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Kitchen shown Glendevon White

Expert advice on the perfect fitted kitchen. Howdens Joinery offers a range of kitchen, bathroom cabinet and joinery products designed to meet the needs of modern living: complete with a full range of accessories, worktops, sinks, taps and a wide variety of Lamona appliances exclusive to Howdens. We are a trade only business and have over 40 inspirational kitchens and designs to choose from, available from over 500 depots nationwide. Our range is the UK’s largest from local stock and because we are local, your trade professional can collect what he needs exactly when he needs it to create your dream kitchen. Our CAD design experts will also plan your kitchen with you. Why not pop along to your local branch to see our products on display and we can answer any questions you may have. FREE design service.

Unit 50, Thetis Road, Lune Industrial Estate, Lancaster, LA1 5QP Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm, Saturday 8am - 12 noon

Telephone 01524 532300 | |

A warm and friendly welcome awaits you each time you visit The Mill at Conder Green.

Take home The Mill ’s own range of


Owned and run by the Hurst family since April 2011, The Mill has undergone a full refurbishment to transform it into a fabulous canal-side inn. Our restaurant serves simple yet creative Lancashire dishes, using only the best local produce. Then if you’re making a night of it, you can be sure of a great nights sleep in our newly refurbuished spacious bedrooms, many of which have views over the canal and surrounding countryside. Whether you’re joining us for lunch or dinner, staying with us for one night or more, our aim is to offer a relaxing and enjoyable experience.


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30 My 10k challenge David Makin

51 Family The thunderbolt of parenthood

12 Home interior Green spring clean

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Acupuncture - does it hurt

58 Writing Publishing a book

14 Home interiors Kitchen design

35 Child’s Health Wetting the bed

60 Local music Alex Varey

17 Housing Living with support

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69 Thai recipe

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Why the banks say no Cuts in Legal Aid

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Pad Thai Goong

Springtime tipples

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A quality magazine packed full of local interest articles attracts a high quality readership of local people who are looking to find local business that supply the highest quality of products and services. Contact us now to increase your business.

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Paying too much to let your property? Paying too much toto letlet your property? Paying too much your property? We think commission based fees are unfair. We think offer acommission full propertybased management for a flat rate fee of We feesfees areservice unfair. We think commission based are unfair. £37offer plus aVAT monthmanagement whilst it is let.service for a flat rate fee of We fullaper property We offer full property management service for a flat rate fee of £37 plus VAT per month whilst it is let. £37 plus VAT per month whilst it isyourself let. If you prefer to manage the property we can offer our professional expertise to find the right tenant to formanage a flat rate of £325yourself plus VAT.we can offer our professional expertise to find the If you thefee property If prefer you prefer to manage the property yourself we can offer our professional expertise to find the rightright tenant for afor flatarate fee of £325 plus plus VAT. VAT. tenant flat rate fee of £325 Full details on the website or ring for an information pack. . Full details on the or ring for an packpack . Full details onwebsite the website or ring forinformation an information

Let us Let usus helpLet you help you help you let letlet

T: 01524 752263 : T 0: 10512542 47 5725226236 3 Parkinson Property, Burrow Far m, Burrow Road, Lancaster LA2 0AP Parkinson Property, Burrow Far m,Far Burrow Road,Road, Lancaster LA2 0AP Parkinson Property, Burrow m, Burrow Lancaster LA2 0AP

Property: Prevent your house from being stolen

Prevent your house from being stolen Following up on a story we reported last year on fraudulent property theft, Parkinson Property now informs us how to protect our property/s. The Land Registry recently launched a new initiative re-stating their commitment to reducing the level of property fraud, by raising awareness of preventative measures. Properties most vulnerable to registration or mortgage fraud are usually empty, tenanted or mortgage-free. Individuals at a higher risk of fraud include owners who do not live in the property because they live abroad or are landlords. Also at risk are people in hospital or long term care. Last year in this column we reported how a gang of crooks including a solicitor, a bank manager and a Land Registry clerk successfully conspired to fool developers into buying properties belonging to other people. The gang identified homes that were neglected or abandoned, their owners dead or absent. Then they put up an official-looking board in the garden, with the name of a bogus security firm and a mobile phone number, inviting calls from the house’s owners. If no-one called they boarded it up, changed the locks and went ahead and sold the property. The clerk at the Land Registry headquarters was able to supply title deeds together with the owners’ signatures so they could be forged. The gang made at least £3.8m but it may have been more. Other examples of potential property fraud include a situation where a buy to let landlord got a call from a local estate agent saying that one of his rental properties seemed to be being marketed for sale. Also a relative learned their property had been ’stolen’ by a fraudster impersonating the deceased proprietor. Launching the new Land Registry service, Alasdair Lewis, Director of Legal Services said: “Fraud affects all parts of today’s society and everyone in it, costing this country an estimated £38 billion each year. Government has a zero tolerance to fraud against the public purse but

in order to fight fraud, everyone needs to work together. The need for everyone to play their part is just as relevant in the fight against property fraud as in other contexts. “ A property fraud line was launched earlier this month allowing property owners to alert the Land Registry if they are concerned that their property might be subject to a fraudulent sale or mortgage application. Callers can speak to specially trained staff for practical guidance about what to do. The telephone number is 0300 006 7030 and the line is open from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday. As part of its commitment to a range of counterfraud measures, the Land Registry’s trial of a free restriction for absent owners is being continued. Around 5,000 properties have been protected in this way since the trial began in February 2012. There is no Land Registry fee for home owners who wish to register this restriction as long as they do not live in the property. Owner occupiers pay a small fee. This free protection is designed to help prevent forgery, the restriction requires a solicitor or conveyancer to certify they are satisfied that the person selling or mortgaging a particular property is the true owner. I would suggest that all landlords protect themselves from fraudsters by making sure their property is registered for this new restriction. If you become an innocent victim of fraud and suffer a financial loss as a consequence, you may be compensated. Once registered you can have up to three contact addresses on the register including email addresses or an address abroad can be used. This means the Land Registry will contact you if a transaction is taking place. The more information you provide, the more chance there is of reaching you if someone is trying to steal the title to your property.

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Home: Save money on your energy bills

People Power = Buying Power = Cheaper Power Deadline April 8th

The ‘People Power’ energy switching scheme closes at midnight on April 8 – so if you miss the deadline, you could lose the chance to take advantage of cheaper energy tariffs. TIME is running out for people to sign up to a new scheme which could help them cut their energy bills. The scheme works by thousands of people registering their interest in switching energy providers, who then bid for their business by offering the best available prices. With the average household fuel bill now standing at more than £1,300 – and set to rise even higher – it’s more important than ever that people get the best deal possible. Low income households are particularly affected and recent figures show that 24% of homes (approximately 14,300 households) in the Lancaster district are in fuel poverty. You can register your interest in taking part by visiting You can register up to five households on the same e-mail address, so why not help out a neighbour or friend who does not have access to the internet or emails. On April 9 an auction will take place in which energy companies will compete for the business of all those that have registered. All the applications are grouped anonymously and the price offered by the suppliers is independent of the number of participants who make the switch. The more people that sign up, the more likely it is that suppliers will give an additional discount.

Residents are not obliged to sign up to the scheme once a provider has been chosen, but those that do, could benefit from reduced bills. If you don’t have access to a computer you can also register in person at the town halls in Lancaster and Morecambe.

Save money on your energy bill in three easy steps Step 1: Click and register online or register in person at Lancaster or Morecambe town hall, before 8th April Step 2: Provide your details and energy useage (remember to have a recent gas and electric bill to hand) Step 3: Sit back and relax while we negotiate a better energy deal on your behalf during an online energy auction on 9th April Watch the video online at

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PLUMBING & HEATING Quality | Affordable | Reliable

01524 381250 | 07957 870799 Bathroom Design & Installation Renewable Energy Systems Underfloor Heating Full Central Heating Systems Reg No. 28778 Boiler repair & upgrades

Stephen Cornthwaite


STEAMED UP DOUBLE GLAZING? Don’t replace the Frames... just the Panes!

Broken or Damaged Windows? Faulty Hinges, Handles or Locks? Want the latest energy saving glass? 5 year guarantee on new double glazing.

...we make saving money perfectly clear...

on labour


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Christine and  Bill  the  owners  of  Lancaster  bed  company  

WE ARE MAKING ROOM FOR A FANTASTIC NEW RANGE OF BEDS AND That’s why  they  stock  the  brands  that  are  known   FRAMES , SO WE ARE CUTTING PRICES  To  the  public  for  being  just  that     ON SHOP FLOOR MODELS Believe  strongly  in  the  phrase  the  best  of  British  




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Home interior: Green spring clean

Green spring clean! Spring is now here, it is time for a clean, let the fresh spring air in, the stuffy heating out and get green cleaning... that is cleaning without harsh chemicals. You may or may not be surprised by the chemicals lurking in the majority of shop bought cleaning products, some of which can be more dangerous than the dirt we are actually cleaning. While the chemicals in cleaners foam, bleach, and disinfect to make our dishes, bathtubs and counter tops gleaming and germ-free, many also contribute to indoor air pollution, are poisonous if ingested, and can be harmful if inhaled or touched. In fact, some cleaners are among the most toxic products found in the home. Have you ever felt like you cannot breathe while using your bathroom cleaning products....well you are not alone. Now is the time to switch to green.

Baking Soda - cleans, deodorises, softens water and scours. Soap - unscented soap in liquid form, flakes, powders or bars is biodegradable and will clean just about anything. Avoid using soaps which contain petroleum distillates. Lemon - one of the strongest food-acids, effective against most household bacteria. Borax - (sodium borate) cleans, deodorizes, disinfects, softens water, cleans wallpaper, painted walls and floors. White Vinegar - cuts grease, removes mildew, odors, some stains and wax build-up.

Cleaning ingredients vary in the type of health hazard they pose. Some cause acute, or immediate, hazards such as skin or respiratory irritation, watery eyes, or chemical burns, while others are associated with chronic, or long-term, effects such as cancer.

Furniture Polish: Add a few drops of lemon oil into a 1/2 cup warm water. Mix well and spray onto a soft cotton cloth until only slightly damp. Wipe furniture and finish by wiping once more using a dry soft cotton cloth.

Fragrances added to many cleaners, most notably laundry detergents and fabric softeners, may cause acute effects such as respiratory irritation, headache, sneezing, and watery eyes in sensitive individuals or allergy and asthma sufferers.

Disinfectant: Mix 2 cups of water, 3 tablespoons of liquid soap and 20 to 30 drops of tea tree oil. It’s easy!

After these cleaning liquids disappear down our drains, they are treated along with sewage and other waste water and then discharged into the waterways with some ingredients threatening water quality or fish and other wildlife. You can of course purchase green cleaning products at your local shops/supermarket but for the ultimate feel good clean (and to save money) you can make your own products. You will need: Microfibre cleaning cloths/ Newspaper Empty spray bottles 12

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Toilet Cleaner: Flush the toilet, sprinkle in some baking soda, spray with white vinegar and scrub. Glass Cleaner: Fill your own spray bottle with water and either quarter cup of white vinegar or 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to help wipe away greasy fingerprints and other harder-to-remove spots. Squirt on then wipe with newspaper, unlike kitchen towel, newspaper will not leave any fibres on the glass. Deodoriser: Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet or rug, using about 1 cup per medium-sized room. Vacuum after 30 minutes.


FO R SOLD SALE Don’t let your house move fail and lose the shirt off your back.

Think BIG!!!

Store your furniture & personal possessions safely & securely at BiG Storage.



Kitchen design Ryan Maguire from Howdens in Lancaster talk to us about Kitchen design and working out what you want from your kitchen and how to get it. The kitchen is probably the most important room in your home and choosing a new kitchen can be a difficult decision.

No matter the size, shape or style of your home, your kitchen is likely to be at the centre of it. These days, you can do so much more than cooking and cleaning in your kitchen. As housing and lifestyles have changed, kitchens have become an increasingly important focal point for our homes and busy family lives. Think about what you do in yours: talk about the day’s events, enjoy a glass of wine, socialise with friends, watch TV, help with the children’s homework, and the list goes on. Kitchen design has evolved in recent years. The need for stylish and functional appliances, different types of lighting, increased storage, entertainment and waste management have all had an impact on the design and layout of our kitchens. 14

@Lancaster Community Magazine


make the most of it?

Your kitchen can be a reflection of you, your family & how you live. When you are ready to start planning your kitchen, the first thing to think about is the available space. What shape is the room? And how can you

Other items to consider include: The type and number of appliances you have or would like to include. Doorways and windows. It is important to consider thoroughfares, natural light and views from the space. For example, it may be important to you to be able to see the children playing in the garden, whilst preparing meals.


Home Interiors: Kitchen Design Colours: Current kitchen trends to choose from are: Natural Wood - Beech, Oak and Walnut are warming and ad a cosy look.

Existing built-in fixtures such as boilers and chimney breasts, which you may wish to disguise or make a feature of. Furniture and Electronics you will have such as kitchen tables, breakfast bars, and sofas. The inclusion of TVs and work places for computers.

High gloss black or white For an ultra modern feel the crispness of black or white can give your kitchen a really clean and contemporary feel. If you are feeling adventurous you can mix and match your cupboards. Black works better in large bright kitchens, whereas white is a safe option knowing that whatever your decor is it will always match, teamed with bright contrast walls “These days, you or back panels white does not mean boring. can do so much

more than cooking Pastels are making a come-back and cleaning in your with creams and greys becoming very popular. kitchen�

What style best reflects your home. Because you spend so much time in your kitchen, you will want it to look great, work practicaly & provide you with pleasure and ease for years to come. Creating a modern look Beyond the frontal itself, you can create a modern look with deep drawers, glass units and hi-line doors. A traditional theme Similarly you can enhance a traditional look with drawer-line doors, plate racks, wicker baskets and decorative accessories.

Lighting Consideration of lighting and reflective surfaces can also make a space feel larger. To make a space feel more welcoming choose darker shades and contrasting colours. If you are not sure how to measure and design your own kitchen or what styles would suit your house, pop into your local kitchen retailer who will be able to give you advise and show you kitchen examples. Engine: 1.6-litre petrol producing

Most people like to keep a theme throughout their home, but contemporary kitchens can contrast attractively with older properties, and traditional styles can also look good in modern homes. There are lots of ways to achieve the look of your dream kitchen. You will probably decide on a kitchen frontal design first and then choose the appliances, worktops, flooring, handles, and accessories to suit. @Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


We sell much more than logs.


W Available NO

Garden COMPOST | Top SOIL | Mushroom COMPOST -Fire logs for Winter

-Fuel & BBQ’s for summer -Smokeless fuel -Firelighters -Kindling -Garden products

Logs Direct, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of kiln dried logs, is one of the very few family-owned fuel merchants and manufacturers anywhere in the UK. We are a large enough company to ensure we can deliver all of your fuel requirements to anywhere in the UK, yet are small enough to truly care about our local customers in the Lancaster and Morecambe area.

-Eco logs -Charcoal Call Stephen, Liz or Emma today for a free quote or visit our cash & carry at Halton Order online Email *certain postcodes may attract a small transport surcharge



01524 812476

Housing: Living with support

Independent living...with support Vickie Brett Scheme Manager at Wesley House in Lancaster city centre, tells us about sheltered housing, what it offers and whether it could be for you. What is sheltered accommodation? Sheltered housing is specifically designed to meet the needs of older people offering; • Independence to live as you choose with your own front door. • Homes in all different shapes and sizes; flats, bungalows, one bedroom or two. • Secure buildings with the knowledge that you will not be troubled by unwanted callers. • An on-site Scheme Manager and daily contact. • An emergency alarm.

What are the charges? You will be charged a weekly or a monthly rent, there is also usually a service charge and a charge for the support of a scheme manager. The service charge covers the general upkeep of facilities, scheme manager costs and use of communal facilities. Can I get help with housing costs? If you are on a low income, you can get help with some or all of the costs through housing benefit.

Is it for me? • If you are over 55 (in some cases 60). • If you need a smaller home that is easier to maintain with repairs taken care of. • If you would like the added security and peace of mind of an on-site manager and 24 hour emergency alarm. • If you would benefit from communal facilities – lounge, kitchen, laundry (washers & dryers). Maintained gardens. Regular social activities. Guest room for visitors and an opportunity to meet likeminded individuals then YES, it could well be for you.

What happens if I own my own home? Some properties are available as leasehold and are usually advertised with local estate agents when they are for sale. You can still apply for rented sheltered accommodation and will be advised by the provider whether you qualify. You may still qualify for housing benefit but any equity from a home you have owned will be taken into account if you apply for any means tested benefits.

What does a Scheme Manager do? He/she is responsible for the day to day running of the Scheme. This includes the maintenance of the building and health & safety checks, including fire drills. They will help you settle in, explain how everything works and report any repairs required. They will make daily contact with residents and respond to emergencies. They will liaise with family and friends and also keep you informed of what is happening in the local community. How does the emergency alarm work? You can activate this in an emergency and the Scheme Manager will be called. However, if they are unavailable, a central office will be contacted and the necessary assistance given.

Wesley House in Lancaster is a sheltered scheme for people aged 55 years and over. Our beautiful building is a converted former church with many of the original features still retained. Within the scheme we benefit from a private parking garage, a secluded courtyard garden and a rear garden area, 2 communal lounges, a laundry, hairdressing salon with weekly hairdresser visits, regular chiropodist visits, a residents’ computer room and a library. As well as the regular events such as weekly tea & coffee mornings, breakfast club and monthly suppers and lunches. Please feel free to contact me (Vickie) on 01524 37328 for more information or to arrange a vist.

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DESIGNER FABRIC at DISCOUNT PRICES Large Selection of well known Designer fabric seconds for Curtains & Upholstery, including Children’s fabrics Monday - Friday 9.30am-3.30pm Saturday 10am-3.30pm

Special offers from only

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per metre

Let us inspire you

Standfast & Barracks 01524 598222 Visit our Factory Outlet Shop, only 1/2 mile from M6. Caton Road, Lancaster, LA1 3PA



FUNKY JUNK! Making old furniture shabby chic,or retro and unique!

& Picture Framing Workshop

Unique & Individual Cards Gift wrap, Ribbons & Gifts... 66 Market Street, Lancaster (Near the Castle and Post Office)

01524 36636

If you are looking for a special piece for your home, something funky and original then checkout Morecambe based FUNKY JUNK’S Facebook page, new pieces arriving all the time.

funkyjunk68 Telephone 07507 864164

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Qualifications for business

The following members are qualified, have current professional indemnity insurance and are regulated by the Institute.


Caught your eye?


Book-keeping/VAT Management accounts

For more information and a free quote please email

or call 01524 822066 or 07850 702729 17 Monkswell Avenue, Bolton-le-Sands Carnforth, LA5 8JY


If you can’t take your eyes off this advert neither can your customers Advertise in @Lancaster Email: or call Lisa on 07818 465299

Why wait any longer for the money you’re owed? No collection - No fee. Guaranteed! Debt Collection Agency, Jack Russell, is the UK’s prominent debt recovery service. Its network of UK offices ensures the most difficult of debts, are rapidly recovered. If you require an affordable, professional, debt collection agency that delivers unrivalled results, then ring 0800 068 5151 now, and inject your cashflow today!

Debts recovered with a terrier-like approach The Jack Russell Collections Agency Call us now on freephone 0800 068 5151 of email: 20

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Business finance: Why the banks say no

Why the banks say no? Local company Accounts Shop explain the reasons your business may not be successful in securing extra funding, and it is not the banks fault! So the banks aren’t lending? Your business needs money and you have been turned down. Are you blaming the banks and government? You may need to look a little closer to home. The banks are lending and there is capital available, but only for those who can show an attractive proposition. Banks will not fund losses and if you are drawing out every penny to fund your personal debts, then forget it, the banks are not fools. The amount they are lending has reduced and you have got to be one of the best propositions around to get their backing. So you are better asking - “What is wrong with the way I am presenting my business and why will they not lend to me?” Sometimes it is the proposal that is poorly presented and although you know you have the potential to have a prosperous business but if the bank cannot see this they will not lend to you. Do not fear, you can do something about it. Set about formulating a business plan and delivering a strategy that will show the banks you are a business that is worth backing. This may take time and so trying for finance now may not be the right option. Obviously banks like growth and profit and dislike falling sales and losses. So perhaps with some careful restructuring of the business, cash-flow will start to improve. Once you have the business back on the right track, growth and profits will begin to show and refinancing will then be a far easier option. Building a business takes time. Make sure you have the right strategy in place and never lose sight of the end goal. Employing a specialist might seem out of

the question when funds are at a premium but they are able to look at a business in a different light and provide you with the support you need to turn things around. Accounts Shop have an excellent reputation and good business relationships with all the major banking institutions and we have been successfully helping refinancing businesses for over 15 years. We know what an investor wants and what they will look for. Save yourself time, increase your chances of securing funding by coming and having a chat with us or email us, about what services we can offer. We won’t charge you unless we are successful.

Do you need business finance? Have a cashflow problem? Need further investment?

Let us find your solution. If we don’t, there is no fee. BOOKKEEPING | ACCOUNTS | VAT PAYROLL | TAX RETURNS | CIS

Accounts Shop

07711 534528

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Legal advice: Cuts in Legal Aid

Cuts in Legal Aid BSG Solicitors explain how spending cuts following upon the economic recession have now reached Legal Aid for family matters. As from 1st April 2013, Legal Aid for the vast majority of cases of divorce or disputes between parents over their children will cease to be available. Some cases will escape the cuts: most significantly child care proceedings will still be covered by Legal Aid. Parents whose child or children are removed from their care by Social Services will still continue to receive free Legal Aid to cover their representation in Court. Also, Legal Aid will continue to be available in divorce for victims of domestic violence. Likewise contact and residence applications in relation to children which would otherwise be excluded, will nevertheless be covered by Legal Aid where there is evidence of child abuse. It is government policy to stamp out forced marriages and therefore they also will escape the axe and will continue to be covered by Legal Aid for divorce. These exceptions to the spending cuts do not represent a back door through which Legal Aid will generally be available. To qualify for divorce as a result of domestic violence, the applicant will be required to produce clear evidence to support that claim. Such evidence will need to be in the form of previous convictions or cautions of the perpetrator showing domestic violence against the applicant (restricted to those cautions which are less than 24 months old) or a Doctor’s letter or evidence of a multi-agency meeting arising out of concerns of domestic violence. The onus of providing such evidence falls upon the applicant and not upon the solicitor they consult. Furthermore, the financial parameters within which legal aid will be available have been narrowed. Even if there is domestic violence, which is clearly evident the availability of free legal aid is reduced. Previously, the subject matter 22

@Lancaster Community Magazine


of the dispute (usually the house) was exempt from the calculation of assets for assessing eligibility for Legal Aid. Now, that amount is limited so that an applicant may again be disqualified from free Legal Aid by having assets in excess of the limit. Thus, free legal aid will be available only to a small percentage of people. After the 1st April 2013, people wanting to get divorced or to resolve children disputes without the necessary evidence of domestic violence will either have to pay for their representation or act for themselves. Most people will find representing themselves too difficult a task. They will have to deal with a Court which is a daunting prospect, particularly if the other side has sufficient funds to instruct solicitors. Furthermore, the Court system has little scope for assisting non represented parties the Courts already being under a burden of short staff and too much work. Consequently many people will be forced to “bite the bullet� and pay for their representation. Historically people have been afraid to approach Solicitors assuming they will be unable to pay professional fees. Solicitors have observed the change of wind and have tried to rise to the challenge by providing where possible fixed fees for divorce work and other common problems. Thus, people faced with the prospect of dealing with divorce or children disputes are advised at least to enquire the cost of such work from their solicitor. There may well be a cost but this may well in the long run save costs/assets. If you find yourself in difficulty with a matrimonial case call either Andie Brown or Michael Willey at BSG Solicitors (01524 386500) who will try to put your mind at rest.


LANCASTER 3&4 Aalborg Square Lancaster, LA1 1BJ

01524 386500


Rock Climbing Canoeing Kayaking Gorge Scrambling Mountain Walking and much more.....

We run activities at locations throughout the Eden Valley & Lake District 7 days a week.

AALS licenced to run adventure activities for under 18 year olds.

07743 861743

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CH 4/5 bed Townhouse within The Roundhouse private gated residence on Nelson Street, Lancaster. Now ÂŁ229,950

This immaculate 4/5 bedroom townhouse is set in a prime city centre location. The ground floor living accommodation comprises of a generous welcoming hallway, modern fitted kitchen, utility room, cloakroom, under stairs storage cupboard and downstairs lounge/ diner with 2 double patio doors leading onto the private walled garden with patio and shed.

Luxury Karndean flooring throughout the ground floor and new carpets throughout the upper floors. The first floor of the property boasts a large double bedroom or living room with balcony overlooking Lancaster Cathedral, two single bedrooms with large fitted wardrobes and a newly updated bathroom with shower. The second floor hosts two double

Photographs taken by Steve Pendrill photography

bedrooms, the master bedroom with newly fitted en-suite and the other room with very large storage cupboard and access to the large boarded loft. The townhouse benefits from two private parking spaces, a private garden and shared large lawn garden. The property is chain free. Call today to book a viewing. 01524 67447 or 07770 640261.

Call us today

01524 36600


COURTESY CAR facility, collection and delivery service

Lancaster’s no.1 BMW and Porsche specialists WE ALSO SERVICE ANY CAR, ANY MAKE OR MODEL


Servicing | Repairs | Tyres Air Conditioning | MOT | Four wheel alignment PRIORY MOTORS | WILLOW LANE | LANCASTER | LA1 5NB Open: Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm | Saturday 8.30am - 12noon |

Toyota: GT86 Does the GT86 fulfill a desire to recapture the purity of a classic sports car experience? We find out! More often considered safe and reliable, Toyota has taken a step back to its perhaps more care-free past with the launch of the GT86, a 2+2 sports car for the 21st century. Forget low emissions, low performance and low excitement, this car is about one thing: recapturing the purity of the classic sports car experience. The 2000GT proved to be a big influence on the development of the GT86, a joint venture with Subaru. Built in 1965 and powered by a 2.0-litre straight-six engine, it helped to establish Toyota’s global reputation as a sports car manufacturer, even though only 337 were manufactured. The driver-focused coupe is built on a brand new platform and the remit revolved around three basic elements – it had to be rear-wheel drive, have no turbocharging and ordinary tyres. 26

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The solution was found in combining Subaru’s newly developed boxer engine with Toyota’s latest fuel injection system. The result is the world’s first horizontally opposed engine with D-4S technology. The 2.0-litre petrol engine, which revs freely to 7,400rpm, produces 197bhp and is paired with a close-ratio six-speed manual or automatic gearbox. The GT86 can sprint to 62mph in 7.6 seconds and has a top speed a shade under 140mph. Economy levels out at around 36mpg for the manual and 40mpg for the automatic while CO2 emissions are 181g/km (manual) and 164g/km (auto). It’s not just under the bonnet though where the GT86 draws inspiration. During the design process, a perfectly preserved 2000GT was placed in the studio, paving the way for exterior lines and surfaces that are designed not only to look good, but also help the driver to know just where each corner of the vehicle


Motoring: Toyota GT86 starting from £24,995. Raising the roof requires you to reach behind to mechanically release the roof from its stowed position but with a little practice you could do this without looking. The extra-lazy amongst you will appreciate the electric assistance.

GT 86 from £24,995

is at all times. It’s certainly good to look at and has definite presence.

Touch touchscreen controls system, Bluetooth and USB port.

The same attention to detail transfers into the cockpit, where focus is on functionality and usability. The steering wheel is the smallest ever fitted to a Toyota while the driving position is 7mm lower than a Porsche Cayman, enhancing the drive of the GT86 even further. Performance doesn’t come at a price, as the couple has high levels of standard equipment, including automatic dual-zone air conditioning, Smart Entry and Start system, cruise control, Toyota

The ‘eight six’ in GT86 has played significant part in the car’s development, being more than just a reference to its celebrated ancestor, the Corolla GT AE86. Its in-house development code was 086A while the boxer’s engine’s 86mmx86mm square bore and stroke are faithful to Toyota’s sports engine history. Even the diameter of the GT86’s chrome-tipped twin exhausts is 86mm. The GT86 is available in a choice of seven colours with prices

- 200 DIN hp 2.0 litre boxer engine - Rear wheel drive - Limited slip differential - Vehicle stability control (VSC) - 17” lightweight alloy wheels - Bi-xenon headlamps - Dual exhaust with chrome tailpipes - Front fog lamps - LED daytime running lamps and stop lamp - Metallic paint - £495 - Pearlescent paint £650

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Holistic Treatments Indian Head Massage – £25 Hopi Ear Candles – £25 Reiki - £25 Massage Menu Aromatherapy Massage Back/neck/shoulders – £27 Legs and feet – £25 Full body – £37 Swedish Massage Back/neck/shoulders – £22 Legs and feet – £20 Full body – £32 Halo Massage Back/neck/shoulders – £25 Face/neck/shoulders - £25 Crystal Healing Massage Back/neck/shoulders– £25 Face/neck/shoulders – £25 Full body – £35 Baby Massage Workshops – £40 Private sessions – £65 Hot Stone Massage Back/neck/shoulders – £35 Full Body – £45

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Balance and Harmony Soul to Sole

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Get your health back with HOMEOPATHY Homeopathic remedies are:

Safe | Non-toxic | Non-addictive | Effective The first consultation lasts around 90 minutes while we explore your health issues and results in a tailored prescription. Monthly appointments £40 (includes cost of remedy)

T: 01524 812605 M: 07515 426670 Dacrelands Natural Health Clinic Aldren’s Lane/Owen Road | Skerton LANCASTER | LA1 2DU

If it hurts I can fix it!

The “go-to” caring therapist you can really trust to get rid of your pain

Isobel Hamid

Healing Hands Established 1996 SIVELY

Hands-on physiotherapy - the way it used to be. Effective treatment for a life without pain.


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My 10k challenge by David Makin

Self employed local businessman David Makin tells us about his 10k sponsored swim in June this year and how he can do this despite having MS It’s been about 15 years since I swam properly, other than splashing about on a Saturday with my two young daughters, until recently when I started open water swimming with friends. Initially, it’s a shock to the system, as you are out in the wilds in the middle of a lake. However, it feels great, as it’s the only time I feel like most other people-I forgot to say I have ms and have sensory problems in my legs and arms and struggle with balance and tiredness!!! Please read my story below and see how you can support people with this and similar conditions. In 2006 it all started. I lost feeling down the left side of my body and I thought that I had suffered a stroke. After several trips to the doctors and various tests, in 2007 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I thought that was the end of a ‘normal’ life. Initially the loss of feeling and struggle with walking was the worst of all but after a while you get used to that, however, tiredness is the one symptom I can’t seem to beat. At only 29, married with two young daughters I couldn’t believe it was happening but, unfortunately it was! 30

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I managed to continue working for several years, but this eventually started to impact on my home life so, with the support of my wife, I decided to go selfemployed to take more control of my symptoms and I had to get myself out of the pit I had let myself get into. I’ve always said there is a lot worse that could have happened however, if I’m being honest, its only the last 12 months I’ve believed that. In 2011 I was talking to a friend and she said she was taking part in the Great North Swim (1 mile) and jokingly I said that I would take part with her. The next time I heard from her was when she emailed me with the entry details so thanks for that Jo!!! A little panic, a lot of training and 2 1/2 stone of weight loss, I swam the mile in Windermere in just over 32 minutes. Jo and I still regularly swim together, so it couldn’t have been that bad plus with the support of friends and family I raised £650 in sponsorship. I have since got into swimming in a big way, as it’s the one time I actually feel normal and nobody else can tell that I have any issues. (Nobody can tell if you can’t walk straight in water!!) I hope to get a classification in disabled swimming and am


Charity challenge: David Makin still training hard, although it’s not always easy and shifting my last stone of weight definitely isn’t. I have recently heard about a local charity The Neuro Drop In Centre and was both impressed and moved by the story from Sharon Jackson, who has built it up from nothing. Support for this illness and many others is often overlooked, as treatment for it is more at the forefront, however it is such an important part, not only for people who have it, but also the families and carers affected too. I have since been to a meeting at Sainsbury’s (who also support Neuro Drop In) and was further impressed. Due to this I have decided to push myself more and have entered a 10k swim in Buttermere on the 8th June to help raise much needed funds. To put it into context it is equivalent of running a marathon, however my friends husband advised me rather than thinking of it as 10k to just think “it is only twice round the lake” which doesn’t sound quite as far! Again, to take control of my symptoms I have since gone self employed and I was lucky enough to be invited to join St. James’s Place Wealth Management as a Partner. St. James’s Place Foundation, which is the charitable arm of the company, will also match any fund raising and distribute to other deserving charities so all your support is greatly appreciated. @Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine

The St. James’s Place Wealth Management Group started trading in 1992 (as J. Rothschild Assurance) and in the same year set up its Charitable Foundation. Since that time the St. James’s Place Foundation has become a very successful company charity, raising over £5 million in 2012 including company matching and gift aid. The funds for the St. James’s Place Foundation come primarily from three sources along with Gift Aid and interest, they are: - Regular monthly donations representatives and employees - Fundraising events or challenges including - Pound-for-pound matching by St. James’s Place Wealth Management Group. The St. James’s Place Foundation grant-making is guided by three main themes: Cherishing the Children, Combating Cancer and Supporting Hospices. In 2012 the Foundation donated more than £3 million to charities operating both in the UK and overseas. Grants have been made to hundreds of small and medium sized charities, including small donations of a few hundred pounds, as well as larger one off and multi-year grants of up to £100,000. Again, all support is appreciated and if you would like to sponsor me please go to: com/DavidMakin or visit in Lancaster


Your Club Your Journey

Your Life A new beginning We are Sean Thornton and Ceri Smith and we’d like to introduce you to 3-1-5 Health Clubs. We’re revitalising the old Total Fitness on Caton road, Lancaster. Both of us are locally born & bred and are investing £2.3m into creating a club dedicated to you. At 3-1-5 Health Clubs you come first 3-1-5 harmonise our services with your lifestyle and needs. Meaning as soon as you set foot through the door we create a personal lifestyle blueprint that sets the scene for the experience you say you want. It’s your club, it’s your choice Whether you’ve been exercising for 50 years or you’ve never ventured into a health club before; the amount of help you get from us is up to you. If you don’t want it, that’s fine. If you need more of it, that’s fine too. You won’t be pigeon-holed at 3-1-5; it’s your life, tell us about you. Something extra special We’re also bringing the most innovative exercise equipment in the world to your doorstep – it’s called X-Force. With X-Force you’re able to melt more body fat, in less time. It’s so effective that a 2012 study concluded that exercising on X-Force once weekly and following a simple calorie controlled diet can see an average weight loss of up to 2.4 stone. In 6 weeks. The best bit Join us and experience the 3-1-5 difference where we work hard to ensure that our members are happy. We’re so confident that 3-1-5 Health Clubs and X-Force can give you the results you want, no matter what you want to achieve, that if you don’t see a difference we’ll give you your money back. Guaranteed.

To make things even better we’ve got a great limited pre-launch offer for you.

Join today from only £30 per month, call 01524 237 315 now.

The home of

3-1-5 Health Club Lancaster Mannin Way | Caton Road Lancaster | LA1 3PE T: 01524 237 315

Negative training made easy w w w.3-1-5.c

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Health: Acupuncture

Acupuncture - does it hurt? Physiofusion in Lancaster explains what acupuncture does, how is it done, and most common question of all: does it hurt? Acupuncture is becoming more and more accepted as a way of treating conditions that have traditionally been managed with, well, traditional methods! There are many different conditions that acupuncture is said to help with – this ranges from skin conditions and emotional issues, to fertility and boosting the immune system. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much clinical research done to confirm many of the reported benefits. There are 3 areas that have been approved by the NHS though: Acupuncture for chronic low back pain was endorsed by NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) in 2009, as a clinically effective treatment. This was welcomed by patients as there was a great deal of testimonial evidence saying how effective it is as a treatment particularly when used in conjunction with other Physiotherapy techniques. Migraine and tension headaches can now also be treated using acupuncture according to NICE, and there have been reports of positive effects on dental pain too. These headaches often don’t respond to medicines well – or patients have reasons for not wanting to take them – so it gives another effective way of relieving the pain. Osteoarthritis is the third condition that has positive benefits from acupuncture - it can improve movement and relieve pain. This is another condition that has traditionally relied heavily upon medicines to treat it, so to be able to add acupuncture into a treatment plan may help to reduce the amount of drugs that a patient needs. As Physiotherapists we have to undergo rigorous training (this includes having lots of needles

stuck in us, as well as us giving acupuncture!) so you can be confident that the treatment you get is safe and effective. The actual needles themselves are incredibly fine – so they aren’t that painful – less than a skin prick. Once they are in, they can be left in from anywhere from 2 minutes to an hour – depending on the effect. Some can feel tingly at first, some a bit achy, but this usually stops 10 seconds after insertion. At Physiofusion, we are currently running an offer to get 25% off acupuncture treatment, which lasts until the end of May 2013, so if you want to know whether it will work for you, come and try it!


  

   



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“I was a smoker for 29 years and quit because my children were afraid I was going to die. My Local Stop Smoking “I waswas a smoker 29 years and my children advisor great,for always there forquit me.because I couldn’t have were afraid I was die.up Myrunning Local Stop done it without her going help. Ito took age Smoking 39 and quit advisortwo wasyears great, always there for I’m I couldn’t have smoking later. These days for the done it without her running London marathon andhelp. livingI took life atupfull speed!age 39 and quit smoking two years later. These days I’m training for the Contact your local Stop Smoking London marathon and NHS living life at full speed! Service to quit.

Call us today on 01524 845145 to book an appointment in your area.

Visit to Contact your local NHS Stop Smoking Service toget support. *Standard network charges apply Alternatively Drop in to the Stop Smoking Shop in St Nics Arcade, Lancaster Visit to get free support.

- Open Tue/Thur/Fri 10am - 2pm (No appointment necessary)

LISA_1.indd 1

LISA_1.indd 1

*Standard network charges apply14:44 28/01/2013 28/01/2013 14:44

Health: Wetting the bed

Wetting the Bed Every night, up to half a million UK children and teenagers wet the bed. We look at the causes and what can be done to help stop it. But because the problem is perceived as embarrassing, many people do not talk about it, and most parents think they’re alone in trying to deal with it. Bed wetting can be very distressing for children and parents, but the scale of the problem remains hidden, partly because people find it embarrassing to talk about. But families are not alone. Things can be done to overcome or manage the problem.” Are many children affected by bed wetting? Studies have shown that one in six of five year olds, one in seven of seven year olds, one in 11 nine year olds and one in 50 teenagers are affected by bed wetting. The problem is more common in boys than girls, especially in the younger age groups. Why does it happen? It’s not fully understood why some children take longer than others to stay dry, but the problem isn’t linked to poor toilet training or a child being lazy. There are thought to be three main reasons bed wetting occurs: Hormone (Lack of) The first is a lack of correct levels of the hormone vasopressin, which helps the kidneys to concentrate urine production at night. This means that rather than a reduced amount of urine being produced overnight, the kidneys produce daytime amounts and the bladder simply can’t hold it. If the colour of a child’s first wee of the day is light in colour, it may indicate that vasopressin levels are low. Other indications include large patches of urine in the night, and wetting soon after sleep. Medication to replace the missing hormone can be prescribed. Overactive bladder The second reason a child may wet the bed is an overactive bladder. When this is the root of the cause, the bladder muscles contract before it’s full,

signalling that it needs to empty urgently. Signs of an overactive bladder will be apparent during the day with the child needing to go to the toilet often and very urgently. They may also have damp pants during the day. At night, the child will often have small wet patches in the bed and wake up after wetting. Medication can be prescribed to relax the strong signals from the bladder. Brain signals Another reason bed wetting occurs is that the child doesn’t receive the signal sent from the bladder to the brain which tells them to wake up to empty their bladder. Bed wetting alarms can help if this is the case, but while they have a good success rate, a child needs to be motivated and want to work with one. There’s also a genetic link which suggests late toilet training and bed wetting can run in families. Other factors, such as constipation and urinary tract infections, are known to affect the bladder and should be checked by a doctor, especially if the child wets during the day after the age of five. ERIC (Education and Resources for Improving Childhood Continence) suggests the following tips for parents to manage bed wetting: Try to stay patient and calm so your child doesn’t become anxious. A positive approach will help reassure your child that they’ll succeed. Make sure your child drinks six to eight water-based drinks throughout the day. Cutting back on drinks doesn’t help. Ensure your child doesn’t put off going to the toilet in the day and encourage a visit to the toilet before going to bed. Leave a soft light on to guide the way to the toilet at night, and clear any obstacles from the route. For information and help with bed wetting, contact your GP and or visit

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©Rick Robson of CycleSportPhotos

©Rick Robson of

CycleSportPh otos

115 miles... 346 cyclists Keith Simpson, one of the organisers or the Wrynose or Bust cycle ride, tells us all about the 115 mile event through North Lancashire and South Cumbria with Wrynose Pass in the middle. Wrynose and so nearly bust April 28th 2013 it will be our fourth annual event and to date our riders have helped us to raise over £18,000 for our nominated charities. For this year’s event our nominated charities are CancerCare and Unique Kidz.

The idea behind Wrynose or Bust came from John Black and his friend Frank, who were National Service friends and competitive cyclists. They created this route as an annual jaunt and get together and they completed this ride for many years. As I was looking for a bit of a challenge for my 60th, I asked if I could join them, as Frank couldn’t make it on the day, John and I set off on 30 May 2009. Much later Lancaster Rotary club asked me to develop the theme as a fund raising sportive and consequently with a few Rotary and cycling friends, got our heads together to create the Wrynose or Bust Cycling Challenge Sportive. 36

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In some ways Sportives replicate a day stage of a cycling race similar to the Tour de France, however it is important to note that a sportive or etape as it is sometime called is not a race. We don’t have mass starts, bunches or sprint finishes, each cyclist starts more or less when they want within our timing schedule and make their own way around one of our three routes. We have marshalls, feed stations, radio communications and hot food and showers at the finish and each


Local Event: Wrynose or Bust cyclist is supplied with a timing devise that they are encouraged to use at checkpoints along the route. Last year the event attracted 346 cyclists and they came from all over the UK and even one from Hong Kong, with the collective aim of tackling some of the most challenging roads in North Lancashire and South Cumbria. Last year it did not help that we had the worst possible weather conditions with driving rain and up to 30 knot winds in the Duddon valley and this year can only hope that the weather will be much kinder to us. Cyclist Sarah Haslam wrote on a cycling forum about the 2012 event: Excellent ride and route, shame about the weather, the support team were fantastic – an angel sorted me out when I got to the finish – I couldn’t think straight and she sat me down, got me a hot plate of food and a hot drink, thank you.

marshalled. Enjoyable route and great food at the end. The weather was horrendous but you cannot blame the organisers for that. Well done to all, planning 2013 event already Sue Dobson: Finished the Bay Dash is 6 hrs 40 mins - would have enjoyed ride as it passed through wonderful countryside, but the weather made it a real challenge. Well organised event marshalls were very helpful and shouted their encouragement. Overall a great event - would like to do it again to see if i could get round in 6 hours

Our main aim is for riders, marshalls and supporters to have a great day out and to enjoy our three tough cycling routes through fantastic northwest countryside and the best of luck to everyone involved – allez! allez! Check out our dedicated website for full event details and if you want to take on one of our cycling challenges you can book online through a secure server, log on to:

Jill Wilkinson

As with previous years we are organizing three routes that start and finish at the Halton Army Training Camp near Lancaster. The main Wrynose or Bust route covers 115 miles through North Lancashire and South Cumbria with Wrynose Pass in the middle. The two supporting routes are the 68 mile Bay Dash that is a shorted version of the Wrynose route and the 37 mile Silverdale Sling that tracks the coast line of Morecambe Bay. Both of these supporting routes still require a reasonable level of fitness, but we feel we have come up with something for everyone as these forum reviews demonstrate. Richard Gough: My third time on this event, well organised and

©Rick Robson of CycleSportPhotos

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DALTON SQUARE LATE NIGHT PHARMACY 26-28 Great John Street - Lancaster - LA1 1NG

FREE PHONE 0800 6520187



We are able to order, collect and deliver your repeat prescriptions completely free of charge. Just make one phone call to our free phone number above and we will do the rest. This service is available free to all patients at the following surgeries: DALTON SQUARE, QUEEN SQUARE, KING STREET, MEADOWSIDE, ROSEBANK, SCALE HALL, OWEN ROAD and others on request.


MORNING AFTER PILL We are able to offer FREE hormonal contraception consultations. No bookings required. Just call in and our pharmacist will be pleased to help you.

OPENING TIMES Monday - Friday 7.15am - 10.15pm Saturday 8.00am - 10.30pm Sunday 10.00am - 8.30pm


LANCASTER HEALTH & Fitness THERAPIES Tension? Stress? Physical Pain?

If you can’t take your eyes off this advert neither can your customers. Advertise in @Lancaster Email: or call Lisa on 07818 465299 This space (quarterpage) from only £50 per month

Get yourself back to health with The Bowen Technique Straightforward and effective hands-on therapy. Laura van Tatenhove Lancaster Health and Fitness Therapies 58 Sibsey Street | Lancaster LA15DF M. 07910 979323

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Local charity: CancerCare lottery



Local charity CancerCare, are delighted to announce that their lottery rollover prize has been won by Ms Cindy Kneale of Hest Bank. The draw had accumulated to a total value of £4400.00, which is one of the biggest ever, local lottery prizes in the region.

You can help CancerCare to support people facing cancer in North Lancashire and South Lakeland by becoming a Lottery Member and paying just £1 per entry, per week. Drawn every Friday.

CancerCare CEO Lynne Stafford made the presentation at the organisation’s head office in Slyne, Lancaster. Lynne commented that she was delighted to see the rollover achieve close to its maximum payout and expressed her thanks for the generous support given by all supporters of the CancerCare Lottery.

2013 sees CancerCare celebrating 30 years of providing unique support to local people who are affected by cancer. CancerCare not only offers support to cancer patients, but also to their family and wider support network.

If you would like to know more about CancerCare One of our most important regular sources of income, and its work locally, you can contact them through the CancerCare Lottery has been created to help us their website: or by raise much-needed funds to pay for support of local telephone, on either 01524 381 820 or 01539 735 800. people coping with cancer.

If you would like to join and play the CancerCare Lottery, visit the CancerCare website for more details or call the CancerCare Lottery office on:

01524 752 444 40

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The lifestyle makeover that inspires confidence and joy A FOUR WEEK COURSE FOR ALL WOMEN THAT HELPS YOU SHINE FROM THE INSIDE OUT


Have fun - Be Fabulous


The Vintage Boudoir FOR HIRE & FOR SALE


We specialise in exquisite vintage dresses, jewellery, blouses, skirts, lingerie, shoes, handbags, accessories and so much more...

e ic rv . s e nds g frie ries i n our esso ou. y l d y cc it y st u anand ato su o EEFor y utfittyled

O s

Open: Mon - Fri 11am - 4pm | Closed Wed & Sun








19 Sun Street | Lancaster | LA1 1EW 01524 874088




Spring back into your style




Model Outfit: Endless Summer Dress £110 Betty Barclay

Super skinny triple belt pack £8 Accessorize

Jellybean £22 Dune

Yellow glass bead necklace £25 East

Pastel sandals £45 Laredoute

Rhino aqua ring £10.99 Swagg 44

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Ladies Fashion: Bags

This month we go green with a host of green bags and gorgeous yellow accessories to compliment the look! Whether its a purse to store your pennies or a huge over the shoulder bag to carry enough for an overnight stay...there are green bags everywhere!

Lauren clutch £45 Whitestuff

Eden textured shoulder bag £37 Accessorize

Satchel bag £29 MandCo

Chiltern tote bag £129 Radley

Avril gau suade bag £99 La Redoute

Saddle shoulder bag £29 Marks and Spencer

Clutch bag £78 MeDusa

Rectangle clutch £35 Accessorize

Green clutch £45 Debenhams

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We’ve got everything you need under one roof... ST NICHOLAS ARCADES


FREE parking*

May Bank Holidays

h & 27th Open on 6t al May as norm


Opening HOURS Monday - Saturday 9am-5.30pm Sunday 10.30am - 4.30pm

...including fashion, beauty, gifts, food & drink. We’re home to big brand names like Next, Boots, Argos and The Entertainer as well as offering delicious snacks from our cafe and restaurant. Whether it’s shopping or relaxing you’re after, St. Nics is the place to be. St Nicholas Arcades has a 300 space short stay car park and has recently been awarded the “Park Mark” Safer Parking Award. The Car Park also has a number of disabled parking spaces available. BOOTS | VINCENZO’S COFFEE HOUSE | NEXT | ARGOS | THE ENTERTAINER | RYMAN COSTA | DRESS TO IMPRESS | SUBWAY | SUPERDRUG | EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT | ICON MENSWEAR | CARDS & CANDLES | | GAME | GNC CO-OPERATIVE TRAVEL | NEWS PLUS | YORKSHIRE BUILDING SOCIETY | POUNDLAND WILLIAM HILL | BRIGHT HOUSE | FURNITURE MATTERS | 32090 TAXIS

12 LANCASTER GATE | LANCASTER | LA1 1NB 01524 846 569





54 NORTH ROAD | LANCASTER | LA1 1LT | TEL: 01524 63981

Mens fashion: Shorts

It’s time to get those legs out boys! This season there seems to be something out there for everyone, whether you like short shorts of long shorts, stripes, plain, prints or’s all out there. There is no excuse not to get your legs out! Red shorts £25 Red Herring

Flower shorts £35 Mantaray

Orange chino shorts £16 NEXT

Red stripe shorts £25 NEXT

Navy blue chino short £30 River Island

Check cargo belted short £10 Sainsburys

Lagoon Yard check shorts £42 Fatface

Aztec print shorts £28 NEXT


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Shirt £25 Chino Shorts £16 Sunglasses £13 Watch £25 Weave Belt £18 Brogues £55 NEXT


Let’s play on the beach, fly kites, feed the ducks Now and go for a bike ride

in stock

Toys, Gifts & Essentials 36 Pedder Street, Morecambe LA4 5EA

Telephone: 01524 414 454

Family: The thunderbolt of parenthood

The thunderbolt of


Try not to get overwhelmed with all of the information out there on the web. Meet other local parents at The Lancaster Babyfest where you can learn, shop and play. Whether it’s your first or your fifth, a baby brings changes and challenges. A parent to be has so much to think about, and in our high tech, Internet driven, cyber-networking age there is no shortage of what appears to be good advice. Google what to do if you are having a baby, you will be supplied with list upon list of things to buy; nappies, baby grows, bottle steamers, monitors: the list goes on and on. And this is before we have delved into the myriad of choices on makes and models. The dozens of parenting guides on the market each tell you something a little bit different about controlled crying, comforting, potty training and weaning. While online forums discuss everything from minimalist parenting to home water birth plans that sound like a romantic dinner for two!

Our top tips to new parents are: • Meet your suppliers and buy local for value and follow up service that goes beyond the point of sale. • Try out some of the many groups on offer and find a couple that suit you. You might even make some life long friends! • Sharing the parenting experience with family and friends only makes it more wonderful. When help is on offer, take it. • Parenting is probably the most rewarding, miraculous adventure you will ever embark on. Just remember to breathe and enjoy, because it only lasts a moment!

It is all too easy to get tangled up in this web of information and become utterly overwhelmed. Yet in my experience, the most valuable advice and the very best tips came from meeting with other parents, watching them with their kids and sharing the experience. Lancaster has so much to offer new parents. Step away from the online forums and you will find a group meeting somewhere in the city on most days. Take your pick from baby massage, yoga, swimming, bounce and rhyme or a good old fashioned mother and baby group with tea and biscuits. All full of real live parents going through similar experiences. And local suppliers are flesh and blood experts who answer questions in real time and sort things out if they go wrong. The products supporting all of your babies needs are to hand to be touched, smelled or tasted. @Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


Purely Wool

10% 10%OFF off

56 Market Street,

wool wool only only

Lancaster LA1 1HS

mentionof ofthis @ onon mention Local Choice Lancaster Magazine advert

Tel: 01524 841202

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Haberdashery and Wool

SEWING ACCESSORIES | KNITTING & CROCHET | BUTTONS EMBROIDERY | RIBBONS & TRIMMINGS Family run “Hester’s Habby” has moved from Lancaster Market and can now be found on Gage Street (just down from the Dalton Square Pharmacy)

01524 68893


@Lancaster Community Magazine



B ellwood & W right F I N E



Appropriated Alphabets BY SIR PETER BLAKE Since we held our opening night for Sir Peter Blakes’ Appropriated Alphabets last month these pr ints have already increased in value by up to £295. Purchased at £500 Alphabet 10 (top right) is now wor th £795. Don’t miss out on this fantastic oppor tunity to invest. Experienced staff are on hand to guide you in your investment.

5 6 P E N N Y S T R E E T | L A N C A S TER | LA1 1XF w w w. b e l lwo o da n dw r i g h

01524 35656

Winner of 12 Tony Awards including BEST MUSICAL! Winner of 10 Drama Desk Awards including BEST MUSICAL! Winner of 3 Olivier Awards including BEST MUSICAL!

LADOS Proudly Presents

Tuesday 7th to Saturday 11th May at 7.30pm A New Mel Brooks Musical Book by MEL BROOKS and THOMAS MEEHAN. Music and Lyrics by MEL BROOKS Original Direction and Choreography by Susan Stroman. By special arrangement with StudioCanal This amateur production is presented by arrangement with JOSEF WEINBERGER LTD. on behalf of MUSIC THEATRE INTERNATIONAL of NEW YORK.

BOX OFFICE - Tel. 01524 64695

or online from

LADOS will be performing GREASE

which is presented through special arrangement with Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW) 570 Seventh Avenue, Suite 2100, New York, NY 10018 – Book, Music and Lyrics by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, additional songs by Robert Stigwood

10th - 14th SEPTEMBER 2013, GRAND THEATRE, LANCASTER Enquiries to secretary – 07932 911771

“Mumford and Sons meet the Dead Weather”

Flaunt It presents Francesca Martinez ‘What The F*** Is Normal?!” Tour with support from Jen Brister Friday 19 April 8pm

Beachbreak Live Festival

Tickets are priced at £12 (£8 concessions)

“One of the circuit’s most brilliant comedians”

The Observer

For tickets and more information contact More Music

Stages Live presents Brother & Bones

Saturday 11 May, 7pm Tickets are priced at £5

Both gigs are held at: The Hothouse, Devonshire Road, Morecambe, LA3 1QT.

13-17 Devonshire Road Morecambe, LA3 1QT

Call: 01524 831997 Email: Web: Become a fan on Facebook

More Music is an accredited Arts Award Centre, Company Reg. 4189582 | Charity Reg. 1097929

Follow us on Twitter: Moremusic1

ert soko Conc

is Doudou C

1th May 1 y a d r u t a S 11.30 pm o t m p 0 3 . 7 e The Centr

@ Halton

h his formed wit r e p s a h u Doudo rena in at the 02 A laying musicians BBC TV p n o d n a n Londo olland. for Jools H

at £8 each, ady on sale, re al e ar nts on the ts Ticke the newsage at d an e tr at The Cen in Halton. ichardson: High Road Maureen R to s ie ir u Enq : 6 or email 01524 81131 o lt a h ager@ centreman

@Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


Lancaster Footlights present


Tue 23rd - Sat 27th April 7.30pm “You’ve force-fed us the facts; now we’re in the process of running around acquiring flavour” Tickets £9/£8/£7 From the Directors that brought you ‘Blood Brothers’

Contains strong language and adult content

BOX OFFICE 01524 64695 Book online at:

THE HISTORY BOYS An unruly class of gifted and charming teenage boys are taught by two eccentric and innovative teachers, as their headmaster pushes for them all to be accepted into Oxford and Cambridge. The headmaster is determined to see them break records and

enlists a new teacher to coach the boys into intellectual shape. Seduced as they are by his promises, the boys are concerned that there is more to learning than exams and grades and become caught up in a clash of educational styles and loyalties.

Writing: Publishing a book

Keep the memories alive Local publishing company Scotforth Books shares with us the three most popular types of books people self publish.



A personal memoir is probably one of the most popular types of self-published book. The authors are often older, have had a varied and interesting life, and would like to have their story turned into a properly produced book. More often than not, their main motivation is to have copies to give to family and friends, as keepsakes, almost, a wonderful record for subsequent generations.

Self-publishing is definitely the way to go for anyone thinking of a book about their village, church or other organisation they belong to. For one thing there is often plenty of information available, and hopefully pictures too, which will bring the whole thing to life. For another, there is usually a market for the book, albeit a small one, in the form of residents, churchgoers, members etc. And the key thing about this market is that books can be sold directly to them, which is much simpler and cheaper than having to sell via a bookshop. A good publishing company will be able to produce a book that will be more than good enough to sell.

I always think this is a lovely thing to do, and funnily enough my grandad is writing the story of his early life at the moment. I would like to turn it into a book for him, and actually it is also very common for a younger relative to do this on their older relative’s behalf. I know one lady who, as a birthday gift, had her mother’s poetry made into a beautiful little volume, and a man who published his memoirs and then sold them to raise money for his church.


@Lancaster Community Magazine



THE BIOGRAPHY Some people have just had amazing lives, whether they are famous or not, prompting an author to write up their story and share it with others in the form of a book. The person who is the subject of the book can be a relative or friend, or a complete stranger or someone from history that the author admires. Like the man who published the beautiful paintings of his wife, who had died far too young of cancer, and is still selling them and keeping her memory – and her talent – alive. Or the woman who wrote and published a wonderful tribute to her late husband and is selling the books to raise money for charity. Another selfpublisher chose a Methodist minister as his subject and his book received excellent reviews.

Scotforth Tales of self-publishing . . . WE WILL GUIDE YOU THROUGH




Local company Scotforth Books has been helping authors to turn their work into books for nearly 30 years This interesting book describes the life of the small village of Stonnall, south west of Lichfield, from its Iron Age origins through to the present day. The village has always been dependent on the land for its livelihood and caring for the wildlife around us is more important than ever. This book charts flora and fauna in Stonnall at a time when many species are under threat, from wild flowers and the humble bee to the endangered lapwing. Despite a lack of official records and documents to chart the history of the village in the twentieth century, the first hand memories of villagers have provided a wonderful illustration of country life during a century of great change. The book also looks at how the Old Chester Road has dominated Stonnall for centuries, and how church and education have impacted on village life right up to the current day. We hope this book encourages its readers to take pride in the village they call home and wherever possible, protect the interests of all those who will live here in the years to come.







generous, determined, st and driven, hone cian creative politi



ated, ging, ‘a dedic caring, enga


Discovering Stonnall



,      human rights R C He freedom and entary career. democracy, his parliam ined about throughout nate and determ during his was passio ioned he champ s, from prison all the cases to both House communities e 34 years in ping develo es. His Privat reform and civil liberti safeguarding which ensured the an Bill, s, augments Member’s of rape victim Principled but anonymity body of work. humour and impressive h, his warmt ging never pious, d many challen and defuse r about people easy manne e, Robin cared situations. t fuss or fanfar He withou lives. helped many, difference to their real making a missed. will be much

of this book from the sale Corbett All profits d to the Robinilitation will be donate Prisoner Rehab urgh Award for


When it comes to the subject matter of the books that people self-publish, I can’t think LIVED of any kind ofA LIwriting that cannot be turned into a book – the sky really is the limit! Here FE WELL are just three of the most popular, but in reality anything is possible. 15 Northb Reform Trust, EC1V 0JR c/o Prison Street, LondonRC Award: to Donations account 17315260 30 96 29; sort code


your reason for wishing to self-publish, Scotforth Bookshistory has the The village or church ublish aWhatever book? expertise to do everything needed to create the book you want.

cover, for them toisprint from.theYou have a good Self-publishing definitely wayhave to gotofor

knowledge of what required to do this, anyone thinking of is a book abouttechnically their village, Anna on 01524 840555, or email orth Books, explainsCall why or you otherget organisation they belong Forwork as church the help will be limited, but itto.can popular and how it works oneifthing is oftenyour plenty of information well you there can design book well and to the right available, and hopefully pictures too, which specifi cations.

Win £250

will bring the whole thing to life. For another,

thereself-publishing is usually a market for the book, a Other companies havealbeit a background as small one,themselves in the form and of residents, churchgoers, publishers offer much more support. members etc. And the key thing about this They can guide you through the whole process, but market is that books can be sold directly to The memoir in them, a waywhich whichis always leaves you in the driving seat, much simpler and cheaper than A personal memoir is probably one of the most making all the decisions along the way. You should having to sell via a bookshop. good publishing popular types of self-published book. The authors expect lots of advice from realApeople, both at the company will be able to produce a book that are often older, have had a varied and interesting beginning and than rightgood through thetoprocess. All you will will be more enough sell. life, and would like to have their story turned need to do is to give them your text and any pictures into a properly produced book. More often than etc., and then let them handle the rest, consulting you To enter, all you to domotivation is write istotous, telling not,have their main have copiesus to every step of the way. ooks – in factabout it is thea fastest growing sector the you give to andoffriends, as keepsakes, almost, book you arefamily writing that would like to DISCOV ERI NG ook publishing industry! a wonderful record for subsequent generations. STONNAL L publish, and saying why you think your book is This interesting book describes the life of the small village of Stonnall, south west of Lichfield, from its Iron Age origins through to the present day. The village has always been dependent on the land for its livelihood and caring for the wildlife around us is more important than ever. This book charts flora and fauna in Stonnall at a time when many species are under threat, from wild flowers and the humble bee to the endangered lapwing.

Discove ring Stonnal l

I always think this is a lovely thing to do, and

towards the cost of publishing with Scotforth Books!

“I would love to have books

Despite a lack of official records and documents to chart the history of the village in the twentieth century, the first hand memories of villagers have provided a wonderful illustration of country life during a century of great change. The book also looks at how the Old Chester Road dominated Stonnall for centuries, has and how church and education have impacted on village life right up to the current day. We hope this book encourages its readers to take pride in the village they call home and wherever possible, protect the interests of all those who will live here in the years to come.


used to be prohibitively produce funnily to enough my books grandad is writing the story especially expensive important and interesting. We’ll consider his self-publishers early life at the moment. I would like to n small numbers, which is all of most for family and friends” every entry and the one we think is the best will turn it into a book him, and actually it iswin also eed, but modern printing techniques mean thatfor it has common forinacolour youngerwith relative £250totowards the cost of publishing us!of an author ecome affordable print justvery a few copies, to dostandard. this on their r black and white, and to a good Theolder key relative’s behalf. I know Nothing can beat the sense of achievement and pride lady who, as a birthday gift, had her mother’s you will feel once your work is actually in print. If hing is to ensure that the bookone is designed well and in poetry made into aeither beautiful little volume, and a Entry is FREE and youand can way which means it will print properly look as send man who published his memoirs and then sold us Whether a letter to: ood as possible. the them booktoisraise just money for family for his church. @Lancaster Scotforth nd friends or is intended for Competition, sale, it is important that Books, Carnegie House, Chatsworth is very attractive.

or email&Anna Goddard: Help for authors organisations


Road, Lancaster LA1 4SL


Scotforth Books

CLOSING DATE 31st MAY 2013 he difficulty for most authors is knowing how to o about achieving this – although writers, schools, hurches, businesses etc often have some kind of Local company Scotf ision of what their book could look like, they sually have no idea where to start. What@Lancaster is needed Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster authors to turn their59 wor expertise in all aspects of publishing, including


Alex Varey

Emma Hunter introduces Lancaster student and musician Alex Varey


Lancaster’s high street is usually lively on a Saturday afternoon; several accordions have graced the pavement in the arms of an array of musicians and the hearty hum of trumpets appears every now and again. Over the past year or so, Lancaster University student Alex Varey has also been performing, both on-campus and in-town, and he has answered some questions on his musical influences, his personal style, and the music scene in Lancaster. Who or what has influenced your music the most? Alex: Most of my musical influences have come from family. I’m very sentimental 60

@Lancaster Community Magazine

when it comes to the music I listen to, most of it has a memory or a place or a person attached to it. I remember being very young when my Uncle Paul first introduced me to Elvis Presley, and I’ve had an obsession with ‘The King’ ever since. But the influences that have the greatest value to me have come from my Dad, and are musicians he listened to when he was my age; namely Deacon Blue and Chris Rea. They sing about places and people and feelings that mean something, and they now have a lot of my won memories attached to them of my family. |


Where have you performed before? How has this compared to Lancaster? Alex: Before coming to university at Lancaster, my performance as a musician was limited. I’ve always sang and acted on stage from an early age, but it wasn’t until I got to Lancaster that I started performing my own sets as a musician. I started out last summer by busking in town with Luke, a mate from university, which was a great experience. Towards the end of summer The Dalton Rooms in Lancaster were looking for musicians to play at the weekends, and another friend of mine suggested my name, I auditioned at an Open Mic Night, and apparently that went okay.

Local performers: Student musician Alex Varey How have you found performing in Lancaster? Alex: Performing in Lancaster is great. It’s a very small city, but there’s a heck of a lot going on for its size. Busking in the town centre is a great deal of fun, there’s a great vibe and people seem to really like what we do. I don’t think a city is a city without buskers, they add some vibrancy and excitement and ruggedness to a place. And performing in The Dalton Rooms is everything I could ask for. It’s a cool, contemporary bar with great staff, a great audience, and a great atmosphere. How do you feel about the local live music scene? Does it help that it is a University town? Alex: I think the live music scene is pretty good for the size of the city, but you’ve got to know where to find it. There are some very talented musicians at the University, but I don’t think the university music scene has a big enough cross-over with the city-centre scene. I think a lot of that is due to lack of advertising, and lack of connections between bars on campus and in the city centre. There was a time when Lancaster hosted some great bands, that seems to have changed in recent years. But yes, the music scene is there, and worth listening to, you’ve just got to take the time to find it. How do people in Lancaster react to your street performances? Do you find that busking is welcomed in Lancaster? And do you feel that it helps your overall image here? Alex: People react incredibly positively. Unlike bigger cities, you don’t need a permit which is a massive luxury. But yes, the Lancastrian public really seem to enjoy it. We’ve had everything from 80-year old women dancing with us while we play, to crowds gathering to listen, to a guy bring his tiny make-shift drum kit to accompany us. Playing on the street is very rewarding.

Lancaster University bands like The Fables on a regular basis. How would you describe your style of music for people who haven’t heard you perform before? What can people expect from one of your gigs? Alex: Oh. That’s a difficult one really. My sets are very raw and acoustic. Just my voice and my guitar. I play a lot of covers, songs that people recognise and love, but I don’t like to play them the way people have heard them before. I like to strip them down and put my own mark on them. I’d like to think my gigs are very chilled. Something people can drink and eat and chat to. I guess if you had to put a label on it... Easy Listening? What advice would you give to local bands just starting out in the Lancaster area? Alex: Get out into town and try your hand at busking. It’s like nothing else. You will very quickly realise how good you are and learn a lot about yourself as a musician. There’s nowhere to hide. But if you want to perform in front of an audience, the Open Mic Nights are out there, all over town almost every night of the week. So give them a go, you’ve nothing to lose. Where to find Alex The Dalton Rooms host an Open Mic Night every Thursday Night from 10pm. (Find them on Twitter for more information: @ DaltonRoomsOMN). Alex will be playing at Fylde Extrav at Lancaster University in June and is available for any functions or occasions. He can be contacted by email: or find him on Twitter at @aepvarey for any further information.

What are the best venues in town to experience new, live music? Why? Alex: The Dalton Rooms, of course. I run an Acoustic Open Mic Night every Thursday night which specifically encourages young musicians to take that step and bring their music to the stage, to either enhance their performance skills or try out their own material. But there are of course other great venues. Pubs like The Robert Gillow host big @Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


Kitty was getting used to having eggs for breakfast, instead of her usual cereal bar!

Child development: Learn and play outside

Learn and

Play Outside

Natalie Tyson, Manager, Mucky Pups Pre-School tells us why outdoor play is so important to children. Since the introduction of the Early years foundation stage in 2008 a huge emphasis has been placed on outdoor play and the importance of young children accessing and using the outdoors. It is now expected in early year’s settings that children should be able to choose between being inside or outside and should be able to move between the two with freedom and ease. An outdoor space is now not just to be used for the children to ‘go out and play’ it is to be a continuation of the indoor environment. Children are able to learn just as much from being outdoors as they do from being indoors, there are experiences that children can have outdoors that they simply cannot have when they are indoors. For instance being outside is not just something to be done when the weather is ‘nice’, allowing the children to get outside in their wellies and waterproof coats gives children the opportunity to see what happens when they jump in to a puddle, listen to the rhythm of rain drops on an umbrella, watch the rain whoosh down the drain and question where it goes. On frosty days children can observe that a bird bath has frozen and begin to ask questions why this happens; how has the water changed in to ice? Outdoor play helps children under 5 develop in many other aspects, it encourages children to become independent learners, an outdoor environment is an area that they can explore, modify and use themselves. It also helps children develop their confidence and self-esteem, many children are more comfortable when they are outside, they play with the knowledge that they can be noisier and more lively than they can be indoors, they do not feel as restricted. Outdoor play is also very beneficial in helping children develop their personal, social and emotional skills it presents many opportunities which include, turn taking, sharing, co-operating negotiating and

talking to their peers; all of which are essential skills that need to be learnt at this young age to enable interaction with other people in a positive way. Lastly the most obvious way in which children develop when playing outdoors is physically. Movement is central to children’s development and learning. Children’s motor development at this age is at a crucial stage and they need to be given opportunities to develop their large muscles to improve their control of their smaller ones. For example; to write with precision and control they need to develop their arm and shoulder muscles as well as their hand and finger muscles. A game of catch with a friend or grown up can actually do wonders for helping develop a children’s writing skills.

Mucky Pups Pre School Telephone 01524 849106 Affordable, Flexible, Quality

ONLY £27 A DAY! From September 2013 our popular pre school will be open for full day care 8.30am to 5.30pm year round. Mucky Pups takes children from aged 2 to 4 years and is fully OFSTED registered. As a social enterprise we aim to make childcare affordable and so have set full day fees at just £27.00 a day.

September bookings nowin being @Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine Lancaster taken


A FANTASTIC DAY OUT for all the family



14th APRIL 28th APRIL 5th MAY

Silver Wheels Cup The Bay Classic The May Day Trophy


Adults £9 | Children 10-16yrs £5 | Children under 10yrs FREE | Concessions £5

Racing starts at noon... HOW TO FIND US Leave M6 at junction 35 & take the A601(M) towards Carnforth


For more information contact Tony: 07709 746744 | Sands Lane, Warton Village, Near Carnforth, LA5 9NJ

ST PIUS X Preparatory School and Oak House Nursery What do you want for your child’s education?

• Fun-filled nursery sessions • Small class sizes • A caring environment • Individual recognition • Sets to suit all abilities • Excellent exam results

For information or to arrange a visit, contact: 200 Garstang Road, Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 8RD

Tel 01772 719937 e-mail:

Easter’s here!

Easter’s here! Wondering what to do this Easter holiday?

or call:

01524 842493



To see what’s on this holiday or to book, give us a call or visit our website:

W w ak fo R eb r th oc o k ard is E po in a ol g st in an er g! d

With our range of over 60 activities for children aged 4 to 16, there’s little chance of being bored. Many of our activities are FREE or great value and include ice skating, archery, cycling, nature trails and some great days out to local attractions.

@Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


The Meeting House is a familyrun restaurant run by head chef and owner, Leann Smith and her father Eddie Smith.

Call 01524 848049

now to book your table

Diners can enjoy a delicious menu of local meat and vegetables, sourced from the surrounding area, in an informal and attractive setting.

OPENING TIMES Evening: Tue – Sun: 6:30 – 9.30pm


Win a meal for 2 2 COURSES Enter on our websi


ok page

Or like our Facebo


Available on


01524 848049 11-15 Meeting House Lane | Lancaster | LA1 1TJ

k Ta

P O e , ts SHroduc Gif p & EWal ys N Loc eawa

Quality Local Food with a South African Influence

A delightful traditional English Country Inn offering B&B in the picturesque hamlet of Conder Green, overlooking the Lune estuary which flows into the Conder River. Open daily serving breakfast from 7.30 am, tea. coffee & cake from 10 am, food all day from 12 noon to 8.45 pm. Families & children, cyclists, ramblers, walkers, bikers and dogs all most welcome.

Corricks Lane, Conder Green, Lancaster, LA2 0AN T: 01524 751234 E:

w w w. t h e s t o r k i n n .c o. u k

10 % d

TA isco K E un AW t on AY all S 6 ROSEMARY LANE LANCASTER Book your table NOW

01524 381111

Recipe: Pad Thai Goong

Recipe: Pad Thai Goong Blue Moon Thai Restaurant in Lancaster share how to cook the delicious but suprisingly easy dish of Pad Thai Goong (Prawns)

nimon /

Ingredients: 2-3 Servings 1-1/3 cup bean spouts 1 egg 4 teaspoons fish sauce 1/2 lime

2 tablespoons ground peanuts 1 tablespoon preserved turnip 1 minced shallot 1/2-1/4 lb prawns 2 tablespoon sugar

2 tablespoon tamarind paste 1/2 package Thai rice noodles 2 tablespoon cooking oil 1-1/2 cup spring onion Ground pepper

Preparation Start with soaking the dry noodles in lukewarm or room temperature water while preparing the other ingredients. Getting the noodles just right is the trickiest part of making Pad Thai. Make sure that the noodles are submerged in plenty of water. By the time you are ready to put ingredients in the pan, the noodles should be flexible but not mushy. Cut the spring onion into 1 inch long pieces. Mince the shallot. Rinse the bean sprouts and save half for serving fresh.

egg into the noodles. The noodles should soft and chewy. Pull a strand out and taste. If the noodles are too hard (not cooked), add a little bit of water. When you get the right taste, add prawns and stir. Sprinkle white pepper around. Add bean sprouts and spring onion. Stir a few more times. The noodles should be soft, dry and very tangled.

Cooking Use a wok. If you do not have a wok, any big pot will do. Heat it up on high heat and pour oil in the wok. Add shallot, preserved turnip, stir them until they start to brown. The noodles should be flexible but not expanded at this point.

As always, in Thailand, condiments such as sugar, chili pepper, vinegar and fish sauce are available at your table for your personal taste. Some people add more chilli pepper or sugar at the table.

Pour onto the serving plate and sprinkle with ground pepper and peanuts. Serve hot with a wedge of lime on the side, raw bean sprouts on top.

Drain the noodles and add to the wok. Stir quickly to keep things from sticking. Add tamarind, sugar, fish sauce . Stir. The heat should remain high. If your wok is not hot enough, you will see a lot of juice in the wok at this point. Turn up the heat, if it is the case. Make room for the egg by pushing all noodles to the side of the wok. Crack the egg onto the wok and scramble it until it is almost all cooked. Fold the @Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


Springtime tipples We’ve selected this month a few products that are just that little bit different – each are unique in their own way and are excellent finds for anyone who wants something just a bit special.

At Winetime we stock not only a varied, hand-selected choice of wines and champagnes, but also spirits, liqueurs and speciality beers. We’ve chosen three of our favourites which we believe showcase just a hint of what we have to offer! Passitivo Primitivo, Italy A cracking red from the region of Puglia in southern Italy made from 100% Primitivo grapes – a native Italian grape. The grapes ripen to maturity over the warm summer months and are ready for harvest by mid-August. Before being hand-picked the grape pickers employ a special technique called ‘il giro del picciolo’ (the twisting of the stem), this means that the nourishment to the grapes is ceased, over the next 12 days the bunch of grapes dries, they loose 25% of their water content and their flavour is intensified. Once picked the grapes are not crushed, but instead fermented intact. The result is an intense ruby-red wine with a complex bouquet of cherries, raspberries and redcurrants. Oak ageing adds an inviting spicy aroma. On the palate it is fullbodied, supple and well-balanced with a long finish. It is the perfect partner to roasted red meat and mature cheese. £9.25/bottle 70

@Lancaster Community Magazine



Food & Drink: Springtime tipples Langtons No.1 Gin, Lake District

Affligem Blond, Belgium

Our newest arrival is Langton’s No.1 Gin – made in the heart of the Lake District. The delight of this drink starts with the bottle – beautifully crafted to mimic a piece of slate, those with a keen eye will also spot the profile of Skiddaw incorporated into the design. This exquisite gin is made from a secret blend of botanicals and ancient Lake District oak bark. The water used in the creation of this gin is sourced from a natural spring near Skiddaw. The result is a bright and clear gin with aromas of juniper and delicate floral notes. On the palate it is soft and fresh with a subtle depth and zingy citrus lifts and just a touch of sweetness. Refined enough to be enjoyed alone or over ice, we’re certain this gin will not disappoint. £32.99/bottle

Affligem is a Belgian beer with a history dating back to 1074. One of only twenty-two official Abbey Ales in the world, Affligem is a classic example of a fantastic Belgian beer. What makes this particular beer special is the method of production. Unlike other beers, Affligem Blond is not fermented in stainless steel vats but instead undergoes it’s second fermentation after being bottled. This results in not only an enhanced flavour and extra sparkle, but also an impressive party piece when pouring! If poured slowly whilst gently rotating the bottle the yeast from the second fermentation remains in the bottle – this can then be decanted into a smaller glass. This can then be drunk separately, or added to the beer to create a different flavour. The specially-designed glasses can be found in our Winetime shop. £2.15/ bottle

It’s Winetime! Wine Time is a truly unique wine shop, offering an extensive hand-picked range of Wines from around the world as well as friendly staff with expert wine knowledge to guide you (should you need it!) in your choice. • Regular exciting offers • 10% discount when you buy a case • No minimum purchase • Glass loan and delivery available




Greenlands Farm Village Tewitfield, Near Carnforth, LA6 1JH Tel: 01524 784198 Email:

Opening Times: Mon to Sat 10am-6pm | Sun 11am-5pm Closed Monday

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Eccles cakes with potted stilton

A sweet/savory treat from Heston Blumenthal At Home. Portion the mixture into 16×25g balls, put on a tray and place in the freezer for 1 hour.

(Makes 16 mini Eccles cakes) For the Eccles cakes:

Roll out the pastry to a thickness of 3mm, then cut out 16 circles using a pastry cutter (approximately 9cm). Brush the circles with egg wash, then place the frozen filling in the centre of the circles and wrap the pastry around it. Press together the overlapping edges to seal, and roll between your hands to form a perfect ball. Turn each cake over so the join is on the bottom and slash the top with a knife three times.

100g unsalted butter 150g unrefined caster sugar 200g currants 25g red wine vinegar 5g ground allspice 500g all-butter puff pastry Egg wash (1 egg yolk beaten with 2tsp milk) For the potted Stilton: 100g Stilton, at room temperature 50g Mascarpone 75g unsalted butter, at room temperature ½tsp salt 30g Pedro Ximénez sherry ½tsp sherry vinegar

Place the cakes in the freezer for at least 30 minutes (they can be left in the freezer at this stage if making them in advance of serving).

To start the Eccles cakes, melt the butter in a saucepan over a medium heat, then add the sugar and heat until the mixture begins to bubble. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the currants, vinegar and allspice. Allow to cool completely. 72

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Meanwhile, for the potted Stilton, put the Stilton, mascarpone, butter and salt |


PA Photo/Bloomsbury

into a bowl and blitz with a hand blender until smooth. Gently warm the sherry, 55g cold tap water and the sherry vinegar together in a small saucepan until almost simmering. Slowly add the sherry and water to the cheese and mix carefully until well combined. Decant into small ramekins or a single bowl and place in the fridge to set (approximately 1 hour). To bake the cakes, pre-heat the oven to 200C. Brush the surface of each cake with egg wash and bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes or until the pastry turns golden brown. Take the potted Stilton out of the fridge 10 minutes before serving with the warm Eccles cakes. Heston Blumenthal At Home is published by Bloomsbury.

Madam Chocolat

& New local shop open

Traditional Foods | Hampers Gluten Free | Cake Decorating Cookware & Bakeware

Mad Hatters

Due to the high success of Health & Flavour, our online shop, we have now opened The Bay Cookshop, come along to find out what we have in store.

361 Lancaster Road, Torrisholme Morecambe, Lancashire LA4 6RL

Tel: 01524 419617

Tea party

ÂŁ6 per person including cupcakes, cake pops, sandwiches and scones washed down with Atkinsons Tea. Call and book today 07908 110773 OPEN Tue- Fri 11am- 4pm

5 Plaza Arcade | Morecambe | LA4 5YJ

Experience traditional Chinese and Malaysian recipes with a special authentic touch. Taste the delights of the The Noodle Bar and then recreate the delicious dishes at home with ingredients located in the food hall downstairs. Open 7 days a week 11.30am - 9pm Located above KR Oriental Shop

(Opposite Marks & Spencer)

01524 842888

FULL HOUSE NOODLE BAR | 21 COMMON GARDEN STREET | LANCASTER | LA1 1XD @Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


Abbeystead Emma Hunter shares the history of Abbeystead and The Forest of Bowland with pictures from the Abbeystead resevoir walk.

The Forest of Bowland is abundant with exquisite, to an Elizabethan style by the architects, and sits picturesque villages, hidden away amongst wooded just outside of the main village. The school is areas and vast areas of natural beauty. Whilst much undoubtedly the centre of the social interactions of isn’t known about the ambiguous religious site that the village, which range from the sheep dog trials existed during the 10th century, which gives the which will be held this year on the 21st of May town of Abbeystead its name, the town’s appeal lies at Marshaw Farm, to charity event of clay pigeon in its typically English splendour. shooting on 11th of May which will “The Forest of The original area that the Cistercian be raising money for the ABF – The abbey, founded in 1193 and lasting Bowland is abundant Soldier’s Charity. until around 1204 when the monks with exquisite, moved to Ireland, is thought to lie at Wyresdale Church, situated all but a picturesque villages, the north of the reservoir. mile from Abbeystead, has undergone hidden away amongst several restorations and repairs over wooded areas and The town has many engaging the centuries since the initial existence vast areas of natural characteristics, such as the weir that of a chapel on the site in 1570, the beauty.” accompanies the out of use reservoir, largest in 1853 and 1894, during which built in 1855, that was once a main a new chancel and spire were added. supply to the mills on the River Wyre. Although The stained glass windows have been repaired and the reservoir is no longer in use, the weir remains; it polished to clearly depict their pretty rural scenes, can be seen from the footpath in the village. Several giving the church the local name of Shepherds buildings allow several historical fashions to linger Church due to the reflections of the local landscape. throughout Abbeystead, each one maintaining the sweet English styles of eras past, such as the Jubilee tower, built to commemorate Queen grammar school which was build in 1674 by William Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, lies not far Cawthorne. The school, Cawthorne’s Endowed from Abbeystead and offers outstanding panoramic Primary School, is still fully functioning and has views which pan the coast and countryside. The minute class sizes of up to 6 children which aptly diverse, spectacular, and inspiring landscape can match the miniature building and village. also be experienced through the many public footpaths in the area. The village, sitting a mere ten miles south-east of Lancaster, is a close-knit community consisting of Information about local events, meetings, or clubs the school, Abbeystead House, and only 11 houses. can be found at the Over Wyresdale Parish Hall Abbeystead House, built in 1886, was constructed website: 74

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A taste of Paradise

We all know that Barbados is famous for its white sandy beaches but what else is it that draws us to this paradise destination? White sandy beaches, turquoise waters, tropical weather... everything you’d expect to find in the Caribbean. But there are plenty of other attractions that make Barbados a must-visit destination. From the super rich to those on a budget, Barbados has so much to offer. You can relax and party in equal measure, shop at street stalls or designer boutiques, eat from the back of a van or at one of the world’s best restaurants. Either way, the experience will be one to savour and enjoy, not to mention the plethora of sporting activities and tourist attractions on land and sea to be enjoyed on the island. With only 166 square miles to chose from, we based ourselves in the beautiful south west tip of the island. Located on the idyllic Maxwell Beach, the Bougainvillea Beach Resort is a popular destination and its reputation is well deserved. The location is fabulous for all ages with its close proximity to the nightlife Mecca of St Lawrence with its bars, restaurants and nightclubs and the 76

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weekly must-see event every Friday night in Oistins – the world-renowned fish fry party. Locals and tourists gather in harmony in this tiny fishing village to eat a bounty of seafood – the flying fish are a speciality – drink incredible amounts of rum and dance to the reggae beats until the early hours. The resort is also a short journey from the A-list resort of Sandy Lane and the colourful and historic capital, Bridgetown. Excursions can also be booked through the resort. The main highlights include the famous Mount Gay rum distillery, the overwhelming scenery and rugged coastline of Bathsheba and the historic and awe-inspiring Harrison’s Caves. Fishing trips and swimming with turtles.


Travel: Barbados

Diving to the many wrecks should also be high on the agenda of any tourist. The fringes and reefs found off Barbados blossom with healthy sponges, coral and plant life. The barrier reefs, located 1/2 - 2 miles from shore contain large coral heads which form the habitat for thousands of beautiful fish and are perfect for snorkeling. The Hawksbill turtle, Sea Horses, Frog Fish, Giant Sand Eels and many other marine creatures can be seen. Wrecks form fascinating habitats for marine life and Barbados has several excellent sites for wreck diving. Carlisle Bay, with 200 reported wrecks, and the Sacroiliac, located at Folkestone Marine Park, are two of the most popular sites. Barbados is ideal for year-round diving but is probably best in the summer months. The visibility ranges from 40 to 70ft and the water temperature is a consistent 80 degrees F.

formations. Monkeys and lizards can also often be seen roaming the gardens. Andromeda Botanic Gardens is a six acre tropical garden in the Parish of St Joseph, overlooking the scenic east coast of Barbados. The Garden is currently owned by the Barbados National Trus Andromeda and boasts over six hundred different species of plants adapted to a range of tropical environments.

afternoon and in my opinion should be experienced at least once in everybody’s lifetime. It says a lot when the only negative thing I could find (and it was a real push) was the over-vociferous frogs that managed to keep us awake at night, but you do get used to it.

When to visit: The tourist high season runs Barbados after dark is just as from mid-December through exciting and mid-April. June entertaining as “The over-vociferous through October it is during the frogs that managed is the hurricane daylight hours. to keep us awake at season: but are Night clubs, live rarely cause for night, but you do get concern. While performances, used to it.� and the theater the high season are just a few is exciting, the ways you can explore Barbados off-season may be more when the sun goes down. There is indicative of the true spirit of one casino on the island. Barbados. With diminished crowds, a less-hurried, more A week is definitely not long quintessentially Caribbean enough in this friendly and vibrant way of life prevails. Traveling island as there is so much to take in the off-season can be much in and enjoy, but remember this more affordable. On Barbados, paradise is only a mere sevenhotels cut rates from 20 to 60 and-a-half hours from Manchester percent at this time, and tours Airport with its weekly Virgin and shops may cut prices to Atlantic service every Monday remain competitive.

There are several dive operators who will provide equipment, advice and guided tours to ensure that your diving experience is extremely enjoyable! Barbados has five public botanical gardens open for tourists who like to be in the presence of beautiful flowers, ferns, and even rock @Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


2014 /

Cruise Deals



Cruise Connections of Caton

Cruises for   Cruises for     from 8th April 2013


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Don’t miss the boat pre-register for P&O and Cunard or book now on Princess, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity.

CALL NOW for a copy of our Spring Newsletter 2013 highlighting a selection of cruises If you can travel anytime then join our Late Deals Club by emailing with “LDC” in the subject line or call one of our friendly Cruise Specialists on

01524 771701

Also find us on:


Willow Mill, Fell View Caton, Lancaster LA2 9RA

Tel: 01524 771 701 Fax: 01524 771 702


Operated by Cruise Connections. ABTA P0136. All prices quoted are subject to availability and reconfirmation at the time of booking. Prices were correct at the time of going to print. Valid for new bookings only.



U AFE| FURNIT C | S T IF G | S PLANT re & much mo

Our furniture range is bigger and better ing than ever with stunn Patio, Garden and re Conservatory furnitu at very reasonable prices.


ething ets to som p r u o y t Trea of pet ur range o m o fr new Easter. ducts this care pro

Perennial Plants £3.99 each or 4 for £10.00

Tel. 01524 733780 Email. Mill Lane, Bolton-le-Sands, Carnforth, Lancs. LA5 8ET

Gardening: Gardens and the Law

Gardens & THE LAW! Julie Lasseter from Ashton Hall Garden Centre talks about gardening disputes with neighbours and what you can or cannot do within your garden. Friendships between neighbours are all too often strained to breaking point when a dispute bubbles up over boundaries. Whose responsibility is it to repair the fence? What you consider an acceptable height for the hedge, may not be quite so acceptable for the law! Don’t forget the apple tree whose branches are hanging over the wall into your garden and getting in the way of your washing. Your house is your home, your garden a source of pride, so, what does the law say? Here are a few points to help make things clear.


With a fence, if the posts are on your side, then it is generally considered yours and you become responsible for the upkeep on your side, but you cannot persuade your neighbours to repair or paint their side. Any wall or fence changed or built to more than 2m (6’ 6”) high or 1m (3’ 3”) if adjacent to the highway, requires planning permission.


Any tree or shrub belongs to the owner of the land it is on. The law does give you the right though to prune or cut branches off any trees and shrubs that overhang your property. However, you MUST return what you have cut off and that includes any fruit to your neighbour! Even falling leaves belong to them so if these block your gutter and cause water damage, you are entitled to sue. Roots can lead to substantial damage e.g growing under the foundations and causing subsidence, but if you cut the roots back to 80

@Lancaster Community Magazine


the boundary, you can kill the tree or shrub so if possible, consult a tree surgeon for advice. Before you start cutting off branches from trees that are on private land, you must check to see if there is a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on it made by the local planning authority. This order makes it illegal to prune, uproot or lop a particular tree and transfers to all subsequent owners of the land. The maximum fine for felling a protected tree is £20,000 whilst the maximum fine for damage (pruning, lopping or even damage to roots coming under your boundary) is £2,500.


Apart from fences, hedges and trees, there are bonfires! What is the law here? You have the right to burn any garden rubbish you collect as long as you watch the fire whilst it is alight and keep it under control. If it becomes a nuisance to your neighbours either by occurring too often or you are burning materials other than garden rubbish, they can ask the local authority environmental officers to restrict your actions. The Highways Acts state that it is an offence for smoke from a bonfire to drift onto a public highway. In this case, call the police. So keep in mind, a friendly discussion can prevent a problem turning into a very unfriendly legal dispute. Check your deeds and plans for information on boundaries for your property. Make use of your council dump and take garden rubbish to be composted, being more neighbourly as well as more environmentally friendly.



and Pear Tree Cafe

Quality plants & giftware | Delicious homemade food We are a popular garden centre located just outside Lancaster and we are proud to present our huge range of quality gardening products. Whether you’re a keen gardener, just looking for a gift or fancy a trip out for a homecooked lunch, you are sure to find what you need here and much much more. We are open 9am - 5.30pm Monday to Saturday and 10.30am to 4.30pm Sundays. ASHTON ROAD | THURNHAM | LANCASTER | LA2 0AJ | TEL. 01524 751767

Bee, wasp, or hornet? April and May are very busy months for the insects in your garden, especially the honey bees. Fred Ayres, Chairman of The Lancaster Beekeepers shares with us how to identify bees. BEE FACTS There are around 20,000 difference species of bees in the world. They live in colonies and there are three types of bees in each colony. The queen bee, the worker bee and the drone. The worker bee and the queen bee are both female, but only the queen bee can reproduce. All drones are male. Worker bees clean the hive, collecting pollen and nectar to feed the colony and they take care of the offspring. The drone’s only job is to mate with the queen. The queen’s only job is to lay eggs. Bees store their venom in a sac attached to their stinger and only female bees sting. That is because the stinger, called an ovipositor, is part of the female bee’s reproductive design. A queen bee uses her ovipositor to lay eggs as well as sting. Sterile females, also called worker bees, don’t lay eggs. They just use their ovipositors to sting. Bees see all colors except the color red. That and their sense of smell help them find the flowers they need to collect pollen. Not only is pollen a food source for bees, but some of the pollen is dropped in flight, resulting in cross pollination. The relationship between the plant and the insect is called symbiosis. Certain species of bees die after stinging because their stingers, which are attached to their abdomen, have little barbs or hooks on them. When this type of bee tries to fly away after stinging something, part of the abdomen is ripped away.


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This is the time of year when Bee numbers should have built up to their maximum and they start to swarm. Swarming is a perfectly natural process which involves the queen bee and around 20,000 to 30,000 of her followers leaving their hive and looking for a location for a new home. This is a two-step process. After leaving the hive they will often settle on a branch or fence post and form a cluster about the size of a rugby ball. If left alone, after anything from a few hours to a few days, they will move on to their selected site for a new home. This is may be a hole in a tree or a wall, a chimney pot or anywhere that is dry, has a restricted entrance and around two cubic feet of space. Although a swarm of bees might appear rather scary, swarming bees are usually too wrapped up in their own activities to bother with people – unless provoked! However, your local beekeepers club will be more than happy to collect and remove a swarm at no cost. But is what you see actually a swarm of honey bees? The following chart will help you decide.


Nature: Bee identification

Bee identification chart

Bee identification chart Questions to help you know what you see! Are they round and very hairy with a yellow, white or orange band on its tail or bottom? Are they like stripy footballs? Do they make a very loud buzzing sound? Are they living in an old bird box, a compost heap, under decking or a hole in the ground?


ACTION: These are BUMBLE BEES or SOLITARY BEES. Leave them alone if possible. Bumblebees are an important pollinator and rarely sting. Bumblebees are under threat of extinction. For more information contact:


Are they bright yellow with black stripes? Are they very smooth, mainly yellow with black stripes? Are they in the roof of your house? Are they coming from a round nest in a tree or in your shed? Do they have a high pitched buzz? Are they interested in sweet sugary foods?


ACTION: These are WASPS. Contact your local authority


Are they very big with a loud buzz. Are they black and brown with a hint of orange? Are they living in your roof or shed? Do they have a very big curved tail?


ACTION: These are HORNETS and may be of the European or Asian species. Contact your local authority urgently. Do not attempt to destroy yourself.


Do they have golden brown or dark brown bands? Are they slightly furry? Are they formed in a clump hanging from a tree, gate post, fence? Are there thousands of them swirling around in the air? Are they about the same size as a house fly?


ACTION: These are HONEY BEES. Contact the swarm collector of Lancaster Beekeepers (01524 858247). If you live outside the Lancaster area go to to find your nearest swarm collector.

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new home please

W ab to o


OFFERING A WIDE SELECTION Offering a wide selection ofOF:

1 yr 6 months - Rosie had been living outside for a couple of weeks in the cold weather before coming to us and even though she was glad to be warm and cosy again, she also found the whole thing a bit overwhelming! She is beautiful, gentle and a real little sweetheart.



Hutches, outdoor runs, indoor hutches and ust g cages j k c bird/small animal o t hin es (outside the store)

Free local delivery

Bobo and Pixie have come to Animal Care from the Galgate area as their owner is moving. They are both completely gorgeous and just want to feel loved again. We have many animals looking for a new home and somebody to love them. See our website or visit us for more information.

Animal Care Lancaster Blea Tarn Road, Scotforth, Lancaster, LA2 ORD

01524 65495 @Lancaster Community Magazine


Rabbits, hamsters, HUTCHES/CAGES guineaTOYS pigs, gerbils birdsTREATS and a variety of coldwater fish

W ut anyt ets! abo o with p to d FREE PARKING



pet products pet food, bedding, PET PRODUCTS housing, toys and treats, FOOD as well asPET collars and leads, BEDDING dog coats and clothing


FREE parking the store) (outside 10 LENTWORTH HOUSE, LENTWO FREE delivery LANCASTER LA1 4R 01524 847434




01524 847434


Wildlife: 21 years of wildlife


21 years of wildlife

This April sees the 21st birthday of the Wildlife Oasis at Milnthorpe. Back in 1992 when the Oasis first opened it was entirely undercover and featured a butterfly hall, a collection of small mammals and birds, an aquarium and a few working models and interactive exhibits, most of which went wrong at least once a week! A lot has happened since then. The Oasis has added many new outdoor exhibits and is now home to a much wider range of animals. A large walk-through South American enclosure for example was opened by local MP Tim Farron in 1995. Of particular interest is the fossa, the largest carnivore from Madagascar and the only ones anywhere in the north of England. One of their main prey items in the wild are lemurs and the Wildlife Oasis keeps those too- safely separate from the fossas! Indeed the

Oasis specialises in keeping rarities, many of which are part of international conservation projects. Probably the most popular are the snow leopards, the rarest of all the big cats and which are displayed in a walk-through enclosure (not quite as dangerous as it sound since visitors are confined to an acrylic tunnel!). The Creature Comforts Cafe was opened in 2000 which is especially appreciated by local connoisseurs of home made cakes and cookies! A range of special events are planned - one for every month in the year including a celebration of national Love your Zoo Week (May 25 - 31), a wildlife photography exhibition (June 15-30), and craft weekends. Details are on the website:-

Lakeland Wildlife Oasis ONE FREE CHILD

The Little zoo... ...with lots to do! Open 10am-5pm every day (last entry 4pm)

with every adult paying full admission price

with this voucher *Valid throughout 2013

Lakeland Wildlife Oasis Hale Milnthorpe Cumbria LA7 7FE

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Tel:015395 63027

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Pets: If only they could talk

If only they could talk Owners and veterinary professionals alike often wish our animals could just talk, telling us what they feel is wrong with them but here are some signs to help us understand . It is because of these communication problems that veterinary personnel need to use their experience together with other diagnostic equipment to diagnose conditions and disease. Assessing the presence and level of pain in our pets is a good example. Radiography can identify abnormalities, fractures etc, laboratory analysis can identify disease and inflammation, a physical examination can identify abnormal tension etc, but it is often an animal’s demeanour that gives the greatest indication of pain. It is easy to see that a dog who is avoiding using its leg has a painful injury - be it broken or just a thorn. It’s the more subtle signs we often miss. Understanding normal behaviour is essential to identifying pain, especially as behavioural and physiological responses to pain are different for different species: DOGS: Postural changes Limping, change in gait or a reluctance jump and run Vocalisation or being very quiet Worried expression Unusual aggression Kennel guarding or guarding an injury site Anorexia Increased heart rate, respiratory rate or blood pressure 86

@Lancaster Community Magazine

weeks or slowly over a period of months and whether any recent changes to routine might be causing stress to our pets. What can be done to ease pain? Following injury early administration of pain relief will slow or reduce the pain.

CATS: Vocalisation – hissing Ears pinned back Hunched/immobile Hiding Restlessness Depression/not grooming Sleeps more, is less active and less willing to jump up or down Furrowed brow Panting/Open mouth breathing Anorexia Increased heart rate, respiratory rate or blood pressure

MEDICAL TREATMENT: Pre-emptive pain relief (analgesia) can be given prior to surgery to reduce postoperative pain. Alternative interventions that complement medical treatment include: Hydrotherapy - which helps to build up muscle mass without the force of impact or joint stress Physiotherapy - which reduces muscle tension, increases muscle memory and improves movement

RABBITS: Possibly one of the hardest to assess as being a prey species their natural instinct is to haunch down and hide when scared or injured. Changes in activity levels and appetite are important signs that your rabbit is unwell.

Laser therapy - which increases blood flow at the site of treatment and can speed up healing whilst reducing swelling and bruising

Many signs of stress are similar to those of pain. It is important that we consider whether a change in behaviour has developed in recent days,

If you have a pet that you think would benefit from any of the above therapies contact our nurses to discuss their suitability.



Restricted exercise regimes or weight loss plans

Wildlife World - Forest Nester

Kong - Wubba Dog Toy

For more than 100 years our practice has provided a wide range of veterinary services to pets over a large part of North Lancashire and South Cumbria.

* Pet Consultations * * Specialist Pet Clinics * * Ambulance Service * Petgear - Large fold flat carrier

* 24 Hour emergency service * (exclusively by our own vets)

* Pet Health Plans *

We stock a range of good quality food, accessories and toys to enhance your pets’ development, training and behaviour. We stock Royal Canin lifestage and prescription, James Wellbeloved, Supreme and Burgess, and with next day delivery we can order any brand of food to cater for all dietary needs.

01524 32696

Baldrand House, Bowerham Road, Lancaster, LA1 3AJ Ample Parking | Range of quality food | Accessories Toys | Cat Flaps | Grooming tools | Collars/Leads

Baldrand House Bowerham Road Lancaster LA1 3AJ 01524 32696 194 Lancaster Road Morecambe LA4 5TL

12 The Square Milnthorpe LA7 7QJ

01524 410867

015395 62770

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Crossword Across 1. Lack (10) 7. Smell (5) 8. Clap (7) 10. Divinity (8) 11. Collapse (4) 13. Dethrone (6) 15. Rectitude (6) 17. Past (4) 18. Squeeze (8) 21. Expert (7) 22. Rule (5) 23. Wide separation (10)

Sudoku ć•°ç‹Ź 1 6

7 1 2 4

9 6


7 9 8 1

9 3 7

Down 1. Idler (5) 2. Intrepid (8) 3. Alter (6) 4. Spot (4) 5. Garland (7) 6. Finicky (10) 9. Gloomy (10) 12. Scatter (8) 14. Exact (7) 16. Caress (6) 19. Wrongs (5) 20. Too (4)

Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every coloured shape contains the numbers 1 - 9.

3 6 3 5 8 2 5

Each row,Community column and| 3x3 box must| 88 @Lancaster Magazine

THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


What’s on in April Knitting Fun Every Thursday 5-8pm Come along, for tea, coffee, biscuits and lots of knitting fun. 01524 841202 Purely Wool - See page 49 Knit & Natter Every Monday 10am12noon At Hester’s Haberdashery (next to Dalton Square Pharmacy) All abilities welcome, very friendly group. Help available for beginners. Free refreshments Tel: 01524 68893 Email: hesters-habby@ Children’s Reading Group Every Saturday 11.30am to 12.30pm Ideal for 5-9 year olds. Join us for a fulfilled activity hour and enjoy reading, writing, drama, art and craft activities based around your favourite books! At Lancaster Library. LUSU involve www. or enquire at the Library Reception

Don’t Forget to check event times and dates with the organisers before setting off. TELL US ABOUT YOUR EVENT Email: info@


Easter Activity Programme Monday 1 - Friday 12 April 2013 Come and join Lancaster City Council for two weeks of activities that are guaranteed to keep you busy during the Easter holiday. To book a place, visit holidayprogramme or call the booking information line on 01524 842493. Castle Park Stories exhibition. Lancaster Library 2nd – 30th April Litfest present a mixed media exhibition involving over 50 local residents, uncovering two thousand years of stories from Castle to Quayside. Lancaster Arts City First Friday Happenings (at the Lord Ashton) Friday 5 April 7:30 pm Lancaster’s Lord Ashton pub is the venue for an evening of live music, visual arts and ‘happenings’ adapted for a pub setting or created specifically for it by Lancaster Emerging Arts Platform. Terry Alderton Tour 2013 Saturday 6th April at 8pm A spellbinding combination of noises, the voices, the shoes, incredible physicality and a mindblowing insight into the inner workings of a fantastic comedy mind. Winner of Three Weeks critics awards and twice Best International Act by the New Zealand Comedy Comedy Guild. Telephone: 01524 64695

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Warton Stock Car - Silver Wheels Cup Sunday 14th April 12 noon Don’t miss out on this cheap and exciting family day out. See page 64 for details. Annual Car Boot Sale. St John’s Hospice Sunday 14 April 2013 7:30 am - 1 pm Our annual Car Boot Sale, organised by the nurses of St. John’s Hospice. At just £6 per car it is a great opportunity to have a stall of your own and make some extra cash whilst supporting your local hospice. No need to book your stall, just turn up on the morning, stalls will be allocated on a first come first served basis. To find out more, speak to the nurses on 01524 382538. news/2/251/Car-Boot-Sale/ Flaunt It presents Francesca Martinez Friday 19th April 8pm See page 55. 01524 831997 Lancaster Babyfest Sunday 21st April 11am - 4pm Free activities, demonstrations, prize draw, professional photographer, fancydress competition, babyfest offers. Lancaster Library. babyfest

What’s on in April The History Boys 23rd - 27th April 7.30pm An unruly class of gifted and charming teenage boys are taught by two eccentric and innovative teachers, as their headmaster pushes for them all to be accepted into Oxford or Cambridge. The headmaster is determined to see them break records and enlists a new teacher to coach the boys into intellectual shape. Telephone: 01524 64695

4 weeks to Fabulous Lifestyle makeover Starts Saturday 27th April 2-3pm The lifestyle makeover that inspires confidence and joy. A four week course for all women that helps you shine from the inside out. Lancaster Library. Book now: 0770 206 9218 joleen@ Facebook: thebrightlightplan

Art glass exhibition: ‘Memory / Loss’ in the Ashton Memorial Sunday 25 March - Sunday 5 May 2013 ( 10 – 3 pm) The exhibition is part of a long-term art project ‘Follies for Follies’ which has been funded through the Arts Council. One of the key exhibits will be the ‘Sea of Memories’, which comprises hundreds of small glass ships, each engraved with a name of a loved one ‘setting sail’ together on a sea of glass.

Warton Stock Car - The Bay Classic Sunday 28th April Don’t miss out on this cheap and exciting family day out. See page 64 for details.

The Spotlight Club. Storey 3rd Friday of every month (8pm) Lancaster’s popular Spotlight Club. After the open-mic session, Spotlight showcases four different writers and two music acts featuring some of the best live-writing and musicianship in the region. Admission £4 / £2 (conc.)

Warton Stock Car - The May Day Trophy Sunday 5th May Don’t miss out on this cheap and exciting family day out. See page 64 for details. Stages Live presents Brother & Bones Saturday 11th May 7pm See page 55. 01524 831997


Abbeystead Sunday 7th April 10am 6 Miles - Easy Contact Geoff 07748 857725 Underbarrow & Lords Lot Sunday 14th April 10am 6 miles - Moderate Contact Mike 01524 734867 Beetham, Dallam Deer Park & Milnthorpe Sunday 21st April 10am 5.5 Miles - Easy ContactPhilip 01524 822962 Langdale Pikes from Elterwater Sunday 28th 9am 13 miles (3300ft) Hard Contact Chris 01524 382465 See website for details


APRIL WALKS Thur 4th 9.30am Staveley Sat 6th 9am Broughton in Furness Wed 10th 9.30am Chipping Sat 13th 8.30am Ravensworth Fell Wed 17th 9.30am Wild Flowers Sat 20th 9am Coniston circular Sat 27th 9.30am Satterthwaite For further information phone C. Pickles on 382980 or D Johnson on 811366

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Directory of Local Services

COUNCIL SERVICES Lancaster City Council Customer Service Centre, Town Hall, Dalton Square, Lancaster, LA1 1PG Tel: 01524 582000 Out Of Hours Emergencies Tel: 01524 67099 Domestic Waste And Street Cleaning Tel: 01524 582491 Council Tax Tel: 01524 582900 Highway Faults Tel: 0123 456 789 Electoral Registration Tel: 01524 582905 Planning Tel: 01524 582376 Pest Control Tel: 01524 582935 Stray Dogs Tel: 01524 582757 Bus Passes Tel: 01524 582958 Recycling Tel: 0800 0929705 Homeless Advice Tel: 01524 586827 Lifeline Care Alarm Service Tel: 01524 582527 Flooding Tel: 01524 582955 Handyperson Scheme Tel: 01524 586812 Sheltered Housing Tel: 01524 586858

DOCTORS Dalton Square Practice 8 Dalton Square Lancaster LA1 1PN Tel: 01524 842200 Ash Trees Market Street Carnforth Lancashire LA5 9JU Tel: 01524 720000 The Meadowside Medical Practice 1-3 Meadowside Lancaster LA1 3AQ Tel: 01524 32622 Queen Square Medical Practice 2 Queen Square Lancaster LA1 1RP Tel: 01524 843333

Owen Road Surgery 67 Owen Road, Lancaster, LA1 2LG Tel: 01524 846999 Rosebank Surgery Ashton Road, Lancaster, LA1 4JS Tel: 01524 842284 Galgate Health Centre Highland Brow Galgate, Lancaster, LA2 ONB Tel: 01524 751284 King Street Surgery 38 King Street Lancaster, LA1 1RE Tel: 01524 541651 Halton Surgery 110 High Road Halton, Lancaster LA2 6PU Tel: 01524 811226

Scale Hall Surgery 1 West Drive Scale Hall LANCASTER LA1 5BY Tel: 01524 64135 Bailrigg Health Centre University of Lancaster Bailrigg, Lancaster, LA1 4ZP Tel: 01524 387780 Caton Health Centre Hornby Rd, Caton, Lancaster, Lancashire LA2 9QS Tel: 01524 770718 Brookfield Surgery Bolton le Sands Carnforth, LA5 8DH Tel: 01524 822088



Service for people who need a GP outside their doctor’s surgery opening hours.

Central Dental Practice Telephone House Fenton Street Lancaster, LA1 1AB Tel: 01524 34778


GENERAL ENQUIRIES Ashton Road Lancaster, LA1 4RP

Tel: 01524 65944

Mayo Clinic Mayo House Meeting House Lane Lancaster, LA1 1GW Tel: 01524 33225 Bay Dental Partnership 6 New Street Lancaster, LA1 1EG Tel: 01524 32639 Brook Street Dental Practice 8 Brook Street Lancaster, LA1 1UU Tel: 01524 37324

Yourdentist Church Street, Lancaster Tel: 01524841196 The Dental Surgery 6 New Street Lancaster LA1 1EG Tel: 01524 32639 Market Gate Surgery Market Gate Lancaster LA1 1JF Tel: 01524 32630 The Lancaster Orthodontic 3 Moor Lane Lancaster LA1 1QD 01524 848344

Directory of Local Services PLACES OF WORSHIP

Holy Cross Orthodox Tel: 01524 840759

Lancaster Priory and Parish Chuch Tel: 01524 65338

Christians Alive Church Tel: 01524 845554 St Lukes Vicarage Tel: 01524 63249

Christ Church Tel: 01524 34430

Grace Baptist Church Tel: 01524 841133 www.freegrace

St Thomas C of E Tel: 01524 590410 Lancaster fm Church Tel: 01524 841941

Christians Against Poverty Tel: 01524 61582 Moorlands

Lancaster Baptist Church Tel: 01524 39677

Evangelical Church Tel: 01524 64146 Lancaster Quaker Meeting Tel 01524 62971 www.lancasterquakers. Lancaster Methodist Church Tel: 01524 32717

St Paul’s C of E Scotforth Tel 01524 843135

Lancaster Cathedral Tel: 01524 384820


King’s Community Church Tel: 01524 388490 Trinity United Reformed Church



Monday 9.45am - 4pm Tuesday 12.45pm - 4pm Wednesday 9.45am - 4pm Thursday 9.45am - 1pm Friday 9.45am - 1pm

Telephone advice: 01524 400400 Tuesday 10am - 1pm Thursday 1pm - 2.30pm

You can also email your query to us, or phone us on the low-cost phone number weekdays (9am – 5pm) Or visit

Shopmobility Tel: 01524 382764

Address: 87 King Street Lancaster, LA1 1RH

Lancaster District Homeless Action Tel: 01524 842008

Help Direct is a service for all adults in Lancashire. We offer support, guidance and information to help you make the decisions you need to get the most out of life.  Call in and speak to an advisor any weekday at our office:   7 – 11 Chapel Street, Lancaster (9am – 5pm)

You can hire a scooter, electric or manual wheelchair or walking frame. Lancaster on Wednesdays and Fridays or Morecambe on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Prices start from as little as £3

Drop in sessions

Lancaster Salvation Army Church Tel: 01524 844234 E-mail: david. singleton@

Alternatively, you can make an appointment to see an advisor at your local GP surgery:

Do you  provide   unpaid  support   to  family  or   friends  who   could  not   manage  without   your  support?  If  so  you  could  be  a   Carer.  If  you  would  like  to  access   information  and  support  that  may   be  relevant  Carers  Point!  can  help.     If  you  would  like  to  know  more   about  our  services  you  can   contact  us  on  0345  688  7113  

ONE VOICE DISABILITY SERVICE One Voice is a disabled person’s organisation providing services, project and support for disabled people, their families and carers. Find out more : 01524 34411 St Leonards House St Leonards Gate Lancaster LA1 1NN

LANCASTER Dalton Square , King Street, Meadowside, Owen Road, Queen Square, & Rosebank MORECAMBE MHC (Coastal), West End, Westgate, Yorkbridge Also at: Ashtrees, Windsor in Garstang & Carnforth. Drop in sessions at various locations across the district. Please phone for details.

0303 333 1111

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Directory of Local Services: Education PRIMARY SCHOOLS Caton Community Primary School Broadacre Road Caton, LA2 9NH Tel: 01524 770104 Scotforth St Pauls C of E Primary Scotforth Road Lancaster, LA1 4SE Tel: 01524 65379 Quernmore C of E Primary, Quernmore Lancaster, LA2 9EL Tel: 01524 66628 St Wilfrid’s C of E Primary Penny Stone Road Lancaster, LA2 6QE Tel: 01524 811230

TUTORS Martin Lowe Inspired Child tuition services. Maths English, Music, Languages and IT. 01524 841980 www.inspiredchild. Fredrik Holm MA(mus) Piano, singing, basoon, recorder and music theory 07780 623855 www.2b-intune. co,uk Jan McCartney Professional tuition for pupils aged 6-16 years old. Tel: 01524 61199 94

Lancaster Ridge Primary Keswick Road Lancaster, LA1 3LE Tel: 01524 841589 The Cathedral Primary Balmoral Road Lancaster, LA1 3BT Tel: 01524 64686 Christ Church C of E Primary School Derwent Road Lancaster, LA1 3ES Tel: 01524 60955 Ellel St John’s C E Primary Chapel Street, Galgate, LA2 0JS Tel: 01524 751320

Dolphinholme C of E Dolphinholme Lancaster, LA2 9AN Tel: 01524 791530 Moorside School Bowerham Rd, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 4HT Tel: 01524 66516 Bowerham Primary Bowerham Road, Lancaster, Lancashire LA1 4BS Tel: 01524 63999 Dallas Road Primary High Street Lancaster, LA1 1LD Tel: 01524 64520 Ryelands Primary Torrisholme Road Lancaster, LA1 2RJ Tel: 01524 64626

Cockerham C of E Primary School Main Street Cockerham Lancaster LA2 0EF Tel/Fax: 01524 791550 www.cockerham.lancs. Caton St Pauls C of E Moorside Road, Brookhouse, Lancaster, LA2 9PJ Tel: 01524 770241 Thurnham Glasson Church of England Primary School Marsh Lane Glasson Dock Lancaster LA2 0AR Tel/Fax: 01524 751425 www. thurnhamglasson.lancs.

Lancaster Royal Grammar East Road, Lancaster Girls Grammar Lancaster, LA1 3EF Tel: 01524 580600 Regent Street Lancaster, LA1 1SF Tel: 01524 32010 Our Ladys Catholic College Central Lancaster High Morecambe Road, Crag Road, Lancaster, LA1 2RX Lancaster, LA1 3LS Tel: 01524 66689 Tel: 01524 32636 www.our-ladys-rc. www.central.lancsngfl.

Jamea Al Kauthar Ashton Road, Lancaster, LA1 5AJ Tel: 01524 389898

Jonathan Gray. Expert History tuition for KS3, GCSE and A-Level students. Tel: 01524 298093

Skerton Community High Owen Road, Lancaster, LA1 2BL Tel: 01524 65143 www.skertonhigh.


@Lancaster Community Magazine


Martyn Stringer Piano, Drums, Guitar/Bass, Accordion, Composition Tel: 07849 825821


Carnforth County High Kellet Road, Carnforth, Lancashire, LA5 9LS Tel: 01524 732 314 Ripley St Thomas Church of England High School Ashton Road Lancaster, LA1 4RS Tel: 01524 64496 www.ripley.lancsngfl.

Directory of Local Services: Take-aways, Coffee Shops, Transport TAKE AWAYS CHINESE Wok Express 60 Penny Street Lancaster, LA1 1XF Tel: 01524 847575 Fired Wok Chinese Takeaway 98 Prospect Street Lancaster, LA1 5ES Tel: 01524 36000 The Woo Ping 16-18 Church Street Lancaster, LA1 1NP Tel: 01524 64713 Bamboo Garden 30-32 New Street Lancaster, LA1 1EG Tel: 01524 849984 INDIAN Bombay Balti 16 China Street Lancaster, LA1 1EX Tel: 01524 844550 Nice and Spicy 2 Lower Church Street Lancaster, LA1 1NP Tel: 01524 33333 Urban Spice 21 Brock Street Lancaster Tel: 01524 847107 Iky’s Balti House 133 St Leonards Gate Lancaster, LA1 1NL Tel: 01524 34432 PNP Currys and Kebabs 154 Ryelands Road Lancaster, LA1 2RA Tel: 01524 555857 Moghuls 91 King Street Lancaster, LA1 1RH Tel: 01524 36253

Sultan of Lancaster The Old Church Brock Street Lancaster, LA1 1UU Tel: 01524 61188 JAPANESE Miyabi 6 Cable Street Lancaster, LA1 1HD Tel: 01524 848356 OTHER Domino’s Pizza 20 Church Street Lancaster, LA1 1NP Tel: 01524 848999 Subway 11 Church Street Lancaster, LA1 1LP Tel: 01524 33351 or Ryelands Service Station Owen Road Lancaster LA1 2LL Tel: 01254 383605 or 99-101 Penny Street Lancaster, LA1 1XN Tel: 01524 599328 Pizzetta Republic 75 North Road Lancaster Tel: 01524 33332 Flames 1 Rosemary Lane Lancaster, LA1 1NR Tel: 01524 382399 Bowerham Chippy 2 Coulston Road Lancaster, LA1 3AE Tel: 01524 61230 Pizza Hut Kingsway Retail Park Lancaster, LA1 1DQ Tel: 01524 599222

Lancaster Fried Chicken 3 Rosemary Lane Lancaster, LA1 1NR Tel: 01524 66575 Supanova 18 Church Street Lancaster Tel: 01524 841488

Maxwell’s Cafe & Delicatessen 71 Penny Street Lancaster LA1 1XF Tel: 01524 388435 Casa Rastelli Marketgate Lancaster, LA1 1AL

TRANSPORT Coastal Taxis Tel: 01524 424424 or 01524 60000 A to B Taxis Tel: 01524 844922 32090 Taxis 35666 Tel: 01524 32090 or 01524 35666 8 4 8 Taxis Tel: 01524 848848 John’s Taxi Tel: 01524 845210 Lancaster Road Taxis Tel: 01524 844844 National Rail Enquiries Tel: 08457 48 49 50

COFFEE SHOPS The Old Bell Coffee House Bashful Alley Lancaster, LA1 1LF Tel: 01524 36561 Lewis Of Lancaster‎ 23 New Street Lancaster LA1 1EG Tel: 01524 389 642‎ Starbucks 19 Market Street Lancaster LA1 1HZ Tel: 01524 381 795 Cafe Nero 23 Market Street Lancaster LA1 1HZ Tel: 01524 36130 Sunbury Coffee House 28 Sun Street Lancaster, LA1 1EW Tel: 01524 843312 Local Bus Journey Planner 0871 200 22 33 Budgie Transport Provide a waterbus service on the Lancaster Canal. Tel: 01524 389 410. Lancaster Bus Station Timetable Stagecoach Northwest 0871 2002233 Lancaster Train Station Meeting House Lane Lancaster LA1 5NW Virgin Ticket Line: 0871 977 4222

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Directory of Local Services: Restaurants

RESTAURANTS Blue Moon Thai Restaurant 6 Rosemary Lane Lancaster, LA1 1NR Tel:01524 381111 Teatro Grill 60-62 Church Street Lancaster Tel:01524 380012 Wagon and Horses 27 St Georges Quay Lancaster, LA1 1RD Tel: 01524 846094 The Sultan of Lancaster The Old Church Brock Street Lancaster, LA1 1UR Tel: 01524 61188


Penny Street Bridge Penny Street Lancaster, LA1 1XT Tel: 01524 599900



1 £6.00 Course £8

Quite Simply Food 13 Moor Lane Lancaster, LA1 1QD Tel: 01524 34916 Quite Simply French 27a St Georges Quay Lancaster, LA1 1RD Tel: 01524 843199 1725 Tapas Bar 28 Market Street Lancaster, LA1 1HT Tel: 01524 66898 The Stork Corricks Lane Lancaster, LA2 OAN Tel: 01524 751234

2 Courses 2 Courses £10 £8.00 3 Courses £12 Serving Monday to Friday 12-6pm

3 Courses £10.00

Served Monday to Friday 12-6pm 01524 389335

01524 389335

The Litten Tree 33-37 Church Street Lancaster, LA1 1LP Tel: 01524 541580

Bistro 26 26 Sun Street Lancaster, LA1 1EW Tel: 01524 846252

Greaves Park Bowerham Road Lancaster, LA1 3AH Tel: 01524 389335

Castle Balti 23a Castle Hill Lancaster Tel: 01524 388454

The Borough 3 Dalton Square Lancaster, LA1 1PP Tel: 01524 64170

Bella Italia 26-28 Church Street Lancaster Tel: 01524 36340

Miyabi (Japanese) 6 Cable Street, Lancaster, LA1 1HD Tel: 01524 848356

The Spaghetti House 18 Mary Street Lancaster, LA1 1UW Tel: 01524 846011

Pizza Margherita 2 Moor Lane Lancaster, LA1 1QD Tel: 01524 36333

The Mill at Conder Green Thurnham Mill Lane, Lancaster, LA2 OBD Tel: 01524 752852

The Sun Cafe 25 Sun Street Lancaster, LA1 1EW Tel: 01524 845599

The Water Witch Canal Tow Path Lancaster, LA1 1SU Tel: 01524 63828

The Sun Hotel & Bar 63-65 Church Street Lancaster, LA1 1ET Tel: 01524 66006

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Mung Mee (Thai) 6 Chapel Street Lancaster, LA1 1NZ Tel: 01524 64107 The Merchants 27 Castle Hill Lancaster, LA1 1YN Tel: 01524 66466


The Meeting House Restaurant 11-15 Meeting House Lane, Lancaster , LA1 1TJ Tel: 01524 848 049 The Three Mariners Bridge Lane Lancaster, LA1 1EE Tel: 01524 388957 Moghuls (Indian) 91 King Street Lancaster, LA1 1RH Tel: 01524 36253 The Gregson 33 Moorgate, Moor Lane Lancaster, LA1 3PY Tel: 01524 849959 The George & Dragon 24 St Georges Quay Lancaster, LA1 1RB Tel: 01524 62265

Quality home cooked meals made with fresh local produce. FROM FIELD TO PLATE Greaves Park in Lancaster bring you deliciously different fresh food and drink straight from local suppliers.

Atkinson’s of Lancaster

Lancaster Brewery

Lancaster Brades Dairy Smokehouse in Farleton

Cool Cow ice Cornvale of cream at Old Melling Holly Farm

TASTE LANCASHIRE HIGHEST QUALITY WINNERS Recognises establishments who provide a consistently high quality dining experience and show a commitment to the use of local produce.

BOWERHAM ROAD | LANCASTER | LA1 3AH 01524 389335 | |


We have it

IN THE BAG! 30+ exciting stores & coffee shops

Open daily IN THE SHOPPING...IT’S (Except Easter Sunday & Xmas Day)

Secure, customer-friendly car park Award winning parent room, toilets & disabled facilities

• 30+ exciting stores including a choice of unique Coffee Shops • Disabled facilities • Award winning public toilets and parent room • Open daily (except Easter Sunday and OPENING TIMES: Christmas Day) • 110 space Monday - Saturday: 9am - 5.30pm* short-stay Sunday and Bank Holidays: 10.30am 4.30pm* ‘Pay on- Foot’ Shoppers’ with FREE parking on Bank Holidays car park *please check individual stores for opening times Market Gate Shopping Centre Lancaster

Tel: 01524 382845

Follow us on Facebook & Twitter

Tel: 01524 382845


Open: Monday

Sundays and Bank Ho with FREE

*Please c


Julia Furniss, 49, 3-1-5 Health Club member

The New Standard of

Health AND Fitness Be the first to join. (Formerly Total Fitness)



THE BEAUTY OF SPRING An unforgettable



67 Penny Street 67 Penny Street | Lancaster | LA1 1XF | 01524 847100 Lancaster, LA1 1XF, 01524 847100 silvertreejewellery Be inspired at 67 Penny Street

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