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Celebrating ever y thing local in and around the Lancaster District

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Book now for Valentines day and Mothering Sunday Award winning stylishly furnished 18th Century Inn set on the River Lune Riverside restaurant and pub with letting rooms in a superbly warm setting where a welcoming smile is guaranteed.

New scrumptious Spring menu - Enjoy our quality food & real ales in a warm relaxed environment. .

Visit England 4 star rated

Call 01524 846 094 to make a reservation like us on 27 St. Georges Quay, Lancaster, LA1 1RD - Free parking behind Maritime museum

Valentine’s & Mother’s Day BOOK YOUR TABLE NOW

LOCALLY SOURCED FOOD & PANORAMIC VIEWS The Mill at Conder Green is the perfect place to treat those you love. Our informal dining is set in a modern countryside setting with stunning views. Our menu is inspired by traditional Lancashire recipes, prepared in-house using local, seasonal ingredients. Our skilled chefs add an individual touch, giving traditional flavours a welcome update. We also serve ales from the Bowland Brewery, along with a range of wines to compliment your meal. We are now booking tables for Valentine’s Day & Mother’s Day. Book fast to avoid disappointment.



Tel: 01524 752852 Fax: 01524 752477

F E B R UA RY | M A R C H 2 019






For the kids





Valentine’s & Mother’s Day




Local Places


What’s on


Celebrating ever y thing local in and around the Lancaster District

Fruity Yorkshire Pudding

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Welcome to the Lancaster District Spring is on it’s way! The days are getting longer and the beautiful blue skys are returning more often to shine down on the stunning area we live in. In this edition we have a huge selection of articles and our SHOP LOCAL guides including HOME INTERIORS and gifts for those you love (Valentine’s & Mother’s Day are on their way!) This year we celebrate ten years publishing Lancaster District Magazine and are delighted to feature some of the best that the district has to offer. Thank you to the ever-growing thousands of readers for supporting our advertisers by using their services, they are what keep the magazine in print, enabling us to bring you the latest news and features from all over the district. If you are running an event, you can submit it to our online events guide at (It’s FREE) If you would like to promote your business or event or have a news article to send in, do contact us to see how we can help. Enjoy!

Lisa & John Mason

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Adverts start from £33 + VAT a month, reaching 50,000 people all over the Lancaster District, from Kendal to Garstang and. Ingleton to Morecambe. Call John on 01524 67447 to find out how we can help you promote your business. Photographer Nick Dagger Photography Writer Rob Bullock

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Promote your business ALL OVER THE DISTRICT in a publication that gets read and kept in the home to refer to.

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Our family run company specialises in the import and retail of beautiful stone and porcelain tiles for the home. company specialises in thetiles import and North retail ofWest beautiful stone and porcelain the home.showroom We areOur onefamily of therun largest stockists of stone in the of England and have atiles wellfor appointed We are one of theour largest stone tiles inflagstones, the North West of England and have well appointed which exhibits full stockists range ofof limestones, marbles, porcelain tiles,awood flooring showroom and lighting.

Our family run company specialises in the import and retail of beautiful stone and porcelain tiles Our family runlargest company specialises in thetiles import and North retail ofWest beautiful stone and tiles appo for th We are one of the stockists of stone in the of England andporcelain have a well We are one of the largest stockists of stone tiles in the North West of England and have a well appointed which exhibits our full range of limestones, flagstones, marbles, porcelain tiles, wood flooring a

which exhibits our full range of limestones, flagstones, marbles, porcelain tiles, wood flooring and lighting.

which exhibits our full range of limestones, flagstones, marbles, porcelain tiles, wood flooring and lig



Pure Stone Ltd, Prizet Court, Nr

NE (Next to the SHELL GAR Pure Stone Ltd, Prizet Court, Nr Pure Stone Ltd, Prizet Cour T: 015395 61307 T: 015395 61307 M:M

T: 015395 6130

www.pure-s www.pure-sto www.pur

Pure Stone Ltd, Prizet Court, Nr Kendal LA8 8AA

NEW SHOWROOM (Next to the SHELL GARAGE on the A591) NEW SHOWROOM Pure Stone Ltd, Prizet Court, Nr Kendal LA8 8AA Pure Stone Ltd, Prizet Court, Nr Kendal LA8 8A T: 015395 61307 07909 674 385 385 T: 015395 61307 M:M:07909 674

T: 015395 61307 M: 07909 674 38



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March 7th 2019

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Old Mill Mill MillLane Lane TheThe Old Mill 01524 732062 Open 7 Days 01524 732062 Open 7 Days

Bolton-Le-Sands LA5 8ET Bolton-Le-Sands LA5 8ET mjbirdandson mjbirdandson mjbirdandson mjbirdandson

A great nights sleep waiting just for you. 01524 874382 97 Penny Street | Lancaster | LA1 1XN

We are open: Monday - Saturday 9.30am - 4.30pm & Sunday 11am - 4pm


Local author, mum and Morecambe resident is very proud to present her book, Matilda Jayne, our great Canal Journey. The book follows the family’s journey from the purchase of a dilapidated canal boat through its transformation into a floating home. The boat was transformed primarily by Jaynes son Billy when he was a teenager and was followed by George Clarkes Amazing Spaces as seen on Channel 4. Billy was home educated, trained as a carpenter and succesfully competed and won a Skillbuild contest for the construction trade in the UK when he was only 16. Here is the first chapter of Jaynes book. Billy, Matilda and I were all in the cab of our muchloved truck, a Volkswagen LT, Vera. We were driving along in silence and apart from concentrating on the road ahead, I was not thinking of very much, mundane thoughts were just floating around in my head; like the first fall of delicate snowflakes, fluttering and dancing in the night sky, struggling to the ground and attach themselves to something secure. Suddenly the silence was broken with an abrupt yell, out of the blue my son, Billy blurted out”, Why don’t we get a canal boat?”


Lancaster District Magazine


Billy then put up a damn good argument, which wouldn’t have looked that out of place if it was coming out of the mouth of an accomplished QC. Billy didn’t stop there, he carried on explaining that we could buy a narrowboat, maybe one which was totally dilapidated and refurbish it, he then added that it could be a wonderful family project and how when it was completed, we could all go off cruising the waterways exploring England at a leisurely 4 miles an hour. Whilst Billy had been wittering on stating his case, I had pulled Vera up in a layby, I was now sitting sideways in the cab staring at him in disbelief. Where I’d parked the wagon, just happened to be next to the canal, the beauty of this spot helped to cement Billy’s argument. Matilda was already siding with Billy and needed little encouragement to throw herself head first into our new adventure. They both tried to convince me that this was the best idea since sliced bread and why in my 40 years on this earth, I had not had the


I wanted to write this book, so that other people can see that with a bit of determination and a dash of throwing caution to the wind you too can live the dream.

good sense to think of it previously. Matilda looked at me with that look, reminiscent of an old school teacher looking over his bifocal glasses when you had been naughty, her look screamed ‘honestly mother, you know why you’ve never thought of this before.‘ Well, there are two main answers to that and a couple of obvious flaws in Billy’s cunning plan, one was ‘the joining together as a family to refurbish it’, I hardly knew one end of the hammer from another and the other and most important was we were skint. So that is how we came to buy Matilda Jayne. I was very nervous about purchasing my first boat, and I realised I need not have been, we also made and learned from our mistakes. I decided to write this book for many reasons, but one was so that people can see how easy it is to purchase their first boat, and how simple it is to go through all the different things associated with it from launching your boat into the water to getting your boat a safety certificate. In the following chapters, I am going to take you through our canal boat journey from purchase to finished build. I also wanted a log of all we went through as a family and a record of Billy’s unique achievements, so in years to come, we could look back on it. The other reason for writing, was that we were lucky enough to have the amazing experience of being on George Clarkes Amazing Spaces, but, really the main reason why I started my book was because I was terrified of getting a boat, particularly being a single mum without a man about to help, support and provide the physical strength! I wanted to write this book, so that other people can see that with a bit of determination and a dash of throwing caution to the wind you too can live the dream, so here we go, this is the story of our journey as a family with our first boat; Matilda Jayne, enjoy!

already an award-winning carpenter, Billy had been bullied at school and the head of school blamed him. She spouted the usual rubbish that they ‘have a zero tolerance to bullying,‘ it didn’t appear that way to me, I believe, she just didn’t want it to be shown on her OFSTED report, so it was easier for her to blame Billy. I took Billy away from all the trouble at school, and home educated him. Later, after Billy had left the school, the bully admitted to Police that he had indeed bullied Billy. After the bully left school the following year, he attended the same college as Billy, and he started to bully him there. The difference was the college took a more logical approach and investigated it thoroughly and they were having none of it. The bullying stopped immediately, and Billy was never bullied again. Billy was then left in peace to do what he went to college to do; learn. The saying ‘every cloud has a silver lining’, definitely fits our situation, out of something bad something good has surfaced, had Billy not been bullied, had the head of the school been more supportive, Billy would not have achieved what he has today. The best thing I did was home educate Billy and send him to college at 14 years old. By the time Billy was 16 years old he was a qualified carpenter and had already won the Skillbuild competition, a prestigious event for people in the construction trade. At 15 years old he was the youngest person to fully transform an old horse box into a camper van without ANY help. Not only did he plan the whole build himself, he re-designed the horse box into a fully functioning camper van, then he re-built the engine, fitted the electronics and all the plumbing, and installed the heating all by himself, he did it to such a high standard even George Clarke was astounded. Anyway, back to the refurbishing of the boat and another fine mess that Billy got me into! Billy is not only an expert carpenter he’s an expert at wrapping me around his little finger, in fact as superb as he is at carpentry it’s a toss up at which he is best at; carpentry or wrapping me around his little finger! So, it wasn’t long; half an hour to be precise that he had successfully convinced me I couldn’t be without a narrow boat and within moments he had me trawling the internet looking for a suitable boat.

Even though Billy was still only 17 years old he was

Lancaster District Magazine

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We trundled around for a while, eyeing up every boat and commenting as you do, then all three of us stopped dead in our tracks, our eyes transfixed on the one thing in front of us. That’s when we realised, we did not stand a cat in hells chance of getting one, they were a fortune, we couldn’t find anything under £12,000, and they were all in various states of disrepair. Our dream or should I say Billy’s soon came to an abrupt halt. A bit downhearted we started the wagon and limped home, bottom lips well and truly out. I should have known my son better, and a mere 12 grand wasn’t going to scupper his plans, a boat he wanted and a boat we were going to get. My daughter, Matilda is a keen walker, but Billy is rubbish at walking for any period of time, he always has been, as a child I would have to drag him the few hundred yards from work to home, he was the laziest walker ever and that reluctance to use his legs for anything that was not absolutely necessary stayed with him as he grew up. Suddenly though walking was on the daily agenda and guess where we were to walk, yeah you got it, we were going for a walk down the canal. So, we all set off on our ulterior motive jaunt down the canal and we ended up at Galgate Marina, Billy immediately wanted to peruse the boats in the harbour. We trundled around for a while, eyeing up every boat and commenting as you do, then all three of us stopped dead in our tracks, our eyes transfixed on the one thing in front of us, the gleaming red boat that was sitting bobbing on the water and guess what? It had a large for sale sign on it with a mobile number to contact, but they had not stated a price. I stood there dreaming; I was cocooned in my own little cartoon bubble, you know one of those things that are drawn over the characters head when they are deep in thought. I imagined myself cooking tea on my Rayburn whilst we gently bobbed up and down on the water. We would be moored out in the country in the middle of nowhere, the only noise being the wildlife passing by, or a persistent swan that was not leaving until it was fed. We would be far away from the madding crowd, no people shouting and moaning, no impatient drivers, no traffic wardens dictating where you park and no unnecessary traffic lights, no Police or people in authority watching your every move, just simple tranquillity. My thoughts erupted like a volcano, and after about 30 seconds my mind had successfully purchased the boat, we now owned her, and we were cruising out of the marina on our first journey and, knowing my Billy,


Lancaster District Magazine


his thought process would be very similar. Then the nagging began, it was in both ears, a kid at each side screeching into my poor ears. Both chanting in unison, working as a team, Orcas circling their prey, until it finally realises its fight with life is fruitless and sacrifices itself to its fate. Billy being older, and the more accomplished nagger quickly changed tactics, after they have worn you down with noise levels registering dangerously high in the decibel scale, he then slumped to a silent, soothing whisper and looked at you with drooping, puppy dog eyes. Amazingly your now so happy with the peace you inadvertently succumb to his demands, kids are masters at getting what they want! He manages to turn it , so you think it’s him that’s doing you a favour, it’s genius. Matilda, a little less experienced, had let her emotions run away with her and was now jumping up and down like a caged Chimpanzee, the fact we had no money fell on deaf ears, and the nagging was building with a crescendo of epic proportions. I didn’t want to ring, I despise time wasters myself, I have been in business sales for many years, and I had sold numerous things, and my biggest bugbear was and is timewasters. I certainly did not want to be telephoning someone, giving them false hope of selling their pride and joy when we didn’t have a pot to pee in. However, Billy had been so persistent in his continual nagging he had ground me down, and I had lost the will to live and like a divvy, I telephoned the number. Jaynes Book - ‘Matilda Jayne our great canal journey’ can be purchased from



bes h t i w

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Lancaster District Magazine


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Lancaster District Magazine

A r t i c h o k e Te a l i g h t H o l d e r £9. 50 W W W. DA I S YC L O U G H . CO M Scorton


Bologna Blanc porcelain O u r b e s t s e l l i n g p o r ce l a i n t i l e w h i c h comes in four sizes & colours. W W W. P U R E -S T O N E . CO. U K Nr Kendal


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G a l w a y C h a i r s £18 9

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udent ousing ancaster

Student Student Housing Housing Lancaster Lancaster

01524 66931




Have you had enough of living on campus? We specialise in shared student accommodation in Lancaster with over 200 houses to choose from for all students and graduates. We’re here to help.

Student Housing Lancaster can handle every aspect of student property letting, from finding tenants and drawing up contracts, to on-call repairs and yearly property maintenance.

As a Landlord, we offer you the peace of mind that your property is in safe hands, with rental payments guaranteed. We are rated No.1 local business by Google and have a local customer service team with over 35 years letting experience. If you have student property in Lancaster, get in touch and see how we can help

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Located at the foot of the Lake District, D T Molyneux Ltd are proud to offer stunning metal art work for your home or garden, with a multitude of colours and finishes and the option to have the artwork backlit.

Use our online customiser to choose a design.

01524 311 202 or 07763 504 732 Lancaster District Magazine

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LANCASTER’S MOST POPULAR STREETS Local property experts, JDG in Lancaster share their knowledge of the property market locally. Many folks say moving home is one of the most stressful things they do in a lifetime. The beginning is fun, trawling the portals (Rightmove and Zoopla) to find a new house, which out of the hundreds of properties available to buy, you will probably only view around four or five of them, for no more than 20 minutes each. Then, you will arrange a second viewing of one or two of those initially viewed properties for the estate agency industry stated average of 30/45 minutes maximum which is quite amazing when you think how long people spend shopping for a new pair of shoes! Next you put your property on the market with an estate agent, find a buyer for your Lancaster property, agree a price for both, then instruct solicitors. The property becomes sold subject to contract and then the stress begins… as solicitors, surveyors and mortgage companies pick holes in the paperwork, threatening to wreck the chain at any moment, whilst you can’t get too attached to the property you want to purchase in case the sale falls through. Is it worth the stress? Many Lancaster people think so. For us it’s all about the service and keeping things simple. In fact customer service is the heart of everything we do. We believe if we get this right, your sale will progress smoothly to a successful completion.

Well, the answer might surprise you. We looked at the Land Registry for the all the property sales going back to 1995 in the LA1 postcode whilst also calculating the average value of a property on a particular street (to see if there was a correlation between price and moving). Out of the top 10 streets in the postcode, in terms of pure out and out house sales, Scotforth Road is the winner with an average of 9.13 house sales per year (since 1995) The table below shows the top 10 streets, with the average value of a property on that street. As you can see, there is no correlation between the average value of a property and the number of times a property gets sold on that street. Why are some streets more popular than others? It is certainly nothing to do with property price. Looking at the addresses, it is not house type or size, although it comes as no surprise that people living in apartments move more often. The most popular street has a mix of homes ranging from 1 bed apartments through to larger 5 bed detached homes. If you are thinking of moving or indeed investing in property in Lancaster. Please get in touch. At JDG we are here to help.

How many houses sell in the Lancaster area? In the last 12 months, 741 families have sold and moved home in Lancaster (LA1)


The question today is, do people on certain streets in the LA1 postcode move more often than others?




Scotforth Road



Torrisholme Road



Willow Lane



Dorrington Road



Kershaw Drive



Westham Street



Bowerham Road



Damside Street



St Georges Quay



Lancaster District Magazine


We do well because our clients listen to our advise. We work closely with them to ensure they achieve their moving goals. We’ve always said, if you get yours 3 P’s right (Price, Presentation and Promotion) your home will sell.

HOW TO STAGE & PHOTOGRAPH YOUR HOME To sell it quickly! By Michelle Gallagher

Last month I met a lovely couple and their young child. They had decided to move. Like many other families of their age, they needed more space. However they had made the fatal mistake of house hunting first which had resulted in them finding a home they loved. They needed a quick sale. However they also needed a top price in order to be able to afford their dream property. Does this situation sound familiar? If so our top tips are just for you. This is what we did. It worked. Their home sold. Space Begin by making your rooms look more spacious. Remove any excess furniture and minimise wherever you can. In your living areas this may mean tidying shelves, hiding things away in cupboards. In kitchens it may mean clearing work surfaces. In bedrooms neaten your bedsides and hide away shoes and clothes in cupboards. De-cluttering really does work. Clean and touch up Look objectively at your home. Now is the time to really give it a thorough clean. Make it sparkle and shine. Touch up any paint work. If you want a great price your decor needs to be fresh and tidy. If you

find it difficult cutting in, its worth calling a professional in or asking a family member for help! Accessorise Accessories are an estate agents best friend. It works for the show houses so it will work for you. Think like a hotel and dress your bed. Invest in statement light fittings for your main living areas. Plump up cushions in your lounge. Make sure your home co-ordinates and flows. It all helps to impress those buyers Your photos Make sure your property photos are worth showing off. Great photos attract buyers to come look. Poor photos can put them off. Make sure they are bright and show off the room. They also need to be honest too, so on viewing days it’s really important your home looks like the photos taken. Keep them handy for a quick reference point. Add in a full marketing package and an experienced sales team and your home will also sell quickly for a premium price. We have agreed 1 in 5 of all property sales so far this year. Not bad, when you consider how many estate agents there are. Can we help you move? Call now for your free home move consultation. At JDG we are here to help!

Lancaster District Magazine

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RTF Milnthorpe Unit 4 Princes Way, Leasgill, Milnthorpe, Cumbria, 7RP Unit 4 Princes Way, LA7 Leasgill, 015395 63422 Milnthorpe,Tel: Cumbria, LA7 7RP Mon-Fri 8:00-17:30, Sat 9:00-15:00 Tel: 015395 63422 Mon-Fri 8:00-17:30, Sat 9:00-15:00

Caton Lancaster,Bus. LA1 Park, 3NX Unit 2 Road, Lake Enterprise Tel: 01524 36153 Caton Road, Lancaster, LA1 3NX Mon-Fri 8:00-17:00, Tel: 01524 36153 Sat 10:00-16:00 Mon-Fri 8:00-17:00, Sat 10:00-16:00

RTF Unit 2Lancaster Lake Enterprise Bus. Park,

Rees Tiles Tiles and and Flooring Flooring Ltd Ltd Rees

Rees Tiles and Flooring Ltd ReesRTFTiles and Flooring Ltd Milnthorpe RTF Lancaster RTF Milnthorpe RTF Milnthorpe

Unit 4 Princes Way, Leasgill, Unit 4 Princes Way, LA7 Leasgill, Milnthorpe, Cumbria, 7RP Milnthorpe, Cumbria, LA7 7RP Tel: 015395 63422 Tel: Sat 015395 63422 Mon-Fri 8:00-17:30, 9:00-15:00 Mon-Fri 8:00-17:30, Sat 9:00-15:00

RTF Lancaster RTF Lancaster

Unit 2 Lake Enterprise Bus. Park, Unit 2 Road, Lake Enterprise Caton Lancaster,Bus. LA1 Park, 3NX Caton Road,36153 Lancaster, LA1 3NX Tel: 01524 Tel: 01524 36153 Mon-Fri 8:00-17:00, Sat 10:00-16:00 Mon-Fri 8:00-17:00, Sat 10:00-16:00

LAKELAND TIMBER FRAME Lakeland Timber Frame offer a flexible, personal service for professionals and individuals for self build projects.

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Lakeland Timber Frame, manufacture and construct timber frames to individual designs, we work with our customers to create their dream home, combining high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, with the latest developments in technology to provide timber homes and buildings for the twenty-first century. Contact us to find out how we can offer you practical, value for money timber frame solutions to suit your project and budget. Please send us your drawings for a free no obligation estimate.


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STAY TOASTY WARM WITH A WOODBURNING STOVE Lakewood Stoves is a small family run business based at Greenlands Farm Village near Carnforth. Now well into their second year of trading, confidently establishing themselves as the go to place for your new wood burning stove. Call in and have a mooch round their (warm) quirky modern showroom which showcases a large range of stoves by UK brands such as Esse,Hunter, Burley and the Danish Brand Jydepejsen to suit every style, whether it be for a modern house or apartment, a traditional abode, a mansion or a lodge, if you haven’t got a chimney then that’s no problem, as a freestanding twin wall system can be installed. With over 30 years of experience, Lakewood can offer you a one stop solution for all your heating needs, we can often complete a full install from creating a chamber, fitting a new hearth and installing the fire in around a couple of days, depending on the works needed. Our experienced friendly team will make the experience as hassle free and seamless as possible. We can advise you on the best type of stove for your home and will show you the basics of how to make a fire with some top tips too if you’re not experienced with using a wood burning stove.



At Lakewood Stoves our range of great looking stoves have something for everyone. From slimline, space conscious solutions to effective larger stoves, contemporary or traditional, it’s your choice! We offer free quotes, will call in and see you and offer friendly helpful advice to get your home heated the natural way!

OPEN 10 - 4PM Except Wednesdays

Lakewood Stoves Greenlands Farm Village Tewitfield, Carnforth, LA6 1JH

Visit our showroom, we have a full range of tiles, hearths and fire accessories too!

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Independent Interiors Specialists

Opening Times | Tuesday - Friday 9.30am - 5.30pm & Saturday 10am - 4pm

beautiful furniture | lighting | decorative objects | bespoke soft furnishings luxury flooring | designer wallpapers | window blinds | mirrors

21 princes crescent - bare - la4 6by

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There have been blacksmiths fanning the coke pit at the small sooty building on the banks of Malham Beck for over three hundred years.

CREATIONS FROM MALHAM SMITHY Located in the picturesque Dales village of Malham on the very edge of our area, is the historic village smithy which is the workplace of artisan blacksmith Annabelle Bradley whose creations in steel both inspire and delight. Features Writer Rob Bullock went to meet Annabelle and watch her work.

Annabelle Bradley Photography (Both images)

LOCAL BLACKSMITH Sat beside the village beck in the tiny Dales village of Malham, a village which attracts thousands of visitors from around the world to see its stunning geology, lies a small three hundred year old building, the Malham Smithy, a place that is creating a stir all of its own in the world of forging. As tourists and hikers stride past the Smithy headed for the majestic Malham Cove, Gordale Scar or Janet’s Foss, which are all famous natural landmarks, many stop off at the Smithy and admire the unique creations, commissions and handmade silverware of a Blacksmith whose skills are very much in demand. “My forging courses are really popular,” says Annabelle as she puts down her hammer and tongs for a moment. The smell of the hot coke gently wafts out of her workshop where she takes long strips of steel, heats them to over 1400 degrees Celsius and shapes them into all manner of tools, decorations and craft items; “They are so popular that I don’t often get days like today where I can come into the forge and work on the commissions.” Annabelle’s commissions come in from all over the country, and most, but not all are decorative; “I tend to make decorative pieces, for example, bespoke fireside companion sets are very popular, but occasionally a farmer pops in, in a panic, and I quickly make a tool or part for him.” MASTER OF HER CRAFT When you first meet Annabelle, you instantly feel that you’ve met her before, that is because her forging work and creations have featured in many magazines and on several television programmes over the past few years. Just last year she featured in ITV’s Julia Bradbury walking series. Not your stereotypical big burly blacksmith, Annabelle’s creations inform visitors to her workplace that she is a master of her craft, forging. Forging is where the steel rods that blacksmiths use are heated until the artisan can join the actual fibres together with other steel. Using rivets and precise welds Annabelle creates fantastic intricate pieces which demonstrate her mastery of the profession. UNUSUAL BACKGROUND Surprisingly, Annabelle’s background is not in forging, it is in tax accountancy. But when her children were young, the problem of juggling an office job and child care led her into pastures new. Without any formal training she, with the help of a then business partner who had some experience of forging, started on a new journey.

A keen crafter, designing and making intricate things was not new to Annabelle; “I had always been interested in silver crafting,” she says. “But making things out of steel was completely different. “ Each day Annabelle was able to ‘play’, as she calls it, in the Malham Forge and learn her craft; “Just the fact that we had this fantastic forge with all its equipment meant we were able to learn the trade on the job as it were. The forge was owned by Kirkby Malham church, and they wanted someone who would keep it as a forge. Each day we came to work, and we played with forging equipment and were able to learn our craft.” There have been blacksmiths fanning the coke pit at the small sooty building on the banks of Malham Beck for over three hundred years, and it was a tradition that the church were keen to continue; “The church would only let the building to someone who would keep the tradition alive. Now with my courses I’m teaching a wide variety of people from a very wide demographic the skills of forging.” ALL WALKS OF LIFE People from all walks of life attend Annabelle’s courses from people who have never picked up a hammer in their life and battered red hot metal to people who did metal work apprenticeships over a half a century ago. MALHAM RAMS HEAD Set in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, it is unsurprising that the logo of the Malham Smithy is a Dales Ram’s head, which is also the logo of the national park. For twelve years now, Annabelle has been firing up the coke in her forge until the embers glow bright red. With hammers and tongs, vices and a variety of specialised tools and equipment she flattens, twists and works rods of steel into an amazing variety of shapes, most topped with her unique stamp, the Dales Ram. “Most blacksmiths use a Rams head as their logo and mine is the Yorkshire Dales Ram’s Head.” Annabelle Bradley is a real inspiration, at the top of her profession, a visit to the Smithy in Malham really does make you think that you never know what adventure is just around the corner. For more information about Annabelle’s work and her courses please visit www.malhamsmithyonline.

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Home Appliances by Phil Punt, from Robinsons Electric. As regular readers of this publication are aware, here at Robinsons Electric predominantly sell televisions, video and audio equipment, but as a member of Europe’s largest electrical buying group Euronics, we also supply home appliances too. So what innovations can make for an easier life in 2019. Without a doubt, the single most impressive thing I’ve come across in the past few years has to be the induction hob. If like me you live in an electric-only home, traditional hobs take time to adapt to temperature requirements which is a real pain as you watch the milk boil over, but just like gas, an induction hob is instant, and because of their efficiency, there are energy savings to be had as well. To complement the hob add the latest interconnected extractor hood to the equipment list. It will start extracting automatically as soon as the hob is activated and steam or odours detected and adjusting the extraction rate precisely as needed.

The hood will also switch off automatically once it no longer detects steam or odours. Washing machines have come a very long way since the humble twin tub, and direct drive motor versions are brilliant. They are very quiet, durable, economical and generally come with a ten-year guarantee for the motor. I used to scoff about “Smart” appliances, but when someone who was in a full-time job said to me they didn’t want their clothes left in the washing machine getting ever more creased during the day, I got the point. To be able to start your washing machine remotely by a phone app so that it’s ready to be emptied when you get home makes sense. The same goes for cameras in fridges – stood in your favourite supermarket trying to remember if you have that vital ingredient in stock for the evening meal becomes a doddle, especially if you’re like me, getting on in years and wondering why you’re there in the first place! Before heading off to the shops, your robotic cleaner was commanded to clean your floors while away, effortlessly. Cleverly avoiding furniture and stairs and automatically returing to its base for a recharge before continuing its cleaning cycle. But what about those stairs? Most cordless vacuum cleaners are as good as corded ones, and with running times of over an hour in most cases, it’s long enough to get the job done. There is plenty more I could mention but not enough space so as always, for more information contact us on 01524 34291 or 01539 433497 or visit our website

Robinsons Electric

The family firm with the personal touch LANCASTER UNIT 606 ALSTON HOUSE WHITE CROSS, LA1 4XQ


01524 34291

01539 733497

We offer a wide range of home visual entertainment products from leading brands such as Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Humax and Linsar at very competitive prices. Domestic appliances such as washing machines, tumble dryers, fridges and freezers are supplied from Aeg, Bosch, Hotpoint, Hoover and Whirlpool plus many more. Founded in the 1950’s, Robinsons Electric are not only highly experienced but trusted in their field.



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by Ron Morrow


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2 Eastgate White Lund Industrial Estate MORECAMBE LA3 3DY

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AWARD WINNING LEGAL SERVICES At At Laker Laker Legal Legal Solicitors Solicitors we we use use the the very very latest latest innovative innovative ways ways of of delivering delivering legal legal services, services, which which enhance and experienced dramatically solicitors reduce your costs. We offer enhance the the quality quality of of your your legal legal services, service. Our are legal available around the clock round theoffer clock contactof24/7, are aincluding Lexcel Accredited and can a variety funding fixed fees. Firm and offer a wide variety of funding arrangements including fixed fee. We find out more. Â solicitor, but to pay for the expertise of an experienced IT Consultant who is now our Head of IT and a valued member of our Management Team.

When Laker Legal Solicitors was first being conceived 10 years ago, I had already spent over 30 years in a traditional high street legal practice, in the first legal firm which I had established and developed. I wanted my new legal practice to start with a completely clean sheet of paper. I could see that massive strides in technology were making it easier to design a very different and forward -thinking business model which was hugely more efficient and very much faster at delivering legal services to the public.

We abandoned the fixed high street office in favour of a national administration centre combined with professional consulting rooms in the very many towns and cities most convenient for our clients throughout England and Wales. Our Solicitors now travel to see those clients, when they need to do so, at absolutely no costs to our clients and at locations most convenient to them.

Filing cabinets have been replaced with Whilst an individual solicitor’s Richard Hirst - Managing Director fully electronic files and we also use the experience is certainly very valuable, most up to date cloud voice telephone many law firms today simply continue systems. All our solicitors have the to trade solely upon the very long number of years facility to use voice recognition technology to produce which they have been in existence. My view is that their letters, emails, forms and documents by dictating this approach is rather irrelevant and that the ability to directly to their computer screens, speeding up the change, to innovate and to adapt quickly are far more legal process for their clients, rather than the old way important and relevant factors in the establishment and of dictating to secretaries and typing staff, who then growth of any successful legal practice. produced documents and later have to bring them to solicitors for approval. I wanted to create a Solicitors Practice that could serve all of our clients throughout England and Wales, in Our Solicitors can work very flexibly from anywhere places local to those individual clients, at times when that they chose to work, upon their fully electronic and those clients most needed our legal services, using the secure client matter files. We cherish our staff as much very best of modern technology available to achieve as we cherish our clients. that goal. Our deliberate and relentless quest for Experience I did not want rows of filing cabinets, a fixed high Quality and Value has been the driving force behind street office, telephone land lines only operable from all of the changes which we made to the traditional one location and numbers of legal secretaries and high street business model. Our very innovative and office staff, as is still quite common in the traditional modern approach has paid huge dividends as we high street legal practice. Most clients completely fail continue as a Firm to achieve very significant year on to realise that their own solicitor’s charges contain a year growth as we progress forward from a very solid significant element for the overhead costs of running modern base. fixed high street offices which their solicitors occupy on a full- time basis. View our web site in order to see what some of our clients have said about their One of the most important first steps for me to enable experience using the services of Laker Legal Solicitors. me to achieve my goal was not to partner with another

Laker Legal Solicitors

Lancaster 01524 753040 | Kendal 01539 528857 | Preston 01772 977359 Authorised and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority SRA No. No. 611612

OUR LEGAL TEAM We offer a FULL RANGE of Family and Business Legal Services to all clients throughout England & Wales including:

OUR FAMILY LAW SERVICES It is difficult to see your way forward clearly when you are in the middle of emotional turmoil. We all feel vulnerable and fearful for our futures at times like this. However, it is comforting to know that the solicitor guiding you along the road has travelled along it with clients thousands of times before, showing them the best way forward for them and the best way to achieve their future goals. Whether you are embarking upon living together with your Partner and require a Cohabitation Agreement or whether your marriage has broken down and you require advice and assistance on divorce law, we can assist you from start to finish. Separation/Divorce/Civil Partnership Dissolution, Children Matters Property & Financial Disputes (upon divorce and separation) Co-habitation Agreements or Disputes Domestic Violence

your business, our hard working, efficient and knowledgeable property Solicitors are constantly available throughout the process to keep you fully informed of the progress of the transaction at every step and to make sure that completion takes place as quickly as possible. We appreciate that client’s will want the reassurance of a fixed price for their residential property transaction. Viewing our web site and using our online conveyancing calculator will give you an instant calculation of the cost of your transaction. OUR BUSINESS SERVICES

Separation Agreements

Stephen Ogden - Solicitor/Director

Our Solicitors can provide help and assistance to your business whether you are a sole trader, a partnership, limited liability partnership (LLP) or limited company. We deal with a wide range of Business Legal Services from: Drafting and/or advising on commercial leases

Pre/Post Nuptial Agreements

John R Hirst - Solicitor/Director

Laura Seed - Solicitor

Partnership disputes

Parental Responsibility Agreements

Drafting Partnership Agreements

OUR PROPERTY SALES AND PURCHASES Laker Legal Solicitors offer conveyancing services in respect of the sale and purchase of both residential and commercial property for both private and business clients throughout England and Wales Our conveyancing team has very considerable experience of acting in the sale and purchase of residential property, including leasehold properties, apartments, new build properties, commercial properties and land, including land being acquired for development.

Shareholder/Director disputes Drafting Shareholder Agreements/Directors Service Contracts

Paula Hodkinson Smith - Solicitor

Restoration of a company Commercial disputes Breach of contract Professional negligence

Moving house, buying a home for the first time, selling property on behalf of an estate or via Power of Attorney, or acquiring new premises for

- Family Law Services

- Court of Protection

- Property Sale & Purchases

- Employment Law Services

- Lasting Power of Attorney

- Business Services

- Will & Probate Service

- Commercial Property

Business Services Team

Registered Charity No. 223438

Registered Charity No: 223438



Long or short term lets available

As Supported Housing for the Elderly, the Penhale Society has been in existence STAY WITH US in Morecambe & Heysham for over 50 years.

IN MORECAMBE OR HEYSHAM Long or short term lets available

As a registered Charity we provide highly subsidised en-suite accommodation for the elderly. We are not a care-home or a residential or “old persons” home. We encourage our residents to continue to live as they would in their own homes but without the stress of cooking and maintenance. We offer security & independence.As Supported Housing for the Elderly, the

Penhale Society has been in existence in

Don’t leave it too late to see what we offer – Contact us today and see what a difference Morecambe living with us at the Penhale Society can make to your life. & Heysham for over 50 years.

As a registered Charity we provide highly subsidised en-suite accommodation for The Penhale Society Ltd the elderly. 2 Hawarden Avenue, Morecambe. LA4 5RG

Tel: 01524 411772

We are not a care-home or a residential or “old persons” home. We encourage our residents to continue to live as they would in their own homes but without the stress of cooking and maintenance. We offer security & independence.

Don’t leave it too late to see what we offer, contact us today and see what a difference living with us at the Penhale Society can make to your life

The Penhale Society Ltd 2 Hawarden Avenue Morecambe LA4 5RG

01524 411772 30

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KENDAL 01539 725864 Mintsfeet Road North Mintsfeet Ind Est, Kendal LA9 6LZ

MORECAMBE 01524 840863 Whitelund Industrial Estate, Unit 10 Northgate, Morecambe, LA3 3AY

LANCASTER 01524 532300 Lune Industrial Estate, Unit 50 Thetis Rd, Lancaster, LA1 5QP

GARSTANG 01995 282000 Unit 1, Manor Park Green Ln West, Garstang, PR3 1NJ

Opening times: Monday - Friday 7.30 am - 5 pm & Saturday 8 am - 12 noon

Visit our new Milnthorpe showroom featuring 2 floors of Kitchens, Bathrooms & Bedrooms.

Quality Kitchens, Bathrooms & Bedrooms



Bathrooms & Bedrooms Opening Soon Opening Hours Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm Saturday 9.00am - 4.00pm

Milnthorpe Memorial Hall, 1 The Square, Milnthorpe, LA7 7QJ

Call us on 015395 83695 carlgrahaminteriors

Paying too much to let your pro


on based fees are unfair.

rty management service for a flat rate fee of We think commission based fees are unfair. nth whilst it is let. We offer a full property management service for a flat rate fee of

Who manages your property?

£37 plus VAT per month whilst it is let. age the property yourself we can offer our professional expertise to find the

tnal rate fee of £325 plus VAT. expertise to find the

We are a local letting If you independent prefer to manage the propertyagent. yourself we can offer our professional exp

right tenant for a flat rate fee of £325 plus VAT. manager. All of our landlords have a dedicated local property

ebsite or ring for an information pack.

We provide a personal tailored to an your needs. Full detailsservice on the website or ring for information pack.

Let us help you let


Let us help you let

T: 01524 752263

Parkinson Property, Burrow Farm, Burrow Road, Lancaster LA2 0AP Farm, Burrow Road, Lancaster LA2 0AP


T: 01524 75

www.parkinsonprope Parkinson Property, Burrow Farm, B

01524 752263 Parkinson Property, Burrow Farm, Burrow Road, Lancaster, LA2 OAP


. . . Live with us . . . Take a rest with us Or just call in for a change of scenery! Residential Home • Silverdale Offering possibly the very finest location on the Morecambe Bay, our home from home sets the highest standards in location and natural beauty, a place to relax and enjoy life. Of course - this is only our view! Come and see for yourself!

t: 01524 701219 w: e:

. . . outstandingly beautiful

Refresh NW Ltd, 6 Hala Crescent, Lancaster, LA1 4PT   01524 935184  07425 259346 

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Local based business Fully insured Domestic properties Commercial properties End of tenancy Rug cleaning Fabric upholstery cleaning Leather upholstery cleaning

With compliments

Membership Number 3047

Find us on Facebook: Refresh Carpets and Upholstery

Contact John today for your FREE no obligation quote Office: 01524 935184 Mobile: 07425 259346 | 34

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Fairbank, Kirkby Lonsdale, LA6 2BD

Supported Housing for Independent People For a monthly rent of £1300 to £2000 we provide varied, en-suite, individual, high quality accommodation with all services including 2 cooked meals a day, heating, laundry, maintenance and insurance. For information please contact Susan Stoddard

01524 271 077 |

Are you paying too much for your bottled gas?


Fairbank, Kirkby Lonsdale, LA6 2BD Supported Housing for Independent People

MADE TO MEASURE SOFT FURNISHINGS Bottled Gas available from your local07530 Flogas Dealer 845 737

For a monthly rent of £1,300.00 to £2,000.00 we provide varied, en suite, individual, high quality accommodation with all services including 2 cooked meals a day, heating, laundry, maintenance and insurance.

of fabrics V Catlow and- 100’s Sons Ltd to choose from - Poles, tracks and trimmings Service you can Trust Expert & friendly support - Design, measure and fitting Hassle Free Delivery Value for Money Fast, Free & Reliable – direct to-you Over 10 years experience Deliveringof value every time - Home appointments Contact: (daytime or evening) Unit 17 Comprehensive Cylinder Range We’ve got everything you need

For information please contact Susan Stoddard

01524 271 077

Vickers Industrial Estate Morecambe LA3 3EN

Visit my website for more information...

Handmade curtains, roman blinds, pelmets, cushions, lampshades and more

For a competitive quotation Call us today 01524 849 696

We’re here to help you Bottled Gas from your local Flogas Dealer & Coal & Smokless Fuel all delivered to your door

Are you paying too much Are you paying too muchAre you paying too m for your bottled gas? Call us now 01524 849 696 for your bottled gas? for your bottled gas? V.Catlow & Son Ltd are now part of the Flo Gas Family

Bottled Gas available from your local Flogas Dealer

Bottled Gas available from your local Flogas Dealer V Catlow Sons Ltd LPG CYLINDERS & BOTTLES | COAL | STOVES | SMOKELESS FUELS | GAS |and BULK LPG Comprehensive Cylinder Range We’ve got everything you need

V Catlow and Sons Ltd

Service you can Tr

Expert & friendly sup

Versatile range of domestic LPG gas bottles and cylinders to power your central Hassle heating, gas-poweredValue for Money Free Delivery Fast, Free & Reliable – direct to you Delivering value eve stoves, living flame fires, portable heaters or BBQs. We also deliver coal to your door & supply stoves. Contact:

Comprehensive Cylinder Range We’ve got everything you need

Hassle Free Delivery

Fast, Free & Reliable – direct to you

Unit 17 Vickers Industrial Estate Morecambe LA3 3EN

Service you can Trust Expert & friendly support

For a competitive

Value for Money

Delivering value every time

Unit 3, Catlows Yard, White Lund Industrial Estate, Morecambe, LA3 3BS Contact:

Unit 17 Vickers Industrial Estate Morecambe LA3 3EN

Call us toda

01524 849 696

Are you paying too much for your bottled gas? Bottled Gas available from your local Flogas Dealer

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V Catlow and Sons Ltd 35 Comprehensive Cylinder Range We’ve got everything you need

Hassle Free Delivery

Fast, Free & Reliable – direct to you

Service you can Trust

Expert & friendly support

Value for Money

Delivering value every time


ASK INSURANCE PUTTING THEIR CUSTOMERS FIRST Carnforth based Ask Insurance Services are an insurance company with a difference because they put their customers first. By getting to know their clients and understanding their needs, they offer tailor-made solutions. Features Writer Rob Bullock speaks to their founder Russell Jackson to discover their story.

“I guess you could say that I sort of fell into insurance!” jokes Russell Jackson who has over twenty-five years of experience of the insurance industry, he has worked within large multinationals, and undertaken a variety of roles and for 4 years he has been putting all this to good effect with his clients at Ask Insurance Services. “I was interested in a career where you could connect with people.” At Ask their success has been forged upon connecting with their customers in order to precisely meet their insurance needs. COMMUNITY BROKERING SERVICE “Ask Insurance Services are very much a community brokering service but having said that we do have clients from outside our area. But we do like to get to know clients, preferably face to face so that we can develop relationships and fully understand their insurance needs. Then we can find a tailored solution through our contacts. We do this so we can be absolutely sure that if the worst comes to the worst, their insurance is something they can rely upon 100%.” CONNECTING WITH PEOPLE Russell got into insurance at the age of 33 after trying various other careers; “I was looking for an interesting and challenging career, and when I worked within a claims department I enjoyed solving people’s problems and helping them get on with their lives. It was very fulfilling.”


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UNDERSTANDS YOUR PERSONAL REQUIREMENTS It was a terrible personal tragedy that ultimately led to Russell establishing Carnforth based Ask Insurance Services when he saw from the customers perspective how hard dealing with the insurance industry can be and what pitfalls there are to deal with. “A few years ago my family suffered a terrible ordeal,” says Russell. “resulting in the almost total loss of my Mothers house, and although I knew how to handle the claim and that the claim was valid, I had to deal with insurers who believed that there had been a breach of the policy conditions, and it brought it home to me how difficult it could be for people to deal with them.” OUT OF DISASTER The aftermath of this disaster helped forge a change in career direction; “I thought deeply about what I could do to enable something good to come out of that terrible incident and by putting myself in the shoes of the clients of insurance companies I formed Ask Insurance Services to be a broker that loyally represented their customers and got the right and best deals for them so they would never have to go through what I went through.”

COMING FULL CIRCLE - A RETURN TO A MORE PERSONAL SERVICE For decades before telephone insurance services came along in the early 90s and internet insurance services after the millennium, customers had to visit an insurance broker and obtain their insurance through them. Now, it seems, the market has come full circle; “There is a definite return to more tailored, bespoke insurance services that we saw in the past,” explains Russell.


We’ve got you covered!

“Our customers get to know and trust us and we develop a relationship where we, as brokers, can fully understand what they need and, of course, what they don’t need.” INTERNET IS NOT ALWAYS BEST “Many people do find it easy to get on the internet and sort out their insurance through some massive faceless organisation, but quite often people don’t get the level of cover that they need. At Ask we work from this base, getting people the level of cover that they need.”

A SERVICE YOU CAN TRUST Russell likes to get to know all his clients personally; “It is a very personal service here at Ask, and I do take their insurance needs very personally. I feel it is my responsibility to offer the highest possible level of insurance care that very few can match.” Ask Insurance Services are a general insurance broker, they deal with domestic and business insurance and have forged special relationships with a number of insurance providers to be able to offer their clients the best coverage possible. For more information about Ask Insurance Services please see their website or call them on 015242 98 757. Ask Insurance Services Limited, Carnforth Business Hub, 2 New Street, Carnforth, Lancashire, LA5 9BX

A small insurance brokerage with a big heart based in North Lancashire. Ask Insurance Services Ltd Carnforth Business Hub, 2 New Street Carnforth, Lancashire, LA5 9BX

015242 98 757

Ask Insurance Limited is a limited company registered in England & Wales No 09308973. Registered Office 1 Stockdale Grove, Back Lane, Warton, Carnforth, Lancashire, LA5 9QW. Ask Insurance Services Ltd is an Appointed Representative of Momentum Broker Solutions Ltd. Momentum Broker Solutions Ltd are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Holdens Solicitors are one of Child Care-Contact he area’s leading firms of Solicitors, Adoption-Residence Therelawyers is no are shortage out Responsibility there! ur specialist dedicatedof adviceParental Domestic Violence o providing a practical friendly pproach and expert professional Employment egal advice in all areas of the law. Claims for Unfair Dismissal

endal Office

01539 720629

ancaster Office

01524 32484

Conveyancing Buying-Selling-Remortgaging Residential & Commercial Quick, Efficient and Competitive Service

Stress at Work Redundancy Discrimination Claims Compromise Agreements HR Consultancy Work place Mediation

Crime Free 24 Hour Police Station Wills and Probate Representation Wills and Probate All Types of Criminal Trusts and Tax Planning Charges Defended But when you need believe Inheritance Tax legal advice, we Motoring Offences Powers of Attorney makes allYouth Crime 170 years of legal experience the difference... Court of Protection Business, Serious and Home Visits Arranged General Crime

No hassle access to specialist conveyancing lawyers, we offer a quick efficient service with fixed price quotations and no hidden charges.


2 Castle Hill, Lancaster, LA1 1AR | Tel 01524 32484 |




Making the decision to move in together is a big step in your relationship, a time for celebration and making plans for the future. But does your legal position change? Things to consider before you move in together from Baines Bagguley Penhale Solicitors. Thinking carefully about how your relationship will be affected, making decisions and talking about how you will deal with some of the issues that can arise when you move in together, can make this transition easier. Our experienced Family Lawyers at BBP Solicitors have put together a few points to consider before moving in :Who is going to pay and what for? If you are going to buy a property work out how the deposit is being paid and what will happen if you split up, for example will each of you get back what you put in or are you going to share equally regardless of who contributed the most? Discuss and agree who is going to pay the mortgage, if it is not going to be paid equally you need to be clear about whether you both own the property equally or whether your ownership is directly related to the amount contributed towards the mortgage and deposit; Day to day finances can also be a difficult topic to broach, but if you decide up front who is going to be responsible for which bills, and both stick to that arrangement this can help to avoid disagreements and issues arising. Bank Accounts – it is important to decide whether you are going to open a joint bank account, and if so how much each of you are going to contribute and which bills are to come out of that account. Once a joint bank account is opened all money paid into that account is viewed as belonging to you both equally. Likewise if there is to be a joint savings account you should carefully discuss and agree who is paying how much into that account. If you were to both own the individual amounts that you have paid into the savings account then you should put this agreement in writing. Buying on Credit – It can be tempting when you first move in together to furnish the home using credit that may be available to you both. There is no issue with using credit, but if one of you has credit cards and the other doesn’t, be wary of one person taking responsibility for all payments. Loans and credit cards are usually the responsibility of the person who has taken them out, regardless of whether the purchase is for joint benefit. Again, if one person is using credit to purchase items that are for the joint benefit of both parties, you should discuss and agree whether you are both to be liable to pay that debt and if you are this should be recorded in writing.


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Household items - Similarly it is important to be clear about who owns what in the house should you separate. For any items that are bought jointly it can be difficult to decide who should retain which item if the relationship breaks down or if either of you die. Agreeing how the contents would be divided, or that any jointly purchased item should be sold or should be valued and the other party receive half of the value, is an important decision to make before making any substantial joint purchases. Any such agreement should be recorded in writing. Consider making a Will. Cohabitees who have lived together for over two years can claim against the estate of their deceased partner, but this can leave your loved ones in the difficult situation of having to argue over how your estate should be divided. If both parties make a Will you can agree the arrangements you want to make for each other and if appropriate for others. Moving in together is a big change and whilst it can be exciting, it can also be stressful. Failing to take the time to discuss and agree some basic ground rules before taking that step can put unnecessary pressure on a relationship. At Baines Bagguley Penhale our experienced family lawyers regularly advise and assist our clients in relation to reaching agreements regarding cohabitation, and agreeing and preparing legal documentation to minimise the potential for disputes in future. As with most things in life, taking the time to make sure the foundations are in place can save a lot of dispute and heartache in the future. For further advice please contact our family lawyers Nicola Codd and Barbara Richardson.

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Where family matters We know how difficult it can be when a relationship breaks down. Using our experience and expertise we can help you to resolve the issues that can arise at this time. Nicola Codd and Barbara Richardson specialise in providing advice and representation so that you can feel in control of the decisions that matter following separation. In particular we deal with the resolution of complex financial issues.

‘You have been fantastic in your support, guidance and handling of the processes and difficulties. I cannot thank you enough’ Ms M – Dec 2017


Together Nicola and Barbara have over 30 years’ experience of advising on: • Divorce and Separation • Resolving Financial Issues • Maintenance • Child Arrangements • Pre-marriage and Co-habitation agreements

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LEGAL ADVICE planning/security a Power of Attorney could provide?


When is the right time?

Ratcliffe & Bibby Solicitors share with us how a lasting power of attorney can protect you and also how to avoid disputes arrising from loans to family or friends. Is it time to create a Lasting Power of Attorney or have Newspaper Horror Stories prevented you from doing so? “I signed over control and he sold my house” “My brother used his Power of Attorney to steal £125k from our Parents” These are just a few Headlines published by mainstream Newspapers over the last year, which could be rather off putting for someone considering whether or not to appoint an Attorney to manage their financial affairs in later life.There is also the personal struggle in coming to terms with advancing age –“ I am too young” / “ I have all my marbles, I will be fine, I’ve got more sense than the kids” i.e. It will not happen to me syndrome. But it is wise to plan for the future.

There if you need it, but only utilised if required If you make a Power of Attorney and do not need it because you maintain good mental and physical health then it is a “Win Win” scenario. You have kept your health and have had the “safety nett” of knowing that if anything did happen, someone would be able to look after your finances for you. If you do not have a Power of Attorney then you could be in a sticky situation. If you were to become unable to manage your finances a family member, friend or even the local authority would need to apply to Court to be able to assist you. The less said about this the better - as it is a timely and costly process. A Power of Attorney is therefore akin to an Insurance Policy – there if you need it, but only utilised if required. Why therefore avoid the issue of old age and the

The key point here is that we do not know when or even if our health will fail. Therefore the time is now whilst you are able to fully grasp the implications of creating a Power of Attorney and at a point in your life when you have a good idea of who would be a suitable Appointment to manage your finances. Why do problems arise? A lot of the problems in the headline articles stem from people leaving it too late. Individuals become older, more frail, and are at times more susceptible to influence from friends and family members who, in their younger years, they would not have trusted with a £10 note let alone their life’s fortune. It is therefore imperative that the correct decision is made at the right time so that you do not find yourself the subject of a “Headline Article”. For more detailed information call 01524 734884 Shaun Foreman, Solicitor / Director at Ratcliffe & Bibby Solicitors

HOW TO AVOID LITIGATION I have practiced law now for more than 40 years and seen many clients in that time with problems which could have easily been avoided. Clients often seem disappointed that they have been involved in a dispute with a family member or friend. The reality is that you are most likely to have a disagreement with the people you come into contact with and not a complete stranger. One of the most common family disputes is caused by money. A family member loans money to another and a dispute arises over repayment. The beneficiary may think it was a gift. I hear comments such as ‘they have plenty of money, why are they bothered about a few quid’; ‘I thought it was a gift’. This problem can easily be avoided. If you are asked to lend money to a family member, record it in writing. The simplest form of receipt is what we lawyers call a ‘Promissory Note’. It simply says that the named person promises to repay the loan on a specific date and both parties’ sign it. This may sound formal but it can save a lot of family heartache later on. If the borrower won’t sign the Note then that will be a good indication of their future intent. If you want to charge interest, then you should record the percentage in the Note.


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For larger amounts, if the Borrower has a home you can enter into a private mortgage and secure it against the property. Remember that it is not only banks and building societies who can secure mortgages on property. In fact before they existed all mortgages were private agreements between two individuals recorded by a deed and the lender kept the deeds for the property until the loan was repaid. Commercial Department Ratcliffe & Bibby Solicitors

Serving the local community for in excess of 100 years, advising your generation and the next...

Our services cover: Wills/Trusts/Probate & Estates

Elderly Client/Long Term Care Planning/Tax Planning

Accident & Personal Injury Work

Commercial & Residential Lettings/Landlord & Tenant

Family, Divorce & Children

Business Sales, Purchases & Leases Civil & Commercial Disputes

Conveyancing & Property (Residential & Commercial) Debt Recovery

At Ratcliffe & Bibby our aim is to keep it simple – advising our clients in a language they can understand and fully appreciate. There is no Heavy Salesmanship at our company – we advise, our clients make the decisions. Having served our local community for in excess of 100 years the vast majority of our new business is obtained by client recommendation – we feel that speaks for itself. When considering any of the above legal issues, please feel free to call us and chat with one of our friendly Team – you will be pleasantly surprised just how approachable our people are.

For more information or to arrange a meeting, please contact our centralised telephone number 01524 734884

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Carpets End Of Tenancy Students Communial Areas Management/Office Facilitie Support Services Windows Gutters Supplying all your Carpets


COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL CLEANING for hotels, restaurants, shops, businesses & homes

Covering the Northwest Carpets & Upholstry Cleaning | End of Tenancy Cleaning | Daily Office Cleaning Window Cleaning | Shops | Oven Cleaning | Residential Cleaning

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Flowers from the Farm The not-for-profit network ‘Flowers from the Farm’ was founded by Farmer Gill Hodgson from the East Riding of Yorkshire in 2011. It now has over 500 members nationwide and fifty in the North West. It is run and administered solely by volunteers and helps to promote sustainable flower growing from a network of local growers. Features Writer Rob Bullock discovers more… Seed of an idea When Gill Hodgson’s daughter got married in 2011 she was asked to grow the flowers for it on her farm in the East Riding of Yorkshire. That year’s crop was bountiful and Gill had more flowers than she could use for the wedding. She decided to sell what was left at her garden gate and was overwhelmed at how popular the idea was, the public just couldn’t get enough of her beautiful, traditional, home grown flowers. From this small seed of an idea sprang the shoots of a huge network that quickly covered the entire country and drew together people from varied communities growing flowers to cut for whatever occasion they were needed.

Jo Rutherford Photography

GARDENING Jo Rutherford Photography Involved from the start Lancashire florist Clare Ashcroft, who is the coordinator for the North West, has been involved with Flowers from the Farm from the beginning; “I am a florist by trade,” explains Clare who set up her wedding flower business in a chilly brick building on her parents farm in 2007, “and when I heard of Gill’s idea of using local, seasonal flowers that were grown by a network of people all over the country, I was really drawn to it. We all very quickly realised that the idea was unique and that there was nothing like this. It has really taken off and the flowers we grow offer a real alternative to mass produced blooms.” Small scale and local Unlike large flower production, Flowers from the Farm involves small scale growers often with less than an acre of land. The growers use mostly organic methods where possible and the flowers look and smell so great because they have not travelled very far and are seasonal. “Air miles are something that a lot of people are very concerned about these days for a lot of things that they buy and it is something that is important to us. The blooms produced by Flowers from the Farm members are grown locally to where they are sold and transported short distances, sometimes just a few miles, sometimes even in the same town or village.” Supermarket experiment Recently, out of curiosity Clare conducted a small experiment to see how far a bunch of supermarket flowers had travelled and was shocked at the discovery; “It was truly shocking,” says Clare. “After pulling a bunch apart, we carefully worked out where the individual stems had come from and were astounded to discover that the total miles travelled was 18,000 miles! That is a lot of air or shipping miles and a very large carbon footprint. Compare that to the flowers grown by our members which is barely more than a few miles.” Traditional flowers Many modern cut flowers are grown to enable them to survive these long traveling distances and that has meant a lot of traditional blooms are no longer in favour, and the ones that are bred for longevity are at the expense of their lovely scent. “If you take a Sweet Pea, a flower that grows abundantly in our gardens in the summer time. Mass produced sweet peas are so expensive to buy with a wholesale production cost of about 50p per flower, so that means florists have to sell them for at least £1.50 each to make a profit. And they have travelled so far that they have no smell. What is the point of a Sweet Pea without its lovely

smell! The Sweet Peas our growers produce are reasonably priced, have travelled a tiny fraction of the distance and will fill your house with a fantastic aroma for days!” Spring favourites What is growing well this time of the year on the farms and in the gardens in our area? “Daffodils are growing really well at the moment and at Flowers from the Farm our growers are producing a wide variety of them. They’re great. Spring bulbs in general are producing really good flowers. Ranunculus’s are also excellent at this time of year and again we are growing a lot of varieties. And anemones are also good this season.” For more information about Flowers on the Farm, to find a grower in our area, or to get involved and start growing your own blooms please visit

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Woodlands Nurseries

Nestled in the south Lakeland hills, this family run business since 1972 has an experienced and enthusiastic team who can help you get the most from your garden. We offer a wide range of products from seeds and gardening equipment to ponds, fish, aquariums, bird baths & feeders & garden furniture. Open Mon - Sat 9am - 6pm | Sunday 10am - 4pm



Beautiful lawns at affordable prices

For a perfect lawn, put your trust in the experts

Call Colin on 0800 156 0549

FREE consultation Colin has 36+ years Greenkeeping at various local golf courses and a Master Greenkeeper Certification. With all of my experience and expertise, I can put together a tailored lawn treatment plan for your lawns to deal with all of your lawn problems. Some of our services include:

Fertiliser and weed control scan for programmes Scan for my my profile profile Moss control Scarification Aeration Over-seeding and top dressing Complete Regener8 process

For your F


Text LAWN followed by your POSTCODE to 60777 and I will call you


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FRESH home grown POTATOES Who doesn’t love potatoes? They are so versatile and tasty, and as a nation, we eat them for almost every main meal. They make up part of Britain’s favourite dish, fish and chips, and are the main ingredient in our favourite snack, the crisp. Although potatoes are an inexpensive vegetable to buy in the shops nothing can match the taste of a home-grown spud. Features Writer Rob Bullock investigates how to grow potatoes. What did we do before Potatoes? It is unimaginable, life or at least dinner time must have been so different. Potatoes are a hugely versatile main ingredient of many meals in one form or another - boiled, mashed, roasted, chipped or baked. When you grow potatoes, you quickly discover that they are classified as being either earlies or maincrops. Early varieties are ready to harvest much sooner than maincrops and are known as ‘new potatoes’. Maincrop varieties are in the ground a lot longer. They have a better yield and produce larger potatoes. Either early or main, they are easy to grow at home. Tubers Potatoes are grown from special ‘seed’ potatoes or tubers. Really these tubers are just like the potatoes you buy from the shops but to ensure that they stand a better chance of producing a good crop they are certified virus-free. You can buy seed potatoes from late winter onwards. Why not start them off (technically known as ‘chitting’) indoors by setting them to sprout in a light, warm place before they are planted out. To chitt or not to chitt ‘Chitting’ gives the tubers a good head start by allowing them to start sprouting shoots quickly. You need to stand your seed potatoes rose end up (the rose end is the one with the most small dents or ‘eyes’ in the skin) in egg boxes or similar in a light, frost-free place. The potatoes are ready to plant when the shoots are about 3cm (1in) long. For early potatoes, rub off the weakest shoots, leaving four per tuber as this will encourage the stronger shoots to grow more vigorously. Traditional planting The traditional planting method for potatoes is to dig a narrow trench about 12cm (5in) deep. The seed tubers are spaced 30cm (12in) apart for earlies and 37cm (15in) for maincrop varieties in rows 24in (60cm) apart for earlies and 75cm (30in) apart for maincrop. Apply a general-purpose organic fertiliser at this stage to give your tubers a boost.

Earthing up your spuds I remember my dad’s allotment with its long neat triangular mounds of soil, this is known as ‘earthing up’. When growth emerges from your tubers, you need to start the process of ‘earthing up’ or keeping the spuds protected. Wait until the stems – the green shoots - are about 23cm (9in) high and draw soil up to the stems creating a ridge about 15cm (6in) high. As the stems grow, repeat the process. The final height of the ridges will be about 20-30cm (8in -1ft). Earthing up protects newly emerging foliage from frost damage. It also protects the developing potatoes from light, which turns potato tubers green. Green potatoes are poisonous so ‘earthing up’ is essential. You will need to keep crops well-watered in dry weather, and this is especially vital once the potatoes start to form. Maincrop potatoes benefit from a nitrogenous fertiliser around the time of the second earthing up. Planting guidelines For your first earlies, these can be planted around late March, second earlies from early to mid-April and your main crop of potatoes can be planted from mid to late April. If you are planting in containers, start even earlier. Other planting methods Another method is to grow your potatoes under black polythene. This is an easier ‘less digging’ method of planting. The tubers are planted through slits in the polythene, and because of this there is no need to earth up, and the new potatoes form just below soil level which means there is no digging to harvest them as well as planting them because they will lie just below the sheet. Small crops of potatoes can also be grown in large, deep containers effectively. This is a good way of getting a very early batch of new potatoes. Fill the bottom 15cm (6in) of the container with potting compost and plant the seed potato just below this. As the new stems start growing, keep adding compost until the container is full. Whichever way you grow you’re your potatoes, whether in the traditional manner, under polythene or in containers, everyone can enjoy the exquisite taste of home-grown spuds freshly dug whenever they want. And now is the time to get ‘chitting’!

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Nine crops to harvest in March

Unless we see another ‘Beast from the East’, the end of February and March are a time for harvesting the last of the crops that have bravely remained in the ground over winter. Green fingered Features Writer Rob Bullock discovers what is good to eat from the garden at the end of winter.

Hopefully the end of February, beginning of March 2018 was a freak weather event. Recalling that ‘the Beast from the East’ certainly had a sting in its tail with sub-zero temperatures and piles of snow, it played havoc with gardens in particular and nature in general. Normally this time of year offers a bountiful crop as root vegetables such as parsnips and leeks are at their best whilst the Brussels sprouts are still good. It is also time to start harvesting forced crops such as rhubarb and early spring crops such as early spring cabbages. Here I look at nine of the best vegetables to harvest in late winter.

1 Winter salad It sounds like I have made a mistake, but you can actually grow winter salad, and it is delicious. The best are the cut-and-come-again varieties when you just need to cut a few leaves from each plant when you need them. Alternatively, take a few leaves from the outside of the plant. Taking little and often will keep the plants cropping for longer. They are


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a really good value alternative to bought supermarket salad leaves and can even be grown in window boxes or planters. Whatever crops you have grown over winter this time of year can offer some of the best produce in the garden and in your local community cooperative vegetable shop. If you grow and buy seasonally you are eating food at its best and helping to eat more sustainably. It is better for you and the planet.

2 Kale Not my personal favourite but my better half tells me that they are good for me. Apparently, they are full of vitamins and iron. Kale is a ‘good value crop’ because you can pick leaves as needed, when they are 10-15cm long. Like Brussels sprouts, after a frost the leaves have their best flavour.

3 Leeks Leeks can help make soup delicious and are full of nutrients. They can be left in the ground and harvested when needed, so can last for ages without being picked. On heavier soils you may need to use a fork to lift your crop. On light soils you can pull them up easily. Wash the crop carefully to remove soil and grit though or you may get a nasty surprise.


4 Parsnips

7 Spring cabbage

As with leeks, parsnips can be left in the soil and harvested when needed – and they are another crop that tastes better after a frost. They are particularly good roasted in the oven as part of a tasty Sunday lunch.

Another of my wife’s favourites insisting it is also good for me. Harvest each cabbage using a sharp knife. Leave a 10cm stalk, then cut a cross in the top and it might produce an extra cabbage or two.

5 Purple sprouting broccoli

8 Spring cauliflower

Years before they became a trendy vegetable, my dad used to grow purple sprouting broccoli in his allotment because it is another good value crop. If you use a sharp knife, cut the central spear first – this will encourage new spears to develop. Then take a few spears (around 10cm long) from each plant. Pick while the flower buds are still tight – once the flower buds have opened, the crop will not be as tasty.

A vegetable I do love. When the curd (the white head) is about two to three inches in diameter, cover it with leaves. This is to keep it white. Check it from time to time and harvest a couple of weeks later, when the head is firm. Cut with a large knife. Once the florets have started to separate, though, the crop will be spoiled. Cauli is lovely in soup, raw in salad or with a traditional cheesy sauce.

9 Brussels sprouts

6 Rhubarb Being a Yorkshire lad, I love Rhubarb and an early forced crop offers the most succulent fruit. Forced rhubarb stems should be ready to harvest eight weeks after covering. Gently pull the stems from the base of the crown, remembering to remove the poisonous leaves before eating.


Love them or hate them, my Grandad once told me that sprouts actually taste better after they have been touched by frost, and it is true -they do! So, by this time of the year they should have been touched by quite a number of periods of frost. Pick from the bottom of the stem up, when the sprouts are tightly closed, by snapping them off downwards. At the end of the season you can eat the sprout tops too.

Love sprouts? Sad that Christmas is over? Fear not, you can keep eating sprouts, try out this delicious recipe from Booths!

With Chorizo, Chilli & Garlic

Recipe from


25g butter

2. Next add the shredded sprouts and fry for 5 minutes.

A drizzle olive oil

Salt and pepper

200g chorizo, sliced


3. Add the chilli flakes and garlic, cook for a further 2 minutes.

500g sprouts, shredded 1/2tsp chilli flakes 2 cloves garlic, sliced

1. Heat a drizzle of oil in a large frying pan, add the chorizo and fry for 3 minutes.

4. Add the butter and stir to melt. 5. Season with salt and pepper and spoon into a warm serving dish.

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Is your lawn

looking it’s best? Unfortunately grass is not like carpet, you can’t lay it down then ignore it for the next 10 years (with the exception of the hoover!) If you want your lawn to look its best year round then it will need some TLC, but how can you keep your lawn looking nice? We meet the local Green Thumb Team. GreenThumb Lancaster is a family run business with over eight years of experience. We currently have a team of six which include Luke and Roxanne Street, Luke’s Mum and Dad, Darren and Beverley, Roxanne’s sister Kirstie Thornley and our recent recruit Peter Dodd. Peter studied at Myerscough collage for 4 years with a NVQ2 qualification in Sports Turf, with that he went to work in America working on various football pitches and golf courses, one being in the top 100 of the best golf courses in the world which lead him to work on the PGA tour event. Studying in Ohio State University he got his Turf Management qualification. The franchise started out with just Darren, Beverley and Luke, with only 500 customers, in 2010. GreenThumb Lancaster have now over 1600 customers. With customer growth mainly coming from customer recommendations, this demonstrates the commitment to giving quality work and customer service. GreenThumb Lancaster operates in Lancaster, Morecambe, Heysham, Carnforth, Kirkby Lonsdale, Ingleton and other surrounding areas. Our professional and qualified lawn operatives are here to help get your lawn looking its best. We offer year round lawn treatment packages or bespoke treatments, as per your requirements. GreenThumb Lancaster have all the experience, equipment and resources to help tackle all of your lawn problems. #11975-Lancaster-148x210-S1-V4-21feb18-PRINT.pdf




If your lawn is in need of a bit of TLC, please give them a call for a free lawn inspection. They will be happy to help you choose a treatment programme that suits you and your lawns needs and also fits your pocket with the various payment methods we offer.

Lawn Pests Leatherjackets are the larval stage of what is commonly known as Daddy Longlegs (Crane fly).Their one-year life cycle begins when the female lays her eggs in the lawn, around September time; they then hatch 2-3 weeks later.

root system. At this time, the damage is not normally seen as the Leatherjackets are still quite small. It is important to note that secondary damage to the lawn can also be caused by birds and animals rooting for the grubs.

Over the winter period, when the weather is still wet and warm enough, the larvae starts to feed on the top part of the grass plant’s

By February and March, the grubs will have grown in size and the damage will be much more extensive.


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Chafer grubs are the larvae of the Chafer beetle (May bug) and have a life cycle of 1-3 years, dependent on the species. The females lay their eggs in the lawn. They grow to 10-15mm in size. The grubs feed on the roots of the grass plant resulting in the turf becoming detached from its soil moorings, allowing the lawn to be pulled back, like lifting a carpet. Birds, badgers and a number of other animals enjoy eating these grubs so damage to the lawn can be extensive. If your lawn develops yellowish brown patches, has signs of animals or birds pecking at it, you may have Chafer grubs or Leatherjackets, call us, we can help.

For a lawn you can be proud of... contact your Lancaster team today


TAME, BEAUTIFUL & SCARCE the waxw ing Jon Carter, Visitor Experience Manager at RSPB Leighton Moss introduces the Waxwing.


Waxwings are are often found in suburban and urban areas.

Native to northern climes, waxwings breed from Scandinavia right across Russia and to the Pacific coast of North America. They are truly nomadic birds, moving in response to food availability. In the summer they will eat insects but then switch their diet to fruit and berries in winter. In some years when the berry crops fail or are too low, waxwings will undertake large scale migrations as they search for new food supplies. These are known as eruptions, and in those years we may see waxwings arrive here in the UK. Occasionally, these eruptions will involve thousands of birds and waxwings may be seen throughout Britain – birdwatchers often refer to these, rather unimaginatively, as ‘waxwing winters’. So far, this winter has seen relatively few waxwings with larger flocks being mainly restricted to the east coasts of Scotland and England but as the season moves on and conditions deteriorate on the continent more may arrive here. They really are a remarkable bird; the remoteness of their breeding grounds probably accounts for their tameness, and they are often easily observed unperturbed by


Lancaster District Magazine

human presence (even when loads of people are gawping at them through binoculars). Their fondness for ornamental berry bushes means that they are often found in suburban and urban areas where these non-native plants are often found in good numbers. Somewhat paradoxically, anyone hoping to see one of these stunning northern beauties would be as well advised to trawl housing estates and supermarket car parks as a nature reserve! But if you can’t find your own waxwings, how might you find out where your nearest ones are? Thanks to the ubiquitous presence of technology, the answer is never far away. Whether you are slightly curious as to what local birdwatchers are spotting in your area, are keen to know if starling murmurations are in full-flow at RSPB Leighton Moss, or you’re a passionate twitcher determined to keep abreast of the national rarity news, there are online services and social media platforms to keep you in the loop. Locally, one can join Facebook groups such as Lancaster Wildlife and Nature Group and RSPB Leighton Moss or follow local birdwatchers and groups on Twitter. The Leighton Moss twitter account


I have just returned from going to have a look at a waxwing in a Lancaster suburb. Waxwings seem to have a unique appeal to both keen, active birders and the general public alike – they’re scarce, they’re often quite tame, and perhaps above all, they are incredibly beautiful birds. @Leighton_moss is updated regularly as is the Lancaster & District Birdwatching Society’s website sightings page www. Further afield, one can find out what’s happening to the north of us at while forays into the Fylde willbe enhanced with a look at www. before venturing out. Rarity chasers, of course, pay for sightings to be delivered directly to their mobile devices as news breaks – when your list is your priority, you don’t want to miss a thing! Both Birdguides and Rare Bird Alert provide such premium services for a fee but also have limited free updates and summaries on their websites for those who don’t feel the need to drop the washing up and dash off immediately in pursuit of a desperately lost vagrant. So, whether you’re curious to find out what birds are around or wish to report a discovery of your own, there are multiple ways to access and share news. And who knows, by checking the local bird news perhaps you’ll discover that there’s a waxwing or two kicking around in your local Booths’ car park…





fabulous new season fashion Is you Is your garden readyinfor Summer and homeware our shop NURSERIES & TEAROOM

Seeds | Tools | Plants | Bird Food | Cookware | Gifts Our Tearoom is open everyday, serving daily specials and freshly baked cakes. 9-5 Monday to Saturday & 10-4.40 Sunday


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Wash, Trim, STYLE

Diamond Dogs Salon offer a holis�c approach to dog grooming: every dog is an individual and deserves to be treated as one! We pride ourselves on using the finest natural products when we pamper your pooch, offering every dog a unique experience and opportunity to relax and feel comfortable. We are proud members of the Bri�sh Dog Groomers Associa�on, as well as being City & Guilds qualified. With a passion for all things canine, you’ll be leaving your dog in safe hands.

Diamond Dogs Salon LA1 4RG 7 Lentworth House, Hala, lancaster, Silk Mill - Unit 16, Galgate, LA2 0PR 07714 572361

07714 572 361

The best care for your best friend Burch Tree Vets are a friendly and long established first opinion practice providing a large range of services to the pets around the Bay area.

Could you give me a home? Sparkles the cat is looking for a loving home


Microchipping only £10.59 Pet Vaccination FREE Pet food delivery Puppy Parties Pet Care Plans from £7.80 a month Consultations from £14.70-£33 Surgical facilities at our Carnforth Branch


Beautiful older girl Sparkles has arrived at Animal Care due to a sudden change in family circumstances where the previous owner’s Grandson had to move in with them. It soon became apparent that their Grandson suffered from a severe cat allergy.

Sparkles does enjoy some fuss and attention but on her terms. She can be quite unpredictable at times and has been known to swipe and nip if she feels too overwhelmed by certain situations. She has lived with dogs in the past, however due to her unpredictable nature at times we feel Sparkles is best suited to a home with older children who have experience of cats. DOGS | CATS | RATS | RABBITS | GUINEA PIGS & MORE

24 HOUR EMERGENC Y SERVICE 39 Lancaster Road, Carnforth, LA5 9LD

www. 01524 720002 56

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Animal Care Lancaster

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The Bay Healthcare Plan covers ALL your essential preventative healthcare throughout the year, including parasite control and booster vaccinations, as well as great discounts on other services.

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The Bay Healthcare Plan covers ALL your essen tial preventative healthcare throughout ular cos bills on reg AND annual vaccination e 30% – Savcostly 9 more 9.9no £6 the year, including parasite control and booster to pay! n today vaccinations, as well as great discounts on other ealthcare Pla Cat H fullehealth examination with your Join th  Yearly e g services. Continuous protection, regular check-ups for this packa veterinary surgeon y only £34.99 AND no more costly annual vaccination bills to pay! nd pacheck 99 aHealth 4. £1 ents of6 withon a veterinary surgeon  m thly paym ed by followafter months your pet’s annual vaccination Yearly full health examination with your are  Vaccination - routine yearly boosters rse covering veterinary surgeon included Superior vaccination cou ia and leukaem flu, enteritis protection against fleas and Health check with a veterinary surgeon 6  Year-round k home bacmost cat r you get to – months after your pet’s annual vaccination hip ticks for your dog, using only the roc Mic e after they go missing n as possibl as sootreatment effective available Vaccination - routine yearly boosters are m treatment lasting flea and wor Superior protection against worms - we’ll included  Year-round recommend four weeks the treatment most suitable for Flea treatment - all effective preventative flea ly special by our yourKitt compiled your petenand deprotecting family too e guiat carbest treatm ent required for the year ses nur friendly vaccines (rabies etc.) catoffed any additional  10%train old s nth Worm mo six treatment - all the recommended at ck che lth ent heaprevention offlesc lungworm  10%Ado preventative worm treatment required each year  10% off pet passport £5 off microchipping  10% off routine dental care 5% off neutering  5% off neutering 10% off routine dental care microchipping  £5 off £49.99 – Save 15% on regular costs Unlimited and half price nail clips with a nurse  Unlimited and half price nail clips with a nurse Basic vaccination weight checks course with a covering nurse flu, Free Half price blood pressure monitoring for cats enteritis direct claims on insurance over 10 years old  Free Superior flea and worm treatment lasting † Mintel’s Insurance Report 2013, referred to at urine test every 12 months Free Free weight check 4 weeks s with tcoverarou a nursendthecorner.asp .uk/therigh Free bag of Royal Canin food every eighth * From Allianz internal data Free direct claims  Kitten care guide, compiled by our on insurance specially trained cat-friendly nurses purchase Free urine test every 12 months  Adolescent health check at six months old Free bag of Royal Canin food every eighth

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Bay Kitten Pa ckages

The Bay H  essential p  gular cost £69.99 – Save 30% on re the year, in  n today vaccination la P e r  a c h lt Basic Kitten Package a e H t a  Join the C is package services. C th r o  f 9 .9 4 3 £ AND no m  9 and pay only ents of £14.9

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 se covering  purchase Superior vaccination cour

 flu, enteritis and leukaemia


HowMicdo I join? ck home rochip – to get your cat ba N TREATM ENT COSTS



issing Caton: m  as soon as possible after they go01524 770615

Joining is easy – just ask one of our receptionists today – it takes no more than a minute or two, and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet receives the very best in year-round preventative healthcare.


t lasting atmen Lancaster: Superior flea and worm tre 01524 32696 four weeks r specially byforou ed price comtopil 26%e compared purchase non-members. guid Kitten care *Save es

Yearly  vete rina

Health  mon ths

Morecambe: 01524 410867 Milnthorpe: 015395 62770

Vaccin  incl ude

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Six of the best

HISTORICAL BUILDINGS IN OUR AREA Living in the Lancaster district, a part of the UK with a long and interesting history, we are fortunate to have an abundance of historical buildings in and around the area. From many different periods of history each with its own unique story to tell, its highlights and some darker moments. In the first instalment of his ‘Six of the Best’ series, Features Writer Rob Bullock looks at six of the best historical houses in our area.


An earlier structure was constructed from wood in 1790 to aid in navigation towards the docks at Glasson close to Lancaster and the River Lune. Dark Moments - In 1803 when the wooden lighthouse was completely destroyed by a terrible fire. Highlights - An efficient manned electric light and rotation system was installed in 1953 to improve the lighthouse’s ability to guide mariners coming in to and out of Morecambe Bay.


Walney Lighthouse

Guarding the entrance to Morecambe Bay Walney Lighthouse is a working lighthouse located on the tip of Walney Island in Barrow-in-Furness. Although not currently habited it has been at various points in its history. The current building dates to the early 19thcentury and is Grade II* listed. It is the southernmost man-made structure in Cumbria.

Lancaster Castle

Lancaster Castle A MONUMENT OF NATIONAL IMPORTANCE Not really a house at all but people have lived on this site since Roman times. Although not that old parts of the present Lancaster Castle are still around a thousand years old and a historian’s dream. The castle is a Grade 1 Listed Building which occupies a city-centre hilltop location which has made it a military stronghold since Roman times, in fact there is evidence that tells us that there have been three successive Roman forts on the site. Lancaster Castle has been described by English Heritage as “not only the North-West’s most important historic and archaeological monument but also of international importance”. Owned by The Duchy of Lancaster (It might sound a bit odd but Her Majesty the Queen is the Duke of Lancaster), the castle has witnessed many scenes of significant historical, cultural and political impact throughout the centuries. The property first came into ownership of the Duchy of Lancaster over 750 years ago. Highlights - In 1206 the infamous King John held court at the castle when he received the French Ambassadors and King Alexander of Scotland. In 1851 Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, Prince of Wales and the royal children visited & in 1999 & 2015 Queen Elizabeth II visited.

Dark moments - In 1612 the Lancashire Witch Trials took place at Lancaster Castle - at the end of which a total of 10 innocent people were found guilty of witchcraft, sentenced to death and hanged on the moor above the town.

Leighton Hall HOME OF THE GILLOW FURNITURE DYNASTY The ancestral home of the world-renowned Gillow furniture family, stunning Leighton Hall, with its impressive grounds, near Carnforth is still lived in today. An historic building on this site dates back more than 750 years to 1246, when it is known that Adam D’Avranches had a fortified manor here. Since then there have been 26 owners of the property and only twice has the ownership passed by sale. Even now, the current owner is a descendant of that first recorded resident. Highlights - In 1822 Richard Gillow the founder of the famous furniture business Gillow & Co. of Lancaster bought Leighton Hall. Dark moments - In the 1715 Jacobite Rising the then owner of Leighton Hall one Albert Hodgson was taken at Preston and imprisoned, the hall was sacked and burned by government troops and Hodgson’s life interest in the property was confiscated.

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Abbot Hall

Over the years, Abbot Hall has developed an extremely popular and varied exhibition programme.


Abbot Hall HOME TO MASTERPIECES Home to a gallery and museum, the building of Abbot Hall, near Kendal, is historically important in its own right being a Grade I listed building. Built in 1759 by Colonel George Wilson, the second son of Daniel Wilson of Dallam Tower, who owned a large house and country estate nearby, it was built on the site of the old Abbots residence. Unfortunately, the architect of the hall is unknown. Highlights - In 2011 a triptych of Lady Anne Clifford, the influential English peeress who was born at Skipton Castle in 1590, entitled The Great Picture owned by the Lakeland Arts Trust went on display. Dark moments - During the early twentieth century the Grade I listed building fell into ruin and became dilapidated.


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I accept that this is not a currently habitable ‘house’ but as a historian I couldn’t resist including this magnificent example of our Roman past. Discovered and excavated in 1973/4, the Roman bath-house in Vicarage Field, Lancaster, must have formed one end of a large courtyard house in the area and was probably the home to an important Roman official. It is believed that the building containing the bath house was demolished around 340AD to make way for a new and massive stone fort. Clearly the dark moment was when it was demolished towards the end of Roman rule in Britain and the highlight was the uncovering of the bath house in the early 1970s. Here in the Lancaster district we are fortunate to have such a variety of historical houses that have helped historians to piece together what life must have been like for our ancestors. Visits to these houses are fun and informative. Please contact the specific houses for details of visiting times.

Sizergh (sy-zer), is an ancient Scandinavian name meaning ‘summer pasture or dairy farm’.

Sizergh Castle JOAN MARTIN

Sizergh Castle HISTORIC INTERIORS Grade I listed Sizergh Castle is now owned by the National Trust along with its impressive garden and estate. It is the home of the Hornyold-Strickland family. The earliest part of the building is a tower which dates from around the fourteenth century. Wrap up warm and enjoy a refreshing walk around the wider estate, or relax with a gentle stroll around the garden - finishing with a treat in the cafe. December – January the Café, shop and garden are open. The house re-opens 16th March 2019. Dark moments - In the 1890s the contents of the impressive Inlaid Chamber were sold to the Victoria and Albert Museum before being shipped off to London where it was displayed as a reconstructed period room. Highlights - The historic panelling was returned to Sizergh, where it belonged, in 1999 after a high-profile campaign under a long-term loan but in 2017 it was reported that transfer of ownership to the National Trust had been made formal. Don’t miss the Elizabethan inlaid Chamber, made with pale poplar and dark bog-oak, inlaid with floral and geometric patterns - one of the finest panelled rooms in England and the jewel in Sizergh’s crown.

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EASING THE FINANCIAL BURDON OF PET HEALTHCARE A New Year always seems to focus the mind on a depleted bank account and the struggle to make ends meet. Owning a pet is hugely rewarding, but in return for the love and attention they shower us with we have the added responsibility of ensuring that our pets have access to life-long healthcare. Sadly there is no NHS for pets and the costs of caring for a pet can be considerable. With the new Bay Healthcare Plan you can save money now. As with human healthcare, many animals afforded the advances in medicine and surgery can experience an improved quality of life and increased life expectancy. The benefits of life-long preventative care, such as vaccinations, anti-parasitic treatments and dietary improvements, are evident in the well nourished, healthy, gleaming pets seen all around us (Watching Oliver! over the Christmas period enhanced this image for me as poor Bullseye seems to have received very little of this care in his 1968 film portrayal!) But! It all costs money and working out how best to ensure we can afford their care is crucial. HEALTHCARE PLANS Good basic healthcare sets your pet on the best road to a long, happy, healthy life and can prevent future illnesses and disease which may cost far more than getting the basics right in the first place. Healthy pets need: A well balanced, nutritious diet, a healthy body conditioning score (weight management), annual vaccinations against life-threatening diseases, regular, effective, reliable worming and parasite treatments, neutering, regular veterinary health checks, good dental hygiene and grooming regimes, positive socialisation experiences and behaviour training, plenty of exercise and companionship. Veterinary practices give you all the support, advice and encouragement you need to fulfil each and everyone of these criteria. In terms of the costs incurred, however, more and more people are joining Healthcare Plans to pay these routine ongoing bills throughout the year in affordable monthly direct debit payments, hence easing the burden on your bank account and credit cards.


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COMBINING HEALTHCARE PLANS WITH PET INSURANCE Do bear in mind however; Healthcare Plans are not a substitute for pet insurance. Insurance is advised alongside any health plan as it covers the costs of emergency treatments, illnesses and the ongoing costs of treating lifelong and chronic conditions. One pet in three will require veterinary treatment this year. Perhaps this treatment will be a ‘one-off’ problem like broken bones after a road accident. It may equally be an ongoing problem like diabetes, a skin allergy or arthritis. As medical and surgical treatments become more advanced, inevitably the cost of first class veterinary care increases and in some cases becomes a limiting factor. This can be a heart-wrenching position to be in. Once again by paying another affordable monthly direct debit payment to an insurance company, it is possible to insure your pet against accident, illness and injury. All you then pay in the event of a problem is the excess on your policy. Take care when selecting an insurance policy. Be aware that some policies will only cover an illness for 12 months before cover stops, while others provide lifelong cover for ongoing conditions. Remember, some medical problems can be very expensive to treat, the daily cost of insurance is relatively low, tailor your cover to your needs and your means, start your insurance early before your pet develops any problems to avoid any exclusions. We recommend combining a Healthcare Plan with an insurance policy to give you absolute peace of mind for all your pet’s healthcare needs.

Inspiring trust, passion and care to deliver excellence to pets and their families.

Bay Healthcare Plan membership provides the most cost-effective way to give your pet everything they need to stay healthy Annual vaccinations, regular health checks, year-round parasite treatment and much more. DOGS (from £13 per month) CATS (£14.99 per month) RABBITS (£8.40 per month) Independent practice covering North Lancaster and South Cumbria regions - Pet transportation service - Free nurse clinics - 24/7 Emergency treatment provided by our own team - Comprehensive range of in house diagnostic and surgical equipment (Radiography, laboratory, dental, ECG, endoscope, blood pressure etc) - Referral appointments available in Orthopedics, Soft Tissue Surgery, Cardiology, Ultrasonography, MRI and CT Scanner

Bowerham Road LANCASTER LA1 3AJ 01524 32696

194 Lancaster Road MORECAMBE LA4 5TL 01524 410867

12 The Square MILNTHORPE LA7 7QJ 015395 62770

20 Hornby Road CATON LA2 9QS 01524 770615

We are a growing independent veterinary practice, with tailored health care for your pet. This is delivered by our passionate and knowledgeable team, in a versatile, supportive and welcoming environment where everyone is valued. We look after your pet throughout their life from everyday health advice to emergency help and expert referral care.

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soul star balance & harmony - sole to soul

Book now call Janie on 07862 222021

M a s s a g e s - F acials - Waxing - Hol i stic & Bea uty Trea tments CIDESCO, CIBTAC and ITEC Holistic and Beauty Therapist. IAIM Certified and BABTAC insured, infant Massage Instructor. Previously employed as senior therapist at Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Salon in Mayfair where I dealt exclusively with the wealthy and famous clients. Decleor, Sisley and Prada working with John Lewis, Peter Jones, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Prada of Bond Street.


The original Lancaster running store



And many more including Ronhill, Inov, Silva, Sportjock, pro tech, Hilly, OMM, Mizuno, Brooks & Science in Sport.

Lune Valley Physiotherapy Specialist experience working with tightness and scarring after surgery, injury and radiotherapy. 20+ years in oncology and palliative care.

Stiff and sore after a broken bone?

Diagnosed with Cancer?

Living with Had a stroke, Had a joint Parkinson’s? operation or accident? replacement?

Registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists and the Health and Care Professionals’ Council

Contact Leah on 07934 785 797 or email: 64

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3 Invisible Hearing


3 Tinnitus




£250 OFF


3 Servicing & Tuning 3 Batteries





3 Custom

Hearing Protection



3 Latest Hearing







Drop in for a chat, or call us on 01524 587623

139 St. Leonard’s Gate, Lancaster LA1 1NL

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What’sSkinbase his secret?


Microdermabrasion SkinBase microdermabrasion fo r men. For Men

The Facial

treats ingrown hairs, Effectively treatsEffectively ingrown hairs, stubble ras h and blackheads. stubble rash and blackheads. During During treatm ent aluminium oxide crycrystals stals are blasted aluminium oxide onto the skin,treatment delivering an

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With a course ing. With course of treatments it of tre atmaent ; reduces open pores and fine ines, improves can skin reduce pores, target fine tonopen e and removes pigme lines and acne scaring, improve tone ntation.

Gent’s Hair & GroomingBefore Service

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atment for my acne, the FOR fantastic. Unexpectedly al improvement with the now to book Wilcox ehead. Call Oliver

MEN After

your appointment 01524 745 770 Lancaster District Magazine


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ASTHMA ATTACKS Ten million per year Every three seconds someone in the UK could be having a potentially life-threatening asthma attack, according to new research from Asthma UK The new analysis, based on the lived experience of more than 10,000 people with asthma, reveals that the total number of asthma attacks happening every year in the UK could be more than 10 million - much higher than other research suggests.2 Asthma UK, which has today launched new asthma attack advice for the 5.4 million people with the respiratory condition, suggests that many asthma attacks could be avoided if those with the condition understood the warning signs that an asthma attack was about to strike - and sought help. The charity’s research revealed that on average, adults and children with asthma reported having two asthma attacks every year - a much higher number than existing figures suggest. Asthma UK says its findings suggest the need for more research into people’s experience of asthma attacks to ensure that health advice and services are meeting the needs of people with the condition. Every asthma attack is potentially life-threatening, and three people die from one every day in the UK.3

What exactly is Asthma? Asthma is a long-term condition that affects someone’s airways – the tubes that carry air in and out of their lungs - causing them to narrow and making it harder to breathe. More than 77,000 people were admitted to hospital for an asthma attack last year.4 Asthma symptoms can vary over time. For example, cold air, coughs and colds and grass pollen can make symptoms worse. This makes it difficult for people with asthma to assess whether their symptoms are worsening because they’ve temporarily come into contact with a trigger, which they can manage with their reliever inhaler (usually blue), or whether their symptoms are developing into an asthma attack. An actual asthma attack can leave people gasping for breath and at worst can be fatal. But Asthma UK says that if people need to use their reliever inhaler three or more times a week, are waking up at night because of their asthma and have symptoms such as wheezing or a cough that is worsening or interfering with their work or day-to-day activities, they should contact their GP for advice.


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They should be particularly mindful of worsening symptoms if they have previously been prescribed oral steroids for an asthma attack as this means they are more at risk of having another attack in the future.

Stay well when living with Asthma The best way for people to stay well with their asthma year-round is to take their preventer inhaler (usually brown) every day as it builds up protection in their airways over time preventing them becoming inflamed and susceptible to an asthma attack. Asthma UK offers health advice on its website with warning signs of asthma attacks and what to do if you think you are having one. Hairdresser Kelly May, 31, says she has had hundreds of asthma attacks since she was a one-year-old. “People think that asthma isn’t serious, but it’s terrifying for those around me. The aftermath of an asthma attack can also be exhausting and horrible – it can take me weeks until I feel normal again. In winter, I must be especially careful as the slightest cold can put me in hospital fighting for my life.” Dr Andy Whittamore, Clinical Lead at Asthma UK, says: “It is shocking to think that every three seconds in the UK someone could be having an asthma attack, a terrifying experience than can cause distress and in some cases prove fatal. Asthma attacks do not come out of the blue and if people recognise the tell-tale signs that an attack is about to strike they can get the help that could save their life. “We’re urging everyone with asthma to visit our health advice pages so they can understand what to do if an asthma attack is impending or strikes and get medical advice.” Find out more at

GDC Reg No 149757

At Pro-Tech Dental Laboratories in Morecambe, we make natural looking dentures to suit our clients needs. We provide services in the Morecambe, Lancaster and surrounding areas.

40 Albert Road | Morecambe | LA4 4HF

DENTURE MANUFACTURING, REPAIR, REPLACEMENT & CLEANING Pro-Tech Dental is a family owned dental laboratory providing natural looking dentures, as well as denture repairs direct to the public. We are a team of qualified professionals and have been in this field for 55 years. We work alongside both the private sector and the National Health Service (NHS).

01524 833129

LAKELAND HEARING Hear well and Live

Well with advanced digital hearing aids

from Vicky Kirkwood of Lakeland Hearing

Call me Vicky Kirkwood 01524 824 594 or 07890 377 054 | Centres in Kendal, Lancaster, Carnforth and Appleby Vicky Kirkwood, Audiologist and Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser with 28 years’ experience

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Prescribed Homeopa

HEALTH PREVENTION The choice is in your hands


Dawn Keyse Local Homeopath with over 20 years experience, shares her thoughts on looking after your health. Imagine you are a big jug. Your wide neck is wide open to the heavens and ready to capture anything that comes your way; Rain, sleet, leaves from trees, dust, pollen, all manner of solid and liquid substances, traffic pollution, sunlight. Just imagine! Well, you are not a jug and what enters into your body isn’t as random as that. You are to a certain extent, in charge of what you choose to take in, including both positive and negatively influencing substances. We may not be able to choose the environment we live in, but we possess a filter system that begins even beyond our skin with our energy field that some would refer to as our aura. Our skin can act as a barrier to the outside world and so can other external orifices such as eyes, nose, ears, mouth. Our whole body/mind is a self-organising mechanism that is miraculously and tremendously complicated. But the principle is simple. If we endeavour to keep our intake as clean, natural, nourishing, positive and self serving as we can, by using our flexible, semi-porous, semi-permeable membrane as a filter, then our overall health will benefit. The same principle applies to what we choose to let go of, recognising that we are also designed to be selfcleansing and self-healing. So if negative influences do make their way past our filter system, we can assimilate what we can make good use of, and utilise our organs of elimination which include bowel, skin, nose, mouth, eyes and ears to get rid of the rubbish. If you accept this as a simplistic explanation of how we operate, then it will make sense to take care of this organism that is us, and because it is us, it loves us and never works against us. And we can love it back by offering it fewer challenges that overwhelm and make cleaner choices over what fuel we are offering as a resource. The care that I am suggesting can be referred to as Preventative Health Care. For some of us, it has gone beyond keeping the organism clean and unchallenged. We are now in the business of mopping up mistakes we have made in the past regarding food choices, dehydrating habits and negative lifestyles. It’s a good time to start reversing this now at this time of year, and your 70 trillion cells will thank you and reward you. True prevention though begins well before that. We can avoid many symptoms of severe chronic illness by doing it differently with our children, with our babies, for the foetus in the womb and even further back in the chain by looking at the health of the parents pre-conception. The best place to start is here and now. Let’s raise awareness


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Free talk on Natural Nutrition

Including how to incorporate change in a way that is sustainable for the whole family and will turn your health around. March 12 at 7pm or March 16 at 2.30pm. Just turn up. Follow up is a 3 hour workshop called Bridging the Nutritional Gap. March 30th at 10am. £45. Booking required. All at Halton Mill

07515 426670 amongst parents and teachers, let’s offer education and fostering of healthy habits to our school children, let’s get healthy principles adopted by businesses. Go through this checklist and ensure you are working towards consistently offering these resources to yourself and your offspring: Pure and plain water (around 2 litres for adults in addition to flavoured and hot drinks) Essential Fatty Acids (from good quality, organic, cold pressed oils) Whole, unprocessed foods that are seasonal, local, colourful and organic where possible Quality supplements as a backdrop to food Movement and exercise Relaxation, fresh air and deep breathing Opportunity for quality sleep Love, hope, compassion and a sense of purpose Personally, I find it essential to work with a wise guide or two to help me understand my physical and mentalemotional blocks and challenges. We are very fortunate to have a wide choice of practitioners locally who are bodywork therapists or talking therapists or who combine both in some instances. Good health for 2019!


LOCAL EVENTS GUIDE Find out what events and regular groups are happening in the local area, view a map of event venues and search events by category.

nts evalleover THE


You can add your Event or Local Group by submitting the online form. It’s FREE!

DISTRICT Custom Wigs

Hair ation e t In rgr

Adama’s Hair & Beauty

Profes sional Weave

Amazin g Wigs


We also offer nails, tanning, waxing & makeup - Highly qualified staff with over 20 yrs experience

6 QUEEN STREET MORECAMBE - 01524 401219 - Find us on FACEBOOK

Children’s dance classes St Christopher’s in Morecambe on Tuesdays Victoria institute in Caton on Thursdays

BALLET, TAP, ACRO GYMNASTICS STAGE AND SONG, FREESTYLE A large range of dance lessons from highly qualified and experienced teachers, for children 3-18yrs. Opportunity to take part in exams, shows, festivals and progress to our elite dance training program.



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A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO INJURY MANAGEMENT & PREVENTION At Versatile Clinic we have a team of fully qualified professionals for physiotherapy, sports therapy, strength and conditioning, pilates, acupuncture, Alexander technique and yoga, we combine our unique range of skills to create a truly holistic approach to injury management and prevention. With state of the art innovative equipment to accurately assess your problems including optogait, we have fully intergrated software programs designed for clinical assessment, exercise prescription with video, consultant and GP referral as required.

All our staff genuinely go the extra mile to help local people get back to moving freely again. We have three clinics, Kirkby Lonsdale, Morecambe & Carnforth. We introduce our highly qualified staff team, who are on hand to help and support you where you need them most.

Leanne qualified from Sheffield Hallam University in 1999 with a BSc in Physiotherapy. Since graduating, she has worked within a wide range of NHS and private clinical settings. She is an experienced and highly skilled physiotherapist and particularly enjoys treating sports injuries and spinal conditions using a range of (“hands on�) and acupuncture in clients rehabilitation. Her range of sports injury knowledge is extensive from working at Sedbergh School for many years. She has also extended her skills and is a trained (APPI) Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute instructor. Physiotherapy - Mon 8:30 to 5pm and Fri 1 to 4pm & Pilates - Mon 1:30 to 2:30pm

Alex qualified from Queens College, Glasgow in 1991 with a BSc in Physiotherapy. Since graduating, she has worked within the NHS setting in the south and north of England and providing physiotherapy to a wide range patients. Alex established her private clinic Morecambe Bay Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic in 2007. The clinic has grown quickly and developed a reputation with clients, doctors and consultants for providing an excellent physiotherapy service within Morecambe, Lancaster, Kirkby Lonsdale and Sedbergh area. In 2014 she opened the Versatile Clinic in Carnforth. The aim to provide a wider range of services including podiatry, Pilates, yoga and Neuro physiotherapy. For Alex it is important that people are seen quickly after initial injury, thus preventing the more chronic complications that occur when conditions remain untreated. Alex has been working as an Extended Scope Physiotherapist within the NHS since May 2018 and is also a trained (APPI) Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute instructor. Physiotherapy - Mon 8:45 to 11am and 12:45 to 4pm | Tue 11:30 to 6pm and Thursday 2 to 4:30pm Pilates Class - Tue 6:30 to 7:30 Thur 5 to 6pm and 6:15 to 7:15pm

Robin qualified in 2015 from the University of Birmingham, gaining a first class BSc Honours Degree. This is quite an achievement after spending time at the clinic as a student on work experience in 2010. She works fulltime in the NHS and works an evening clinic at Versatile for those clients who need an appointment after work. Her skills and expertise are across the whole range of muscular and skeletal problems. Clinic hours: Thursday, 5:30pm to 7:30pm


Lancaster District Magazine


Alasdair has been working in Sports Therapy since graduating UCLAN with a BSc in Sports Therapy in 2011. However, he has worked within the sports industry since 2001. He is a highly skilled therapist working mainly maual therapy, massage, and rehabilitation services and will perform a full body assessment on all clients before treating them. He specialises in lower limb injuries specific to running and continues to further his training as well as staying up to date with developments in clinical practice. He is a fully insured member of The Society of Sports Therapists. Alasdair is a high performing long distance runner, taking part in local, UK and International racing. Clinic hours: Tuesday 3:30pm to 7:30pm

Pam has been a registered British Wheel of Yoga teacher since 2011. Her journey started however in 1999 after feeling the pressure of stress in the workplace. Since then, it has become a passion. Pam after trying different types of yoga, now practices and teaches Hatha Yoga. Pam encourages her students to ignore how they look in posture but explore how their body feels and dissolve tension through Yoga moves and meditation. Classes: Wednesday 5:30pm and 7pm (Pre booking essential)

Louise has been practicing Qi Gong (“chee-gong”), a form of Tai Chi and meditation for many years and has been teaching here at the clinic, for the last year. This ancient Chinese form of exercise will increase your flexibility, strength and well being. The class is open to all ages, abilities and ‘drop in’ is available, so no booking required. Class: Thursday 9:30am to 10:45am

Versatile Physiotherapy Clinic is here to help you move more freely Versatile Clinic is part of Morecambe Bay Physiotherapy Ltd. We offer both classes & tailor made treatment options. Come & feel the difference with our professional friendly clinicians. Testimonial: ‘I have had the privilege of working with many excellent physiotherapists throughout my career. There is no finer physiotherapist in my opnion than Alex. Her standards and professionalism are exemplary. When my nearest and dearest have needed physiotherapy, I ask Alex to help!’ Dr. Philip Batty - Medical Director and Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine, Isokinectic Medical Group

w w w. v e r s a t i l e c l i n i c . c o . u k

Versatile Clinic - Carnforth 01524 733033

Lyne Riggs Estate, Lancaster Road, Carnforth, LA5 9EA

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Our resident health expert Dr Juliet McGrattan shares her top tips on how to return to exercise after having the flu. It’s flu season, and the dreaded virus is most definitely doing the rounds. Those new year resolutions to get fit go by the wayside when flu hits and you can barely lift your head off the pillow, let alone lift a kettlebell! So, how long should you wait after the flu before you get back to exercise? It’s a good question, and there is certainly no ‘one-size fits all’ answer, but there are some general principles and guidelines that you might find helpful. Firstly, ask yourself these questions: How ill have you been? Have you really had flu or just a heavy cold? A proper influenza illness will totally knock the stuffing out of you. We’re talking bed bound days with fevers and shivers, complete exhaustion and a whole range of symptoms from sore throats and headaches to muscle pains and vomiting. This is obviously going to need a lot longer recovery time than a few days sneezing into a tissue. The longer you’ve been unwell and the more unwell you’ve been, then the longer it’s going to take you to get better. It sounds obvious but sometimes we’re unrealistic and have the wrong expectations of ourselves. You’re simply not going to be able to hop straight back to exercising a few days after you’ve had flu, but you might after a simple cold.


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Are you fully better? When you’ve felt genuinely hideous, then as soon as you start to feel a bit better, you may suddenly feel you can take on the world. There is, however, better and properly better. If you’re still having occasional high temperatures, coughing up phlegm or not back to your normal diet, then although intermittently you feel ok and you’re heaps better than you were, you’re not ready. You need to wait a bit longer. Realistically it’s going to be at least a couple of weeks after the flu before you can get back to exercising, it may even be longer. You need to be able to get through your normal daily activities comfortably before you exert yourself too much. So, if you’re still at the point when having a shower and getting dressed is wiping you out, then don’t even think about it. If you can get through a day at work as you normally would then it’s a green light to exercise. What are the dangers of exercising too soon? It’s pretty frustrating when you can’t exercise, especially if you’ve just developed a good routine or are following a training plan and have a goal in mind. Tempting though it is to just plough on, it’s worth being patient and waiting a few extra

HEALTH days. Pushing yourself too soon may reduce your immune response, and you can end up being unwell for longer. When you’re ill, your heart rate is faster than normal, particularly if you have a fever or are a bit dehydrated. Adding the extra exertion of vigorous exercise will push your heart rate up further which can make you feel light headed or even induce a harmful irregularity in the heart rhythm. A useful marker of this is your resting heart rate which you should measure first thing in the morning before you get out of bed. When you are ill your resting heart rate will rise, so making sure it’s back to your normal is a good way to establish when you’re ready to get back to training. Here are 5 simple steps to guide you back into exercise: 1. Make sure you are fully better. See the advice above. 2. Ease back in. Be sensible, use your common sense. Start with something very low intensity like a short walk and gradually build up over a couple of weeks. Be patient, it will pay off. 3. Get extra rest. Your body has been busy healing itself from illness so once you add a training load then you need to give it some TLC and allow extra rest and sleep for restorative processes. If you feel over tired, then cut back.

It sounds obvious but sometimes we’re unrealistic and have the wrong expectations of ourselves. You’re simply not going to be able to hop straight back to exercising a few days after you’ve had flu, but you might after a simple cold.

5. Lose the guilt. Illness happens to everyone. Don’t let it ruin your good intentions. All is not lost. It won’t take long to get your fitness back. Just stay positive. “There’s more on whether you should exercise when you’re ill and returning to exercise after common illnesses in my book Sorted: The Active Women’s Guide to Health, published by Bloomsbury”

4. Nourish yourself. Don’t forget the importance of eating well. You may have lost weight and used up energy stores during your illness and your body needs good building blocks to repair itself. Pack your diet with fresh vegetables and fruits and drink plenty of water.

Lancaster District Magazine

For more inspiration, motivation & information to help keep you active & healthy go to www.

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Courtyard The

at St John’s Hospice


Serving delicious homemade cakes and bakes, freshly ground coffee and a fine selection of locally sourced hot and cold food, prepared fresh to order.

All proceeds to St John's Hospice.

10% O with FF th flyer is !*

The Courtyard Café at St John’s Hospice Slyne Road, Lancaster, LA2 6ST

Tel: 01524 382538

Visit us online: /thecourtyardatstjohns * Present this advert at time of payment for 10% off your food and drink bill. Each advert may only be used once. One flyer per visit. Expires on 31/07/19. The Courtyard Café is VAT registered No. 296 4192 66

All our Spa Days include use of the Sandpiper Health Club facilities including pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and outside hot tub. A fluffy robe and slippers are provided for your day.

P A M P E R D AY S F R O M £ 4 9 BODY BOOSTER SPA DAY Full body scrub Mini facial Back neck & shoulder massage 2 course lunch with a glass of Prosecco £75 per person

Quote Lancaster District and receive 10% off this spa day.

MINI PAMPER DAY Afternoon tea or 2 course lunch Back & shoulder massage or mini facial £49 per person GIFT VOUCHERS Treat your friends & family to a spa day gift voucher from £49

TO B O O K C A L L 01 524 5 8 5 1 8 5 Sandpiper Health Club at Lancaster House, Green Lane, Ellel, Lancaster LA1 4GJ *£10 supplement per person for Saturday & Sunday. All Spa Days are subject to availability. Full payment required at time of booking. Cancellation policy applies.


A perfect weekend away


Lisbon is a city that just makes you want to go exploring, to discover whatever might appear in every neighbourhood or on every street. Why not choose a spring weekend away when the mild weather, warm sun and blooming trees offer a welcome break from the cold of home. Lisbon is an old city with a lot to interest history buffs. But it has a contemporary side too with so much to discover. With only a weekend in the Portuguese capital why not choose a topic or a theme to explore it? There is quite a choice: Roman Lisbon, Manueline, Baroque or Romantic Lisbon, literary Lisbon, the Lisbon of Bohemian nightlife, the city of Fado or even the beach! There are also very different ways of exploring Lisbon: by foot, by tram, by segway, by hop-on-hop-off bus, in a tuk tuk, seen from the river on a boat trip or from the other side, after crossing the Tagus on a cacilheiro ferry... the suggestions are endless. A day of culture Lisbon is a city of history and culture. There are many interesting historical sites in Lisbon that you have to try and visit on your weekend away, though you may not be able to fit them all in! Interestingly, many of them are undergound! The Palácio Fronteira is sited near the city’s Benfica area, which is famous for its football team. It is a beautiful mansion that is known for its stunning 17thcentury tiled panels. A hop across to the other side of the city is the Panteão Nacional-Church of Santa Engrácia where the tombs and cenotaphs of many eminent Portuguese citizens are situated. Heading underground again, under the streets in the Baixa, which is the central district, lie the foundations of a 13th-century wall, the D. Dinis Wall, which can be viewed as part of a permanent exhibition. Back into the daylight, Igreja do Carmo is one of the few buildings to have withstood the great earthquake of 1755 and is well worth seeing and perhaps taking a selfie at.


Lancaster District Magazine


One subterranean historical site that should not be missed is the Núcleo Arqueológico which is sited under a bank of all places – don’t tell any cat burglars! Staying in the dark, over towards Alfama, the Sé de Lisboa Cloisters surround the foundations of a Moorish mosque. In fact, the excavations are linked to the Museu do Teatro Romano, sited further up the hill where the ruins of a Roman theatre can be viewed. If you are interested in unusual sights, why not head out of the city centre to the Museu da Água Príncipe Real-Reservatório da Patriarcal, this is a 19th-century reservoir and cistern complex, again it is hidden underground! Bars and Nightlife After spending so much time underground you might be ready to let your hair down. On a weekend away you will need to make the most of every minute, so why not go out at night and enjoy Lisbon’s famous nightlife. You’ll find dozens of bars and nightclubs with live music, bands, DJs and even karaoke all within a short distance of the city centre. Lisbon is a city where it is easy to mingle with the friendly residents, and you know that if they’re there then it has got to be good and not overpriced! There are many places where the Lisbonites have been enjoying the city’s nightlife for generations. Seeing the genuine Lisbon is so easy to do in this city when whole neighbourhoods are converted to fun after dark in the spirit of bohemia. Be warned, Lisbonite’s are night owls and the city’s nightlife always starts in the bars after dinner, usually starting to fill up at around 11 pm, in the centre of the city at least. Things start to get lively at around

GETTING THERE Lisbon is easy to get to with regular non-stop flights from Manchester with Ryanair and Tap Air Portugal.

midnight with many clubs only opening their doors at around 2 am. And the fun is guaranteed all through the night until sunrise. Lisbon is a safe and friendly destination for a night out. Why not check out in advance where the best places are to dance until morning? Or why not ask the locals! A day on the beach After partying the night away why not while away the hours the next day on the beach? Surrounding Lisbon are some of Portugal’s finest beaches. The region’s beaches extend along four very different coastlines, and range from wild surfing beaches, through to calm family-oriented beaches and charming resort towns. A perfect way to spend part of your weekend away in Lisbon. Here are a couple of suggestions; Praia da Adraga is a North Atlantic beach in Portugal, near to the town of Almoçageme, Sintra. It has been popular amongst British tourist for years because of its status as a “Blue Flag beach” which has good access for people with disability problems. It has an excellent restaurant and a very good emergency service system, although it is hard to reach by public transport. Praia da Poça, is a lovely sandy beach which is enclosed between two coastal cliffs. It is located in São João do Estoril, near Forte Velho. The beach has easy access from the Marginal coast road, with a big car park and a

pedestrian area that connects the beach to numerous bars and café terraces. Where to stay There is no shortage of places to stay, from historic buildings and palaces to excellent independent hostels in and around Portugal’s capital city. And, if you’re visiting for a spring weekend away then there are real bargains to be had in the off-season. Here’s a small selection: Located in the oldest part of the capital, the Santiago de Alfama has 19 rooms which are all different whilst celebrating the best of Portugal, from the modern art on the walls to the Claus Porto soaps in the bathrooms. An atmospheric hotel café spills out onto the cobbled street. Built in 1959 by the dictator Salazar to prove that Lisbon could do luxury as well as any other European capital the luxurious Four Seasons is still going strong more than half a century later with its renowned excellent levels of service. The Valverde Hotel is on Lisbon’s most picturesque boulevard. This charming boutique hotel’s 25 rooms and suites overlook the capital’s characteristic red roofs. Interiors behind the beautifully preserved 19th-century façade draw together the very best art, porcelain, fabrics and marble from around the country, creating a national showcase. A real treat at a reasonable price.

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Holbeck Ghyll is the ideal location for your perfect day with 22 Acres of gardens, award winning restaurant, 32 individually styled bedrooms and the most incredible view. For a day like no other, choose a venue like no other...

T: +44(0) 1539 432 375 E:

view from hotel

Holbeck Lane, Windermere, LA23 1LU

Middle Holly Cottage Traditional Tea Room and B&B Valentine’s themed Afternoon Teas 14th - 28th February FREE

Tea or coffee for two people

Valid February 14th until 31st March 2019

Check our website for the latest information NEW OPENING HOURS 10AM - 4PM THURSDAY TO SATURDAY

01524 792399 Middle Holly Cottage, Middle Holly, Forton, PR3 1AH


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Recipe from

Serves: 4

FRUITY YORKSHIRE PUDDING INGREDIENTS Sunflower oil For the Batter 100g plain flour 2 eggs 75ml water 200ml milk

For the pudding filling 80g blueberries

1tsp vanilla extract For the stewed apples 3 red apples, peeled and diced 4tbsp brown sugar

50g white chocolate chunks To serve Vanilla Ice Cream Fresh mint

1tsp cinnamon

A very different way to serve up dessert, why not try this sweet and fruity Yorkshire pudding on British Yorkshire Pudding Day, February 3rd?

Icing sugar

METHOD Whisk together the flour, eggs, milk, vanilla and water, until smooth and then transfer to a jug. Chill the batter for at least 20 minutes, or overnight if possible. Remove from the fridge ten minutes before using. When you’re ready to cook the pudding, preheat the oven to 220ºC / 428ºF / or gas mark 7. Peel and dice the apples, add to a saucepan. Add the cinnamon, sugar and a splash of water, place over a medium heat until the apples have softened and they appear caramelised. This should take around 5-8 minutes. Once this stage is complete place to one side and allow to cool. Pour 4 tbsp of sunflower oil into an 18-20 cm round oven proof dish and set to one side. Pop a baking tray into the oven to heat up for about 10 minutes, this is to place the dish onto.

Place the oven proof dish into the oven on the preheated baking tray and heat for around 8-10 minutes. While the dish is heating, mix the apples, blueberries and white chocolate chips into the batter mixture in the jug. Remove the hot tray and baking dish carefully from the oven, then pour half the batter mixture into the dish. Put back into the oven for 16 minutes, or until the pudding is golden brown and risen well. Don’t be tempted to open the door before it’s ready, as this will cause the pudding to sink. Remove the pudding from the baking dish, then repeat steps 4, 5 and 7 with the other half of the batter. Cut each pudding into two slices and pop each onto serving plates, add a scoop of ice cream on top, lightly dust with icing sugar and garnish with a sprig of mint.

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The perfect place for a relaxing lunch or tea & cake shopping break. We serve delicious home baked scones & cakes, a varied mouthwatering menu to cater for all, including; vegetarian, gluten free & dairy.

01524 843312

28 Sun Street - Lancaster

g A Bakin y Birthda Party £15 per person (4-12 guests) Suitable for all ages

Bake and decorate a box of cupcakes from scratch


In the New CountryBarn at Greenlands Farm Village | Call now 07908 110773 “ Our great tasting milk comes from cows given the freedom to graze. That’s way so many are joining our free range herd - it tastes so good in glass bottles too.” #feelgoodmilk

Find out more: Call Chris on 01524 388688 stephensonsfd

Royal Ginger & Chilli Margarita by The Crypt at The Royal Kings Arms, Lancaster

35ml Calle 23 Tequila 15ml Pierre Ferrand Orange Curacao 25ml Chilli Syrup 25ml Freshly squeezed lime juice Garnish with a dehydrated lime wheel and an edible pansy and serve with candied chillies.


Lancaster District Magazine


This winter warmer goes particularly well with a selection of spicy chorizo, olives and other tasty tapas.

C o C k ta i l B a r & E at E r i E

Throughout January and February, sample our exceptional food and signature cocktails with the benefit of some great New Year offers. OPEN Monday – Sunday, 5pm – late OFFErS availablE Monday – Thursday, 5pm – 9pm

2-4-1 Cocktails & Dishes

Buy your first cocktail, get the second FREE

Two delicious dishes for the price of one!

FOLLOW US @TheCryptRoyalKingsArmsLancaster @RoyalKingsArmsHotelLancs

Our Cocktail Masterclass – an ideal gift or night out with friends Your evening will kick off with a glass of bubbly and complimentary plate of ‘Pizzatinis’, after which our fully trained staff teach you how to make three cocktails that are yours to enjoy. £30 per person, or £40 including 4 delicious dishes for every two people sharing.

Royal Kings Arms Hotel 75 Market Street, Lancaster LA1 1JG Tel: 01524 32451

*These offers are available throughout January and February 2019. Terms & conditions apply. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Recipe from


Beetroot are packed full of nutrients like iron, manganese, copper, potassium, and magnesium. They have been used for medicinal purposes from the Middle Ages.

2 large golden beetroot 1 sheet puff pastry


1 handful spinach

1. For the stuffing, create breadcrumbs by placing the sourdough bread in a food processor. Add the pistachios and pulse to break them up. Add the eggs and salt, blend to bring together, add the veg stock gradually to ensure the mix doesn’t get too wet. Remove from the bowl and fold in the cheese and figs taking care to leave chunks of cheese.

2 garlic cloves 1 sprig thyme 1 egg and a splash of milk For the Stuffing 130g sourdough bread 2 eggs 50ml vegetable stock 25g pistachios 55g Lancashire cheese (in pieces) 75g figs, chopped

2. To create the cooking liquor, on a medium heat sweat the sliced shallot in the olive oil in a large saucepan, don’t let it colour. Add the five spice, garlic, thyme and bay leaf and continue to sweat for 1 minute.

Pinch salt Cooking liquor for purple beetroot 1ltr water 150ml white wine vinegar 125g honey

Add the honey, white wine vinegar and the water and bring to the boil. Add the purple beetroot and cook for 30 minutes or until the beetroot is almost cooked. Allow the liquor to cool with the beetroot in it. For best flavour allow to marinade overnight in the fridge.

1tsp chinese 5 spice 50ml olive oil 1 small shallot, sliced 1tsp salt 1 large sprig thyme 1 bay leaf 1 clove garlic, crushed


Lancaster District Magazine


3. To prepare the golden beetroot, pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees centigrade. Wash the golden beetroot and place on a foil lined baking tray with two crushed garlic cloves and a sprig of thyme. Season with salt. Cover with foil to make an envelope. Bake for 30 – 40 minutes or until the beetroot is softening and almost cooked, then peel it. 4. To build and cook the Wellington, preheat the oven to 180 degrees centigrade. Lay the sheet of puff pastry out. Spread the stuffing out evenly on the sheet leaving a 2cm border around the edges. Scatter the spinach evenly over the stuffing. Place the beetroot in a line along the sheet and fold the pastry over to cover. Press the pastry together to form a seal. Brush with egg wash. Bake for 45 minutes or until the pastry is cooked.


Morecambe’s Newly Refurbished Gin Whiskey & Cask Ale Bar.

Welcome to The Masons, Morecambe’s newly refurbished bar, with BT Sport & Sky Sports, a pool table and darts board, open plan seating and an under cover outdoor seating area. We are Morecambe’s most social pub! Food coming soon and your dog is welcome too.

J OI N US ON SA T URD A Y FEB 23rd - 8 PM Dave 5 presents a evening of SKA, REGGAE, Rocksteady

1 4 Q UEEN S TRE E T MORE CAM B E , L A4 5 E G Lancaster District Magazine

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L A N C A STER H O USE E V ENTS We’ve got lots going on, from band tribute nights, gripping murder mysteries, jazz nights and much more!

Freddie Mercury Tribute Night Saturday 16th February, 7.30pm

Freddie Mercury tribute will be hosting a night full off classic music such as ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ whilst you indulge in a 3 course dinner in our Bowland Suite.

Tickets for the event are £39.00 per person, inclusive of a 3 course dinner.

Wedding Showcase Sunday 24th February, 12noon - 3.00pm Come and chat to some of Lancashire’s leading wedding suppliers. Taste samples of the wedding menus and Sandemans cocktails. Meet the Wedding & Events Co-ordinator and see the suites dressed for a real life wedding.

This is a free of charge event.

How To Murder A Millionaire Murder Mystery Saturday 2nd March, 7.30pm It is 1956, Millicent Montague is throwing a party to celebrate the release of her latest Hollywood blockbuster. “How to Murder a Millionaire”. All the stars will be there and Millicent is hoping that she will be able to put the past behind her. But you can be sure that someone has a grudge to bear. But would they kill because of it?

Tickets for the event are £35.00 per person, inclusive of a 3 course dinner. LANCASTER HOUSE | GREEN LANE | LANCASTER LA1 4GJ 01524 844 822 / WEBSITE:

Introducing the newest Lake District Spa with luxury treatments and breath-taking views over England’s longest lake, Windermere. If you are looking to sneak some precious free time out of a packed schedule to catch up with friends or enjoy a surprise romantic break, come and enjoy this exclusive offer. 2 Hour Thermal Journey for 2 (plus our fabulous 30 minute Mud Treatment)

ONLY £99 Cover yourself head to toe in natural and mineral rich Dead Sea mud. Sit back and relax in the dry heat and steam of our mud room leaving you feeling calm and your skin beautifully exfoliated.  Includes use of our Spa facilities including Salt Room, Relaxation Lounge, Infinity Pool, Coconut Steam Room and more. Robe and Slippers provided. Why not add Afternoon Tea or Lunch and make a real day of it.

Call 015394 39303 to book. Low Wood Bay Resort & Spa, Ambleside Road, LA23 1LP

Ted Baker Performance Suits

You Don’t Have To Go To These Lengths To Get The New Spring | Summer Collections

01524 63981 54 NORTH ROAD | LANCASTER | LA1 1LT

JOSEPH+CO | Located in the Heart of the Beautiful Historic City of Lancaster


We invite you to browse the exclusive collections at Renes Fashion.

WE NOW STOCK EMPORIO ARMANI Style isn’t expensive : it is priceless!

23-25 COMMON GARDEN STREET, LANCASTER, LA1 1XD | 0 1 5 2 4 3 2 9 7 1

w w w. re n e s fa s h i o n . co . u k

Stylish interiors for everyone


Up to

8 years old

VIVA Interiors

In stock NOW





12a - 13a Dalton Square | Lancaster | 01524 843000 Lancaster District Magazine

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V & ale M ay o ntin Fl the e’s ow r ’ er s s


FONT 2 Print Clearly


New & old vintage artefacts, collectable china & interior accessories




FONT 2 SAME Print Clearly DAY



New & old vintage artefacts, collectable china & interior accessories

Your No. 1 Local Florist in Lancaster for quality fresh flowers hand-delivered to your door, offering both great customer service and competitive prices. SEASONAL around ELEMENTS the corner We send flowers and around the World!

SEASONAL ELEMENTS Nick Dagger Photography

Dalton Square Florist




New Street - Lancaster

| 01524 846097



74 P e n n y S t r e e t L a n c a s t e r , L A1 1X N

Collectables A unique mixCollectables of handpicked vintage & contemporary items, silver jewellery, studio glass, Emma Bridgewater & Susie Watson, plus a cute selection of Street, Jelly Cats! Our 74 Penny Lancaster vintage finds are constantly changing and include Moorcroft, Beswick, Royal Doulton, Poole Pottery, Sylvac and more.

IT’S FREE 74 Penny Street, Lancaster

W W W . P E N N Y S T R E E T C O L L E C TA B L E S . C O M - 0 7 9 17 7 6 2 5 4 6

74 Penny Street, Lancaster

74 Penny Street, FindLancaster out what

LOCAL EVENTS GUIDE events and regular groups are happening in the local area, view a map of event venues and search events by category.


You can add your Event or Local Group by submitting the online form. It’s FREE!



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Beautiful unique gifts |

when your loved ones deserve the best


Belle Moi

Preloved Bridal

Belle Moi Preloved offers the most impressive collection of Preloved, New and Ex sample Wedding dresses, Prom dresses, Occasion wear, Cruise wear and Mother of the bride and groom outfits, hats fascinators and accessories all at affordable prices without compromising on style, design and class.

07719 319058 Unit 2, Carnforth Train Station, Carnforth, Lancashire, LA5 9TR

Find us - Belle Moi Preloved Bridal |

CARDS AND GIFTS Quality Picture Framing Service

66 MARKET STREET LANCASTER (Near Lancaster Castle)

01524 36636 Lancaster District Magazine

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It might have the historical nick name Auld Grey Town, but apart from the colour of the stone that has been used to construct the buildings, Kendal is anything but grey and boring, it is one of the nicest towns to visit in the area and has lots of interesting things to do and places to visit. Features Writer Rob Bullock discovers more. Auld but certainly not grey Anyone visiting Kendal cannot fail to notice that the town has a distinct look to it. This is mainly down to the solid dark grey stone that forms many of the older buildings but just because it looks grey does not mean it is not an interesting place to visit. Kendal is brilliant destination. There are lots of interesting places to visit ranging from museums, galleries and stately homes to some of the best shopping that showcases local goods and produce, small independent retailers and national chains. Kendal is also easy to access being just a few miles from the M6 motorway and the West Coast Mainline station of Oxenholme on its outer fringes. Interesting places to visit Museum of Lakeland Life and Industry This museum, located at the stunning Abbot Hall, is devoted to the region’s industrial history. One notable attraction


Lancaster District Magazine


is a period-furnished farmer’s Victorian home. The museum has free entry for children up to the age of 16, making it ideal for an inexpensive family visit. Open from Monday-Saturday from 10.30am-4.00pm the museum is well worth a visit. Abbot Hall Art Gallery Whilst visiting the museum you could take in the magnificent art gallery at Abbot Hall. Displaying portraits by 18th-century local artist George Romney as well as 300 years of British landscapes it offers an education of British art history. The gallery has the same opening hours as the museum. Kendal Castle Many people will remember the historic visit of the Olympic torch to Kendal Castle a few years ago and the massive crowds that descended on it. These days it is not generally that busy but is a great place to visit. Kendal Castle is a medieval fortification that lies just to the east of the town. It is of particular interest to anyone who likes geology as it sits on top of an impressive glacial drumlin (a half egg shaped hill). It is almost a thousand years old, being built in the 12th century for the Barony of Kendal. These days it offers pleasant walks with stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

LOCAL TOWN - KENDAL Kendal Castle is a medieval fortification that lies just to the east of the town. It is of particular interest to anyone who likes geology as it sits on top of an impressive glacial drumlin.

Kendal Museum Located on Station Road in the town, Kendal Museum is very much a local museum for the county and is just a short walk from the town centre, the railway station and the bus station. It was founded in 1796 and includes collections of local archaeology, history, and geology, and a natural history collection from around the globe. Brewery Arts Centre This varied and versatile arts facility has two cinemas showing a good mix of currently popular movies and a smattering of arthouse offerings. Apart from the cinemas the centre has a drama studio, galleries, a theatre and a restaurant/bar. And everything is under one roof! Kendal Leisure Centre Sat just off Burton Road, Kendal Leisure is a hub for all things healthy and entertaining. It has a 25m long swimming pool, an indoor mixed-use sports hall and a 900-seat theatre venue which attracts some of the biggest names in show business to the town. Retail therapy If you are looking to do some shopping, then Kendal is just the place. Even though the town centre is small

it has got everything, and all within a short walk. Parking is easy, the bus and railway stations are both within easy walking distances of the main shopping area. From the small boutiques in the Westmorland Shopping Centre and intriguingly named Elephant Yard shopping area, to the stores that line the market square you can get everything you want in Kendal. There is an indoor market from Monday to Saturday and an outdoor market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. For me, what makes the town so special for shopping is the number of independent shops the town has, making the experience unique in this day and age of cloned high streets. Add to this the four superb, slightly out of town, supermarkets there is always a bargain to be had when shopping in Kendal. Kendal might have once been known as Auld Grey Town, but a visit to this pleasant South Lakeland town tells you that the place is anything but dull. It has something for everyone.

Lancaster District Magazine

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g Ph AV ift v oto A ou s h o IL c o A he t BL rs E

NEWBORN photoshoot only £60


Book your shoot today 01524 412803 - See our Facebook page Morecambe Photographic


Leading North West supplier of Sewing Machines and Cabinets.

Sewing Machines from £99 E service and Etty Lilly also A offer a comprehensive M C H I N E S E RV I C S E W I N G facility maintenance with basic servicing for all makes and models from £48.00 inc vat. OPENING TIMES 10.00am till 4.30pm Monday - Saturday

w w w. e t t y - l i l l y. c o . u k SEWING MACHINES | FABRIC | WOOL WORKSHOPS | CABINETS | HABERDASHERY Whin Drive, Carnforth, LA5 8DB 10 mins from M6 Juntion 34


Lancaster District Magazine


01524 734 713



Northern Yarn has moved to bigger premises! From a windy market stall, to a shared shop to a big shop of their own. We found out all about Northern Yarn in our Festive edition of Lancaster District Magazine. For those of you who did not see the article, Kate Makin started her Northern Yarn business in 2016 after her local wool shop closed. Frustrated that there was nowhere to buy the British wool she loved to knit with, despite being surrounded by dozens of sheep farms, Kate sought to find a range of British yarns for knitters and crocheters.

Kate doesn’t just stock British yarns though she also produces her own wool from local Quernmore sheep. 9 Middle St is the perfect location for Northern Yarn, with plenty of space for workshops, classes and knit nights! The shop is already full of locally sourced British wool, including ‘Jennett’ produced from a flock of Poll Dorset’s in Quernmore, Lancaster. Come and have a browse at the new lines of wool or take a look at the class schedule; learn a new skill or enhance your own. With brands such as West Yorkshire Spinners, Jamiesons of Shetland, New Lanark to Herdy and proper farm wools, there’s something for everyone. Northern Yarn; no plastic, no air miles, just good honest wool!

Northern Yarn owner Kate, sorting fleeces.

Northern Yarn has moved!



10% Use code ‘district’ off online and in the shop

9 Middle Street - Lancaster -

W W W . N O R T H E R N YA R N . C O . U K -

Lancaster District Magazine



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Promote your business and reach out to local people and tourists.

Your Lancaster District Business Listing Only ÂŁ4 a month - Reach thousands of people - Full colour Images - Description of your business - Map - Contact details - Business Video upload

Submit your listing now at


Lancaster District Magazine


01524 67447



LITFEST’S 40TH FESTIVAL This year our festival launch coincides with International Women’s Day and our launch weekend is full of female writers showcasing some of the best of fantasy and literary fiction including Genevieve Cogman, Jen Williams, Sarah Moss and Carys Davies.

This year is Litfest’s 40th festival and we’re doing what we do best – only bigger and better! Our month-long festival will run from Friday 8th – Sunday 31st March. ‘going continental’ with our partners at Lancaster University’s Department of European Languages and Cultures (DELC) exploring the possibilities of Digital Literature.

Friday 8th - Sunday 31st March 2019

In our final week we have an evening of nature writing with

40th Lancaster Literature Festival Karen Lloyd and Beth Pipe, followed by a second DELC

Our second weekend opens on Friday 15th with the long-standing Lancaster staple Spotlight, before taking our traditional Poetry Day to another level on Saturday 16th with events for all ages running from 10:15am until far into the night. On Sunday 17th we’re celebrating all things local with both new and established writers presenting their work. Both days have plenty of opportunities for writer involvement through open mics and showcases. In week three we’re celebrating the importance of reading with Ian Anstice and, demonstrating that not even ‘The Beast From The East’ can beat us, bringing back our much anticipated - and much delayed - snowed-off launch weekend from 2018. Olivia Lomenech Gill brings some pretty Fantastic Beasts, followed by our YA day with acclaimed author Cathy Fforde and embracing new ways to love books with a talk on vlogging from Hannah Hodgson. On the Sunday we’ll be

collaboration, exploring the potential of translation. Our finale weekend begins with an afternoon panel celebrating the wonderful world of children’s literature, before a sensational gala event in the evening: the triumphant return to Lancaster of the much-loved poet Roger McGough, with music from LiTTLe MACHiNe in partnership with Lancaster Arts at Lancaster University. Our festival finale is a specially commissioned adaptation of Gareth Thompsons’s local fairytale - The Sea Swallow - in partnership with our friends at LUDUS Dance and featuring live and pre-recorded storytelling, dance, music and virtual reality in a very special promenade performance. Alongside our programme of events we also have literary walks, an exhibition, the Litfest Bookshop, workshops, the inaugural Litfest Scarecrow Competition and the launch of the new Litfest Friends Programme. We hope you enjoy our 40th festival, we are the third oldest literature festival in England and we look forward to bringing you many more wonderful events in the future! For further details see our website

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For the one’s you love



Gift ideas from Local Shops


a Loc

Valentine’s Day February 14th Mother’s Day March 31st Unique gifts Unique service Shop Local...



SHOP LOCAL O r l a K i e l y L i n e a r St e m P o p p y M u g £10 . 50

Bath House ‘Mum’ Handbag ( I n c l u d e s l i p b a l m & b a t h s a l t s) £10

W W W. I N S P I R E G I F T S

W W W. A R T E R I A S H O P. CO. U K Lancaster

A N D G A L L E R Y. CO. U K Lancaster

H e r d y H i k e r s M u g £12 . 50 W W W. N O R T H E R N YA R N . CO. U K Lancaster

Shop Local Gift Guide M i o d R a w H o n e y Co . Artisan Honey single origin and infused f l a v o u r s- s i n g l e a n d b o x e d s e t s £ 5 - £ 27 W W W. I N S P I R E G I F T S A N D G A L L E R Y. CO. U K Lancaster

Sarsden Chiminea £225 W W W. L A K E W O O D S T O V E S . CO. U K Carnforth

G u s t o G i n & To n i c G l a s s e s £4 .10 e a c h W W W. DA I S YC L O U G H . CO M Scorton

‘J u s t m y c u p o f t e a ’ S q u a r e p o r ce l a i n c o a s t e r £6 . 50 W W W. A R T E R I A S H O P. CO. U K Lancaster

Emma Bridgewater ‘Mummy’ M u g (1/ 2 p i n t ) - £19.9 5

S u s i e Wa t s o n S n o w d r o p J u g - £ 32 W W W. P E N N Y S T R E E T CO L L E C TA B L E S . CO M Lancaster

W W W. P E N N Y S T R E E T CO L L E C TA B L E S . CO M Lancaster

N o r t h e r n Ya r n H a n d d y e d L a n c a s h i r e Wo o l £18 W W W. N O R T H E R N YA R N . CO. U K Lancaster

V i b ra n t B o u q u e t f r o m £ 2 9.9 9

O r c h i d P l a n t s £12 . 6 0

W W W. DA LT O N S Q F L O R I S T. CO. U K Lancaster

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W W W. DA I S YC L O U G H . CO M Scorton

| 99

‘ Tw o L i t t l e B i r d s ’ G i f t b o x e d p a i r o f p o r c e l a i n b i r d s £10 Fra m e d L o v e I m a g e £12 5

W W W. A R T E R I A S H O P. CO. U K Lancaster

W W W. FAC E B O O K . CO M / V I VA . I N T E R I O R S Lancaster R o s i e m a d e a t h i n g Va l e n t i n e s c a r d £ 2 . 75

J u t l a n d F i r e s i d e To o l S e t £ 8 5 W W W. L A K E W O O D S T O V E S . CO. U K Carnforth

W W W. A R T E R I A S H O P. CO. U K Lancaster

H o t To m a t o - C h u n k y H e a r t N e c k l a ce £18 . 50 W W W. DA I S YC L O U G H . CO M Scorton

Emma Bridgewater Heart M u g (1/ 2 p i n t ) - £19.9 5 W W W. P E N N Y S T R E E T CO L L E C TA B L E S . CO M Lancaster

E a s t o f I n d i a P o r c e l a i n H e a r t ( I l o v e y o u) - £4 . 8 0 W W W. P E N N Y S T R E E T CO L L E C TA B L E S . CO M Lancaster H e r d y L o v e E w e Ce ra m i c £12 .9 5 W W W. N O R T H E R N YA R N . CO. U K Lancaster

G i s e l a G ra h a m Tw i g Fra m e H e a r t £14 . 50 W W W. DA I S YC L O U G H . CO M Scorton

W Y S B r i t i s h Wo o l S o c k s £14

Liga Eco Living - Oyster Candles Box of 2 £12 . 9 5 , B o x o f 4 £19.9 5

W W W. N O R T H E R N YA R N . CO. U K Lancaster

W W W. I N S P I R E G I F T S A N D G A L L E R Y. CO. U K Lancaster B ra k e b u r n We l l i e s £4 4 .9 9 W W W. D O W N T O E A R T H P e r s o n a l i s e d m e ta l n u m b e r p l a t e s £18 - £ 24 W W W. I N S P I R E G I F T S A N D G A L L E R Y. CO. U K Lancaster


Lancaster District Magazine


L A N C A S T E R . CO. U K Lancaster


S p r u ce K i n d l i n g B o x £ 3 0 W W W. L A K E W O O D S T O V E S . CO. U K Carnforth

Fra m e d S i l v e r H e a r t £12 5 L a r g e | £ 7 2 S m a l l B a r r i n g t o n F i r e P i t £16 0

W W W. FAC E B O O K . CO M /

W W W. L A K E W O O D S T O V E S . CO. U K Carnforth

V I VA . I N T E R I O R S Lancaster

Shop Local Gift Guide 12 R e d a n d P i n k R o s e B o u q u e t £ 59. 9 9

Love Nature Hear t S h a p e d Fa t b a l l B i r d F e e d e r £ 7.9 9

W W W. DA LT O N S Q F L O R I S T. CO. U K Lancaster

W W W. DA I S Y C L O U G H . CO M Scorton

S h r e i k i n g V i o l e t P e n d a n t £ 33 W W W. D O W N T O E A R T H L A N C A S T E R . CO. U K Lancaster

Jules Jules Pendant £29 W W W. D O W N T O E A R T H L A N C A S T E R . CO. U K Lancaster C a r r i e E l s p e t h B ra c l e t £14 . 9 9 W W W. D O W N T O E A R T H Feather Dish £34

L A N C A S T E R . CO. U K Lancaster

W W W. D O M U S BY D E S I G N . CO. U K Bare Village

Down to Ear th Earrings £28 W W W. D O W N T O E A R T H L A N C A S T E R . CO. U K Lancaster

Cu s h i o n s & T h r o w s f r o m £12 W W W. M J B I R D. CO. U K B o l t o n - l e -S a n d s

F i s h O r n a m e n t £16 W W W. M J B I R D. CO. U K B o l t o n - l e -S a n d s

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SHOP LOCAL P r i m e h i d e R FI D s o f t l e a t h e r p u r s e £ 2 3 W W W. K I T T Y B R O W N . CO. U K Carnforth

P i n k r o s e p r i n t s c a r f £10 W W W. K I T T Y B R O W N . CO. U K Carnforth

H a z e l A t k i n s o n B r o o c h £ 2 9.9 9 W W W. D O W N T O E A R T H L A N C A S T E R . CO. U K Lancaster

Shop Local Gift Guide

S e a s a l t S o l B l a z e t u n i c £69 W W W. K I T T Y B R O W N . CO. U K Carnforth

H e a r t n e c k l a ce b y P I LG R I M £ 2 8 W W W. R E N E S FA S H I O N . CO. U K Lancaster

H e a r t e a r r i n g s b y P I LG R I M £13 W W W. R E N E S FA S H I O N . CO. U K Lancaster

L S A Va s e 11c m - £17

Pa s s i o n L o v e H e a r t Te e b y M o s M o s h £4 9

W W W. M O O R E N W I F E . CO. U K Carnforth

W W W. R E N E S FA S H I O N . CO. U K Lancaster Clock £38 W W W. D O M U S BY D E S I G N . CO. U K Bare Village

St e i f f Co l l e c t o r s B e a r £169 W W W. M O O R E N W I F E . CO. U K Carnforth

Poole Birds £60 W W W. M O O R E N W I F E . CO. U K Carnforth

L X 17 S e w i n g M a c h i n e £119 W W W. E T T Y- L I L LY. CO. U K Carnforth


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EBB + FLOW @ Arteria

A New Gallery Exhibition For A New Year T H E E X H I B I T I O N R U N S F R O M 10 T H J A N UA RY U N T I L 4T H M AY The theme of our latest Gallery Exhibition EBB + FLOW is “A recurrent pattern of coming and going� The brief for the showcase has been left open to interpretation, and it is exciting to see how our participating artists and makers have created an eclectic mix of inspiring artworks for Arteria in Brock Street, Lancaster. Featured are coastal tides, nature, life, balance, well being and inner peace. Some pieces make reference to movement and structure that have borne out minimalist and abstract works. You will find a stunning mix of wall art, ceramics, wood, glass, furniture, textile, gift, jewellery and lighting. All media represented in a stimulating showcase that we are truly proud to present to you. EBB + FLOW is a refreshing and optimistic collection as we enter a new year.

FOLDED FOREST Screenprints from Yorkshire


Folded Forest is a creative partnership founded in 2016 by Ruth Viqueira and Sarah Peel. Together we design and make a range of limited edition prints, stationary and textiles, all screenprinted by hand in our small studio in West Yorkshire. We are inspired by the natural world and our products reflect our love for the life we see around us. We carefully source our materials as we believe natural products complement the organic nature of our designs. Every item we produce is printed using high quality ink on to wood, linen or archival paper. We love to make and take great pride in the quality and handcrafted nature of our work.

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Nick Dagger Photography

Since being established in 2012 to draw together people who live in the rural areas of Wyre the Bowland Community Choir has gone from strength to strength, helping people make new friends, learn new skills and have a lot of fun. Features Writer Rob Bullock discovers more… Wednesday evenings in Garstang

From small acorns

If you are passing Garstang Library on a Wednesday evening in term time, between the times of 6.30 and 8.30 why not pop in for a good time. You are bound to hear some fabulous singing and a lot of laughs because this is when the talented vocalists of the Bowland Community Choir meet.

Although only a handful of people attended at first, its popularity has grown. Originally started in the village of Caldervale, which sits on the edge of the Forest of Bowland, the Bowland Community Choir has lived in its present home in Garstang Library for most of its six years as it offers an easily accessible hub for members to get to from across the area.

“We do a lot of laughing, as well as singing,” says the Choir Co-ordinator Anni Tracy from the community music ‘More Music’ who are based in Morecambe. “Singing in a group can be really uplifting, empowering and good for you, but most of all it is a lot of fun. At the Bowland Community Choir, we all spend most of our time having a good laugh.”


Lancaster District Magazine


“Although only six people turned up to the very first session, we had such good feedback that we knew the choir would become a success. At the moment we have between 15 and 20 singers who attend on a regular basis, but new members are always welcome. You don’t have to be able to sing because we’ll teach you. We’ve got some good singers,, and they are always happy to pass on their expertise.”

“We do a lot of laughing, as well as singing,” says the Choir Co-ordinator Anni Tracy from the community music ‘More Music’ More than just music The community choir is not just about the music it is about helping to create a sense of community and giving people somewhere where they can meet other people, make friends and if they become a fantastic singer as well, then that is a bonus. “We are always trying to get more people involved,” says Anni. “Anyone can come along, and they are always welcome. The choir is a brilliant tool to help build community involvement.” Currently, members travel from as far as Knott End and Dolphinholme to Garstang, and it is the rural members that especially from this socialising aspect of participating in the choir. “People who live in isolated rural communities do often feel left out, and there can be a lot of health issues that surround this. Joining the choir gets people out of the house, helps them make new friends and that is before you consider the physical health benefits of singing which are many. But more than anything, it is fun! We are even thinking of trying a rural tour of our area to try and taking our community choir to the isolated parts of our area. It’s just an idea at the moment, but hopefully we can make it a reality soon.” The Community Choir are always thinking about where they can take their performances, they already often perform in the street, and they regularly perform in the Dementia Café at Garstang Library. They are planning to perform at other dementia cafés around our area as well as to other charity groups. Please get in touch with Anni if you would like to arrange a performance. All inclusive Some people might be put off by the idea of singing in a choir or about it being an elitist past time. But the Bowland Community are an allinclusive group welcoming anyone who wants to join in with open arms. As mentioned, they have got several established singers who are more than happy to pass on their expertise to new recruits in a positive non-judgmental way. For more information about the Bowland Community Choir please see www.moremusic.

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INDEPENDENT WRITTEN BY LANCASTER BID Comedian Hasan Minhaj once said that ‘Independent businesses give cities their shape, texture, colour, and taste…often literally’ and he wasn’t joking! Independent businesses are vital to the local economy as they bring growth and innovation, provide employment opportunities and attract talent. Independent businesses help bind communities together and keep culture alive. Did you know that approximately 62% of businesses operating in Lancaster city centre are independent? For a city centre, that is quite a large proportion of unique businesses. In cities like Lancaster, independent businesses offer a more diverse catalogue of products and specialise in providing unique & personalised customer experiences.

choice available you can’t fail to find what you are looking for.

The historic city of Lancaster lends itself to independent trade. With a large number of intriguing ginnels, it’s easy to keep exploring new and discovering exciting businesses operating at the other side of them. Shopping in Lancaster is so exciting, because you’ll find shops, gifts and clothes that you cannot find anywhere else- and shopping locally helps to keep it that way. In Lancaster, you won’t just find independent retail, but also independent cinema, theatres, bars and restaurants. They are the hidden gems of our city, nestled between the high street favourites that you know and love.

For a break from the shopping it’s easy to find independent cafes, coffee shops, restaurants and pubs throughout the city. Many serve Atkinson’s coffee freshly roasted in the city centre and locally brewed beers including Lancaster Brewery and the Borough Brewery as well as freshly prepared food from locally sourced ingredients. The wealth of pubs in the city has even earned Lancaster the name of the Northern City of Ale – highlighting the quality of the independent ale houses to be found here.

Independent shops help create identity for Lancaster, producing streets full of exclusive, vibrant and colourful shops, giving you a greater choice of products. The Federation Of Small Businesses estimates that for every pound spend in a local independent businesses, 70p stays in the local economy, whether this is via wages to staff, or rates to the local council. Whatever you are looking for, there will be somewhere to find it in Lancaster city centre. If you are searching for that ideal gift for someone special then Arteria, Gorrills or Inspire Gifts and Gallery are all well worth a visit. Silver Tree, Banks Lyon and Down to Earth are perfect places to start for those seeking that special sparkle. Lancaster also offers an extensive range of high quality independent clothes shops including Renes, JOSEPH+CO, Waterhouse, Peter Charles Menswear, Room 12, Dr Kruger and Sneaks. With the extensive


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Independent shops help create identity for Lancaster, producing streets full of exclusive, vibrant and colourful shops, giving you a greater choice of products.


If you are looking for a locally themed challenge then be sure not to miss Lancaster Escape, a unique independent attraction located on North Road. With one hour to escape from rooms themed around Lancaster’s heritage including crime and the Pendle witches, you can have an enjoyable challenge whilst discovering local history and also supporting local business. By supporting independent businesses in Lancaster, you are helping real people, some of whom you may know personally! And in Lancaster, it’s really easy to do. With over 60 offers from some of our fantastic independent businesses, why not purchase a Shop Local loyalty card to receive discounts and special offers from your favourite independents. It’s a great way to save money, whilst saving your local businesses! Discover the range of discounts on offer, as well as details of where to buy the card, at Look out for our guide to independent Lancaster coming later this year.

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Lancaster City Council has launched an action-packed programme events providing an at-aglance guide to exciting things to see and do in the Lancaster district in 2019. Spring sees Litfest celebrating its 40th birthday with a programme of events on selected dates over 3 weeks in March. A month later, the Midland Hotel in Morecambe will be staging its first 1930s Weekend whilst others might fancy heading into the Lune Valley again for the ever popular Wray Scarecrow Festival where they’ll find weird, wacky and wonderful scarecrow creations taking over the village. May kicks off with Lancaster Food Festival during early May Bank holiday weekend at Lancaster Leisure Park and Highest Point Festival will return to Williamson Park, promising to be even bigger and brighter than its first successful outing last year. During the spring bank holiday, lovers of ska and punk will want to head down to the Trimpell Club in Morecambe for the Nice & Sleazy Festival where a whole host of bands are lined up to perform across a number of days. Over the same weekend, the Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust will be holding their Vintage Bus Display and Running Day at various locations in Morecambe. Summer brings with it a packed programme for families including Down by the Riverside Festival; a unique festival set on the banks of the River Wyre which delivers all the usual festival goodies with 3 live music stages, DJs, outdoor theatre, craft ales, foods from around the world, funfairs, activities and camping and glamping. Halton’s Millfest debuts in the Lune Valley village in June and July will see a tempting set of events taking place in Morecambe including Morecambe Music Festival and Morecambe Fringe with Morecambe Carnival adding a massive splash of colour to Morecambe Promenade in August. Nearby Heysham


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Village will be preparing itself for another invasion in July with its annual Viking Festival. During August bank holiday, Morecambe’s awarding winning Vintage by the Sea will bring the school summer holidays to a fitting end followed by Heritage Open Days in September which boasts to be the nation’s largest heritage and culture festival as venues across the district open their doors for free. Autumn welcomes the return of Festa Italia in Lancaster in September for a whole host of Italian themed fun, and Lancaster Music Festival makes a very welcome return to the city in October entertaining audiences with hundreds of performances at more than 50 venues. November will be the month to wrap up warm and enjoy the delights of the two day Light Up Lancaster Festival whilst over in Morecambe, More Music will be celebrating its local community with the West End Lantern Festival which includes a magical lantern procession. Coun Darren Clifford, cabinet member with responsibility for culture and tourism, said: “Working with other organisations to pull together and promote a packed calendar of events and festivals plays a crucial role in boosting our visitor economy. We’re confident once again that this year’s calendar of events for all ages and tastes will be difficult to beat and will be the catalyst in attracting more visitors to travel in our direction.” The programme of events for Lancaster is available online at and those taking place around Morecambe Bay can be found at www. Alternatively you can pick up copies of the programmes from visitor information centres in Lancaster and Morecambe where you’ll also find a whole range of guides on all local attractions and destinations as well as tickets for many of the up and coming shows.

Morecambe Bay 2019 Event Highlights Whether you love music or magic; wildlife or walks; carnivals or cars; Vikings or vintage... there’s something for everyone to enjoy in 2019! 27 January

New Year Viennese Concert at The Platform

16 - 24 Feb

Show The Love Wild Challenge Trail at RSPB Leighton Moss

22 February

Mark Thompson’s Spectacular Science Show at The Platform

22 February

Mark Thompson’s Universe and Astronomy Science Show at The Platform

22 March

Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers at The Platform

6 – 22 April

‘EGGstravaganza’ Family Activity Days at Lakeland Wildlife Oasis

15 Apr–28 June ‘A Century of Ribble Motor Services’ Exhibition at Carnforth Station 26 - 27 April

1930s Weekend at The Midland Hotel


Brass Bands in Happy Mount Park on Sunday afternoons

24 – 26 May

Nice ‘n’ Sleazy Punk Festival

26 May

Morecambe Vintage Bus Running Day

31 May–2 June A Splendid Day Out Steampunk Festival 28 – 30 June

Silverdale and Arnside Art Trail

29 – 30 June

Catch The Wind Kite Festival

6 July

Grimethorpe Colliery Band at The Platform

6 – 20 July

Morecambe Fringe Festival

7 July

Classic Car Rally at Leighton Hall

12 – 14 July

Morecambe Music Festival

13 July

West End Festival

20 – 21 July

Heysham Viking Festival

3 – 4 August

Morecambe 1940s Revival

4 August

Make My Day! Festival, West End Gardens

10 – 11 August Morecambe Carnival 31 Aug–1 Sept Vintage By The Sea Festival 13 – 22 Sept

Heritage Open Days

28 – 29 Sept

Morecambe and Vice: Crime Writing Festival

24 November

Promenade Concert Orchestra at The Platform

27 November

West End Lantern Festival

7 - 15 Dec

Morecambe Fringe Festival’s ‘Fringemas’

For further details about these events and lots more taking place during 2019, please visit or contact Morecambe Visitor Information Centre on 01524 582808.

Events may be subject to change. Please check with the organiser before travelling to an event.



o d o t s g T h i n ISIT & EXPLORE

In and around the Lancaster District, there are so many places to visit, events to enjoy, views to appreciate and experiences to enjoy. Here are 6 ideas as we head towards spring.




LITFEST’S 40TH FESTVAL OF LITERATURE We hope you enjoy our 40th festival, we are the third oldest literature festival in England and we look forward to bringing you many more wonderful events in the future! For further details see

VISIT KENDAL CASTLE Kendal Castle is a medieval fortification that lies just to the east of the town. It offers pleasant walks with stunning views of the surrounding countryside.





Join four-time Brit Classical Award winner Russell Watson for a very special evening, accompanied by his pianist and guest choir. Having sold more than seven million albums worldwide, Russell Watson is firmly established as the UK’s best-selling classical crossover artist of all time. Lancaster Grand 6th March 7.30pm

A great day out watching the racing - for all the family at Warton Stock Car Club.


RELAX WITH A MASSAGE All treatments are designed with you in mind, dedicated to nurture, nourish and care for your mind body and soul.

5 110

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SOLVE A MURDER MYSTERY! Come along to The Mill at Conder Green to try your hand at solving Murder Mysteries!

City of Events HIGHLIGHTS 2019 BBC Philharmonic at Lancaster Arts 7 February BBC BBC Philharmonic Philharmonic at at Lancaster Lancaster Arts Arts 7 7 February February Frühlingsfest at Lancaster Brewery 7-9 February Frühlingsfest Frühlingsfest at at Lancaster Lancaster Brewery Brewery 7-9 7-9 February February Pinocchio at Lancaster Grand 7-9 February Pinocchio at Lancaster Grand 7-9 February Pinocchio at Lancaster Grand 7-9 February Russell Watson at Lancaster Grand 6 March Russell Russell Watson Watson at at Lancaster Lancaster Grand Grand 6 6 March March Lancaster Beer Festival 8-9 March Lancaster Beer Festival 8-9 March Lancaster Beer Festival 8-9 March Lancaster Litfest various dates between 8-31 March Lancaster Lancaster Litfest Litfest various various dates dates between between 8-31 8-31 March March Dan Snow -- History Hit UK Tour at Lancaster Grand 15 March Dan Snow History Hit UK Tour at Lancaster Grand Dan Snow - History Hit UK Tour at Lancaster Grand 15 15 March March St John Passion by Bach at Lancaster Cathedral 16 March St St John John Passion Passion by by Bach Bach at at Lancaster Lancaster Cathedral Cathedral 16 16 March March The Tiger Who Came To Tea at the Dukes 12-13 April The The Tiger Tiger Who Who Came Came To To Tea Tea at at the the Dukes Dukes 12-13 12-13 April April Big Up North Dance Theatre Festival at the Dukes 26-27 April Big Big Up Up North North Dance Dance Theatre Theatre Festival Festival at at the the Dukes Dukes 26-27 26-27 April April Wray Scarecrow Festival 27 April-6 May Wray Wray Scarecrow Scarecrow Festival Festival 27 27 April-6 April-6 May May Lancaster Food and Drink Festival 4-6 May Lancaster Lancaster Food Food and and Drink Drink Festival Festival 4-6 4-6 May May Highest Point Festival 17-19 May Highest Point Festival 17-19 May Highest Point Festival 17-19 May Lunesdale Studio Arts Trail 18-19, 25-27 May Lunesdale Lunesdale Studio Studio Arts Arts Trail Trail 18-19, 18-19, 25-27 25-27 May May Dino Day in Lancaster City Centre 31 May Dino Day in Lancaster City Centre Dino Day in Lancaster City Centre 31 31 May May Down By the Riverside Festival in Dolphinholme 31 May - 2 June Down Down By By the the Riverside Riverside Festival Festival in in Dolphinholme Dolphinholme 31 31 May May -- 2 2 June June Halton Millfest -- Family Festival 15 June Halton Millfest Family Festival 15 June Halton Millfest - Family Festival 15 June Festa Italia in Lancaster City Centre 8 September Festa Festa Italia Italia in in Lancaster Lancaster City City Centre Centre 8 8 September September Lancaster Jazz Festival 11-15 September Lancaster Lancaster Jazz Jazz Festival Festival 11-15 11-15 September September Heritage Open Days 13-22 September Heritage Heritage Open Open Days Days 13-22 13-22 September September Ben Elton Live: 2019 21 September Ben Ben Elton Elton Live: Live: 2019 2019 21 21 September September Bowland Foodie Foray 21-29 September Bowland Bowland Foodie Foodie Foray Foray 21-29 21-29 September September Lancaster Music Festival 10-14 October Lancaster Music Festival 10-14 Lancaster Music Festival 10-14 October October Light Up Lancaster 1-2 November Light Up Lancaster 1-2 November Light Up Lancaster 1-2 November Lancaster Christmas Lights Switch-On 24 November Lancaster Lancaster Christmas Christmas Lights Lights Switch-On Switch-On 24 24 November November VISITLANCASTER.ORG.UK VISITLANCASTER.ORG.UK VISITLANCASTER.ORG.UK (01524) 582394 (01524) (01524) 582394 582394 #LOVELANCASTER #LOVELANCASTER #LOVELANCASTER

ff f

(Leaflet (Leaflet produced produced by by Lancaster Lancaster City City Council Council (LeafletInformation produced by Lancaster City Disclaimer: correct at time time ofCouncil publishing) Disclaimer: Information correct at of publishing) Disclaimer: Information correct at time of publishing)

Lancaster Lancaster City City of of Events Events 2019 2019 A4 A4 Poster Poster latest.indd latest.indd 11 Lancaster City of Events 2019 A4 Poster latest.indd 1

VISITLANCASTER.ORG.UK VISITLANCASTER.ORG.UK VISITLANCASTER.ORG.UK Image Credit: Robin Zahler and Deco Publique Image Credit: Robin Zahler and Deco Publique Image Credit: Robin Zahler and Deco Publique

18/01/2019 18/01/2019 14:25:42 14:25:42 18/01/2019 14:25:42

Mucky Pups Pre School Telephone 01524 849106 Affordable, Flexible, Quality


Qualified and experienced teacher of secondary maths. Judith offers one to one home tutoring to build confidence, prepare for exams and boost grades. From fractions and ratios, to circle theorems and problem solving, Judith will personalise each lesson to develop your child’s understanding and engagement.

Now taking bookings for September 2019 Open for full day care 8.30am to 5.30pm year round.

Covering the Lancaster and Garstang areas.

Mucky Pups takes children from aged 2 to 4 years and is fully OFSTED registered.

Daytime, after school & evening lessons available

As a social enterprise we aim to make childcare affordable and so have set full day fees at just £29 a day.

07791 378445 or 01524 752131



September bookings now being taken

Celebrat e Unique Kidz and 10th Birt Co's hday wit h a chall enge!

Take part in the Great May Manchester 10km Run 19 or Great North Run Sept 8 Please contact Unique Kidz and Co to sign up!

07733 102202 112

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From Primary to GCSE including 11+




PRIVATE MATHS TUTORING We find out from local Maths Right Tutor Judith Colley what the benefits are of private maths tutoring and how it can help your child both now and for the future. What are the benefits of private maths tutoring? Children have private tuition for all sorts of reasons: around a quarter of children in the UK receive tuition at some time in their educational journey. Some are lacking in confidence and need a boost; whilst others want to pass an exam, exceed their school target grade, have an extra challenge or just improve their numeracy skills. Private tutoring can provide encouragement, reassurance and boost the confidence of those that doubt their own abilities. It can be a great way to accelerate learning and enhance their understanding of the subject. Make sure they don’t fall behind at school and develop a solid foundation.


to attempt work without the fear of failure or humiliation. A tutor is not restricted to a prescribed scheme of work and can make links with other aspects of the curriculum to broaden your child’s whole education. To make life easier for yourself Tensions often mount when a child is asked to do their homework. Many parents don’t have time to sit down with their children and support them, and those that do often realise that children become more confused; maths techniques have changed over the years. Many parents acquired the vast majority of their maths knowledge 20+ years ago (and has since been forgotten). Hiring a tutor will allow you to take time off from finding appropriate online resources to assist your child with their schoolwork. will have the

A proficient tutor It is impossible for classroom ability to adapt their teaching It can indicate to your child that you teachers to give each child the value the effort that they are putting attention and support required to different personalities and into their work. As their performance to fully understand a method or aptitudes. They can offer your improves, they learn that hard work concept in maths. Furthermore, child their best opportunity and diligence pay off. Falling behind can be disastrous to achieve or exceed their for a child’s education: poor To provide expert advice with exams educational goals. marks early on can result in apathy, resentment and fear of When it comes to applying to maths. In a class of 30 pupils, it could be some time colleges or sixth form, it’s not enough to be confident at before the school identifies that your child is struggling. one subject: a grade 4 in GCSE Maths will be required Additionally, if a child has been absent from school, a for most courses; otherwise, pupils continue studying vital piece of the mathematical jigsaw may be missing. maths beyond age 16. Employers often look for a Level 2 qualification in maths. Many tutors will have hours’ A qualified tutor knows the curriculum, has time to of experience preparing pupils for exams and providing use different techniques, and improve your child’s the most helpful techniques and resources. This could understanding. Private tuition is important for correcting potentially make the difference between getting an problems and misconceptions that emerge in the interview and missing out on a college place. classroom. If your child feels that they are struggling, it may be worth recruiting extra help before problems get A proficient tutor will have the ability to adapt their out of hand. teaching to different personalities and aptitudes. They can offer your child their best opportunity to achieve or Build your child’s confidence and learn in a stress-free exceed their educational goals. You will have the support environment. of a reliable professional that shares your educational aspirations. School class sizes are increasing; large groups, peer pressure and stressful settings discourage children from asking for help and can lead to feelings of failure and From Daytime, anxiety. Home tutoring makes education personal, Primary after school to GCSE & evening provides the individual attention a child needs and an lessons including atmosphere in which the child is free to ask questions. available It is important for the child and tutor to build a trusting, supportive relationship, where the child is encouraged


07791 378445 or 01524 752131

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garstang COLOUR Sunday 12 may 2019 DASH let’s colour the castle! th

our most popular event returns to Garstang! A 5km fun run filled with colour for all the family

All proceeds to St. John’s Hospice

registration now open WWW.SJHOSPICE.ORG.UK/COLOURDASH Caring for patients and their families in your community EVERY hour of EVERY day since 1986.

s Dashe r u o l Co aised have r 0,000 24 over £ . John’s for St ice! Hosp

Supporting patients and families in:

Garstang, Cockerham, Pilling, Claughton, Galgate, Cabus, Calder Vale, Scorton, Forton, Catterall, Dolphinholme and all over North Lancs & South Lakes

St. John’s Hospice North Lancashire and South Lakes is a charitable incorporated organisation registered in England with charity number 1157030.

F RO M 6 - 1 7 YEARS OLD


Perform on stage at Lancaster Grand Theatre!







Brought to you by a highly experienced team of professionals.



12 - 16 August 2019 Friday’s performance at 7pm FREE to family/ friends

Theatre School cost: £125 1st child £110 2nd child

Contact the Lancaster Grand Theatre to book

w w w. l a n c a s t e r g r a n d .c o.u k 0152 4 6 4 6 95

Single parent families Super strong parents We have won numerous policy changes and supported thousands of parents to overcome social and economic barriers to flourish as a family.

In the UK, single parent families have been part of mainstream family life for decades and today account for twenty five per cent of households with children. The diversity of these families contributes to the ever-changing make-up of what families in the UK look like. Gingerbread, the leading charity for single parent families, has been around for 100 years. Working with single parents, in that time we have won numerous policy changes and supported thousands of parents to overcome social and economic barriers to flourish as a family. We still have a long way to go before all single parent families have the tools and support they need to thrive. It’s why we’ll continue to campaign for a supportive welfare system, flexible and sustainable work, and a fair child maintenance system until single parent families have the lives and respect they deserve. In the last hundred years, we’ve learnt a lot from supporting single parents. Here’s what we think you should know. You are not alone. Single parents are an enormous community and from experience we know it’s a community full of love and willingness to show up for each other. Gingerbread runs an online forum with over ten thousand single parents signed up. The forum is an easy way to learn from and share with other single parents – from sharing advice to showering each other with affirmations, our forum is the place to connect with other parents. Support doesn’t just stop there though. We also have a network of over 100 local peer support groups, run by volunteer coordinators; they are a space to meet-up with other single parents in your


Lancaster District Magazine


local area. And if you can’t find a group local to you, our knowledgeable team will support you to get one off the ground. There is support out there. Whether you’re looking for advice on what you can need to do following separation or want to know the benefits you’re entitled to, Gingerbread can help you. Our expert team runs a helpline, answering over 9000 calls each year, advising single parents on the support available for them and how they can access it. If you’re not yet ready to pick up the phone, we also have plenty of resources and tools on our website to help get you started. You are doing a stellar job. We regularly hear from parents who worry about whether they’re doing the best for their children – and they always are! Whether it’s making sure they are eating well or have enough activities to keep them busy during the holidays, we know single parents are doing an incredible job in raising their children. Take it from a Gingerbread parent, Vicki who wants single parents to know that ‘you are doing a good job, no one is judging you, and your children are absolutely fine!’ The way we talk about and understand families has changed over the years but we know there is a long way to go before diverse families can fully flourish

on today’s society. It’s why we will be there for as long as single parents need us. Single parents doing it for themselves… “Being a single parent is one of the most challenging and toughest experiences anyone can go through. I went through a similar time, and found that I could only relate well enough to parents in the same position, but where would I find them? The answer is a local single parent group. After searching for a local group I couldn’t find any in my local area, so I decided to set one up myself, through Gingerbread. I have never been happier and content knowing that I am helping other single parents as well as myself. Every week I look forward to meeting up with like-minded parents and discussing the problems that we face day to day over a cup of tea and biscuits. It is one of the most rewarding jobs I have volunteered for – I would definitely recommend going along to your local Gingerbread group – and if there isn’t one near you, start one yourself“ Fatima, Gingerbread Group Coordinator in Lancashire For more information or to access any of the services we’ve mentioned, visit or call our helpline on 08088020925.

Want to promote your business? Not sure where to start?


Breakfast at


Put your feet up and let us do it for you!

Saturday 16th March 2019

Advertising need not be hard work or stressful. We offer a free design service and can take your rough ideas and transform them into a professional advert, attracting the customers that you would like more of, selling more of the products or services that you want to promote.

7pm ‘til late • Reception Drink

Call or text now 07770 640261

Carus Green Golf Club, Kendal 4 Course Dinner • Black Tie Live entertainment featuring The Lomax Brothers DJ/Disco

For more information 01539 733228 St John’s Hospice North Lancashire and South Lakes is a charitable incorporated organisation registered in England - Charity number 1157030

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Lower Sugar Higher Sugar

Help your family cut back on sugar by swapping to lower sugar products. To find out how:


Search Change4Life

Download the Food Scanner app

Look out for the badge

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29/11/2018 11:09


on a child’s future and being read to is critical in igniting enthusiasm for reading, and creating lifelong readers.

World Book Day is the world’s biggest campaign to provide every child and young person in the country with a book of their own. A registered charity, World Book Day is generously supported by sponsor National Book Tokens and brings together the UK and Ireland’s bookselling and publishing industries in an extraordinary collaboration. World Book Day returns in 2019 after one of its biggest years to date with a range of new initiatives that will help to get even more books directly into the hands of children and young people, especially those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to them. Catering for all age groups, from toddler to teen, the expanded list of 13 new £1 titles for World Book Day 2019 has been created to appeal to the widest possible range of children and young people, tastes and abilities. Reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator for success in life, more than family circumstances, educational background, or income. But it’s in decline. Why Share A Story? Our Share a Story campaign aims to turn the tide. Sharing stories together – anywhere, anytime – for just ten minutes a day has long-lasting effects

For this year’s World Book Day, some of the most influential people in the country – high-profile ambassadors, diverse authors, politicians, and prominent champions – are coming together to ask the nation to ‘Share a Story’ and help change our children’s future. World Book Day is principally about encouraging children and young people to read and love books and the book tokens allow us to spread that joy. Last year over 1.2 million £1 book tokens were redeemed, enabling 1 in 4 KS2 children (1 in 3 for those receiving free school meals) to ‘purchase’ their first ever book. Research by the National Literacy Trust* has indicated that 89.5% of children aged 8-11 are aware of World Book Day and that, in 2016, 60% of children were inspired to read more by the celebration. Why are there no £1 books for teens? How is World Book Day appealing to that audience? For many young people, World Book Day is associated with primary school, so for the very first time, participating bookshops are offering teens the choice of FIVE full-length books, instead of two mini books, giving them a point of difference, greater choice and five fantastic authors to discover. These will be available for purchase for £2.50 or £1.50 with a £1 book token. YA authors are John Green, Taran Matharu, Benjamin Zephaniah, Penny Joelson and Francis Hardinge.

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WARTON STOCK 2018 WARTON CAR CLUB STOCK 2018 CLUB Lancashire’s ONLYCAR short oval race track

2019 FIXTURES March 10th Metal Mania Unlimited Bangers Ladies Bangers Junior Rookies Stock Cars Senior Minis

Lancashire’s ONLY S short oval race track


March 24th 1600cc Team Meeting 1600cc Bangers Ladies Bangers Junior Rookies Ministox


April 7th Silver Wheels Burnout 2 Litre Bangers Junior Rookies Stock Cars Senior Minis Ministox t there

oon..y.! n t a s t r a t s earl RECRacing ge www.wartonix s e TOFX tur 20 I N1I8S-9 M StARtS At noon All SundAyS - RAcing TAL MANIA













4 March 2018 - ME ers or rookies – ladies Bang Unlimited Bangers – JUni s stock cars – senior mini CTICE IMITED BANGERS PRA 11 March 2018 - UNL DESTRUCTION ING SPR 8 201 18 March – ministox rookies – ladies Bangers 1400cc Bangers – JUnior DAY CK TRA 25 March 2018 TER SPEED KING 1 April 2018 - EAS ministox k cars – senior minis – stoc – kies roo or micro Bangers – JUni S EEL WH ER 22 April 2018 - SILV micro Bangers 8 - MAY DAY TROPHY 201 6 May – senior minis – ministox or rookies – stock cars 1600cc Bangers B2B – JUni SSIC CLA BAY 27 May 2018 - THE or minis – ministox ers – stock cars – seni Bang es ladi – ers 1500cc Bang ST CLASSIC COA ST WE THE 8 10 June 201 senior minis – ministox rookies – stock cars – Big Van Bangers – JUnior CUP NGE GRA N RTO 17 June 2018 - WA stock cars ers – ladies Bangers – Bang Ford non FWd 2 ltr non senior minis – ministox & STRIPES TROPHY 1 July 2018 - STARS cars ladies Bangers – stock – ting mee micro Bangers team stox mini – s mini or seni E OF LUNE TROPHY 15 July 2018 - VAL s – ministox – stock cars – senior mini kies roo or JUni – ers 1600cc Bang MARSH THE OF CH NAR MO 29 July 2018 senior minis – ministox rookies – stock cars – metro Bangers – JUnior SHOWDOWN R ME H SUM 12 August 2018 - HIG or minis – ministox ers – stock cars – seni Bang es ladi – ers Unlimited Bang NAGE CAR N AVA CAR 8 26 August 201 senior minis – ministox rookies – stock cars – 2ltr Bangers – JUnior P MEETING SHI - CHAMPION 9 September 2018 s – ministox stock cars – senior mini – ers Bang es ladi – 2 ltr Bangers HIRE TROPHY CAS LAN OF E ROS 823 September 201 meeting) rookies (championship micro Bangers – JUnior stox mini – s mini or seni – rs

Jct 35 on the M6






M6 – Junction 35 Follow A6 to LANCASTER. Turn right at the lights in CARNFORTH and follow the signs.


SIONS N & CONCES IO S IS M D A L £5.00 GENERA Concessions Adults £10.00 Car Parking FREE EE Under 10s FR ble Parking Availa d le b Disa


For more information call or txt Tony on 07709 746744

kids will love it! Your



Ardal is forced to saddle his high horse again and ride fearlessly into the culture wars (with a white hankie in his pocket just in case)

Ardal O’Hanlon The Showing Off Must Go On

At Lancaster Grand Theatre March 9th at 8pm

Stand up commedian Ardal O’Hanlon is touring the UK and Ireland in 2019 with The Showing off Must Go On, appearing at Lancaster Grand Theatre, Lancaster on 9th March 2019. Admitting that he was happily sliding into middleage, fairly sure he knew all that he needed to know about the world, Ardal O’Hanlon has been jolted out of that complacency by recent world events. The good news is that this has meant the Irish stand-up, writer, and star of such TV hits as Father Ted and Death In Paradise has felt compelled to write a new standup set, The Showing Off Must Go On, which he’s preparing to tour across the UK in 2019. “There’s an awful lot to talk about,” Ardal admits. “Especially in the last two or three years, the world has changed dramatically. There are lots of new things to deal with. I thought I’d cracked everything and then suddenly you have to completely re-engage with the world as it shifts. There are always things to say, but at the moment there’s a kind of urgency. I think as you get older you have to be true to yourself. For me, it’s more about material rather than just gags; it’s about expressing yourself and it has to be based on real feelings and emotions. I hope it still has the silly and surreal qualities that I always brought to stand-up but it has to be based on something.” Inevitably, the likes of Trump and Brexit will raise their less than pleasant heads, though in Ardal’s hands, the treatment of the work will be typically offkilter. “I think it’s incumbent upon a comedian to find clever and imaginative ways to come up with stuff. I

personally prefer watching comedians who aren’t too blunt or too partisan, so while I have strong political views, I don’t want to hit an audience over the head with them. Comedians have to be cannier than that. I’m not going to mention Trump or Brexit by name, but I hope to be able to do stuff on them while trying to keep it a bit light and user friendly. What seems clear about these events is that feelings will always trump facts in making decisions. All the decisions we make in life are irrational: our consumer choices are irrational, our choice of life partner might be irrational. You could end up marrying the craziest person in the world. ‘They might stab you.’ ‘Yes, but they have lovely hair!” As Father Dougal McGuire, Ardal charmed the socks off the nation when Father Ted reigned supreme on Channel 4 in the late 90s. After Father Ted, Ardal’s stand-up career took off as he toured in front of soldout crowds across the world. Meanwhile, in 1998 he published a bestselling novel, The Talk Of The Town, which was translated into several languages and voted as one of the 1001 Books To Read Before You Die. Ardal O’Hanlon is touring the UK and Ireland in 2019 with The Showing off Must Go On, appearing at Lancaster Grand Theatre, Lancaster on 9th March 2019 (Recommended 18yrs+) Lancaster Box office 01524 64695

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9th February - HALTON Roller Disco

Until 4th May - LANCASTER EBB + FLOW - Seasonal Exhibition Gallery 23 art exhibition at Arteria. 01524 61111

Feb/March - CARNFORTH Pilates & Yoga Classes Versatile Physio Clinic offers a range of services throughout the week.

Sessions are 1.30pm - 3.00pm, 3.30pm - 5.00pm and 5.30pm 7.00pm

Design and make a Fishing game – will you be able to catch them all? 12.30pm, 1.30pm and 2.30pm.

The Centre @ Halton

Lancaster Maritime Museum

16th February - LANCASTER Freddie Mercury Tribute Night

19th - 21st February - KENDAL Mary Poppins Dance Camp

£39 per person inclusive of a 3 course dinner.

Lancaster House

February/March - CARNFORTH Baking Workshops Find out more on our facebook page.

16th February - HALTON Ale Quest

Kath 07908 110773 - Madame Chocolate at Greenlands Farm

2nd February - HALTON Mas Que Nada Choir A night of Latin American music by the likes of Jobim, Tito Puente and Baden Powell.

Create a woven container for all your bits and bobs. 12.30pm, 1.30pm and 2.30pm.

16th - 24th February LEIGHTON MOSS RSPB Show The Love Trail Drop in between 9.30 am-4 pm Price: Normal admission charges apply to non-members (RSPB members free)

Lancaster University 01524 594151

From 8th February - LANCASTER MOVE Exhibition Move presents five artists whose work connects with travel, finding our way and routes through places and history.

RSPB Leighton Moss 01524

Lancaster University 01524 594151

18th February - LANCASTER Pebble Art

9th February - MORECAMBE 80’s Retro Party

Get crafty and be inspired to create some beautiful pebble art to take home. 12.30pm, 1.30pm and 2.30pm.


From 8 until Late at The Trimpell Club, raising funds to help St John’s Hospice fundraisers.

Lancaster Maritime Museum 01524 382264


The Centre @ Halton

We are excited to welcome our dear friends, the BBC Philharmonic, back to the Great Hall. Pre concert meal available.

Explore the magical world of Mary Poppins through song, dance and theatre and visual arts. Bringing together the classic and the new! Create and fly a kite, take a little trip fantastic through both stories through drama and sweep sing and dance in fanciful routines. 3 days 10am - 3pm £75.

All proceeds to RAIS Lancaster to support local work with refugees. Hosted by The Gregson Centre.

7th February - LANCASTER BBC Philharmonic 2019

01524 382264

Local ales, plus lagers, wine, spirits and soft drinks. NB cash bar only. Food from The Proper BBQ Company. Age 18+ only.

16 February - LANCASTER Ceilidh Fundraiser

The Centre @ Halton html

19th February - LANCASTER Gone Fishing

20th February - LANCASTER Wonderful Weaving

Lancaster Maritime Museum 01524 382264

20th February - HALTON RSPB talk The Biking Birder Years” - an illustrated talk by Gary Prescott about his travels as a green birder visiting all the RSPB and WWT reserves in his endeavors to beat the European Green Birding record. The Centre @ Halton

21st February - LANCASTER Light the way Guide the ships safely to shore by making a lighthouse. 12.30pm, 1.30pm and 2.30pm. Lancaster Maritime Museum 01524 382264

22nd February - LANCASTER Cool Cave Paintings What will you use to create yours? 12.30pm, 1.30pm and 2.30pm. Lancaster Maritime Museum 01524 382264


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22nd February - MORECAMBE Spectacular Science Show At the Platform in Morecambe. Tickets 01524 582803

24th February - LANCASTER Wedding Showcase A Free of charge event, come and meeting some of Lancashire’s Leading wedding suppliers, food & drink samples & wedding dresses to view. Lancaster House

27th & 28th February CROOKLANDS North West Business & . Hospitality Show A show for businesess located in, or working in the North West. 015394 47692

1st March - MORECAMBE Talks at The Dementia Hub ‘How the Alzheimer’s Society supports people living with dementia’ If you are affected by dementia or worried about your memory, come and find local information in one friendly place. At Trimpell Sports and Social Club, Out Moss Ln, Morecambe LA4 1.30-3.30pm.

2nd March - LANCASTER How to Murder a Millionaire Murder Mystery £35 per person includes a 3 course dinner. Lancaster House

8th March - TORRISHOLME Wildlife Talk ‘Marine Conservation and the Impact of Overfishing’ organised by North Lancashire Wildlife Group. 7.30-pm Church of Ascension, Torrisholme

29th March - LANCASTER Love Machine at Lancaster Grand

9th March - LANCASTER Noisy Gallery with Ben McCabe and Anni Tracy

Its a feel good fun production of all the great love related songs delivered with lots of humour, class and style that sure to get you clapping, singing and enjoying all your favourite memories!

10am. Experience a magical landscape of sound,light, colour and texture. With interactive elements and playful interventions, this is a specially created space for children and their grown-ups to explore together.

At Lancaster University

30th March - HALTON Children’s Nearly New Sale

10th March - CARNFORTH Warton Stock Car Club Racing

10am - 12noon. Equipment, toys, clothes, refreshments, cake stall. Adults entry 50p, children FREE.

A great day out watching the racing for all the family.

The Centre @ Halton

12th March - HALTON Free Nutrition Talk by Dawn Keyse

5th April - LANCASTER Talks at The Dementia Hub ‘Lancashire Constabulary and how they safeguard people living with dementia’. If you are affected by dementia or worried about your memory, come and find local information in one friendly place. At Lancaster Library 1.303.30pm.

See page 64 for details. 07515 426670

16th March - CONDER GREEN Murder Mystery Evening Come, eat, enjoy, there is going to be a murder. Call to book.

The Mill at Conder Green 01524 752852


16th March - MORECAMBE Breakfast at Tiffany’s Ball


St John’s Hospice fundraising event.


Carus Green Golf Club 01539 733228

24th March - MORECAMBE Bark in the Park Fun dogs shows, stalls, treasure hunt, ability, bouncy castles and more. 11am - 3pm Happy Mount Park


24th March - CARNFORTH Warton Stock Car Club Racing


A great day out watching the racing for all the family.


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Leisuredrive Campervans Proudly Working Up To


69 ~ 2019


2019 MAZDA CX-5 Book a test drive today, call us on 01253 979 181

4.1% APR*




Chris Allen Mazda, Amounderness View, Copse Road, Fleetwood, FY7 7PE The official fuel consumption figures in mpg (I/ 100km) for the 2019 Mazda CX-5 range: Combined 36.7 (7.7) - 49.6 (5.7)^. CO2 emissions (g/km) 150 -128^. Figures shown are for comparability purposes; only compare fuel consumption and CO2 figures with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. These figures may not reflect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number factors including the accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load. ”There is a new test used for fuel consumption and C02 figures. The C02 figures shown however, are based on the outgoing test cycle and used to calculate vehicle tax on first registration. Retail sales only, subject to availability for vehicles registered between 18.12.18 and 31.03.19 at participating dealers. T&C apply. *4.1% APR Mazda Personal Contract Purchase available on all new Mazda models. Finance subject to status, 18’s or over. Guarantee may be required. Mazda Financial Services RH1 15R. Model shown: 2019 Mazda CX-5 165ps Sport Nav+, OTR from £31,095. Model shown features optional Soul Red Metallic Paint (£680). OTR price includes VAT, number plates, delivery, 12 months’ road fund licence, first registration fee, 3 year or 60,000 mile warranty and 3 years’ European Roadside Assistance. °Test drives subject to applicant status and availability. Details correct at time of going to print. Not available in conjunction with any other offer unless specified. Chris Allen (Garages) Ltd, trading as Chris Allen (Garages) Ltd. Mazda is a credit broker not a lender for this financial promotion. We can introduce you to a limited number of carefully selected finance providers and may receive a commission from them for the introduction. not sure how to get C02


e Spot the differenc

There are 9 differences between the two images.



Lancaster District Magazine



Sudoku 6 9





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Wordsearch 2 4 5 6 3 7 St Valentine’s Day























A4 T S E A3 N T D 5 E E U1 R Q N U8 E O S 7 B S O I W A U O L S E C


E7 T S I N9 Y R E 6 R I D4 C O E T2 E H S 3 E O M R E N P A S E A M

A 1

L 5O A D O 7U A E 9 C A E 2U E C E 4V R O 6 L O N A G T M E D D R S

C 6 E 4 S R 2 G A 8 N 3 W I 1 P G E M I A

O 2H A R U 5A D D 7 R E H 3R E S S 9A M A 8 O E G D H S C U S O R I

C9 E S1 A 4 S A7 H G6 R 2 T C I S G P

Place the numbers from 1 to 9 in each empty cell so that each row, each column and each 3x3 block contains all the numbers from 1 to 9 to solve this tricky Sudoku puzzle.

Wordwheel Using only the letters in the G L Wordwheel, you have ten N I minutes to find as many B E words as possible, none O N of which may be plurals, foreign words or proper nouns. Each word must be of three letters or more, all must contain the central letter and letters can only be used once in every word. There is at least one nine-letter word in the wheel.


Can you find all of the words hidden in the grid below? They may run forwards or backwards, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, but always in a straight line.

S 2O I 1 O 6F C 5N 9R S U E A K N

K 8 M M 3 E R 9 S 7 S R 5 H F I N R O



T 6F I 8 G 5A E 1W 4C Y S Z W U U


























Lancaster District Magazine Feb Mar 2019.indd 1

| 127 15/01/2019 11:11:27


Local Market Days Lancaster Charter Market


Market Square, Market Street and Cheapside, Lancaster Wednesdays & Saturdays 9am - 4pm chartermarket or 01524 414251

Tourist Information Visit Garstang Centre

Milnthorpe Farmers Market

Unit 1, Cherestanc Square Garstang, PR3 1EF 01995 602125 OPEN: April - October 10.30am - 4.30pm November to March 11am - 3.30pm

Milnthorpe Square, Milnthorpe 2nd Friday of the month 9:30am to 2:30pm 01539 563719

Domestic Waste 01524 582491

Lancaster Visitor Information

Council Tax 01524 582900

The Storey, Meeting House Lane, Lancaster 01524 582394

Morecambe Festival Market

Lancaster City Council 01524 582000 Out of Hours Emergencies 01524 67099

Highway Faults 0123 456789 Electoral Registration 01524 582905

Morecambe Visitor Information

Planning 01524 582376

Old Station Buildings, Marine Road Central, Morecambe LA4 4DB 01524 582808

Pest Control 01524 582935 Stray Dogs 01524 582757

Kirkby Lonsdale Tourist Information

Bus Passes 01524 582958

24 Main Street, Kirkby Lonsdale, LA6 2AE 015242 71437

Recycling 0800 0929705 Homeless Advice 01524 582257 Lifeline Care Alarm Service 01524 582257 Flooding 01524 582955

Sedbergh Tourist Information 72 Main Street, Sedbergh, LA10 5AD 015396 20125

Handyperson Scheme 01524 586812

Ingleton Tourist Information

Sheltered Housing 01524 586858 TRANSPORT

Ingleborough Community Centre, Ingleton, LA6 3HJ 015242 41049

National Rail Enquiries

Bentham Tourist Information Town Hall, Bentham. LA2 7LF 015242 62549

Tel: 08457 48 49 50 Local Bus Journey Planner

Kendal Tourist Information

0871 200 22 33 0871 2002233

Community Services

PHONE 111 if you need medical help fast but it’s not an emergency ROYAL LANCASTER HOSPITAL Ashton Road, Lancaster, LA1 4RP

01524 65944


Weekly Garstang Market High Street, Garstang Weekly market every Thursday 01995 605561

Kendal Street Market Market Place, Kendal Weekly market every Wednesday & Saturday

Kendal Indoor Market Upstairs in Westmorland Shopping Centre, Kendal Open Monday to Saturday

Made in Cumbria, 48 Branthwaite Brow, Kendal, LA9 4TX 01539 735891



Central Drive, Morecambe, LA4 4DW Open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday - 9am to 5pm (4.30pm winter) and all Bank Holidays from Easter to August. festivalmarket 01524 414251


Lancaster District Magazine


North Lancashire Citizens Advice Bureau 01524 400400 87 King Street, Lancaster, LA1 1RH Drop in sessions & Telephone advice

Lancaster District Homeless Action Tel: 01524 842008 Animal Care Lancaster Tel: 01524 65495

One Voice Disability Service 01524 34411 701 Cameron House, White Cross, Lancaster LA1 4XF


BOX OFFICE 01524 64695 Beauty and The Beast Ballet - Feb 10th Dear Zoo - Feb 11th & 12th Music Hall Tavern - Feb 21st MilkshakeLive! - Feb 22nd Russell Watson - March 6th Dirty Dusting - March 8th Foster and Allen - March 28th Mark ‘Billy’ Biingham - April 11th A evening of Mediumship with Teri Stromeyer - April 5th For our full show list go to:

w w w.l a n c a s te r g r a n d.c o.u k


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Carnforth Morecambe Bay

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HALF PAGE TALL 75.5mm x 220mm




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Teleglobe Mobile Centre






Celebrating ever y thing local in and around the Lancaster District

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Lancaster DISTRICT

Celebrating ever y thing local in and around the Lancaster District



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We also distribute to local garden centres, cafes, hotels, tourist information, sports centres and more

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The Sweet Emporium




Discover Forge Weir View, an exclusive development of 3, 4 and 5 bedroom family homes set in the village of Halton, just an eight minute drive from Lancaster city centre and two minutes from the M6 J34.


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Profile for Lancaster District Magazine

Lancaster District Magazine February | March 2019  

Glossy, perfect bound magazine celebrating everything in and around the Lancaster District.

Lancaster District Magazine February | March 2019  

Glossy, perfect bound magazine celebrating everything in and around the Lancaster District.