volunteered with Help Direct on a number of youth events, I had helped me secure a role as an events assistant at my local theatre.” a fun time, met some great people and I’m sure my experience here Sarah, 29 We have a number of interesting and rewarding volunteer roles including helped me secure a role as an events assistant at my local theatre.” supporting carers, helping individuals to access local community and Sarah, 29 We have a number of interesting and rewarding volunteer roles including leisure services, attending events, office support and home visiting. supporting carers, helping individuals to access local community and We have a number of interesting and rewarding volunteer roles including leisure services, attending events, office support and home visiting. Interested? To find out more contact Help Direct on: supporting carers, helping individuals to access local community and leisure services, attending events, office support and home visiting. Interested? To find out more contact Help Direct on:

T: 0303 333 1111 E: W: Interested? To find out more contact Help Direct on: T: 0303 333 1111 E: W: T: 0303 333 1111 E: W:

My child needs help! Martin Lowe founder of Inspired Child tutoring service gives us hope, leave the tensions and tears of school work behind...there is another way! “MY CHILD NEEDS HELP!” If I had a pound for every time that I heard that phrase I wouldn’t necessarily be rich, but I would certainly be reasonably well off. We all worry abut our children; from the moment they are born, through their school years and even into adulthood. Of those three periods of their life, it always seems to be the school years that cause so much angst. How many times have their been tears over homework? How often have their been tantrums when they just don’t get it? You try your best, you know you do, but sometimes you feel that your best is no longer good enough. IT JUST ISN’T THE SAME THESE DAYS With time, things move on and education is no exception. Long division seems to be a thing of the past, grid method is now used for multiplication and dratted calculators

seem to be everywhere - and that’s just in Maths. In English you are are battered by reading schemes, phonics and split vowel digraphs to name but a few horrors. There are times when it can be just too much. Often homework causes big conflicts between child and parent, the aforementioned tears start and the heels get dug in deeply, tensions rise along with voices and it all goes horribly wrong. WHAT ARE YOU TO DO? You want the best for your child, but you recognise that you are only going to make matters worse. Sometimes it’s just best to take that step back and let someone else step in; someone impartial, someone neutral. You may need to book a course of tutoring for your child or you may just need a bit of free friendly advice. Either way Inspired Child is there to pick up the phone whenever you want to scream out; “My child needs help!”

in g!

NO W On FO TA K ly a f R S ING ew E pl PT BO ac EM O es K re BE IN m R GS ain

Is your child

an Inspired Child? We offer one on one tuition for your child in:

Maths English Languages and Music

20% off

your first term with this advert. Our CRB cleared staff teach children from 5 to 18.

01524 841980

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How to play the waiting game

Family - How to play the waiting game

If you’re pregnant and looking forward to the arrival of your brand new baby. Claire Johnson of Babymaze has some great ideas about how to get ready for your little bundle of joy. Parenthood is a leap into the unknown for most of us so it’s a good idea to gather together as much information as possible before your baby arrives. You won’t have time once it’s here! If you’re anything like me you’ll have spent hours on the internet charting the journey of your unborn child or flipping through the latest pregnancy magazine and drooling over glossy pictures of the next ‘must have’ 3-in-1 pram system. Each week becomes more exciting as the tiny creature living inside you develops into a little person. During my pregnancies I also became obsessed with watching real-life births on TV. Not sure what the reasoning was behind this. I suppose I wanted to prepare for any eventuality but ended up completely terrified. I guess there is such a thing as too much information. EXERCISE AND RELAXATION CLASSES One thing I did find useful was the exercise and relaxation classes I attended from week 20 of my pregnancy. We did some exercises but the real reason we were there was for the tea and biscuits and the chance to compare stories, heartburn remedies and to have a good gossip. I would definitely recommend attending an antenatal group to any mum-to-be whether it’s yoga, aquanatal or relaxation. It’s nice to feel part of an exclusive group where everyone knows what you’re going through. You’ll find that it’s easy to bond over your bumps and you might even make some lifelong friends. There’s no reason for expectant Dads to feel left out either as there are lots of classes aimed at both parents-to-be. You might also find a tour of your local maternity unit useful and these, very often, form part of the antenatal classes available at RLI. It can ease your 36

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nerves if you know what to expect when you enter the delivery suite. WHAT TO BUY Then there’s the list of things you need to buy – clothes, cot, nappies, pram, car seat. The list goes on and can seem a bit daunting when you first look at it. We are very lucky because we have plenty of specialist retailers locally who can help you make the right decisions about what to buy and when you need it. Simply Baby is Lancaster’s largest independent nursery retailer and the girls are very friendly. St Nicholas Arcades has Boots and Superdrug for all the toiletries you need, Early Learning Centre for toys and the new Next shop has some adorable baby clothes. If you’re looking for maternity wear then New Look in Market Gate Shopping Centre is a good place to start. THE BABYMAZE BABY AND TODDLER SHOW The perfect way to find out what local companies have to offer your family. This year’s show is at The Globe Arena, Morecambe Football Club’s ground, on Sunday 8th July. There will be an exciting range of exhibitors selling a variety of products and promoting services from pregnancy up to school age. A professional photographer will be available to capture your bump or baby, there’s a craft area and activities for busy toddlers, plus midwives and breastfeeding experts to answer your questions. The Globe will be offering free tours of the ground and we’ve even booked a bouncy castle this year. There’s free entry, a free prize draw for all attendees and plenty of free parking. The show has been running since 2009 and is a popular event for local families so don’t miss out. For more information please visit


The Globe Arena Westgate, Morecambe Sunday 8th July 2012 11am - 4pm

From pregnancy to pre-school - we’ve got it covered photographer nursery goods

breast feeding advice maternity wear




exciting range of exhibitors

washable nappies craft area gifts and keepsakes and lots more....

Goodie bags to the first 100 families through the door

FREE entry * FREE prize draw * FREE parking In association with follow us on

2 1 0

2 r fo be e u am ll n ve rec tba ew Mo Foo lub N C

Orienteering -

the adventure sport for all If you are looking for a new challenge, whether you are young or old, highly competitive or would like a fun day out, orienteering is a fun sport with something for all. On the fateful day of Sunday the 26th March, 1962, two teenage brothers, Melvyn and William Smith, aged 18 and 11, tragically died of exposure during a fellwalking expedition on the Bowland Fells. In blizzard conditions they became disorientated, lost their way and their lives. A tragedy that led to the formation of the South Ribble Fell Search and Rescue Team, and subsequently in December 1964 to the South Ribble Orienteering Club.

paths, perhaps with compass in hand. To those inside the sport if offers far more, and is known as the ‘Thought Sport’.

THE FIRST CLUB IN THE COUNTRY Thus was formed the first orienteering club in the country, one that still thrives and serves the area covering the whole of North Lancashire. A central aim of the club remains to provide its members with advanced map and compass skills, so that navigation even on exposed, featureless fell and moorland becomes second nature. Had Melvyn and William possessed such skills, that day in 1962 wouldn’t have ended so tragically.

It doesn’t matter how young, old or fit you are as you go off alone (or in a group or with an adult if you wish) and progress at your pace.

SO WHAT IS ORIENTEERING? At its most basic, it involves navigating around a course on your own using a detailed map and compass. The aim is to visit the control sites pre-marked on the map in sequence and deciding the best route to complete the course in the quickest time.

Today, there are around 120 orienteering clubs in the country, offering events and activities on a frequent and regular basis throughout the year. But most people outside the sport have little idea of what it entails. True, many parks now have a permanent orienteering course, such as at Williamson’s Park, Beacon Fell and Sizergh Castle; many schools include an orienteering module in their PE options; and the Scouts and Guides have always introduced navigation as a core skill. Even so, the popular conception of orienteering is a leisure pursuit akin to a treasure hunt or a stroll along well-defined 38

@Lancaster Community Magazine


Events can take place anywhere from remote forests and fells to urban parks and town centres. All cater for beginners through to experienced, highly competitive and super-fit athletes, with courses designed to suit all abilities. At the easier end, the course length will be around 1-2 kilometres, rising to 9-10 kilometres or more at the hardest. Likewise, the degree of navigational difficulty and the physical challenge will increase with course length. Most people choose a course likely to be chosen by others of similar age, gender and ability, but not necessarily so. If, as a 55 year old, you wish to pit yourself against a 25 year old, you can, but if you want to test yourself against others within your age range, again you can. The national association, the British Orienteering Federation, classifies members into age and gender groups, starting at 10 and under, through to 80+. Below 21 years old, members are placed in 2 year age groups; over 35 years in 5 year age groups.


Activity: Orienteering - The adventure sport for all Starting at local events, individuals can progress to events put on by other clubs anywhere in the country, culminating in competing in the various British Championships. South Ribble currently boasts 5 British age group champions and 9 of its current membership are England international orienteers. COME AND HAVE A GO - 10TH JULY But let’s stick to the basic and presume you’re looking for a new challenge and you’d like to give orienteering a go. Then log onto the local club’s website (www. or the national association’s website (www. and look up events/fixtures. Let’s say you fancy going to SROC’s summer event at You then move in sequence from that site to Lancaster University on Tuesday, 10th July. This means the next, in the order given on the map, dibbing turning up at the campus and registering yourself by each time, until the finish. At the finish you go to 6.15pm. You would normally need to pay an entry fee download where your dibber will provide you with of £3.00 (adult) or £1.00 (junior), but if you turn up as a print-out of your split times and the total time a result of reading this article the you’ve taken. fee will be wavered. Nothing else Come and have a go at is needed, just bear in mind it’s an But this particular event happens to orienteering for outdoor event. be a small evening summer event in two parts. The first part is called the A club member will guide you Prologue, and is a very short course 10th July at Lancaster through all the intricacies and will (about 1.5km) designed to set the order even shadow you around the course of competitors for the next round, the University if that’s necessary. At registration Final. The start order will be slowest you will be given a compass and an Prologue runner leading off, then the electronic ‘dibber’ to carry around the course with you. next slowest, and so on to the fastest going last of This records the time you have taken to visit the control all. Again, the course will be relatively short, no sites on the map. Then, once the event begins, you move more than about 2.0km. So, an added bonus: two to the Start line and wait to be told when you can go. events in one. This will be a minute after the person ahead of you has been allowed to go. At the starter’s command, you pick One thing is guaranteed. You will find orienteering up your map of the university campus and go off to find fun and you will be keen to have another go, if only control site 1 as printed on the map. There, and at each to improve on your first effort! Every event will control site, you will find a red and white identification provide you with physical activity, fresh air, and the flag and an electronic box for your dibber. mental challenge of reading a map and deciding the quickest route to take to find the controls. Beyond small, local events, most take place in areas of outstanding natural beauty, such as the Lake District. Your navigation skills will also have improved.


The National Trust recently publicised 50 skills that it considered everyone, especially youngsters, should have. One was navigating with a map and compass. Well, if you go orienteering, whatever your age, you’ll be able to tick that one off. And it’s about as close as it’s possible to get to an adventure Sport for All. @Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


Kitty knew she had forgotton something in preparation for the new school term.

Could you foster? There has been a real increase in the number of children in Local Authority care in recent years. Currently there are over 80,000 looked after children and over 60% of these children are living with foster carers. Children in need of foster care have usually experienced difficulties at home, sometimes children come into care for a few weeks or months whilst their family is provided with the support to improve the home situation and overcome their problems. Sometimes children remain in care for a longer period of time whilst decisions are made about their future, the child may move on to adoption or a permanent foster home may be needed. Foster carers provide children with a nurturing home where they are treated like a member of the family. The role is challenging, but very rewarding, knowing that to foster is to make a real positive difference to a child’s life. Foster carers work as part of a professional team

Family - Could you foster?

and ongoing specialised training and support is given to ensure that they are enabled to provide an excellent standard of care to any child that they look after.


Community Foster Care is a not for profit organisation and registered charity. We have recently opened an office in this area and are seeking to recruit new foster carers in order to provide local placements for local

You can apply whether or not you are married, if you are single or in a same sex relationship and whether or not you have children of your own. Carers are needed from a wide range of backgrounds in order to reflect the needs of the children that require placements. If you are interested in finding out more, then please ring for an informal chat (01995 607792) or you can visit our website

the curtain “ When giggles as two feet poke out from underneath…

...that’s why I foster!“ Do you want to join a foster care service that feels like a large family?

Community Foster Care

We provide: • Specialist training, support and guidance Building Communities - Developing Confidence • Regular activities and days out for foster families • 24 hour telephone support • Up to £23,500 annual allowance per child* (maximum three children per home)


t: 0800 0124278

*Terms and conditions apply - please check our website for more information.

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Celebrate the unexpected Award winning Arteria with Gallery 23 unveils an artist’s exhibition set to intrigue and inspire. “TANGENT” is a collection of work that acknowledges the avant-garde and is a quest for the quirky. Jane Richardson, Owner and Managing Director of Arteria with Gallery 23 explains; “We always like to keep things fresh and this display of art and design epitomizes our effort to seek out the unique and unusual. It is a celebration of the unexpected. The show runs from 25th July through to 13th October 2012 and is open Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm and Saturdays 9.30am to 5.30pm For more information please call 01524 61111 or email

TANGENT ARTIST Laura Slater MA (RCA) Laura creates bespoke patterns, textile surfaces and products all printed by hand. Her inspiration is informed by the interaction of colour and pattern, exploring approaches to drawing, process and materials. Her interest lies within our engagement with pattern and its ability to stimulate and visually communicate our responses, connecting us to the world and our environments. Since graduating from The Royal College of Art in 2008, Laura runs her busy studio and print workshop from Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

TANGENT ARTIST Little Lost Soul - Lucy Pass Lucy has worked as a freelance artist since leaving college in 2005, producing commissioned oil paintings and expanding her personal port-folio. Her work is figurative and often interspersed with geometric shapes and blocks of colour. More recently she has rekindled her love of printing and fashion design. This has allowed her to look at her work from a new perspective, taking the strongest sections of her paintings and translating them into simplified, streamlined images. These images can then be printed as repeating patterns or as one distinct design, to be used on a broad range of products. 42

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Art - TANGENT Exhibition at Gallery 23 TANGENT ARTIST Rosina Beech A graduate from London Guildhall University with a BA (Hons) in Jewellery Design, Silversmithing and Allied Crafts. She finds beauty in unusual, functional industrial materials and components. She sources, up cycles and transforms the materials by taking them away from their functional context and adapting them using her own processes to create an aesthetic new function and purpose. She combines sterling silver with anodised architectural aluminium off cuts, coloured butyrate plastics (derived from wood pulp and cotton) and hand dyed nylon harp strings to create contemporary pieces of jewellery. TANGENT ARTIST Paul Mason During a postgraduate degree in the early 1980’s, his attention was partially focused on aspects of head and facial coverings from warfare, ritual, sport and theatre. Paul became interested in natural history, with this research inevitably leading him to many museums and collections. He became intrigued with the way objects and artifacts were displayed using exquisitely made boxes and containers. The technology of warfare is another of Paul’s recurrent interests. Both the ceramic plates and box constructions on display are an attempt to express his interpretation of the “War Machine” A tribute to the many thousands of soldiers from different countries who laid down their lives during 1914 - 1918.

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Visit our new Online Shop wyn abbot - sculptor ceramic artist The Pottery, Greenlands Farm Village, Tewitfield, Carnforth, Lancashire, LA6 1JH Tel: 01524 784197


@Lancaster Community Magazine



Surrounded by inspiration

Arts: Surrounded by inspiration

Wyn Abbot from The Pottery at Greenlands reminds us to take inspiration from our surroundings this summer. The word ‘creative’ conjures up different things to different people – but creativity is not a subject in itself; nor is it an ability that you either have or don’t have, it is not an ability to draw, paint or sculpt. We are by nature creative beings and we create our environment according to what inspires and moves us in a way that is personal to us. But what inspires us? The natural landscape around us is a major inspirational factor, not just for poets and artists but for all walks of life in turn poets & artist then inspire us by their work. Consider your daily journeys and the environment around you whether manmade or otherwise, do you take them for granted or are you completely aware? My journey to & from work is stunning and I am eternally grateful that any traffic hold ups are due to a slow tractor or a horse rider rather than a long queue of waiting traffic. Winding country lanes, streams, wildlife, mountainous views and rivers; inspiring! There is no doubt in my mind that the journey to and from work provides me with a creative ‘feel good’ factor and inspires some of my work. What we create sends out a message to the viewer about our personality whether we intend this or not. When we think of ‘business’ we might not think art in any form but I am always fascinated in how businesses in particular independent businesses incorporate their creative energies into their work. My journey

home from work ends in the little village of Hornby which has some stunning buildings & views. I love some of the older stone architecture with their carvings and character – more modern work often leaves me cold but that does not decry the creativity of their designers. We don’t all like the same things and that is what makes us unique. Equally we don’t see art in the same way as each other, for example even derelict and unloved areas can inspire, Jane Ledsham demonstrates what I mean, when she saw the Castle Inn at Hornby it was in a very sorry state of repair but she saw beyond that and turned what was once a stunning building back to glory. Transforming the ambience, décor, and food oozes creative juices combining old furniture with new décor, inspiring poems around the walls and food that is not only wonderful to eat but a treat for the eyes, each plate of food is a piece of art in itself. I love the idea of maintaining the history and presence of a place whilst transforming into somewhere that both inspires and meets the needs of today’s generations. Look around any town or village at the different styles and décor and discover the wealth of talent that has helped create the area. If you feel inspired by your surroundings this summer why not unleash your creative spirit into activities such as cooking, drawing, pottery, painting, even sandcastle building in Morecambe…it all counts!

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A star studded Autumn season

Local Theatre - Autumn season at the Grand Theatre

In the wake of Michael McIntyre’s sell out shows at the Lancaster Grand this month, the historic theatre has just announced another star- studded autumn season. Among the famous names making a return are Julian Clary, Jenny Eclair, Heritage Opera, Hairy Maclary, Vagina Monologues with a star studded cast, the facintating Ballet UK, Pam Ayres, Adam Hills and Fascinating Aida to name but a few. Below are a handful of shows on offer: PETER ALLISS Tuesday 4th of September at 7.30pm Tickets £20. 1 in 20 FREE for group bookings. Peter made his broadcasting debut in 1961 as part of the BBC team covering the Open Championships at Birkdale. He retired from international golf at 38 which led to a full time career ‘on the other side of the ropes’ becoming the BBC’s chief commentator in 1978. HOLD BACK THE NIGHT Saturday 8th of September at 7.30pm Tickets £16.50/ £15.50 Get ready for the double bill everyone is talking about. Two masters of the theatre scene to bring you the ultimate pop concert filled with the music of The Bee Gees and Abba. Brush off your dancing shoes and party with one of the best productions around.


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Cregan & Co Saturday 22nd of September at 7.30pm Tickets £17/ £15 conc Jim Cregan and his band. Rod Stewart’s fellow guitarist and collaborative songwriter from 1977 to the present day celebrates an evening of Rod’s hit songs with very special guest vocalist Ben Mills. “Not a tribute to Rod, but a tribute to themselves, the men who made Rod the star he was at the absolute pinnacle of his career.” These fantastic musicians are the real deal not only have they toured worldwide and recorded with Rod Stewart – between them they’ve also worked with many of the best names in the music business ..... including Roger Daltry, Pete Townshend, Ronnie Wood, Ringo Starr, Willie Nelson, Joe Cocker, Katie Melua, Cat Stevens, Family, Gary Brooker, Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Tina Turner, Cockney Rebel, Kenney Jones and lots, lots more!


Local Theatre - Autumn season at the Grand Theatre Hairy Maclary Wednesday 12th of September at 10.30am Tickets £9 and £7 conc. ‘Out of the gate and off for a walk, went Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy.’ Anyone with young children will recognise these immortal words instantly as the opening lines of the book ‘Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy’ by Lynley Dodd. Following a Sell-Out run at the Fringe 2010, a UK Tour in 2011 and the Christmas season at the Sydney Opera House, Hairy Maclary and his friends are springing off the page once again this summer. Featuring many of the characters from the books like Hercules Morse, as big as a Horse - Bottomley Potts, covered in spots – Schnitzel von Krumm, with the very low tum and Scarface Claw – the toughest tomcat in town. With music, singing and several of your favourite Hairy Maclary stories, this show is a must for the whole family. Hazel O Connor Wednesday 24th of October at 7.30pm Tickets £18/ £17 conc. Award winning singer-songwriter HAZEL O’CONNOR teams up with her stunning band featuring celebrated saxophonist CLARE HIRST, best known for work with Bellestars, Communards, Maxi

Priest and David Bowie among others ) and SARAH FISHER of Eurythmics on keyboards and backing vocals for a series of very special shows this year. Having just celebrated 30 years of Breaking Glass, this will be Hazel’s first ever Greatest Hits tour in which you can catch all of the hits and songs from this iconic film in addition to subsequent chart singles live. Vagina Monologues Wednesday 24th of October at 8pm Tickets £18/ £16.50 conc. Eve Ensler’s hilarious Broadway and West End smash hit is back with an all new, all star cast! featuring TV favourite Clare Buckfield (Dancing on Ice Finalist, Two Point Four Children), the feisty and fabulous Vicky Entwistle (Coronation Street) and making her stage debut Chelsee Healey (Strictly Come Dancing Finalist, Waterloo Road). “An unmissable show for every generation -bring your mum, your best friend, your sister or even your gran – this is the ultimate girls night out… trust us!” For our full program of shows this Autumn please visit our website.

01524 64695

LANCASTER HOUSE - LUXURY PARTY VENUE Christmas Party Nights Join us for this year s festive celebrations with superb entertainment, and the great food and service you would expect from the region s top luxury party venue.

Events & Leisure Hotel

All of our party evenings offer a welcome drink and 3 course festive feast menu with entertainment from our resident DJ. Cabaret nights include internationally renowned tribute acts One Night Only , JK as Robbie Williams, Disco duo VaVoom, Soul & Motown artist Geoff Rey and the 80's Rewind for a night of nostalgic party anthems.

Queen Tribute Evening

Join us on Saturday 18th August for a Queen Tribute Evening with Lee Jackson performing some of rock s most famous anthems in an authentic tribute to the legendary Freddie . Ticket price £34.95 pp, includes welcome drink, 3 course dinner and entertainment. Ticket & Room package available from £77.00 pp Terms and conditions apply.

01524 844822

T he twelve months of Christmas

Local Events - The twelve months of Christmas

With the arrival of the long summer nights, and the beautiful Lancashire countryside in full blossom, it hardly seems appropriate to be talking about Christmas, but at the Lancaster House Hotel, it’s never off our radar. With every month that goes by, there’s always plenty of careful planning and preparation to undertake which ensures we can deliver our festive guests a party to remember. It begins even before we’ve taken the decorations down with the gathering of the most important ingredient for festive success - Feedback. Those first few days of January are essential in collating all the comments from our most recent guests. “Did you enjoy the food? What did you think of the entertainment & our resident DJ?” All these questions and more are imperative in our planning process. Without this, we’d simply be giving the customers something we think they want, not what they actually want. This is what I believe sets us apart from the rest and has made us the region’s leading choice for many years now. Once we have all this data, it’s straight on to our ever faithful entertainment agent to book the acts for next year. Leave this too late, and you’ll be faced with a poor choice that would not meet the high expectations of our customers. Top acts are in high demand, so I’m always on the phone at the first given opportunity. The month of January is without doubt the most important, during which all the foundations for the next Christmas are laid. The menu is planned, the calendar of festive events is finalised and work is already underway for the brochure. The reason being that many customers, particularly our regulars, want the comforting knowledge that their table is booked. The Fridays and Saturdays during December are always in high demand, and as the famous phrase goes - “The early bird catches the worm” With the arrival of February and March, and the satisfaction that we’ve got the best acts booked, it’s time to focus on our marketing. The brochure has arrived and it’s time to let our customers know what we’ve got in store for this Christmas. During these months we also plan which Christmas presents we’re going to give to our residential guests. We always like to give them something

unique and bespoke, and that takes time to organise for the several hundred guests across 6 hotels in English Lakes, so orders are placed early. In April, it’s time to order that most important of festive accessories, “The Cracker”. Presented with the new season’s designs, we always like to ensure we choose the right cracker, with the right contents. Alas, we can’t do anything about the terrible jokes they always seem to contain. May and June sees bookings coming in thick and fast as word gets round about the great acts on offer. The summer holiday months of July & August sees a noticeable slowing of bookings as the country takes their well-earned break so our attention focuses on the other essential ingredient of a great Christmas party - The Food. With over 3000 festive dinners to serve during the month of December, we have to let our suppliers know what we’re likely to need. We only use small, local suppliers so advance ordering is essential for such products as Turkeys, Mince Pies, and of course, the obligatory Brussels Sprouts. September is always the busiest month of the year for bookings. Fresh from their summer vacation, people’s attention always seem to turn to the next big holidays and celebrations, in this case Christmas. By the time the month is over, the diary is close to full (Take note readers!). October & November sees the hotel finalising its operational planning ensuring we have the team, the supplies and all the information we need from our guests to give them the party they’ve been looking forward to for so long. As for the month of December itself, I think you can guess for yourselves what we’ll be up to. The Lancaster House Christmas Party brochure is available now. Call us on 01524 844822 or visit And if you can’t wait until December for a party, we’re hosting a tribute night to Queen on Saturday August 18th.

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Lunesdale Agricultural Show Tuesday 14th August 2012

Horse and Pony Classes (inc Light and Heavy Horses, Coloured, Native Breeds, Private Driving, & British Showjumping). Holstein, Jersey and Beef Cattle, Sheep and Poultry, Sticks and Crooks classes. Dog Show, Craft Marquee, Home Industries inc. Flowers and Veg, Vintage Vehicles, Food Hall, Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling, Childrens’s Entertainment, Birds of Prey. Trade stand space available. Underley Park, Kirkby Lonsdale LA6 2DS Email info@ Tel: 015395 67618

A GREAT FAMILY DAY OUT The Lunesdale Agricultural Show is a traditional country show with all the attractions that makes for a great family day out. There are classes for Cattle, Sheep, Horses, Dogs, Poultry and Show Jumping. The show has a large Home Industries section with classes for adults and children. Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling is another feature of the show as well as a Parade of Hounds from the Vale of Lune Harriers, Birds of Prey, Children’s Entertainment, Vintage Vehicles, Craft Marquee, Mounted Fancy Dress and Trade Stands. The show field overlooks the Lune valley with the famous Ruskin’s View a two minute walk away and the town of Kirkby Lonsdale only a five minute walk (depending on how long you stop to admire the view). Free car parking. Catering and a licensed bar are on site. Email for advance tickets details.

Easter’s here! Easter’s here! Summer is here! Did you know that Lancaster City Council organises exciting activites for children throughout the school holidays?

To see whats on this holiday go to: or call: 0 1 5 2 4 8 4 2 4 9 3

To see what’s on this holiday:


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Come and spend the day with us! All new and refurbished a fun-filled farm for kids in a stunning location! Don’t just take our word for it check out Trip Advisor for fab reviews!

Follow us on Facebook COME AND SPEND THE DAY WITH US Docker Park Farm is a family run open farm nestled in the hills between Kirkby Lonsdale & Carnforth just outside the village of Arkholme. Open daily from 10 – 5. In addition to all the animals, which include rare breed pigs and owls from around the world, we have a two story indoor soft play area and outdoor playground, go-karts for children and grown-ups alike, nature walks and lakes all with fabulous views of the Lune Valley. Take in the scenery whilst tucking into your picnic in our picnic areas, or eat in Owls café, where everything is freshly made using produce locally sourced or from our own farm. With plenty of parking and disabled access to the whole the farm, it really is a great day out for all the family! See our website for all the latest news and special offers.

One FREE child entry with this voucher

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Lakeland Wildlife Oasis ONE FREE CHILD

The Little zoo... ...with lots to do! Open 10am-5pm every day (last entry 4pm)

with every adult paying full admission price

with this voucher *Valid throughout 2012

Lakeland Wildlife Oasis Hale Milnthorpe Cumbria LA7 7FE

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Tel:015395 63027

THE BIGGEST TWO DAY SHOW IN THE NORTH WEST This year The Great Eccleston Agricultural Show looks set to be even bigger and better than ever. Set in the heartland of the Fylde the main ring will be full of Dairy cattle, pigs and sheep as well as shire horses on Saturday and on Sunday a stunning display of beef cattle will be on show as well as light horses, goats and rare breeds. Marquees will be packed with over 5000 exhibits including vegetables, floral art, cheese, cakes, photography, art and needlework. Tractor Pulling takes place on both days. Tractors from all over Europe compete to be the best.

Great Eccleston Agricultural Show 14th and 15th July 2012

Reputed to be “THE BEST TWO DAY SHOW IN THE COUNTY” There is something for everyone... Shires, Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Light Horse, BSJA Jumping, Poultry, Pigeons, Budgerigars, Pigs, Domestic Science, Craft Marquee, Craftsmen at Work, Trade Stands, Food Hall, YFC, Bee Keeping, Handicrafts, Cheese, Horticulture, Art and Children’s Work, Vintage Tractors and Vintage Fairground, Rural Life Marquee. Special Attractions - Saturday and Sunday YFC Tug of War Competition | Tractor Pull - BTPA Points Pull | Displays by National Hawking School | Lytham St. Annes Spitfire Sunday Companion Dog Show & Jason Smyth’s Motorbike & Quadbike Stunt Show

In the food hall, mouth watering examples of Lancashire’s finest pies, cheese, black puddings and desserts. In the main ring Jason Smyth’s Motorbike and Quadbike Stunt Show, along with the YFC Tug of War competition and much much more! See our website: for further details and to apply for tickets on line. 52

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For more information please contact Mrs S Robinson

01995 679204


Kingfisher on the water

Things to do - summer 2012

Firstly we would like to thank all our customers who helped make 2011 a special year for the Lancaster Canal by travelling on our waterbus service and our Lune Aqueduct cruises. Our Fish & Chip and Hot Pot cruises go from strength to strength and this year we are keeping the same format but also introducing more live entertainment on board. The cruises run from Carnforth on Wednesday nights in July August and September and From Lancaster on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Lancaster Canal Boats offer a variety of Canal Cruises on the beautiful Lancaster Canal and our summer Waterbus Service is the only regular canal timetabled service in England. During 2012 the Lune Aqueduct underwent a substantial £2m renovation project by British Waterways and the Lottery Heritage Fund. We are operating Lune Aqueduct Cruises on a Tuesday and Wednesday up to 3 sailings per day.

Extra times are being added all the time to keep up with demand so don’t delay call our office or visit our website to book your place today!! Our boat “Kingfisher” is available to hire most days & evenings throughout the year for up to 60 passengers. That special occasion such as birthday, wedding and retirement along with any excuse to get your friends and family together for up to 4 hour cruising. We also have on board a small dance floor area and well stocked licensed bar. We can provide catering or you can bring your own. Contact our office for a tailor made quote. Our new online booking system was launched in May 2012 and offers easy booking on all cruises and waterbus services. All our staff are primed to provide a cruise to suit what the customer requires and will provide that additional customer care to ensure everything planned is to perfection.

Daily waterbus service covering Bilsborrow, Garstang, Galgate, Lancaster, Carnforth & Tewitfield over a seven day timetable and upto 4 Lune Aqueduct cruises per day on Tuesday & Wednesday.

Call for a copy of our timetable or download a copy FREE from our website. BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL FOR ALL CRUISES Bookings can be made direct through our office or save £££’s by booking via our NEW online booking system

Lancaster Fish, Chips & Quiz Cruises Northbound over Aqueduct: 3rd, 17th, 24th July, 14th Aug, 4th Sept, 2nd Oct Southbound towards Galgate: 5th, 18th, 26th July, 16th Aug 6th & 27th Sept | 1900-2145

Lancaster Hot Pot & Quiz Cruises Northbound over Aqueduct: 31st July & 18th Sept Southbound towards Galgate: 2nd Aug & 20th Sept | 19002145

Carnforth Fish, Chips & Quiz Cruises 11th & 25th July, 8th & 22nd Aug 5th Sept | 1900-2200 Fish, Chips & Steve Middlesborough Party Nights Carnforth Return: 4th July & 1st Aug 1900-2200

Telephone 01524 389410 | |

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Saturday 14th July from 12 noon Regent Park, Morecambe Music, Live Performances, Workshops, Bouncy Castle, Face Painting, Demonstrations, Plant Sale and much more.

A great family afternoon in the West End! For more information contact More Music: 01524 831997 |



Communication and Performance Skills Tuition Preparation for London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art Graded Examinations (LAMDA)


Free your potential

Monday to Friday 10.15am - 5.15pm Weekends 10.15am - 4.15pm


Suitable for learners of all ages Individual or group learning Bespoke workshops available

Huge five tiered play structure and 35 foot high four lane astra slide. Dalton Square, Lancaster, LA1 1PL

Mrs Marian Cox

Tel: 01524 382225


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PGCE, LAMDA Associate Member

T: 01253 811378 M: 07970 747794 E:


D iscover all about Lancaster’s past

Things to do - summer 2012

Situated in the heart of the historical cultural city of Lancaster, The Lancaster City Museum has something for everyone.

Work will include that by internationally renowned artist Anna Maria Pacheco and Green Close Studios who have been working with schools to produce work around the subject.

During the school holidays we have lots of fun things to do and discover to keep children happy during the Summer. Sessions usually run on a Thursday. Please contact the museum for full details on the sessions we are running.

There will be a range of activities for all age groups and a supporting programme of events and activities - from talks to practical workshops.

21 July — 29 September A Wonderful Discoverie: Lancashire Witches 1612-2012

4 & 5 of August 10am — 5pm 22nd Regiment of Foote Living History Camp

Uncover tales of magic and mystery and explore the darker side of Lancashire’s past. Did witches really exist or were they innocent people wrongly accused? This facinating exhibition is moving to Lancaster and will see the addition of a number of contemporary art responses to the supernatural and the Lancashire Witches.

Visit this excellent 18th century re-enactment group who will be setting up a living history camp and offering displays including drill and musketry. Access to the camp is free.

Lancaster City Museum and The King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum FREE FAMILY CRAFT SESSIONS:

Situated in the heart of the historic cultural city of Lancaster in an elegant Georgian building.

Super Saturdays First Saturday of every month

1.30pm - 3.30pm

• Discover more about Lancaster’s past from the Romans to the present day. • Trace the pedigree of Lancaster’s regiment from 1680 onwards at the King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum. • See the wonderful collection of portraits and landscapes on display. • Regularly changing exhibitions, events and activities for families.

Entry to Lancaster City Museum is FREE for all visitors Lancaster City Museum, Market Square, Lancaster, LA1 1HT. Tel: 01524 64637 | Fax: 01524 841692 | @Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


Local attractions: Old Holly Farm

Old Holly Farm has won a Silver Award in the Small Visitor Attraction of the Year category at the prestigious VisitEngland Awards for Excellence 2012 Ceremony. The Silver Award is one of the highest accolades for Excellence in Tourism in England which VisitEngland can bestow. Old Holly Farm was presented with their Silver Award at a glittering Awards Ceremony which was held on 22 May 2012 at Athena, an art deco gem located in the heart of Leicester’s cultural quarter.

into any service industry; we know it takes dedication and an unwavering commitment to make a business successful”. Old Holly Farm truly reflects the spirit of this award and are worthy winners, congratulations.”

Savings Savin Speaking on behalf of Old Holly Farm, Alison Pye said “We are delighted to have received the Silver award at the VisitEngland award ceremony. To be recognised at a national level is fantastic and reflects the hard work, passion and enthusiasm the whole team put in, making Old Holly Farm what it is.”

1 child goes 1/2 1price child with another paying with a child into our Playbarn child in

Commenting on the Award James Berresford, VisitEngland’s Chief Executive said “In a year when we received a record of 392 high quality applications winning a Silver Award is a considerable achievement. Old Holly Farm has achieved one of the highest accolades for excellence in tourism which VisitEngland can bestow. I warmly congratulate them”.

Old Holly Farm is a family run, working dairy farm in Garstang, just 10 minutes south of Lancaster. The farmis includes childrens indoor Playbarn, The Playbarn the aperfect place toPlaybarn is The David Hodgkinson, Sales Director, Barclaycard,burn offCourtyard Café serving homemade local energy. Plus whilst the kidsfood, off energy. official partner of the VisitEngland Awards for a Farm Shop, Animal courtyard andburn paddocks, are busy exploring you can enjoy arecream, busy explo Excellence, said; “Barclaycard is proud to be working educational facilities and Coolcow Ice which with VisitEngland – and we’re especially proudsome to is made on site using the Old Holly some cows milk. The home cooked food, a refreshing home coo be this year’s official partner for the VisitEngland fromhome 9am – 5pm everyday, and still drink orfarm oneis open of our mad cakes! drink or Excellence Awards. In England we can be proud boasts FREE entry to the open farm and FREE one of T&Cs apply,parking. Monday - Friday only, Cannot be exchanged for Monday cash, cann of our diverse and successful tourism industry and T&Cs apply, -F be used in conjunction with any offer,on Expires 24th in September 201 Please note: picnics areother not allowed used at Barclaycard we understand the passion that goes conjunction w

1 child goes 1/2 price


The Playbarn is the perfect place to burn off energy. Plus whilst the kids are busy exploring you can enjoy some home cooked food, a refreshing drink or one of our home made cakes! Cabus Nook Lane Garstang Preston PR3 1AA

with another paying child into our Playbarn

1 child goes

tel: 01524 791200

Old Holly Farm, Cabus Nook Lane, Garstang, Preston, PR3 1A

pricetel: 01524 791200 email: tel: 01524 791

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cars - sUpers



NG EXCITI D N A T CHEAP DAY OU Y L I M FA s £9 Adult 6yrs) ren (10-1 £5 Child essions £5 Conc

rs - sUpers

40th Anniversary Year

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Racing starts at noon...

on... acing starts at no WINDERMERE

M6 A683




SUN 15t METAL BANGERS, STOCK CARS, h MANIA, JulyUNLIMITED rton Grange Cup 7 Mar MINISTOX, JUNIORWa 1500cc Bangers ROOKIES A591 Heri tage StockSUPERS, A592 Cars (TBC) SUN 1400cc TEAM MEETING, 1400cc BANGERS, A5084 MiniSENIOR M6 stox -MINIS 21 Mar Senior Minis - Stock Cars - Supe rs A683 SUN EASTER Spon SPEED KING sore d TROPHY, 1400cc by: Viny BANGERS, lmar k Sign 36 4 Apr MINISTOX, SENIOR MINIS, STOCK CARS, SUPERS s A595 A65 A590 SUN 29t 2 LITRE Ulverston BANGERS, h Jul MINISTOX, y Val STOCK e ofSENIOR LunMINIS, Kirkby e Tro phy 18 Apr CARS, SUPERS, LADIES RACE Lonsdale 1500cc Bangers - Junior Rookies A590 SUN MAY DAY TROPHY, 2 LITRE BANGERS, MINISTOX, MiniSENIOR stox -MINIS, SeniSTOCK BARROW or Mini 2 May s -SUPERS, StockLADIES A65 CarsRACE CARS, - Supers 35 n FURNESS A687 Carnforth Spon sored MINISTOX, SUN by: Lanc 2 LITRE BANGERS, asteMINIS, SENIOR r Train STOCK ing 16 May CARS, SUPERS, LADIES RACE M6 Settle 12t A683 MORECAMBE ust SUN h Aug WARTON Hig OF THE h VAN ROSES, Sum BANGERS, mer1400cc Showdown A65 34 30 May BANGERS, JUNIOR ROOKIES, MINISTOX, SENIOR VAN Bangers LANCASTER MINIS, STOCK CARS, SUPERS Ministox - Senior Minis - Stock Cars SUN THE BLUNDEL TROPHY, 1400cc BANGERS, MINISTOX, - Supers Heysham 13 Jun SENIORSpon MINIS,sore STOCKdCARS, by: C&M SUPERS Motors 33 SUN 2 LITRE BANGERS, MINISTOX, SENIOR MINIS, STOCK 27 Jun26t h SUPERS, CARS, August LADIESCar RACE avan Meeting M6 SUN 2LTR MICRO BangBANGERS, ers incMINISTOX, SENIOR MINIS, STOCK Caravan Leave M6 at junction 35 & take 11 Jul CARS, SUPERS, JUNIOR ROOKIES Race - Ladies Race Ministox - Senior Minis - Stock Cars th Carnfor towards ) - Supers A601(M the SUN 1400 BANGERS, MINISTOX, SENIOR MINIS, STOCK sored by: Jimmy White Fencing 25 Jul Spon CARS, SUPERS SAT NAV - LA5 9NJ SUN HESP 2010, VAN BANGERS, PRE 85 RWD 2 LITRE 8 Aug BANGERS (MAXIS & PRINCESS ALLOWED), MINISTOX, SENIOR MINIS, STOCK CARS, SUPERS, LADIES RACE SUN CARAVAN MEETINGS, 2 LITRE BANGERS,Tony: For more 29 information contact MINISTOX, Aug SENIOR MINIS, STOCK CARS, SUPERS, LADIES RACE, CARAVAN RACE | 07709 746744 | 01942 216496 SUN 2 LITRE BANGERS, MINISTOX, SENIOR MINIS, STOCK 12 SepVillage, CARS, SUPERS, Near LADIES RACECarnforth, LA5 9NJ Sands Lane, Warton SUN 1400cc BANGERS, MINISTOX, SENIOR MINIS, STOCK 26 Sep CARS, SUPERS SUN NORTHWEST OPEN, 2 LITRE TEAM MEETING, 2 LITRE 10 Oct BANGERS, MINISTOX, STOCK CARS, LADIES RACE SUN 1400cc BANGERS, MINISTOX, SENIOR MINIS, STOCK A593




M6 – Junction 35 Follow A6 to LANCASTER. Turn right at the lights in CARNFORTH and follow the signs. SAT-NAV: LA5 9NJ

SSIONS ION & CONCE S IS M D A L A £4.0 GENER Concessions REE Adults £9.00 rking F

Teach your baby to swim Vouchers Available

with Water Babies, the UK’s leading baby swim school

3 Fully qualified, world class instructors 3 Award-winning programme teaches babies from birth 3 Teaching you to teach your baby to swim 3 Saving lives through water confidence and safety skills 3 Classes delivered in a local pool by a local teacher

weekly classes held...

Weekly local Lancaster - Theclasses Loyne School, LA1 2PZ delivered -by a local House, teacher Silverdale Bleasdale LA5 ORG to join in the fun call

01204 846003

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Summer tipples

Food & Drink - Summer tipples

WineTime wineshop at Greenlands Farm in Tewitfield has found a selection of wines perfect for summer, something for everyone. The UK wine market is one of the most exciting in the world. Because we have few vineyards of our own we rely heavily on importing from other countries so the wines available come from pretty much every wine making region and country. This can make the range of wines out there a bit daunting so with summer almost upon us (hopefully) WineTime have put together a range of our top tips for the months ahead to help you enjoy what’s new and exciting: RED The perfect red to go with your bbq. Packed with flavour it will cope well with all those spices and sauce. Projecte Qu4tre Reserva, Catalonia - Spain: Brand new to the UK and designed by us and our friends at the Clos Montblanc winery from a blend of their 4 key grape varieties and aged in oak. This is a wine for all four seasons not just for summer – fresh enough to enjoy when the sun is shining but with enough character to keep the chill at bay when winter comes calling. £8.00

WHITE Many modern wine drinkers choose their wine based on the grape variety and one of today’s most popular is Sauvignon Blanc, a grape that prefers slightly cooler climates such as the Loire Valley in France, parts of Chile and New Zealand. When grown and made with knowledge and expertise it produces a light, refreshing and fruity style of wine, perfect for warm weather drinking. Penny Lane Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand : This is a fabulous Sauvignon from the region that put it on the map. Made by the excellent Morton estate it is a vibrant, zesty Sauvignon and is perfect to accompany salads, goats cheese and a range of light summer dishes. £8.50

ROSE Forget that industrialised Californian sweet, pink rubbish which is the wine equivalent of an alcopop. What you really need is a dry, yet fruity version with a bit more body. The Spanish have loads of sunshine and drink lots of rose as an alternative to red in the warmer months, why not find out why, we might even get some of our own sunshine to go with it. Malumbres Navarra Rosado, Spain – this is ‘proper’ dry Rosé that is a great party wine and great with fish, as we found out recently with a mediterranean style red mullet dish at The Sun in Kirkby Lonsdale. Particularly in the warmer weather it’s cool to think pink! On offer at £4.49 (usually £7.95)

FIZZ With summer party season party upon us it can be sometimes tricky to choose the right fizz to get the party started. When buying for a group it is important to choose one which has just the right amount of fruit and isn’t too dry and acidic. Prosecco fits the bill and this one in particular has proved to be very popular. Torre dei Vescovi Prosecco Spumante, Italy : with its fragrant floral aromas & deliciously appley flavours Prosecco has been flavour of the month for, well some years now actually & understandably so – delightfully effervescent & ridiculously easy to drink, this is summer holidays in a bottle! £10.25 60

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A unique wine shop which offers exclusive wine knowledge, friendly service and an extensive range of products from around the world.

“A shop born out of experience�

Weekly special offers Wines to enjoy by the glass or sampler Party wine deals and free glass loan Please bring this advert and receive


off your next purchase

Opening Times: Mon to Sat 10am-6pm | Sun 11am-5pm

Greenlands Farm Village, Tewitfield, Near Carnforth, LA6 1JH Tel: 01524 784198 Email:

RUSKIN LIBRARY 23 April - 21 September Gallery opening times, during exhibitions: Monday-Friday 10am-4pm (closed weekends and Bank Holidays)

The Library Edition of the Works of John Ruskin: A Centenary Celebration

ADMISSION FREE Enquiries 01524 593587 Location: at Lancaster University, on A6, just off junction 33 of M6 @Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


FEED THE KIDS HALF PRICE THIS SUMMER HOLIDAYS* *1/2 price kids meal for a full paying adult eating of the ala carte menu. Monday - Friday, please bring voucher with you.

What do our customers say? r sunny days Its great fo can run riot ds ki e th when s & nearby nd ou in the gr as The food w playground. 2012 ay M h. tc no top

The setting is beautiful almost castle-like, with a great play area outside for kids, the waitress was very friendly, nothing was too much trouble and the food was cooked to perfection. May 2012

Really enjoyed th e trip here for dinner ,food very good and service equally so. Good parking and value for money. June 2012

BOWERHAM ROAD | LANCASTER | LA1 3AH | 01524 389335 |

01524 388435 Maxwell’s in Penny Street, Lancaster, is a family run business with very high standards and a chef with an exceptional knowledge of food and it’s preparation.


We are committed to sourcing our food locally. Pop in first thing in the morning to smell our freshly baked bread or anytime of day to sample our home baked cakes and freshly brewed coffee, enjoy exciting food as well as the traditional favorites on our lunchtime menu.

Maxwell’s are available for private functions and monthly evening events.


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& New local shop open

Traditional Foods | Hampers Gluten Free | Cake Decorating Cookware & Bakeware


Due to the high success of Health & Flavour, our online shop, we have now opened The Bay Cookshop, come along to find out what we have in store.

361 Lancaster Road, Torrisholme Morecambe, Lancashire LA4 6RL

Tel: 01524 419617

The Meeting House is a family-run restaurant run by head chef and owner, Leann Smith and her father Eddie Smith.

Diners can enjoy a delicious menu of local meat and vegetables, sourced from the surrounding area, in an informal and attractive setting.

       

*SPECIAL NIGHTS* Tuesday night STEAK NIGHT - 2 Steaks and a bottle of Wine for £25

Wednesday and Thursday nights

   

3 Courses for £15.95



          

OPENING TIMES Evening: Tue – Sun: 6:30 – 9.30pm 11-15 Meeting House Lane

Lancaster, LA1 1TJ

T: 01524 848 049

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Making healthy food together

Recipes - Making healthy food together

Sylvia Poll, local nutritional consultant from All about Weight shares with us some recipes to keep the children busy this summer, but healthy too. The summer holidays are looming… and with it the cries of “I’m bored, Mum!” can be heard… You may have planned a family holiday, or stays with grandparents, days out at the beach or park. There comes a time where you run out of ideas, or pennies, or both! What to do? Why not help yourself and your child to learn some basic kitchen skills (or practice them again) and have some healthy summery snacks, whatever the weather outside is doing!

Getting some adults and children to eat fruit and vegetables can be a challenge. The secret is to make fruit fun! These fruit sticks make eating fruit fun and best of all, your children can help you prepare them adding to the experience. Always follow some basic rules when cooking with children: wash hands first, supervise the use of any sharp or pointed kitchen tools, and everybody must help with the clearing up afterwards!

Fruit Kebabs Serves 4 I’ve used mandarins, apples and grapes in this recipe, but any type of solid fruit in season / on special offer at the time can be used such as strawberries, pears, cantaloupe and honey dew melon. 2 mandarins, peeled | 1 red apple (e.g. Royal Gala), diced 1 green apple (e.g. Granny Smith), diced | 1 cup green grapes (stem removed) | 1 tablespoon lemon juice | Yoghurt / for dipping 8 Wooden skewers 1. Thread mandarin, apple and grape pieces on to the wooden skewers. 2. Using a brush, brush lemon juice over the top of the fruit skewers. 3. Serve immediately with yoghurt of your choice.

Lancaster Berry Mess Serves 2 You’ve probably heard of Eton Mess, why not try a Lancaster Berry Mess? 200g low-fat fromage frais | 40g crushed low-fat ginger biscuits | 2 teaspoons honey 250g mixed strawberries and raspberries | a few mint leaves (optional) 1. Chop the strawberries into small chunks. 2. Put all the ingredients into a large bowl and mix them together. 3. Spoon some of the mixture into a glass. 4. Add some mint and decorations if you have them, and serve! These are a great and fun way to incorporate more fruit into your diet, and can be a fun activity for a child to share with parents / grandparents. 64

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Recipes - Making healthy food together

Rainbow coleslaw 1 1/2 cups packed shredded green (white)cabbage | 1 1/2 cups packed shredded purple cabbage | 1/2 small red pepper, cut in thin strips | 1/2 small yellow pepper, cut in thin strips | 1 medium carrot, grated | 1/2 cup raisins (black, golden or a mixture of both) 1/3 cup mayonnaise (home-made or store bought) | 1/3 cup natural plain yogurt | 1 tablespoon honey | 1 teaspoon cider vinegar 1/2 teaspoon salt | Nonstick cooking spray, for the honey spoon 1. Mix the vegetables and raisins in a large bowl. 2. In a second container, combine the mayo, yogurt, honey, vinegar and salt. Use a fork or a small whisk to mix until you don’t see the honey anymore. 3. Pour the dressing onto the salad and mix well - enjoy!

Healty Burgers Most children love burgers, and when made well they are a good source of nutrition – lean meat, plus vegetables, a slice of cheese (optional) , and maybe a toasted bun – or try serving on a plate with a spoonful or two of the rainbow coleslaw! 1 medium red onion, chopped | 3 tablespoons sunflower oil 1 garlic clove, crushed | 1/2 teaspoon thyme leaves 2 slices white bread, crusts removed | 250 g minced beef 3 tablespoons tomato chutney (or you could use tomato relish) Salt and freshly ground black pepper | 2 tablespoons flour, for dusting 1. Lightly fry the onion in 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil for 5–6 minutes until soft. 2. Add the garlic and thyme and cook for 1 minute. 3. Tear the bread into pieces and put in a food processor with the onion mixture and blitz together. 4. If you want a really smooth texture, pulse all the ingredients together in the food processor for a few seconds. If not, combine all the ingredients in a bowl and season to taste. 5. Form the mixture into 6 burgers using flour-dusted hands. 6. Fry the burgers in the remaining oil for 4 to 5 minutes on each side over a medium-to-low heat. If you fry over a high heat, because of the sugar in the tomato chutney the burgers have a tendency to burn. Alternatively cook the burgers under a pre-heated grill. Serve in a bun with lettuce and tomato. Enjoy your summer break – you’ve earned it, and will be refreshed in the autumn if you make the most of it! Sylvia R Poll 07902 677 201

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Recipe from The Potting Shed

Garden - Recipe and Garden advice

The Potting Shed cafe at Bay View Garden Centre share one of their favourite summer recipes and give us top tips to brighten up our gardens. GARLIC AND LIME CHICKEN WITH HOMEMADE PITTAS AND TZATZIKI Feeds 4. For the Chicken: 4 Chicken Breasts, sliced 2 limes, rind and juice 4 large cloves of garlic Ideally, this chicken needs to marinade overnight, but if not, a couple of hours should do it. Really simple this part, just throw all the ingredients into a bowl or tub, including the squished limes!! Then add a good glug of olive oil, which protects the chicken from the acidity of the limes while it marinates. When ready, pan fry or BBQ.

For the Pittas 740g bread/strong white flour 470ml tepid water 2 packets of dried yeast 3tsp sugar salt to taste, around 5 tsp Again, just throw all the ingredients into a bowl and mix together to form a dough, it will be slightly wet. Knead for a while until smooth and springy, then leave to rise and double in size. Your oven needs to be as hot as you can get it. When the dough has risen, knead again for a few more minutes. Pat and prod each ball of dough to about half the size you want you finished pitta, then roll out on a floured surface until about 1/4 inch thick. Now bake a batch; they only take about three minutes, so keep a careful eye on them. These can then be frozen until ready to use, and just popped into a toaster or on the barbecue, to reheat when needed!

For the Tzatziki Cucumber Olive oil Thick Greek Yoghurt Crushed garlic Dill or mint Lemon juice A little salt Peel and de-seed the cucumber, and then either grate or slice, depending on how chunky you want your dip. Place in a colander or sieve and add a little salt which will draw out the moisture and help with flavour. Pat dry and stir into the yoghurt, before seasoning with the remaining ingredients to your taste. Leave for half an hour to allow the flavours to marry is perfect. This dip is best eaten on the day.

C reating colourful easy care borders

If your garden looks tired, dull, shapeless or empty, you need to brighten it up, obviously, but how?

One great cheap and simple way is to plant your borders with perennial plants, that is plants that come back year after year, they grow flower, die down in winter and re-grow again, often getting bigger and better each year. They need very little looking after, maybe a bit of feed now and again and the odd spray to see off bugs and diseases and a bit of dead heading. Mulch with decorative bark to help keep out weeds, simple! 66

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We realize that using more plants will cost more money, (it will save time in the long run though) so throughout July and August we are offering a fantastic deal on our perennial plants; 3 for the price of 2 (cheapest plant free) so you have no excuse now for not filling your borders with colour!



There are additional ways to make your borders seem more interesting, how about adding curves to the bed. You could widen the border and plant your perennial plants in groups of 3 or 5, this will give more impact and weed suppressing cover, less work! Add height by using perennials such as Hollyhocks and Delphiniums. Small trees can be used to great effect in small gardens, ie Silver Birch or crab apple trees are good and will not cause ground problems.

For Th

e Nic

e Thin

gs In L


Colour Your Summer

rden with great offers on ga for s ial nn re plants buy 3 pe e) fre t es ap he price of 2 (c rs he at He d an es Alpin 4 for ÂŁ10

Fantastic savings on selected furniture ranges

cluding Summer sizzlers inspecials. ed em Olympic th at special Cream teas served r 2.30pm te af 5 .7 price of ÂŁ3

Gorgeous h ome gift range and

Tel. 01524 733780 Email. Mill Lane, Bolton-le-Sands, Carnforth, Lancs. LA5 8ET

Dolphins, Islands, Sails & Summits A sailing holiday, for those who have never been (and for some who have), is a bit like being in a foreign country, but it is far more intoxicating and addictive! Everything on a boat has a name. “Sheets”? I thought those were on your bed. But oh no, they pull the sails from one side to the other which helps make the boat sail – strange? Apparently the only rope on a boat is the bell rope and for those who don’t know go and look it up, like I had too! There are also strict commands, i.e. during something called “tacking” which I have learnt, but not fully understood, is turning the boat through the wind. First of all there is the warning shout “ready about!” – so for those lounging in the cockpit enjoying the sun and the scenery get yourself up and look alert and grab a rope, opps sorry sheet; now await the next command which is “helm’s to lee” – apparently that is for me as I am on the helm (one of those other pesky bits of terminology) steering the boat I have to start turning the boat through the wind; and finally “lee ho” – crew now it is your turn to start pulling and releasing those “sheets”, in unison. And hey somehow we are now sailing in a different direction, though I’m not sure it is the one we want to go in as we go through the whole process again within a matter of minutes, or so it seems. It can be confusing and bewildering and for most landlubbers it is truly a “foreign” experience, but it gets under your skin and once hooked can and often does become a lifetime obsession.

myriad of islands and endless coastline of sea lochs, some only accessible by sea. It is quite rightly regarded by many as one of the finest sailing areas in the world. From Gigha in the south; Islay the home of single malt; Jura and the mighty Paps of; the swirling whirlpool of Corryvreckan – the third largest in the world; Easdale and the slate islands where slate was quarried and sent to roof embassies, palaces and stately homes across the world; to Seil and the Bridge over the Atlantic; Mull and it’s mighty and dramatic coastline; Morven, Ardnamurchan (the most westerly point of mainland Britain) and Knoydart peninsulas; the small isles – there was a man who was born in Eigg, lived on Canna, got soaked in Rum and was eventually buried in Muck! Skye the misty isle; the outer Hebrides whose archipelago stretches from Mingulay, Barra, Eriskay, South and North Uist, through to Harris and Lewis. And as far west as you can get in the UK is St Kilda some 45 miles from the outer Hebrides shrouded in mist and history. And there is so much more.

And where better to start experiencing a sailing holiday than the West Coast of Scotland with it’s

And if you can’t get enough scenery, the wildlife gets even better, it is a haven for nesting seabirds –


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Travel: Dolphins, Islands, Sails and Summits

gannets, puffins, terns, guillemots, skuas, razor bills, shearwaters, gulls, sea and golden eagles. Basking sharks favour the coastline of Coll, Tiree and the Sound of Canna, minke and pilot whale play in these waters, together with porpoise, and common, bottle nosed, white sided, white beaked, and risso’s dolphin. Ora’s (killer whales) also patrol these coasts. Sunfish and turtles are a rare sighting. Red deer majestically stalk the hills, along with feral goats. Otters play in burns or quietly fish for their supper near the boat. Sails and Summits started their business offering skippered yacht sailing holidays in 2006 spending two years in the Clyde before moving up to Oban which is now their home port. They also became an RYA training centre last year, doing courses from Start Yachting, Competent Crew, Day Skipper through to Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster, and you can combine a holiday with a course. Their yacht is a Dufour 455 grand large, new in 2006. They can accommodate up to four guests in the two double berth aft (back) cabins, or five if it is a family or group, the fifth member being accommodated in the saloon. Both cabins have plenty of headroom and space to turn around. The galley (kitchen) and saloon are light and airy and very comfortable. Up on deck the large cockpit ensures the crew are not always tripping over each other and the twin wheels make helming easy and comfortable. “Esseness” is maintained to a high standard and carries

all the appropriate safety equipment. Sue and Stuart, your hosts and skippers, are very keen to share their passion of the sea and sailing with you, instructing in the fine art of sailing with safety at the forefront of everything they do. Their welcome is friendly, the banter good fun, and the on board catering is first class and just keeps on coming no matter what the conditions are down below – no pot noodles on this boat! Sailing can be combined with walking and climbing, and there is a two man inflatable canoe on board which crew can enjoy paddling round some remote anchorage after a good days sail while the evening meal is being prepared. It is a holiday with a difference, relaxing yet exhilarating and quite magical waking to a different scene every morning. For more information please visit the website of Lancaster based. Sails and Summits Limited Sue 00 44 (0)7941 276186 Stuart 00 44 (0)7775 538989

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The delights of Southern France

Against a backdrop of rolling hills, vineyards and lavender fields, I found a variety of adrenaline-fuelled activities, countless excellent bistros and home-from-home guesthouses. Draining a glass of red at my third wine-tasting in five days, I’d almost forgotten I was on a trip to discover the great outdoors of the Ardeche and Vaucluse in Provence. I spent my first night at Le Couradou in Labastidede-Virac, owned by British expat Diana Little, with a group of Belgian tourists who had been visiting the region twice a year for more than 10 years. We shared a joyous meal on the terrace in the warm evening sun and I was quickly falling in love with this beautiful, rustic landscape. As I retired to my cottage-style room with wooden beams, antique furniture and pretty pale pink walls, the thought of anything more strenuous than lifting a glass to my lips seemed unnecessary. But with the region experiencing unseasonably hot weather, donning my hiking boots to take in the outstanding natural beauty of the Cirque de Gens in Pradons was the perfect way to spend the following morning. Limestone crags overlook the bends of the Ardeche river and sturdy trainers or walking shoes are a must as the terrain is fairly rugged. The circular route takes around two hours to complete. 70

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Later I sampled one of the other adventures of the Ardeche river. Buzzing with families and twentysomethings from the riverside campsites and lodges, laughter and squeals can be heard as daring youths jump from the rocks into the breathtakingly cool water. Now, I admit, I wasn’t so adventurous to join them, preferring to admire the gorges by taking a fivemile canoe trip. I was accompanied by an experienced instructor, who did most of the strenuous paddling - I was a little tentative, but it turned out to be a dry and safe haven as we meandered along below 300m cliffs. Around halfway along the course sits the unspoilt Pont d’Arc, a 60m high natural rock arch which is, I found after a bit of gentle persuasion, the ideal spot to take a dip in the water. After all that exercise, what better way to unwind than with a traditional French lunch. Bistrot de Pays Le Bec Figue in Labeaume, one of the most picturesque villages in the Ardeche, serves up a stunning array of meats, cheeses, olive oil-drenched salad and succulent fruit, all washed down with a sweet rose.


Travel: The delights of Southern France Coming towards the end of my time in the Ardeche before I crossed the Rhone river into Vaucluse, I made my last stop in the pretty medieval village of Saint-Montan. Overlooking the narrow cobbled streets of the village and picturesque houses is a castle which has received extensive renovation - it’s a charming place and an ideal for a spot for exploring. After yet more gastronomic indulgences, it was about time I got back on the adventure trail - and this meant another stop at a winery in Vaucluse to pick up my electric bike ( Starting at the foot of Mount Ventoux, known as the ‘Giant of Provence’, which towers over this landscape, I rode through the plains and country roads with ease, bowled over by the magnificent views. With more than 1,000km of cycle paths of different experience levels and 220 service providers - hotels, campsites, wine merchants and restaurants - belonging to the ‘welcome cyclists’ charter in the Luberon, Pays des Sorges, Mount Ventoux and Upper Vaucluse, this is an excellent region for bike enthusiasts. After another day in the 30C heat, I was certainly ready for my dinner and night at La Villa Noria in Modene. Relaxing in the very heart of this charming, tranquil guesthouse didn’t prepare me for the hustle and bustle of the Provencal market in Isle sur la Sorgue. Nicknamed ‘Little Venice’ due to the various canals crossing the town, it is renowned for its flea market and antique dealerships with more than 300 stands and shops open every weekend.

This is France at its most authentic, with locals scrambling for fresh fruits, fabrics and jewellery and the smell of smoked sausages and roast chickens wafting over the crowds. After here, the drive to Menerbes, one of France’s most beautiful villages, ended at the truffle and wine museum Maison de la Truffe et du Vin ( Classified as a historic monument, the grand 17th century property at the top of a steep cobbled street is home to a collection of wines from the producers of the Luberon national park. I jumped on my bike again for a ride through the Pays de l’Ocre, nicknamed the French Colorado thanks to its ochre cliffs. Cyclists are well served thanks to Velo Loisir en Luberon, which promotes cycle routes and itineraries on small, quiet roads, bike rentals and accommodation throughout the Luberon. Lying in the middle of Provence is the Ochre and Colours Museum ( in Roussillon and the Bruoux mines in Garges. Here, complete with hard hat, and the only time I needed an extra layer, with the temperature dropping to around 10C, I explored the ochre quarries. Heading underground, I walked along the dimly-lit tunnels on a one-hour tour. My final guesthouse, Le Crillon, sat within the picturesque village of Murs, attached to the flank of a hill - an ideal departure point for hikers and cyclists. KEY FACTS - SOUTH OF FRANCE Best for: Comfortable hospitality and the great outdoors. Time to go: Year round, although it may be too hot to cycle in July and August. Don’t miss: Riding an electric bike. Need to know: It’s recommended that you book before a tour of the Bruoux mines. Don’t forget: Swimming costume and dry clothes for canoe trip.

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Late deals from Cruise Connections of Caton

These are just some of the fantastic late deals we have had available in the past few months. In fact many of our cruises are now under £1000 per person.


Queen Victoria

Grand Princess

Northern Cruise Break

Northern Europe

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Queen Elizabeth

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Western Mediterranean

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Queen Mary 2

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Prices from £849 per person

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27th May 2012 – 7 nights

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10th August 2012 – 11 nights

10th August 2012 – 7 nights

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If you can travel anytime then join our Late Deals Club by emailing with “LDC” in the subject line or call one of our friendly Cruise Specialists on

01524 771701

Also find us on:


Willow Mill, Fell View Caton, Lancaster LA2 9RA

Tel: 01524 771 701 Fax: 01524 771 702


Operated by Cruise Connections. ABTA P0136. All prices quoted are subject to availability and reconfirmation at the time of booking. Prices were correct at the time of going to print. Valid for new bookings only.

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Pet care: Ethical products for your pets

Ethical products for your pets

Demand from pet owners for pet products that have been sourced for their ethical considerations has led to the launch of a new business, Ethical Pets Online. Ethical Pets Online founder, Katie Jenkins, who already runs flynnthedog, a high quality pet supplies business, based in Lancaster and online, has long had an interest in ethical consumerism. She says: “We already sell many ethical products through flynnthedog online and from our shop on Alfred Street, Lancaster, but when customers came to me requesting even more ethical products I realised that there was a gap in the market for a business like ours.” She explains what makes Ethical Pets Online different. “We put the emphasis on positive buying, that is, highlighting products that Ethical Pets Online believes have been produced with ethical considerations, rather than focusing on a long list of what not to buy. We don’t preach.” WHAT DOES ETHICAL MEAN? Ethical is a word much used these days but it has only entered the consumer world relatively recently. When it comes to products for our pets, buying ethically can mean different things to different people. Take ethical pet food, as an example. For some people this could mean vegetarian or vegan food, while for others it may mean organic food. Some people may place higher value on meat-based pet foods where the animals that constitute the meat have been treated compassionately. We realise that a customer does not need to fall into a particular category or stereotype to care about our planet - and all who live on it.”

The team at Ethical Pets Online is small and comprises people from the Lancaster area. The business has also joined Lancaster’s Ethical Small Traders’ Association (ESTA), an association of Small Traders who are working towards a sustainable local economy in the Lancaster area. “We are concerned about animals’ quality of life, the quality of the food we feed them, whether insecticides are used in crop control or in animal treatment products, and what exactly goes into processed pet foods. Then there are the non-food pet items: dog waste bags, feeding bowls, sleeping quarters. What materials are they made from? How much energy goes into producing them? Are the people who make them treated well and paid a fair wage? Are the products biodegradeable? These are questions we ask when sourcing our products,” Katie explains. For each company whose products we feature we request that they provide an ethical policy statement which we include on our website.” Ethical Pets Online strives to operate on ethical and environmentally-friendly lines. All printing is done using recycled paper and vegetable-based inks and a recycling point is right next to the office which the business uses to recycle books, glass, aluminium, plastic and paper. All other waste is recycled through the council’s recycling facilities. Ethical Pets Online has just launched and can be found at Email

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Photos to treasure...

PET STUDIO FREE photo shoot Choose from a variety of photos taken Personalised gifts also available using your photos (Calenders, mugs, books, t-shirts, posters and more)

For more than 100 years our practice has provided a wide range of veterinary services to pets over a large part of North Lancashire and South Cumbria.

* Pet Consultations *

Abi Williams - Bay Vets in-house photographer 01524 32696 -

* Specialist Pet Clinics *

Baldrand House, Bowerham Road, Lancaster, LA1 3AJ

* Ambulance Service *

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* 24 Hour emergency service * (exclusively by our own vets)

* Pet Health Plans *

We stock Royal Canin lifestage and prescription, James Wellbeloved, Supreme and Burgess, and with next day delivery we can order any brand of food to cater for all dietary needs.

Baldrand House Bowerham Road Lancaster LA1 3AJ 01524 32696

01524 32696

Baldrand House, Bowerham Road, Lancaster, LA1 3AJ Ample Parking | Range of quality food | Accessories

194 Lancaster Road Morecambe LA4 5TL

12 The Square Milnthorpe LA7 7QJ

Toys | Cat Flaps | Grooming tools | Collars/Leads

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Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Vets Advice - Feeling Hot Hot Hot

BayVets in Lancaster are hoping that July and August, weather-wise, will be a vast improvement to June. However, even the temperatures experienced this June have caused our pets problems. HEATSTROKE It is not just the perils of keeping your pet in a hot car that we need to consider. On a warm day dogs die from heatstroke after getting too hot during a daytime walk or if they are at home without sufficient shade or water to drink. Be aware that conservatories, greenhouses and caravans can become excessively hot – think about your cats (and the neighbours’ cats) too! Pay particular attention to dogs with thick coats such as long-haired German Shepherd Dogs, Husky Dogs, Newfoundlands, Mountain Dogs, and Saint Bernards etc. Don’t forget highly energetic dogs, such as puppies, spaniels, pointers etc, or obese dogs, all of which will struggle to maintain a normal body temperature. REMEMBER: Walk your dog early morning or late evening or swap a walk for a cooling swim (in safe waters!). The temperature inside a car can quickly soar to 49ºC/120ºF or even higher – leaving windows open or putting a bowl of water in the car does not help. Owners who put animals at risk in this way could face prosecution - the guilt will stay with you forever. If an animal in a car is panting for breath it may be on its way to suffering heatstroke. Heatstroke can kill an animal very quickly.

have a factor 50 sunblock applied daily to protect these vulnerable areas. I use a product suitable for children (sensitive/non-toxic) in a spray format for ease of application (please note some pets may be frightened by the sound of the spray). Take care not to let the product get in your pets eyes or mouth. If you are concerned by any change to the pigmentation or shape of these areas, consult your vet. FLYSTRIKE Flystrike can affect any animal and we commonly see it in rabbits and hedgehogs. Flies pose a huge risk for rabbits during the warmer weather. Rabbits that are too fat to groom their rear end or those suffering from diarrhoea or urinary problems have moist/damp bottoms which attract flies. These flies lay their eggs on the area which hatch out as flesh eating maggots. This is a serious, often fatal condition and quick veterinary attention is required. Check your rabbit thoroughly TWICE a day during the summer months for eggs and/or maggots. Rearguard is a liquid that prevents the maggots from developing to the stage that causes damage to the rabbit. Regularly apply the contents of a bottle to your rabbit’s hindquarters for 10 weeks protection.

If a dog becomes overheated, give it a shower immediately or bathe it in cool water. Call a vet as soon as possible, as once the dog goes into shock and loses consciousness it may be too late. SUNBURN Black/dark coats will absorb heat more than white/ light shades, but white animals really suffer from sunburn which can turn cancerous. Dogs, Cats and Rabbits with hairless or partially bald patches, most commonly on the ear tips, nose etc, should @Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


First Drive | Mazda CX5

The new Mazda CX5. It is agile, efficient on fuel, strong but lightweight and looks great on the road. With fuel prices rising everyday the Mazda may just be what you need. It might be a cliché but it’s true that you can’t afford to stand still in the car business. As fuel prices continue to rise and buyers seek more efficient modes of transport, the key to any future success will be to produce vehicles that offer meaningful savings. However, achieving this without impacting negatively on the ownership experience isn’t easy. Mazda hopes it has cracked it though, with the development of a suite of efficiency and performance improvements that it can apply to whole range of vehicles. Dubbed “Skyactiv’ by the Japanese car maker, it hopes that the various developments will help to enhance its future models in the eyes of buyers. First up to get the Skyactiv treatment is Mazda’s new mid-size SUV, the CX-5. Sitting below the long running CX-7, this new model is a five-seater with the option of front and four-wheel drive plus the choice of diesel and petrol engine and manual and auto transmissions. 78

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Weight is a killer in the car business; not only can it impact negatively on crash performance and fuel economy but it also doesn’t help when it comes to vehicle agility. High-rise SUVs often feel it the most, which is why Mazda has chosen a combination of stronger and lighter weight materials for the CX-5’s construction. This hasn’t come at the expense of safety, as the company is keen to stress that it’s spent considerable time fine-tuning crash structures as part of its Skyactiv philosophy. SUV agility is another area where Mazda was keen to improve on. The company wanted to ensure that the CX-5 complimented and not blighted the reputation of the likes of the MX-5 roadster and 6 family car. The good news is that the engineers have largely succeeded, with the CX-5 feeling uncharacteristically agile for an SUV. Think of it more as a high-rise family hatch and you’ll get the picture. Weighty controls - steering, gearshift - should appeal to the keen drivers, while


Motoring: First drive - Mazda CX5

ride comfort easily rivals that of a conventional car. Granted, despite the option of all-wheel drive, the CX-5 is no extreme mud-plugger, but its behaviour should please those who tow.

sat-nav, while selected models can also be specified with a optional safety pack comprising lane departure warning, auto-sensing headlight high beam control and a rear vehicle monitor.

A lot of the CX-5’s on-road talent can be traced to its engines. This is another Skyactiv-themed element of the car, as the units offer low levels of consumption and emissions alongside above average levels of performance. The line-up starts with a 163bhp petrol motor for those focused on two-wheel drive motoring. Diesel power is a strong favourite among 4x4 drivers for obvious reasons -plenty of torque and sensible economy. Mazda’s take on diesel power for CX-5 is to offer two 2.2-litre units (148 and 172bhp). Amongst the various engineering tweaks it’s chosen to fiddle with the engines’ compression ratios to maximize both economy and power, the end result being a very creditable 61.4mpg and 119g/km CO2 for the low power motor in two-wheel drive guise and 54.3mpg and 136g/km CO2 for the high power unit when chosen with all-wheel drive. Performance is also brisk, with a sub-nine second 0-62mph time for the 172bhp diesel and a 9.4 second time for the all-wheel drive 148bhp car. In practical terms the CX-5 performs very well. Mazda’s engineers have done a good job of balancing the need to reduce consumption and emissions with the desire to make the car engaging and interesting. That

it rides well is a major plus and demonstrates that the firm’s Skyactiv-themed technology bundle is more than just a promotional hook. Staying with the practicalities of ownership, the CX-5’s cabin is up to Mazda’s usual high standards regarding fit and finish while occupants won’t be short of space, especially in the back. Overall, the car’s cabin is as well screwed together and as comfortable as many of its premium-priced rivals. And not just comfortable, the CX-5 is also well equipped. Two core trim levels deliver a considerable amount of kit out of the box, with the base SE-L including a decent audio unit, MP3 player connections, Bluetooth, climate control, fully adjustable front seats, plenty of airbags and electronic stability controls. Sport adds bigger wheels, leather, reversing camera, upgraded audio unit and keyless entry. Each trim level can be boosted by an integrated TomTom-branded

Generous in many ways equipment, performance, wallet-friendly economy - Mazda’s CX-5 promises to put the company on the shopping lists of costconscious motorists seeking a good balance of low running costs and premium-level refinement. With the promise of similar performance gains from other future Mazda models, Mazda’s newfound engineering talent shouldn’t be underestimated. FACTS AT A GLANCE Model: Mazda CX-5 2.2 Sport NAV 175, from £27,595 on the road. Engine: 2.2-litre diesel unit developing 172bhp. Transmission: 6-speed manual transmission as standard, driving all four wheels through part time 4x4 system. Performance: Maximum speed 129mph, 0-62mph 8.8 seconds. Economy: 54.3mpg. CO2 Rating: 136g/km.

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From BMW to Porsche... Priory Motors offer a QUALITY, LOCAL, AFFORDABLE service.

We service any car, any make or model Servicing | Repairs | Tyres Air Conditioning | MOT | Four wheel alignment Call us today for a free quote

01524 36600 Wolfrace wheel stockist, Everygreen tyre distributor and Lancaster’s sole distributor of Viking Tyres with a Lifetime Guarantee* *Terms & Conditions apply

WILLOW LANE | LANCASTER | LA1 5NB Open: Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm Saturday 8.30am - 12noon


courtesy car facility, collection and delivery service

Due to demand Priory Motors are now offering the same high quality service for Porsche owners as we do for our BMW customers. We now have dedicated Porsche diagnostic equipment which will help us keep your car in top condition, covering all models upto current. As you will probably know any vehicle still under manufacturers warranties can be serviced at ANY VAT registered garage and still maintain its warranty. The days of having to take your car to a main agent are history. So if you want to have your car serviced to the highest standards but also want to save money call Priory Motors for an excellent experience.

L earning to drive

Motoring - Learning to drive

@Lancaster gets to know David Todd a local driving instructor with 24 years experiece, from his first car to becoming an instructor. What is your first memory of driving? My first memory of driving I was 16 years old and working as an apprentice motor mechanic, moving cars and vans in and out of the workshop, I found finding clutch control very difficult. How old were you when you passed your test? I passed my driving test when I was 17, there was no theory test like today and the roads were not as busy, the test was shorter in time so I think it was easier to pass than it is now. What was your first car? My first car was a Ford Popular with a 3 speed gear box, I think the garage owner gave it to me instead of scrapping it.

What do you have to do before you book a lesson? To start lessons you need to be 17 years old, have a valid UK provisional driving license and be able to read a car number plate at 20.5 metres. Is it ever to late to start? There is no upper age limit as long as one is fit and healthy enough to drive, it never to late to start lessons. How long does it usually take to learn to drive? The DSA say people who pass there test have on average about 45 hours proffesional tuition, but everyone is different and it can take much less especially with private practise.

David Todd


Covering Morecambe, Heysham, Lancaster, Carnforth and surrounding areas

What inspired you to become a driving instructor? It was a good career move as I enjoy being out on the road and you certainly don’t get bored. How many years have you been teaching? Have been a qualified driving instructor for 24 years. Do you have a most memorable/funny moment from your time as an instructor? I was teaching a Polish lady in Morecambe, we were coming out from a side road in Bare onto the prom, I asked her to edge forward for a better view, she replied yes the view is lovely.

I offer weekly lessons, intensive, semi-intensive and Pass Plus courses. I provide structured lesson plans and a theory CD for all courses.

SUMMER DEAL First 6 hours ÂŁ90

01539 533896 or 07790 518964

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Holdens Ad



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Court of Protection Home Visits Arranged

Personal Injury Personal Injury We will help you all Weway will help you all the to maximum the way to maximum compensation compensation No Win-No Fee No Win-No Fee 100% Compensation 100%Conveyancing Compensation Accident in Car Accident Car Accident atinWork Wills and Probate Accident Work Slipped orat Tripped Personal Slipped Tripped Injury Victim ofor Assault VictimEmployment of Assault Law Family Law Crime Family Law Aspects Divorce/Financial Family Law Divorce/Financial Aspects Child Care-Contact Child Care-Contact Adoption-Residence Adoption-Residence Parental Responsibility Kendal Office Parental Responsibility Domestic Violence Domestic Violence Employment Lancaster Office Employment Claims for Unfair Dismissal Claims Unfair Dismissal Stress atfor Work Stress at Work Redundancy Redundancy Claims Discrimination Discrimination Claims Compromise Agreements Compromise Agreements HR Consultancy HR Consultancy Work place Mediation Work place Mediation Crime Crime Free 24 Hour Police Station Free 24 Hour Police Station Representation Representation All Types of Criminal All TypesDefended of Criminal Charges Charges Defended Motoring Offences Motoring Offences Youth Crime Youth Crime Business, Serious and Business, Serious and General Crime General Crime

Business, S General Cri

Holdens Solicitors are o the area’s leading firms of S our specialist lawyers are de to providing a practical frien advice@holdens approach and expert profes legal advice in all areas of th

are our business Holdens Solicitors are one of Holdens Solicitors are one of the area’s leading firms of Solicitors, the area’s leading firms of Solicitors, our specialist lawyers are dedicated our specialist lawyers are dedicated to providing a practical friendly to providing a practical friendly approach and expert professional approach and expert professional legal advice in all areas of the law. legal advice in all areas of the law. Conveyancing Conveyancing

Kendal Office Kendal Office

01539 720629 01539 720629 Lancaster Office Lancaster Office 01524 32484 01524 32484

01539 720629 01524 32484

Convey Buying-Se Residentia Quick, Eff Competit

advice@holdenslaw.comWills an

Buying-Selling-Remortgaging Buying-Selling-Remortgaging Residential & Commercial Residential & Commercial Quick, Efficient and Quick, Efficient and Competitive Service Competitive Service Wills and Probate Willsand and Probate Wills Probate Wills and Trusts and Probate Tax Planning Trusts and Tax Inheritance Tax Planning Inheritance Tax Powers of Attorney Powers Attorney Court of of Protection Court Visits of Protection Home Arranged Home Visits Arranged

Why wait any longer for the money you’re owed?

Wills and Trusts and Inheritanc Powers o Court of P Home Vis

No collection - No fee. Guaranteed!

Debt Collection Agency, Jack Russell, is the UK’s prominent debt recovery service. Its network of UK offices ensures the most difficult of debts, are rapidly recovered. If you require an affordable, professional, debt collection agency that delivers unrivalled results, then ring 0800 068 5151 now, and inject your cashflow today!

Debts recovered with a terrier-like approach The Jack Russell Collections Agency Call us now on freephone 0800 068 5151 of email:


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Employer’s health and safety responsibilities

Employer’s responsibilities: Health and Safety

Daniel Hutton from Holdens Solicitors in Lancaster explains what responsibilities employers have in the workplace. Any employer has a responsibility incumbent on them in relation to ensuring the health and safety of their employees. They also have duties to their customers, suppliers and the general public as a whole. Should they fall foul of these obligations, they can find themselves liable to a whole range of legal actions, and it is therefore paramount that employers both understand what is required of them, and take steps to put this into action. The relationship between an employer and an employee in this regard is governed by the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, which establishes that an employer has a ‘duty of care’ to ensure, as far as is reasonable, an employees health, safety and welfare whilst at work. This will usually require them to conduct risk assessments to identify any potential health and safety issues. An employer is also required to appoint a ‘competent person’ to deal with health and safety issues. Furthermore, any business with over five employees is required to keep an official record of all risk assessments, and also have in place a formal health and safety policy, informing employees what arrangements are in place to safeguard their health and safety.

In order to ensure that a work premises are safe and healthy for their employees, employers should attempt to ensure the following: • Workplaces are properly ventilated, with clean and fresh air. • Working temperatures are maintained at comfortable levels.

(the guidelines indicate a minimum of 13 degrees C where the work involves physical activity or 16 degrees C for ‘sedentary’ workplaces).

• The premises are light, so ensuring employees can move safely. • The workplace and all equipment is kept clean. • Workstations are large enough to allow easy movement, with at least 11 cubic metres per person. • Workstations provided are appropriate to both the employee and the work being carried out. • The workplace and all equipment is in good working order. • All floors, walkways and stairs are safe for use. • Staff are allowed to take appropriate breaks and their correct holiday entitlement. If an employee does not feel that their employer is meeting these requirements, they should first attempt to raise it with them informally. If no action is taken, it may be that the employer needs to lodge a formal grievance with the employer, and a last resort would be a complaint to the Health and Safety Executive. No employee should be discriminated against for raising a legitimate Health and Safety concern, and should an employer do so would leave them open to a potential claim for discrimination. This is an area of the law which is constantly changing, and so independent legal advice should always be sought prior to beginning any action.

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Legal services - clear and simple

At Blackhurst Swainson Goodier we provide professional and affordable solutions to meet all your legal advisory needs.

3 & 4 Aalborg Square Lancaster , LA1 1GG


Tel: 01524 386500

Caught your eye?


Qualifications for business

The following members are qualified, have current professional indemnity insurance and are regulated by the Institute.



Book-keeping/VAT Management accounts

For more information and a free quote If you can’t take your eyes off this advert neither can your customers

please email

or call 01524 822066 or 07850 702729

Advertise in @Lancaster Email: or call Lisa on 07818 465299

17 Monkswell Avenue, Bolton-le-Sands Carnforth, LA5 8JY


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Beware of the scareware

Computing: Beware of the scareware

Black Box Computers inform us about Scareware and Ransomware pop up’s which can lock your computer and request money to unlock it! Here at Black Box we have seen an increase in the number of reported case of “Scareware” or “Ransomware”. The popup window can take one of three forms, which advise that your computer has illegally downloaded music, videos and programs: that you have evidence of visiting illegal websites, that there is animal and child pornography on your computer. The pop up uses images and artwork identifying it as from the Metropolitan Police or other Police forces along with technical terms such “IP Address” in order to appear genuine. The pop up locks your computer preventing its use and advises that it can be unlocked by paying a fine of £100. There are accompanying recognised payment logos, again to appear genuine. This is an elaborate scam designed to scare our honest customers in to parting with money for something completely unnecessary. At Black Box we are greatly concerned at the lengths that unscrupulous people will go to scam money out of innocent users. Family and shared computers are fast becoming the norm and these appalling tactics that fear and force people into believing completely false information are truly shocking. 86

@Lancaster Community Magazine


It is the latest in a number of threats that we have seen this year. Our advice is always to be wary of any company or organisation that tries to assist you in sorting any computer remotely. Earlier this year we were advised by many of our customer’s that they were receiving telephone calls allegedly from Microsoft advising that your AntiVirus protection was out of date and needed to be renewed. This was another scam designed to scare our customers into thinking that a payment needed to be made to allow your computer to work properly. Our advice is if you are ever in doubt; never fill in any of your credit card details. No genuine organisation or company will ever ask for this type financial information and the pop up can be removed by our specialists here at our Lancaster shop. We always advise that you keep your virus and spyware protection up to date and be wary of for any suspicious links on websites or in emails. For further help and advice on how best to protect yourself online, or for any other computer related query, call us on 0871 464 0851.


Quick Intel Atom Dual Co 18.5 Inch High Definition S FAST 2GB DDR3 RAM LARGE 320GB Hard Drive DVD ReWriter Drive Webcam and Microphone USB Keyboard and Mouse Scan this Scan this code code to to go to ourgo to our site website.


DEALS OR purchase a 3 year accidental damage warranty with Trend Titanium Internet Security and get Microsoft Office University 2010 for FREE!!

HALF PRICE Microsoft Office University Edition with all new computers* Includes: · Microsoft Word 2010 · Microsoft Excel 2010 · Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 · Microsoft OneNote 2010 · Microsoft Outlook 2010 · Microsoft Publisher 2010 · Microsoft Access 2010 The best way for Students to get all their Office Applications. *Eligible for all University and College Students on production of valid documentation

Black Box Computers has a reputation for being the No. 1 computer supply and support store in Lancaster. We are known to be competent, reliable and trustworthy as well as having more than 15 years local experience. We are an expanding and dynamic company and are therefore very responsive to the rapidly changing ICT environment.

Black Box Computers | 2 Norfolk Street | Lancaster | LA1 2BW Tel: 0871 464 0851 | Email: |

J igsaw sudoku Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every coloured shape contains the numbers 1 - 9. That’s all there is to it, it’s fun, challenging and addictive!

Help Bob!

Help Bob find his way through the maze to his holiday!

HELP CRAWLEY THE SPIDER Help Crawley the spider find her way to the middle of the web sliding along the web, avoiding all the raindrops.


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What’s on Listings: Summer 2012 LANCASTER WALKING GROUP


Mosedale Horseshoe Sunday 8th July 9.30am 10 Miles - Hard Contact Chris: 01524 382465 Brookhouse & Forge Mill Sunday 15th July 10am 5 Miles - Easy Contact Phillip 01524 822962 Nine standard rigg Kirby Stephen Sunday 22nd July 9.45am 5 Miles - Easy/Moderate Wardstone Abbeystead Sunday 29th July 10am 7 Miles - Moderate Contact Geoff 07748 857725


Sunderland Point Sunday 5th August 10am 6.5 Miles - Easy Contact Jennifer 01524 382465 Nicky Nook Area Sunday 12th August 10am 5 Miles - Easy/Moderate Contact Jane 07580 052963 Mewith, Bentham Sunday 19th August 10am 6 Miles - Easy Contact Rebecca 01524 848767 Hampsfell from Lindale Sunday 26th August 9.45am 6 Miles - Easy


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Complete Yoga Thursdays 7-9pm Yoni Yoga on the Bay Morecambe 07968 775306

Keep on Ticking 5k Fun Run Sunday 1st July The 20th annual 5k family fun run, Keep on Ticking. This is organised by Lancaster & Morecambe Athletics Club in collaboration with North Lancashire NHS and held near the Midland Hotel in Morecambe.

Ruskin Library Exhibition The works of John Ruskin April - 21st of September See page 44 01524 593587 ruskinlib Tangent Exhibition @ Gallery 23 25th July - 13th October Award winning Arteria with Gallery 23 unveils an artist’s exhibition set to intrigue and inspire. See page 42. For more information please call 01524 61111 or email

The Babymaze Baby & Toddler Show Sunday 8th July 11am - 4pm There will be an exciting range of exhibitors selling a variety of products and promoting services from pregnancy up to school age. Free entry, Free prize draw, Free parking. See page 37.

A Wonderfull Discoverie: Lancashire Witches 1612-2012 21st July - 29th September An exhibition to uncover tales of magic and mystery and explore the darker side of Lancashire’s past. Did witches really exist or were they innocent people wrongly accused? Page 53. Lancaster City Museum museums

Butterflies of Warton Crag Sunday 8th July Join Richard Miller, assistant warden at Leighton Moss, to look for some of the UK’s rarest butterflies, and to find out how we manage the limestone grassland for them. This event is recommended for adults or young people over 10 years old. Booking essential. Leighton Moss Nature Reserve Telephone: 01524 701601

Deer Watch Monday’s 2, 9, 16, 23, 30th July. Every Monday evening in July, enjoy a relaxing guided walk for all the family, to look for our red deer and other summer wildlife. Leighton Moss Nature Reserve Telephone: 01524 701601

Queen Tribute Evening Sunday 8th July 11am - 4pm Join us on Saturday 18th August for a Queen Tribute Evening with Lee Jackson performing some of rock‘s most famous anthems in an authentic tribute to the legendary “Freddie”. See page 48



What’s on Listings: Summer 2012 Open Studio Sessions Throughout the school holidays Make a pot on the potters wheel, sculpting or pottery painting. For all ages. Times may vary. The Pottery, Greenlands Farm Village. 01524 784197 SROC Summer Orienteering Event Tuesday 10th July 6.15pm A Free orienteering events for all ages and abilities. (outdoor event) See page 37. The Gruffalo 10th & 11th July Join Mouse on an adventure through the deep, dark wood in Tall Stories magical musical adaptation of the award winning book by Children’s Laureate Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Telephone: 01524 64695 Kiln Fused Glass Workshop Saturday 14th July 1.303.30 The Pottery, Greenlands Farm Village. 01524 784197 Great Eccleston Agricultural Show 14th & 15th July 2012 This year The Great Eccleston Agricultural Show looks set to be even bigger and better than ever. See page 52. For more information call Mrs S Robinson: 01995 679204

More Music West End Festival Saturday 14th July from 12noon Music, Live Performances, Workshops, Bouncy Castle, Face Painting, Demonstrations, Plant Sale and much more. See page 54. 01524 831997 Warton Grange Cup Sunday 15th July A fantastic day out for all the family watching the races. See page 46. Telephone: 07709 746744 Warton Stock Car Club Vale of Lune Trophy Sunday 29th July A fantastic day out for all the family watching the races. See page 46. Telephone: 07709 746744 Family Map Challenge Wednesdays’s 1, 8, 15,22 August. Bring your family team to have a go at our self-guided map challenge around part of the reserve. Leighton Moss Nature Reserve Telephone: 01524 701601 22nd Regiment of Foote Living History Camp 4th & 5th August 10am - 5pm Visit this excellent 18th century reenactment group who will be setting up a living history camp and offering displays including drill and musketry. Access to the camp is free.See page 52. Lancaster City Museum The Morecambe Bay Open Water Mile Sunday 5th August The swim takes place in The Bay, providing a great spectacle for those watching from the promenade.

All the Fun at the Fair 11th August 12-5pm Bringing back memories of the seaside fairground stalls for your enjoyment. Happymount Park Warton Stock Car Club High Summer Showdown Sunday 12th August A fantastic day out for all the family watching the races. See page 46. Telephone: 07709 746744 Lunesdale Agricultural Show Tuesday 14th August 2012 The Lunesdale Agricultural Show is a traditional country show with all the attractions that makes for a great family day out. See page 50. Underey Park, Kirkby Lonsdale, LA6 2DS Warton Stock Car Club Caravan Meeting Sunday 26th August A fantastic day out for all the family watching the races. See page 46. Telephone: 07709 746744 The Marriage of Figaro Heritage Opera Friday 31st August 7.30pm A perfect entertainment for a summer’s evening, Heritage Opera presents Mozart’s sunniest comedy. Telephone: 01524 64695

Don’t Forget : Please check event times and dates with the organisers before setting off.

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Directory of Local Services

COUNCIL SERVICES Lancaster City Council Customer Service Centre, Town Hall, Dalton Square, Lancaster, LA1 1PG Tel: 01524 582000 Out Of Hours Emergencies Tel: 01524 67099 Domestic Waste And Street Cleaning Tel: 01524 582491 Council Tax Tel: 01524 582900 Highway Faults Tel: 0123 456 789 Electoral Registration Tel: 01524 582905 Planning Tel: 01524 582376 Pest Control Tel: 01524 582935 Stray Dogs Tel: 01524 582757 Bus Passes Tel: 01524 582958 Recycling Tel: 0800 0929705 Homeless Advice Tel: 01524 586827 Lifeline Care Alarm Service Tel: 01524 582527 Flooding Tel: 01524 582955 Handyperson Scheme Tel: 01524 586812 Sheltered Housing Tel: 01524 586858

DOCTORS Dalton Square Practice 8 Dalton Square Lancaster LA1 1PN Tel: 01524 842200 Ash Trees Market Street Carnforth Lancashire LA5 9JU Tel: 01524 720000 The Meadowside Medical Practice 1-3 Meadowside Lancaster LA1 3AQ Tel: 01524 32622 Queen Square Medical Practice 2 Queen Square Lancaster LA1 1RP Tel: 01524 843333

Owen Road Surgery 67 Owen Road, Lancaster, LA1 2LG Tel: 01524 846999 Rosebank Surgery Ashton Road, Lancaster, LA1 4JS Tel: 01524 842284 Galgate Health Centre Highland Brow Galgate, Lancaster, LA2 ONB Tel: 01524 751284 King Street Surgery 38 King Street Lancaster, LA1 1RE Tel: 01524 541651 Halton Surgery 110 High Road Halton, Lancaster LA2 6PU Tel: 01524 811226

Scale Hall Surgery 1 West Drive Scale Hall LANCASTER LA1 5BY Tel: 01524 64135 Bailrigg Health Centre University of Lancaster Bailrigg, Lancaster, LA1 4ZP Tel: 01524 387780 Caton Health Centre Hornby Rd, Caton, Lancaster, Lancashire LA2 9QS Tel: 01524 770718 Brookfield Surgery Bolton le Sands Carnforth, LA5 8DH Tel: 01524 822088



Service for people who need a GP outside their doctor’s surgery opening hours.

Central Dental Practice Telephone House Fenton Street Lancaster, LA1 1AB Tel: 01524 34778


GENERAL ENQUIRIES Ashton Road Lancaster, LA1 4RP

Tel: 01524 65944

Mayo Clinic Mayo House Meeting House Lane Lancaster, LA1 1GW Tel: 01524 33225 Bay Dental Partnership 6 New Street Lancaster, LA1 1EG Tel: 01524 32639 Brook Street Dental Practice 8 Brook Street Lancaster, LA1 1UU Tel: 01524 37324

Lancaster Dental Centre Skerton Tel: 01524 66242 The Dental Surgery 6 New Street Lancaster LA1 1EG Tel: 01524 32639 Market Gate Surgery Market Gate Lancaster LA1 1JF Tel: 01524 32630 The Lancaster Orthodontic 3 Moor Lane Lancaster LA1 1QD 01524 848344

Directory of Local Services


Lancaster Baptist Church Tel: 01524 39677

Lancaster Priory and Parish Chuch Tel: 01524 65338

Holy Cross Orthodox Tel: 01524 840759 Christians Alive Church Tel: 01524 845554 St Lukes Vicarage Tel: 01524 63249

Christ Church Tel: 01524 34430 Lancaster District Homeless Action Service Tel: 01524 842008

Grace Baptist Church Tel: 01524 841133 http://www. freegracelancaster.

St Thomas C of E Tel: 01524 590410

Christians Against Poverty Tel: 01524 61582

Lancaster Methodist Church Tel: 01524 32717

Lancaster fm Church Tel: 01524 841941

Lancaster Cathedral Tel: 01524 384820 King’s Community Church Tel: 01524 388490

Moorlands Evangelical Church Tel: 01524 64146 Lancaster Quaker Meeting Tel 01524 62971 www.lancasterquakers.


NORTH LANCASHIRE CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU Drop in sessions Monday 9.45am - 4pm Tuesday 12.45pm - 4pm Wednesday 9.45am - 4pm Thursday 9.45am - 1pm Friday 9.45am - 1pm

Telephone advice: 01524 400400 Tuesday 10am - 1pm Thursday 1pm - 2.30pm Address: 87 King Street Lancaster, LA1 1RH

You can hire a scooter, electric or manual wheelchair or walking frame. Lancaster on Wednesdays and Fridays or Morecambe on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Prices start from as little as £3 Shopmobility Tel: 01524 382764

Trinity United Reformed Church High Street - service 10.30am Bowerham - service 6.30pm

Help Direct is a service for all adults in Lancashire. We offer support, guidance and information to help you make the decisions you need to get the most out of life.  Call in and speak to an advisor any weekday at our office:   7 – 11 Chapel Street, Lancaster (9am – 5pm) You can also email your query to us, or phone us on the low-cost phone number weekdays (9am – 5pm) Or visit Alternatively, you can make an appointment to see an advisor at your local GP surgery:  

LANCASTER Dalton Square , King Street, Meadowside, Owen Road, Queen Square, & Rosebank MORECAMBE MHC (Coastal), West End, Westgate, Yorkbridge Also at: Ashtrees, Windsor in Garstang & Carnforth.

ONE VOICE DISABILITY SERVICE One Voice is a disabled person’s organisation providing services, project and support for disabled people, their families and carers. Find out more : 01524 34411 St Leonards House St Leonards Gate Lancaster LA1 1NN

Lonsdale District Carers is a user led organisation that provides support and services for adult carers in the Lancaster and Morecambe District. 01524 418278 info@lonsdalecarers.

Drop in sessions at various locations across the district. Please phone for details.

0303 333 1111

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Directory of Local Services: Education PRIMARY SCHOOLS Caton Community Primary School Broadacre Road Caton, LA2 9NH Tel: 01524 770104 Skerton Community Primary Skerton, Lancaster, Lancashire LA1 2AY Tel: 01524 63785 Scotforth St Pauls C of E Primary Scotforth Road Lancaster, LA1 4SE Tel: 01524 65379 Quernmore C of E Primary Quernmore Lancaster, LA2 9EL Tel: 01524 66628 St Wilfrid’s C of E

TUTORS Martin Lowe Inspired Child tuition services. Maths English, Music, Languages and IT. 01524 841980 www.inspiredchild. Fredrik Holm MA(mus) Piano, singing, basoon, recorder and music theory 07780 623855 www.2b-intune. co,uk Jan McCartney Professional tuition for pupils aged 6-16 years old. Tel: 01524 61199 94

Primary Penny Stone Road Lancaster, LA2 6QE Tel: 01524 811230

Dolphinholme C of E Dolphinholme Lancaster, LA2 9AN Tel: 01524 791530

Lancaster Ridge Primary Keswick Road Lancaster, LA1 3LE Tel: 01524 841589

Moorside School Bowerham Rd, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 4HT Tel: 01524 66516

The Cathedral Primary Balmoral Road Lancaster, LA1 3BT Tel: 01524 64686

Bowerham Primary Bowerham Road, Lancaster, Lancashire LA1 4BS Tel: 01524 63999

Christ Church C of E Primary School Derwent Road Lancaster Lancashire LA1 3ES Tel: 01524 60955

Dallas Road Primary High Street Lancaster, LA1 1LD Tel: 01524 64520 Ryelands Primary Torrisholme Road Lancaster, LA1 2RJ Tel: 01524 64626

Cockerham C of E Primary School Main Street Cockerham Lancaster LA2 0EF Tel/Fax: 01524 791550 www.cockerham.lancs. Caton St Pauls C of E Moorside Road, Brookhouse, Lancaster, LA2 9PJ Tel: 01524 770241 Thurnham Glasson Church of England Primary School Marsh Lane Glasson Dock Lancaster LA2 0AR Tel/Fax: 01524 751425 www. thurnhamglasson.lancs.

Lancaster Royal Grammar East Road, Lancaster Girls Grammar Lancaster, LA1 3EF Tel: 01524 580600 Regent Street Lancaster, LA1 1SF Tel: 01524 32010 Our Ladys Catholic College Central Lancaster High Morecambe Road, Crag Road, Lancaster, LA1 2RX Lancaster, LA1 3LS Tel: 01524 66689 Tel: 01524 32636 www.our-ladys-rc. www.central.lancsngfl.

Jamea Al Kauthar Ashton Road, Lancaster, LA1 5AJ Tel: 01524 389898

Jonathan Gray. Expert History tuition for KS3, GCSE and A-Level students. Tel: 01524 298093

Skerton Community High Owen Road, Lancaster, LA1 2BL Tel: 01524 65143 www.skertonhigh.


@Lancaster Community Magazine



Carnforth County High Kellet Road, Carnforth, Lancashire, LA5 9LS Tel: 01524 732 314 Ripley St Thomas Church of England High School Ashton Road Lancaster, LA1 4RS Tel: 01524 64496 www.ripley.lancsngfl.

Directory of Local Services: Take-aways, Coffee Shops, Transport TAKE AWAYS CHINESE Wok Express 60 Penny Street Lancaster, LA1 1XF Tel: 01524 847575 Fired Wok Chinese Takeaway 98 Prospect Street Lancaster, LA1 5ES Tel: 01524 36000 The Woo Ping 16-18 Church Street Lancaster, LA1 1NP Tel: 01524 64713 Bamboo Garden 30-32 New Street Lancaster, LA1 1EG Tel: 01524 849984 INDIAN Bombay Balti 16 China Street Lancaster, LA1 1EX Tel: 01524 844550 Nice and Spicy 2 Lower Church Street Lancaster, LA1 1NP Tel: 01524 33333 Urban Spice 21 Brock Street Lancaster Tel: 01524 847107 Iky’s Balti House 133 St Leonards Gate Lancaster, LA1 1NL Tel: 01524 34432 PNP Currys and Kebabs 154 Ryelands Road Lancaster, LA1 2RA Tel: 01524 555857 Moghuls 91 King Street Lancaster, LA1 1RH Tel: 01524 36253

Sultan of Lancaster The Old Church Brock Street Lancaster, LA1 1UU Tel: 01524 61188 JAPANESE Miyabi 6 Cable Street Lancaster, LA1 1HD Tel: 01524 848356 OTHER Domino’s Pizza 20 Church Street Lancaster, LA1 1NP Tel: 01524 848999 Subway 11 Church Street Lancaster, LA1 1LP Tel: 01524 33351 or Ryelands Service Station Owen Road Lancaster LA1 2LL Tel: 01254 383605 or 99-101 Penny Street Lancaster, LA1 1XN Tel: 01524 599328 Pizzetta Republic 75 North Road Lancaster Tel: 01524 33332 Flames 1 Rosemary Lane Lancaster, LA1 1NR Tel: 01524 382399 Bowerham Chippy 2 Coulston Road Lancaster, LA1 3AE Tel: 01524 61230 Pizza Hut Kingsway Retail Park Lancaster, LA1 1DQ Tel: 01524 599222

Lancaster Fried Chicken 3 Rosemary Lane Lancaster, LA1 1NR Tel: 01524 66575 Supanova 18 Church Street Lancaster Tel: 01524 841488

Maxwell’s Cafe & Delicatessen 71 Penny Street Lancaster LA1 1XF Tel: 01524 388435 Casa Rastelli Marketgate Lancaster, LA1 1AL

TRANSPORT Coastal Taxis Tel: 01524 424424 or 01524 60000 A to B Taxis Tel: 01524 844922 32090 Taxis 35666 Tel: 01524 32090 or 01524 35666 8 4 8 Taxis Tel: 01524 848848 John’s Taxi Tel: 01524 845210 Lancaster Road Taxis Tel: 01524 844844 National Rail Enquiries Tel: 08457 48 49 50

COFFEE SHOPS The Old Bell Coffee House Bashful Alley Lancaster, LA1 1LF Tel: 01524 36561 Lewis Of Lancaster‎ 23 New Street Lancaster LA1 1EG Tel: 01524 389 642‎ Starbucks 19 Market Street Lancaster LA1 1HZ Tel: 01524 381 795 Cafe Nero 23 Market Street Lancaster LA1 1HZ Tel: 01524 36130 Sunbury Coffee House 28 Sun Street Lancaster, LA1 1EW Tel: 01524 843312 Local Bus Journey Planner 0871 200 22 33 Budgie Transport Provide a waterbus service on the Lancaster Canal. Tel: 01524 389 410. Lancaster Bus Station Timetable Stagecoach Northwest 0871 2002233 Lancaster Train Station Meeting House Lane Lancaster LA1 5NW Virgin Ticket Line: 0871 977 4222

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Directory of Local Services: Restaurants

RESTAURANTS Trojan Horse Greek Taverna & Grill 8 New Street Lancaster, LA1 1EG Tel:01524 874314 Wagon and Horses 27 St Georges Quay Lancaster, LA1 1RD Tel: 01524 846094 The Sultan of Lancaster The Old Church Brock Street Lancaster, LA1 1UR Tel: 01524 61188


Quite Simply Food 13 Moor Lane Lancaster, LA1 1QD Tel: 01524 34916 Quite Simply French 27a St Georges Quay Lancaster, LA1 1RD Tel: 01524 843199 1725 Tapas Bar 28 Market Street Lancaster, LA1 1HT Tel: 01524 66898 The Stork Corricks Lane Lancaster, LA2 OAN Tel: 01524 751234

Bistro 26 26 Sun Street Lancaster, LA1 1EW Tel: 01524 846252

Greaves Park Bowerham Road Lancaster, LA1 3AH Tel: 01524 389335

Castle Balti 23a Castle Hill Lancaster Tel: 01524 388454

The Borough 3 Dalton Square Lancaster, LA1 1PP Tel: 01524 64170

Bella Italia 26-28 Church Street Lancaster Tel: 01524 36340

Etna Pizza Pasta 22 New Street Lancaster Tel: 01524 69551

The Spaghetti House 18 Mary Street Lancaster, LA1 1UW Tel: 01524 846011

Miyabi (Japanese) 6 Cable Street, Lancaster, LA1 1HD Tel: 01524 848356

The Sun Cafe 25 Sun Street Lancaster, LA1 1EW Tel: 01524 845599

Pizza Margherita 2 Moor Lane Lancaster, LA1 1QD Tel: 01524 36333

Penny Street Bridge Penny Street Lancaster, LA1 1XT Tel: 01524 599900

The Water Witch Canal Tow Path Lancaster, LA1 1SU Tel: 01524 63828

@Lancaster Community Magazine


The Litten Tree 33-37 Church Street Lancaster, LA1 1LP Tel: 01524 541580 Mung Mee (Thai) 6 Chapel Street Lancaster, LA1 1NZ Tel: 01524 64107 The Merchants 27 Castle Hill Lancaster, LA1 1YN Tel: 01524 66466 The Mill at Conder Green Thurnham Mill Lane, Lancaster, LA2 OBD Tel: 01524 752852 The Sun Hotel & Bar 63-65 Church Street Lancaster, LA1 1ET Tel: 01524 66006


The Meeting House Restaurant 11-15 Meeting House Lane, Lancaster , LA1 1TJ Tel: 01524 848 049 The Three Mariners Bridge Lane Lancaster, LA1 1EE Tel: 01524 388957 Moghuls (Indian) 91 King Street Lancaster, LA1 1RH Tel: 01524 36253 The Gregson 33 Moorgate, Moor Lane Lancaster, LA1 3PY Tel: 01524 849959 The George & Dragon 24 St Georges Quay Lancaster, LA1 1RB Tel: 01524 62265

Looking for the perfect PARTY?

Welcome to the wonderful world of parties!

A Revolution party is YOUR party. We want to make sure that everything is done your way, and far beyond your expectations…..and how do we do this I hear you ask? A FANTASTIC VENUE AN AMAZING COCKTAIL LIST A HOST OF VODKA FLAVOURS A LIST OF UNBELIEVABLE TAILOR MADE OPTIONS & A FREE PERSONAL PARTY PLANNING SERVICE!


25% off your party* Quote “@Lancaster 25” for your discount *discount applies to all parties over £150.

Call us now: 01524 60851 or go to email:

NEW SHOP AT THE STORK Lots of delicatessen style goodies all homemade at The Stork.

Jam & marmalade, chutneys & various pesto’s etc. all produced and bottled locally. Local meat from Conder Green Farm shop + South African speciality meat produced in the UK. Homemade cakes, biscuits & crafts + lovely gifts made by local artist. Takeaway breakfast & coffee + lots more.

Corricks Lane, Conder Green, Lancaster, LA2 0AN Email: 01524 751234 w w w.t h e s t o r k i n n . c o . u k

st nicholas arcades

your newly refurbished shopping centre

s o m e t h i n g for


this summer NEW


12 LANCASTER GATE | LANCASTER | LA1 1NB 01524 846 569

An unforgettable


67 Penny Street |67Lancaster | LA1 1XF | 01524 847100 Penny Street Lancaster



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Magazine based in and around Lancaster, UK

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