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Welcome to the November edition of @Lancaster. No sooner have the Summer holidays ended and it seems we are on the countdown to Christmas! Now is your chance to get organised, get down to your local shops and see what lovely presents you can find. We have a huge range of articles for you again, enjoy. Make sure you all pop along to the Boot & Shoe on the Scotforth Road for a fantastic Christmas Fundraiser to support Lancaster Mum Heather, who has suffered a brain injury, her family and friends are raising money for her ongoing treatment. Wishing you a peaceful November.


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Property: Time called on squatters

Time called on squatters Andrew Parkinson of Parkinson Property explains the new law relating to squatters rights.

A new criminal offence of squatting came into force on September 1 but there are some doubts about how the new law will operate in practice. Previously where someone had broken into property, a criminal offence may have been committed such as criminal damage or burglary. In practice, because the property was vacant or abandoned, it was almost impossible to obtain evidence that a criminal offence had taken place. The squatters could claim that a window or door was already open. The squatters could then use section 6 of the Criminal Law Act 1977 which made it a criminal offence to secure entry to a property by force where someone (even a squatter) is there at the time who is opposed to that entry. The new law makes it an offence to enter a property designed or adapted for use as a place to live without the owner’s permission, provided the person knows he is doing so without permission, and he lives there or intends to live there for any period. It does not apply where the person has at some point in the past had the owner’s permission to be there (i.e. he is holding over after the end of a tenancy or licence). If the owner of a property reports the offence then the police have a right to enter and search the property for the purposes of making an arrest where they have reasonable grounds for believing the offence has been committed. The offence ought to make it much more straightforward for property owners to recover possession from squatters. One need only call the police, give them evidence that the offence has taken place, and then re-secure the property once all those inside have been arrested. It is not clear what extra demands this will make on the police’s limited resources but there may be situations where the police choose not to attend because of the need to prioritise. However, the new offence has been widely publicised and squatting is such a highly charged issue that land owners will be hopeful that the police will divert appropriate resources to squatting cases. The police will only have the right to enter and search the property if they have reasonable grounds for 6

@Lancaster Community Magazine


believing that an offence has been committed. If an occupier claims to have a tenancy (and may even have something that looks like a tenancy agreement to wave around) the property owner will need the police officer to determine who is telling the truth. How are the police to determine whether the occupiers are living there or just visiting? In most cases it will be obvious that an offence has been committed but there is no doubt squatters will seek ways of avoiding arrest. Three men were arrested last Monday after a police raid on a property in Brighton in what is believed to be the first test of new legislation. Sussex Police dismantled barricades and entered the building in London Road following what the force said was the expiry of a 1.50pm deadline by the owner for suspected squatters to vacate the premises. Inside, police in protective gear found three people who had glued themselves together around a joist in the loft and two others had gone on to the roof. Two 22-yearolds and a 29-year-old were taken into custody while two other men, who were on the roof of the building, made their way down and were not arrested, according to police. Mike Weatherley, the Conservative MP for Hove and Portslade, who has campaigned for a change in the law, welcomed the raid on Monday and said in a statement on his website that squatting is “a huge problem” in Brighton & Hove. He claimed that there had been “numerous instances of this organised and frequently menacing behaviour blighting the lives of ordinary people.” The housing minister, Grant Shapps, said last week: “No longer will there be socalled squatters’ rights. Instead … we’re tipping the scales of justice back in favour of the homeowner and making the law crystal clear: entering a property with the intention of squatting will be a criminal offence.” It is refreshing to see that such a simple change to the law can allow home owners to remove illegal occupiers straight away without lengthy legal proceedings. This should be reassuring to anyone worried about the issue of squatters in their property.


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Property: Finding a student property

Finding a student property

Choosing a house is a big step, especially if this is your first time living off campus so you need to make the right decision, Student Housing Lancaster gives you some great advice. STEP ONE The first and most important step is to choose your housemates carefully. Are you sure you can all live together for a whole year? The next step and equally important is to choose your Letting agent/landlord very carefully, do they have a good reputation, have they got a good track record in business, do their properties comply with all the legal legislation? Don’t be pressured into signing a contract before you are completely happy. Don’t be afraid to ask for time to think it over if you are unsure; don’t sign a contract too early. CONTRACTS The contract that you are most likely to sign will be an assured joint shorthold tenancy agreement. It is essential that you read the contract yourself and take note of what are usually the most important aspects of such an agreement: It will probably be a fixed term contract; once you have signed it you are obliged to pay rent for the duration of the contract. All tenants who sign a joint agreement are liable for the full rent payable for the property. DEPOSITS Any deposit that you pay is refundable providing that you leave the property in the condition that you received it. Your deposit should be held in a government approved scheme, the details of which your landlord or their agent should give you. There is lots of information on the internet about these schemes.

HERE IS A CHECKLIST OF IMPORTANT POINTS: • Check that the house meets all current legislation, check the internet for details. • If you decide to rent the house ask the landlord for a deposit receipt. • Make sure you know exactly what the deposit can and cannot be used for. • Ensure you get a copy of the contract and you understand it. Ask for help if you need it. • Find out who your utilities suppliers are (gas, electric, telephone etc), make sure you are getting the best deal. • Keep the contact details for your landlord or their agent to hand in case you need them if there is an emergency (plumbing etc). • If there is a problem make sure you report things promptly, clearly and in writing/by email.

If you are not sure about anything just ask, landlords and their agents will always be happy to clear things up for you. Student Housing Lancaster can offer you advice call into our city centre office at 14 Gage St, Dalton Sq Lancaster. LA1 1UH. @Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


Community support: Pest control seasons

Pest control seasons

Now that the cold weather and dark nights are amongst us, Andy Henworth at the city council pest control team reflects on the wet summer and the effect it had on our regular “customers”. Generally, summer has us very busy dealing with wasp’s nests. It all started off quite normally with the queens emerging from hibernation during the warm spell in March and searching for sites to build new nests. It seems they had a nasty surprise when the weather turned cold again in April and then the rain arrived…

At this time of year many folk are feeding the birds and this is one of the main attractants for rodents to enter gardens. It’s always a compromise between attracting birds and keeping away unwanted animals such as rats and squirrels. To help tip the balance in the birds favour simple steps can be taken.

As a result our wasp suits didn’t see much action, as not many nests survived. Either that or the wasps heard about us and ran to the hills!

Placing bird feeders over flag stones or concrete can help, as debris can be cleaned up easily before it’s a temptation for rats. Similarly, hanging feeders can stop some debris getting to the ground at all.

One insect that definitely had not heard about us was fleas. Summer 2012 was our busiest for fleas in many years. The weather that was so bad for many insects, including wasps and bees was perfect for fleas, the humidity providing perfect conditions for their larvae to thrive and then pupate into the little bloodsuckers we all know and don’t love!

Food left out on the ground is obviously a big draw to rodents. Do not place large amounts and remove any excess that remains once birds have fed. Some people leave food out at the same time every day. Birds are not daft, they soon learn when it’s time for dinner and will hoover up all they can eat. Whatever is left over can then be removed.

Fleas have presented a large problem nationally this year with both pest controllers and vets swamped by requests for treatments of animals and homes. Yes – summer 2012 was an itchy period in a pest controller’s life!

Often at this time of year rats, mice and squirrels break the defences and get into houses. Squirrel entry is generally the most obvious; they usually climb walls and enter attic spaces through holes in fascia boards or gaps between loose tiles. They are intelligent animals but they are greedy too and we don’t have too many problems apprehending them using nuts or peanut butter as bait for cage traps.

With the changing of the seasons comes the changing of the pests; rats, mice and squirrels are looking for cosy places to stay for the winter. As temperatures drop and food gets scarcer, rodents will inevitably be drawn to houses to provide shelter and food. Pity that we don’t find them welcome guests! 10

@Lancaster Community Magazine


Mice can enter homes almost anywhere. They have very flexible skeletons and even a fat adult can get into gaps as small as 5mm. If their head fits through, their body will follow! A common entry point is through air bricks. We can solve this by fitting specially


designed mesh covers that exclude mice yet still let the building breathe. These will also bar wasps and bees entering wall cavities this way. When mice do get inside they create a mess out of proportion to their size, leaving a lot of droppings and chewing away to their heart’s content as they explore their new home! Understandably, folk can be quite traumatised when rats appear indoors. They often enter a building through cavity walls, having dug their way in via breaks in the sewer network. It’s difficult to blame them – who could blame a sewer rat for wanting to move up the property ladder! Last year we purchased a CCTV system for inspecting sewer systems. Now, if it suspected that rats re entering via the sewers we can survey the system and highlight possible faults. One thing we have noticed when doing sewer surveys is that it always rains. So, if its winter and it’s raining there’s good odds that we are doing a survey somewhere nearby! Another job that is mostly done during winter is mole catching. We learned this subtle art about four years ago from an old local mole catcher, sadly no longer with us, who was keen to pass on his skills to a younger generation. We use traditional trapping techniques so it’s one on one, man versus mole. So far we are winning the fight… So then, that’s a small insight into the seasonality of pest control. For daily updates into the world of pests we have a twitter account - @Lcstr_unbugged. Here’s hoping you have a pest free winter but if you do have a rat in the kitchen there is something you can do! We can be contacted by phone on 01524 582935 and the city council website: has pest control pages for general information and advice.



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A Cut Above Carpets is a family run business based in Lancaster, Lancashire. Founded in 1995, A Cut Above has grown into a professional bespoke hand made carpet and rug business that custom builds carpets, rugs and mats to your design and specification, for motorhomes, caravans, boats and yachts that are removable, washable and colour matched to fit your interior. We also make carpets for home and business premises.

A Cut Above

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Finance: Personal Life Plans

£5 a week makes £5000 We all know how expensive bring up children can be, but Charles Martin Finance in Lancaster explains how even putting away as little as £5 a week will help your children when they turn 18. STARTING A PERSONAL LIFE PLAN Any successful Business will have a “Business Plan” that details what the Owners want to achieve, how they are going to achieve it and includes checks on how they are progressing. So why not start a “Personal Life Plan”. Here are some tips for you to consider, and I’ve broken these down into the various “Life Stages”, depending on your age. In this first article I’ll deal with “Personal Planning” up to age 25. PROVIDING FOR YOUR CHILDREN As parents you have a responsibility to provide for all your childs’ needs, but have you? What if one of you becomes ill or dies? Parents MUST ensure that they have sufficient LIFE and Critical illness cover for such an eventuality. What do you do if your child has a disability and may need long term care? You will need to address this sooner rather than later. There are specialist “TRUST” plans that can be arranged to protect the interests of your child. Living in a material world, as your child or children grow, so does the expense – clothing, food; hobbies; travel, school - - so start a “savings plan” today to avoid disappointment in the future. Any amount is better than nothing, but try to save £5 a week, after 18 years this will add up to nearly £5000. More if invested in a “Childrens I.S.A. or Savings Plan. Also School and University may seem such a long way in the future but fees can be very

expensive, so it pays to think about these now. A good idea is to encourage children to start saving for themselves – doing odd jobs around the house for a small monetary reward when they are young and as they grow older, encouraging them to look for part time jobs Whilst you could also use “equity” from your property, saving and “gifting” from Grand- parents and other family members is another way to help your children. not only helps them when they need it, but can also help in “estate planning”. Ask them - If you don’t you’ll never know. PLANNING AS A YOUNG ADULT After school it’s usually college, university or a job. Hopefully you will have funds behind you to off-set living costs and fees if you are moving on to College or University. If you have a job , then with money in your pocket you have a lot more freedom. Enjoy it! However try to save at least ten per cent (10%) – you never know what’s around the corner. Try to aim for having a minimum of three months living expenses available as “rainy day money”. If in a job or self-employed, consider a Pension. Even a small monthly amount of say £40 (with tax off this means a payment of £32 or £1.05p a day will help you. Next month – “Life Planning – up to Age 40” and “WHY YOU MUST HAVE A “WILL” If you need further information or advice on any of the above or indeed any other personal or business finance matter please email – info@ or ring me.

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Legal services - clear and simple

At Blackhurst Swainson Goodier we provide professional and affordable solutions to meet all your legal advisory needs.

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Separation and divorce

Solicitors advice: Separation and divorce

Andie Brown from BSG Solicitors in Lancaster explains the difference between legal separation and divorce and what you must prove to the court in order to get divorced. When a relationship breaks down married parties may just decide to live apart but wish to deal with their financial matters and set out arrangements for the children. Separated parties do not have to deal with this through divorce proceedings but can enter into a Deed of Separation to record the agreement they make between themselves. If both parties have received legal advice, there has been no significant change in circumstances and neither party was under any undue influence at the time of the agreement the Court is likely to encompass that agreement into an Order in any subsequent divorce proceedings. If, however, separated parties do wish to finalise matters by way of a Divorce they must show that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. In order to make an application one party must show that they have been married for at least a year and that they have been resident in England and Wales for a year before the divorce petition was filed. The party issuing the proceedings must prove to the Court that the relationship has irretrievably broken down due to one of five facts:1. ADULTERY – one party has committed adultery and the other party finds it intolerable to continue to live with him/her 2. UNREASONABLE BEHAVIOUR – one party has behaved in such a way that the other cannot reasonably be expected to live with him/ her. 3. DESERTION – one party has left without notice for a period of more than two years

4. TWO YEARS SEPARATION – the parties have lived separately and apart for a period of more than two years and both parties consent to the divorce or 5. FIVE YEARS SEPARATION – the parties have lived separately and apart for a period of more than five years. Consent is not required. The party issuing the Divorce proceedings must set out their facts in the Divorce petition which is sent to the Court and thereafter, sent to their former partner. He/she should file an Acknowledgement of Service confirming they have received the Divorce petition and thereafter, the first party will apply for the Decree Nisi. The file is then checked by the Judge who will confirm if the grounds for divorce are proven. He will then list the matter for Decree Nisi on the date to be fixed by the Court. A Decree Absolute may be applied for by the party issuing the proceedings six weeks thereafter. Divorce proceedings are rarely defended. However, if a party wishes to defend the divorce they must file their answer within 21 days of receiving the Divorce petition. This is an unusual step and advice should be taken before taking this action. All in all the Divorce procedure itself may take between 3 and 6 months. However, this does not include dealing with the financial issues or considering what happens with the children. These are obviously very important issues that the Court would consider within separate but related proceedings. It is obviously important to understand the procedure and should you require any advice or assistance please do not hesitate to contact Andie Brown at BlackhurstSwainson Goodier LLP.

@Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


First Drive: Honda Civic Type-R Mugen The new Honda Civic Type-R Mugens’ 2.2 litre engine, lowered and stiffened suspension and super grippy tyres make this a proper driving machine worth its £38,995 price tag. Honda make very good, very sensible cars. They brought out the Type-R version, which looked the business and went pretty well thanks to the fiery 2.0-litre VTEC engine. But that wasn’t enough for Mugen, the tuning arm of Honda. They went nuts and created the Civic Type-R Mugen. It was lightened by 100kg, including beautiful lighter alloy wheels and composite body panels, lowered and stiffened suspension and super grippy tyres. There were also some significant engine upgrades that liberated and extra 40bhp and 15lb.ft of torque. In short, it was a genuine fire-breathing hot hatch. It was also not cheap at £38,995, although you were getting one of only 20 cars with some serious engineering added in.

the Mugen people decided to go back and make it even more bonkers. By increasing the engine capacity to 2.2-litres power went up to 256bhp and torque to 177lb. ft for one final hurrah.

The new Civic’s arrival should have been the end of the story, but there were a few remaining cars and

Climb inside and you drop straight into the very huggy Recaro seats. Apart from being very supportive and


@Lancaster Community Magazine


And what a car it is. You’ll spot it’s a Civic straight away of course, but like no other on the road. The exterior upgrades include a BTCC-like massive rear wing, which on another car could look daft but on the Civic’s modern, radical shape looks just right. Finished in Championship White with a prominent Mugen graphic on the flank, it is as purposeful as you could wish for. It looks ready to head out onto the track and set a pole position time.


Motoring: Honda Civic Type-R Mugen comfortable, they have huge side bolsters that clamp you in place. If you hadn’t realised by this point that the Mugen Type-R is a proper driving machine, the fact that your bottom isn’t going anywhere tells you all you need to know. Turn the key then finger the starter button and the engine spins rapidly into life, idling quite high at first with a serious rasp from the large diameter exhaust. The gearlever slots firmly into first, and the upgraded clutch has a sharp bite - a brief kangaroo moment is inevitable until you get used to it and it sums up the whole car; it is a precision tool that needs to be driven with purpose. Within 50 yards you’ll notice that the suspension is firm. On really rough roads you might wish it was a shade softer, but if you want a compromised car then look elsewhere. Driven sedately the engine feels more than sufficiently torquey, the steering is sharp and the pedals all respond with pinpoint accuracy. You need a twisty and open section of road to discover what the Mugen is all about. If you didn’t know it already, Type-Rs are all about revs and with this 2.2 Mugen even more so. You need to work this car hard and once the needle passes 6,000rpm the exhaust note turns from a roar to a manic blare, it surges forward with renewed vigour and the grin grows further across your face. No other production car bar six-figure supercars can provide such an intoxicating mix of noise and pace. And the super-slick gearshift helps you keep it on the boil; snap changing between ratios is a pure delight.

And yet it still has the Magic Seats that fold completely flat to give you a huge boot. It still has all practicality and usability of a regular Civic - although it needs a bigger commitment to get there in the first place. It even coped with the snow without fuss despite the dryoptimised tyres. This is not a car for everyone of course, not at almost £40,000. But who wants a car for everyone anyway? It is a car for the true enthusiast, someone who can appreciate fine engineering, a unique approach and a car that will only ever have 19 siblings worldwide.

FACTS AT A GLANCE Honda Civic Type-R Mugen 2.2, £38,995 Engine: 2.2-litre petrol producing 256bhp and 177lb.ft of torque Performance: Top speed 150mph (est), 0-62mph 6.0 seconds (est) Economy: 35mpg combined (est) Emissions: 200g/km of CO2 (est)

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Servicing | Repairs | Tyres Air Conditioning | MOT | Four wheel alignment Call us today

01524 36600

WILLOW LANE | LANCASTER | LA1 5NB Open: Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm Saturday 8.30am - 12noon


COURTESY CAR facility, collection and delivery service |

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I Slimming World Joi


wa r


nd fr


ON T URN ...I'm an active mum aga in! Jackie x

g ro u p n e a r yo u to d ay...

Lancaster Slimming World Mondays 9.30am 5.30pm 7.30pm Boot & Shoe, Faulkner Suite Scotforth Road, Lancaster

All Welcome

SAVE up to


online support

For more information contact Lisa on:

07884 342861

07968 775306

Yoga On The Bay




the power of yoga

Monday Ashtanga 7.30-9pm Tuesday Fitness fusion 7-8.30pm Wednesday Beginners Sun Power Yoga 7.30 - 9pm

Thursday Complete Yoga - 7-8.30pm Yoga in the City (Lancaster) 5.45-7pm Friday Ashtanga Lite 6.00-7.30pm Saturday & Sunday Weekend Workshops & Events |

0844 897 8000

Follow us on facebook: yoniyogaonthebay

ARE YOU SERIOUS about maintaining good



Helps balance the immune system. Helps maintain healthy joints It can be beneficial for skin disorders, e.g.  eczema, psoriasis and itchy skin. Our products contain 100% stabilised Aloe Vera Gel

A donation from each sale made to Macmillan as part of The Business Challenge.

07902 677 201 Email: Sylvia Poll - Independent Distributor Recruiting now: We are looking for success driven, self motivated people to assist with company expansion.


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Health: It’s often the simple things

It’s often the simple things... …that catch us out. November tends to bring a raft of back pain and sporting injuries to Physiotherapists for a variety of reasons. Something as normal as the last tidy up of the garden before winter – cutting branches down, clearing leaves or even slipping on wet grass, can be enough to have you reaching for the painkillers and your GP’s telephone number. Physios often hear how something as simple as “I was putting these shelves up…” can result in absolute agony and tottering around gingerly for several weeks or where people have started their winter sports again, like football or hockey and have overdone it - or had plain bad luck. While you can’t always prevent injuries like this, you can reduce the time that you’re injured for; if the injury site is swelling, put cold on it. If it is a tight muscle, then heat is the way forward – either a covered hot water bottle or a wheat pack is the easiest way to get heat to awkward areas.

Pace yourself – if you haven’t done any activity similar to this for a while, just do an hour and build it up slowly each day. Hopefully, any injuries aren’t too serious and this advice is enough to get you back on your feet, with nothing but a good ‘weekend-warrior’ story for your friends. If you have been in pain for more than a week, without improvement, then it’s certainly the time to get some professional advice from a Physiotherapist – at Physiofusion, we give free advice via our advice centre at


Staying active is the best way to stop back pain getting worse – it stops you seizing up. There are some stretches and exercises that Physios can advise you on, which will help too. Ibuprofen is good for helping to reduce swelling, but paracetamol tends to be better for pure pain relief – if you’re in any doubt, then contact your Pharmacist, GP or Physiotherapist for advice. By taking a few preventative steps, you can reduce the risk of injuring yourself: Think about how you’re lifting things – push heavy objects instead of pulling them, hold them close to you if you need to lift, take more trips or get some help. Think about your posture – lifting things with your legs, not your back, don’t twist into awkward positions and keeping muscles warm can reduce the risk.

  

   



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Health: Hearing loss support

The Hearing Centre

Coming to terms with the fact that you’re experiencing a loss of hearing can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean that finding the right solution should be.

The Hearing Centre has been established in Lancashire for over 40 years and, as at all of our branches, we here at the Lancaster branch pride ourselves on offering friendly and helpful advice to our customers on any hearing concerns that they may have. Our aim is to provide a caring approach, understanding our clients’ hearing problems and to offer the best level of hearing care possible. Hearing loss can be a daunting experience for many people and can often leave individuals feeling both isolated and frustrated. The Hearing Centre provides customers with excellent personal service. By working closely with our clients and really listening to them, we are better able to comprehend the challenges and difficulties that their hearing has on their daily lives, and together we can ensure that they receive the best solution for their hearing problems, solutions, that will enable them to enjoy a better quality of hearing. Our method is surprisingly simple: we help you understand your hearing loss and involve you in the process from the very beginning. From assessing your hearing and explaining the different technologies available, right through to fitting, purchasing and followup sessions – we’ll make sure you understand what’s going on at every stage. That way you’re always in control. Once you have received your hearing aid we will support you with getting used to it and make any adjustments necessary to make sure you are getting the most from it. If you are unable to visit us for a hearing test or for follow up appointments we will happily visit you in your own home. 26

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LOOKING AFTER YOUR HEARING AID It is important to look after your hearing aids. Your hearing aids should be kept clean and free of earwax and must not be exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity. When you are not using the aids they should be kept in their pouch or case. Rest assured we will continue to give you support throughout the life of your hearing aids by providing a free aftercare service which includes regular reviews, cleaning and checking your aids and making any adjustments necessary. DEVELOPMENTS IN HEARING TECHNOLOGY There have been some amazing developments in hearing technology in the last few years from aids that are practically invisible to high powered hearing aids for people with severe to profound hearing loss. And, to further enhance your listening experience, a wide range of products have been developed that can connect your hearing aid directly with your TV, stereo or phone. Book an appointment in branch today for a free demonstration. MICRO-SUCTION EAR WAX REMOVAL Ear wax can affect your hearing so we are delighted to offer a micro suction ear wax removal service. Once a month we will be holding a micro-suction ear wax clinic at The Hearing Centre in Lancaster . Micro-Suction is the safest, most effective way of clearing wax build up and any obstruction caused by foreign bodies down the ear canal. To find out more about any of our services please call The Hearing Centre on 01524 845757 we would be delighted to assist you.


We’ll see your eyes are looked after Vision Express Lancaster is dedicated to helping residents look after their eyes. Tom Mackley, resident Optometrist is passionate about informing the local residents of Lancaster about the importance of regular eye tests. Tom said: “Sight is the sense people fear losing the most; however there are a number of people who still do not look after their eyes properly. The number of people who have their eyes tested each year is falling and it is worrying to see people neglecting to have this test”. “Your sight is such a precious and delicate sense. We recommend that everyone should have their eyes tested at least every two years, children and adults above 60 should be checked once a year, unless otherwise advised by your Optician. Eye care is not something that should just be considered by those who are experiencing problems with their vision. An eye test will not only assess the standard of vision, but also check all aspects of overall eye health and can even identify other medical conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure.” Tom Mackley added “All of our team in-store have undergone extensive training on eyes and eye health, and are happy to talk to anyone about looking after yours or your child’s vision.” If you want to learn more about looking after your eyes visit Vision Express on Penny Street, Lancaster. To book an eye test visit Vision Express on Penny Street or call us on 01524 843539. Vision Express. We’ll see you right.


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Health & Fitness - Appendicitis


Appendicitis is the most common cause of abdominal surgical emergency hospital admissions in the UK, but the exact cause of the condition is unclear. It’s thought the appendix, a small dead-end pouch connected to the large intestine, can become inflamed when hard faeces get stuck as they pass its opening. This inflammation causes the tube-like organ measuring between five and 10 centimetres to swell and fill with pus. The pain gets steadily worse, often within hours, and moves to the lower outside edge of the abdomen on the right-hand side, where the appendix is located. Other symptoms of appendicitis, which is most common in children and the elderly but can occur at any age, may include nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, constipation and a high temperature. But the tell-tale sign is the abdominal pain, and anyone suffering in this way should contact a doctor immediately - although the condition can occasionally settle down by itself. Bowel surgeon Mr Mike Parker explains: “Often when people come in with rip-roaring appendicitis, they complain they’ve had pain two or three times before, but never as bad. “One assumes they’ve nearly had appendicitis before, but it’s hard to prove as you don’t go in and have a look if it’s resolved itself.” He says this is sometimes called a ‘grumbling appendix’, and while a few people do have intermittent, mild appendicitis that can resolve on its own, most of those with the abdominal symptoms will develop the fullblown condition. There are, however, other problems that can cause lower right-sided abdominal pain, including inflammation of lymph nodes in the abdomen, or urinary infections. In women, the pain may be caused by ovarian problems, and the advent of keyhole surgery means that doctors can look inside the abdomen, by inserting a camera through a tiny incision in the navel, to check what’s really causing the problem.

However, if the appendix is inflamed it will be immediately removed, either through open surgery or keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery. During the latter, tiny instruments are inserted through a small incision in the abdomen, and the appendix is cut out, placed in a ‘retrieval bag’, then pulled out through the hole. It’s a useless organ and there’s no advantage to having it at all. It doesn’t make any difference whatsoever to humans if you remove their appendix. If an inflamed appendix isn’t taken out, it will go gangrenous and can often burst. The resulting abscess will then need to be treated with antibiotics or drained. More dangerously, a perforated appendix can spill its contents into the abdominal cavity, causing peritonitis - an infection of the abdominal lining that can be fatal. Peritonitis can happen very quickly - some people who’ve had problems for only 24 or 48 hours can come in with bad peritonitis. They can be very ill very quickly, but it’s incredibly variable whether this happens. Other complications are wound infections, suffered by about 10% of appendectomy patients; pelvic abscesses which tend to occur if the appendix has perforated and its contents find their way to the pelvic area, and septicaemia (blood poisoning) without peritonitis. When an appendix perforates, it is effectively the perforation of a piece of bowel and nasty contents including e-coli and dangerous anaerobic organisms can cause problems such as septicaemia. The mortality rate from appendicitis is just 1%. “Most people get over it,” says Parker “But it’ll still kill the occasional person, usually not because of the initial disease, but from complications. Most people with appendicitis are curable.”

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Established 15 Years

Don’t let your pain stop you. Stop the pain! Treatment at home if you are elderly or housebound


FOOD INTOLERANCE TESTING | AQUA DETOX | REIKI | PREGNANCY MASSAGE and more Isobel’s knowledge and skills set her at the top of her class. Never one to rest on her laurels, an inspiration and a terrific practitioner. Mrs L.B Leeds


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Healing Hands

&Physio Ultima |



Health & Fitness - You are what you eat?

You are what you eat? There is a saying that “You are what you eat”… so it follows that we need to be careful what we eat! Sylvia Poll, Lancaster’s All About Weight Mentor explains. The reason many people give for avoiding certain types of food, is that they don’t want to get substances they consider toxic to their wellbeing into their bodies. Some religious groups exclude certain foods and there is a theory that this originated from times when refrigeration was unheard of, the foods (normally meats) that are excluded were difficult to preserve healthily, and so making it a religious observance to not eat them was a way of ensuring the population stayed healthy. Advances in medicine mean that we know alot more about the foods we eat and a more up to date description of the saying “you are what you eat” would be that “you are what you absorb”. As a nutritionist this means that when I am consulted by somebody suffering from IBS, a “dodgy tummy”, or other descriptions for a digestive system in distress, I would try to find out what sorts of foods, and how much, that person is eating. If they’re not sure, I ask them to keep a food diary for a week and a list any symptoms that flare up. At the same time, I may suggest that they make a conscious effort to drink up to 2 litres of water per day. Although most people drink enough, and get enough fluid in their diets (fruit and vegetables are an excellent source of water), for those with “digestive distress” it may be that they are not drinking enough for their own needs. Another cause can be a problem with absorbing nutrients. The digestive system is a very clever bit of technology, with numerous finger-like protrusions, called villi. These fingers mean the gut wall has a large surface in a small area, and this is needed to absorb the nutrients in the foods we eat. Over time these villi can become “silted up” or damaged. It is thought that by the time we are in our thirties, we are carrying about 4lbs of “silt” in our systems. A diet high in fat, sugar, and salt, can increase the amount of “silt” that our bodies hold onto, and this reduces the amount of area available to absorb nutrients. This can mean that, even if we start

Healthy Villi

Unhealthy silted up & damaged Villi

eating a healthy diet, we are unable to absorb the nutrients to get the full benefit of what we are eating. There are many “detox diets” out there, many are harsh, involving fasting and drinking large amounts of water. While for some people fasting is an option they wish to consider, for many it is neither practical nor healthy, and I would tailor my advice to each particular case. For this reason I encourage anybody who consults me to follow a gentle cleanse, and can suggest ways to do this that are appropriate and suitable in each case, as a way of kick-starting a weight loss plan. The main way to achieve this is to remove all processed foods from your diet, and add nutrients that may be lacking. Sometimes just doing this initial phase can lead to a substantial weight loss, and leave you feeling energised and ready to face the world. It also gives your immune system a boost, helping to fight off all the bugs and snuffles that love this time of year. As the nights get longer, why not take the opportunity to get your body in tiptop condition, ready for the rigours of winter and the festive season, by doing a one to two week cleanse followed by a healthy eating plan. You can then enjoy the end of year celebrations with a “clear conscience” that you gave yourself a health break in November and if you have weight to lose in January, re-start then. Have a healthy November!

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Steve’s top fat burning tips Don’t miss Steve Cody’s top fat burning tips to get you in shape for the party season and beyond. Local fitness/personal trainer Steve Cody has been teaching, training and instructing for over 30 years. His experience includes: training solders to the highest levels of fitness in order to serve their country in places like Afghanistan; working with Middlesbrough and Darlington football clubs; celebrities, including former Spice girl Mel B (Scary Spice), as well as many locals. Over the last 5 years he has also been the senior instructor for residential fitness and weight loss Boot Camps in the Peak District and more locally, in Scorton, where he is responsible for devising and implementing weekly fitness programmes for clients, aimed at fat reduction and/or motivation and fitness. He stayed as guest and personal trainer at the home of Melanie Brown and her family, in Los Angeles before living with and training the very rich, in Dallas Texas. Steve is based in Lancaster and is taking on clients from around the local area and further a-field. 32

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Useful Information: Metabolism = The rate at which your body burns energy (calories) therefore, fast = healthier. Genes play a small role. Muscle = Lean, healthy tissue that burns calories therefore, more muscle = faster metabolism. Blood Sugar = Body’s primary indicator for everything going on inside you. Your body monitors it 24 hours per day and seeks to maintain stable, steady and level blood sugar levels. Stable blood sugar levels = optimum performance of body function. High or low blood sugar = less efficient. Synergy = Different elements working together to produce better outcome than same elements working independently. For Fat Burning: Synergy is required of: nutrition, resistance training and Cardiovascular training.


Health: Top tips for fat burning STEVE’S TOP TIPS FOR FAT BURNING

To optimise the body in a fat burning state, blood sugar must be kept at normal stable levels. High sugar foods (e.g. sweets, ice cream, pop, confectionary, fruits, dairy products) rise blood sugar levels which increases insulin levels. High insulin levels prevent your body from burning fat. To ensure your body is in a fat burning state all the time insulin levels must be optimised by eating every 3.5 - 4 hours and minimising simple sugars. Excessive insulin is formed in the pancreas and is the body’s enemy to fat burning. It helps to store more fat and prevents burning of fat. Whereas normal levels of insulin helps convert food into energy. Food deprivation (not eating) creates low blood sugar within the body which triggers the body’s anti starvation mechanism; a slower metabolism and increase of insulin. The body feeds on muscle during starvation (muscle catabolism) so stopping eating is the worst thing to do when trying to reduce body fat. Never skip a meal – even to make up for over indulgence on last meal. A complete meal consists of: lean protein (e.g. Turkey, chicken, fish, egg whites, beans), unrefined complex carbs (e.g. Oats, brown rice, pasta) and fibrous carbs (vegetables). Factors effecting eating habits are: Inactivity, Eating on the go, Choosing low fat foods (less taste so more sugars added) Choosing high sugar foods = want to eat more.


The hardest thing is your motivation so set yourself some goals to aim for. Write your goals down and make sure they’re realistic enough to challenge you, know how you’re measuring them and how long you’re giving yourself to achieve them.

2 3 4 5 6 7

Avoid using your weight as a goal. You might lose body fat but gain a little muscle so the scales could show little decrease and demotivate you.

8 9 10

Avoid large portion sizes even if you miss a meal, this is the equivalent of putting a large log on the fire and it will take too long to burn.

Imagine a fire burning (metabolism) inside your stomach and it’s burning the stored fat. Exercise to get the fire glowing (burning more stored fat). Make sure to include resistance and cardio exercise when working out. After the exercise you must aim to keep the fire glowing (after burn) with the right nutrition. Put twigs on the fire not a large log. Meals should consist of small portion sizes spread throughout the day, e.g. breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, evening meal.

Avoid foods with quick releasing sugars. You might as well just get a watering can and pour it on the fire. Avoid missing meals or the fire starts to go out, blood sugar is likely to decrease and excess insulin required for stabilising blood sugar levels will block the pathway for fat burning.

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Work out, chill out and be pampered at The Sandpiper Club • BRAND NEW STAR TRAC GYM EQUIPMENT

Events & Leisure Hotel

£150, 000 investment just installed

• 50 ft swimming pool, sauna, steam room and sunshower • Luxurious outdoor hot tub • Beauty and Hair salons (open to non members) • 20% off dining in the hotel for members • Join before Dec 31st to save £100 joining fee • Memberships from £25 per month

Call today to book your personal showround

01524 585185

dainty delicate

soul star

Balance and Harmony Soul to Sole balance & harmony - sole to soul

Book early for the Holiday Season! Makeup application for parties and special events including lessons and tutorials

INTRODUCTORY OFFERS Individual Makeup Application £45.00* Individual Makeup Lesson £60.00* Group Makeup Application (Max. 3) £120.00* Group Makeup Demonstration & Tutorial (Max.15) £150.00* * Contact for travel expense costs.

Contact Sara: 07763742776 Mass a g e s | H o l i s t i c Tre a t m e n t s Be a u t y Tre a t m e n t s | F a c i a l s



Soulstar can offer besp o k e o r t r a d i t i o n a l massage treatments. W h e t h e r y o u r a i m is Cleansing, Energisin g , G r o u n d i n g o r Relaxing.With a choice o f S a n d l e w o o d , Fennel, Ginger or Nutm e g e s s e n c e s . Wi t h materials such as Crystal s , S t o n e s , B a m b o o or Natural. Call us toda y, w e w i l l f i n d a n individual massage style t h a t w o r k s f o r y o u .

01524 853553

Soulstar Therapies The Holistic Centre | Middleton Road Heysham | Morecambe | LA3 3JJ

www.souls t a r. m e

BODY EXFOLIATION & FULL BODY MASSAGE Revitalise tired skin with this super smooth body treatment

£10 OFF THIS TREATMENT* * present this advert or quote @Lancaster

Exfoliation only £35 NOW £25* Exfoliation with Full Body Massage £55 NOW £45*


Tel: 01524 843579 Mobile: 07858 454858

Spirit Health Club @ The Holiday Inn Caton Road, Lancaster, LA1 3RA

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christmas SHOPPING Thursdays 22nd, 29th November 6th, 13th & 20th December ST NICHOLAS ARCADES

We have everything you need, including fashion, beauty, gifts, food & drink. We’re home to big brand names like Next, Boots, Argos and the Early Learning centre as well as offering delicious snacks from our cafe and restaurant. Whether it’s shopping or relaxing you’re after, St. Nics is the place to be.



FREE parking*


* FREE shoppers car parking - Thurs 22 & 29 Nov and 6, 13 & 20 Dec (6-9pm) and Sundays 25 Nov and 2, 9, 16 & 23 Dec in City Council & Market Gate car parks

We’ve got everything you need under one roof... BOOTS






















12 LANCASTER GATE | LANCASTER | LA1 1NB 01524 846 569

32090 TAXIS

Find us next to Argos in the St Nicholas Arcades


great again wit h our

large range of Mastectomy lingerie and swimwear Suitable for use immediately after surgery Structured supportive bras Feminine sexy styles Our highly trained and understanding staff will help you choose the right products for you. We will ensure a perfect fit for maximum comfort. We have private and comfortable fitting rooms on our 1st floor enabling you to spend as much time as you like to make the perfect purchase.


Comfortable shoes in one hour! For sport For training For everyday use

The Foot Centre is at the forefront in the treatment of foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain and persistent and regular sports injuries. This is achieved through in-depth bio-mechanical analysis leading to the creation of custom insoles (orthotics). To make an appointment or for more information: contact us via phone, email or the website, alternatively call into:

In one hour you could be walking away with custom-fit insoles.

The Foot Centre 10 Kings Arcade, Lancaster LA1 1JZ Each appointment and finished orthotics could be complete within the hour. Also, look out for Foot MOT day’s when you can drop in and have your feet analysed.

07766 856543


The Vintage Boudoir FOR HIRE & FOR SALE

Open: Mon 10.30-4 | Tue 11-4.30 | Thur 11-4.30 | Fri 11-4 | Sat 10-4.30 | Closed Wed & Sun

For him


online We specialise in exquisite vintage clothing for men and women. Including jewellery, lingerie, shoes, handbags, accessories and so much more...

For her

FREE styling service For you and your friends. Outfit and accessories styled to suit you.

19 Sun Street | Lancaster | LA1 1EW | 01524 874088 @Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


Christmas Shopping... We have it IN THE BAG!

ING...IT’S IN THE BAG! • 30+ exciting stores 30+ Exciting Stores including a choice of unique Coffee Shops • Disabled facilities • Award winning public toilets and parent (with the exception room Day) • Open daily (except Easter Sunday and Christmas Day) • 110 space short-stay ‘Pay on Foot’ Shoppers’ car park

Coffee Shops Open Daily

of Christmas

Meet Santa Sunday 23rd December 12-2pm

Award winning facilities

g Centre Lancaster

4 382845

Late Night Shopping

FREE Shoppers’ Car Parking

Until 9pm Thurs 22 & 29 Nov and 6, 13 & 20 Dec

Thurs 6-9pm Sun 10.30-5pm 22 & 29 Nov 25 Nov and 2, 9, and 6, 13 & 16 & 23 Dec 20 Dec

Plus Boxing Day & New Year’s Day

arket Gate

Open: Monday - Saturday 9am - 5.30pm* Sundays and Bank Holidays 10.30am - 4.30pm* with FREE parking on Bank Holidays

Tel: 01524 382845 Follow us on Facebook & Twitter


*Please check individual stores for opening times market-gate-shopping-centre


Clocktower However Electrics small


& Picture Framing Workshop

Ice Compartment

Was £139.95


We can help you grow


VERY LIMITED STOCKS AT THIS PRICE PLUS get 10% off ALL other stock fridges with this voucher All other appliances with FREE delivery

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F R E ECommunity C U S T O M EMagazine R C A R PA R K

20 Beetham Road, Milnthorpe, LA7 7QR (On the main road, just before the traffic lights) Tel 015395 62017 Email:Monday-Saturday Open 10am - 5pm or call Lisa on 07818 465299 Also at Haverthwaite, near Ulverton, LA12 8LY

Unique & Individual Cards Gift wrap, Ribbons & Gifts... 66 Market Street, Lancaster (Near the Castle and Post Office)

01524 36636

Purely Wool

56 Market Street,

Lancaster LA1 1HS Tel: 01524 841202

10% 10%OFF off wool wool only only

mentionof ofthis @ onon mention Local Choice Lancaster Magazine advert

22 LOCAL CHOICE NOVEMBER 2012 For more great features, competitions and money saving vouchers visit

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Accessorize Elegant drop earings | £12

Accessorize Regal earings | £16

Get your glitter heels on girls... slip into that embellished dress and get ready to party through the Winter. This is THE season to shine like a star, whether your a sparkle queen or a little black diva, fashion this month switches to the party perfect little dresses and killer heels. Here are our top looks for the 2012 party season:

Accessorize Charm clutch | £35

NEXT black platforms | £45

Debenhams Faith Crimson | £52

Ice Maiden- Shine your way to the front of the party, sequins, beading and embellishments will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Keep jewellery to a minimum and let your dress do the talking. Bright beauty - “Look at me” bold colours are bound to get you noticed. Take inspiration from the main man himself “Mr C” (Father Christmas himself!) and get yourself top to toe in festive red. Dark Seductress Splash out on the classic Little Black Dress to unleish the seductress in you, it’s flattering, safe and boasts party re-wear potential for years to come.

Accessorize Regal necklace | £30

River island Holly dress | £80

Fever designs Barbarella prom dress dress | £98.99

Ruby Ray black bow dress | £225

Josephs in Lancatser - Armani Lace dress | £215

Josephs in Lancaster - Armani knitted dress | £180

NEXT Black Geri shift dress | £84

Debenhams Ben De Lisi embellished maxi dress | £150

Debenhams No.1 Jenny Packham sequin dress | £160

George at ASDA egyptomania dress | £14

Fashion: Get dressed for the party season


for the party season

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ex 29 c t ev lus h NO en ive VE in s M g ho BE 5- pp R 8p in m g


“The team at Arteria with Gallery 23 believe you are never too old to wish or to dream. WISH is a showcase of stunning arts and crafts to inspire people of all ages.” WISH Exhibition at Arteria runs from 18th Oct - 5th Jan Monday to Saturday 9.30am - 5.30pm & Sundays 12 midday - 4pm WILD WOOD CANDLES BY CAROLYN LUCAS





“I really wanted to bring a little piece of tranquility from the surrounding countryside into each of the candles produced. Whether walking through the woodlands, feeling the warmth of the sun or gazing up at the dark starry skies, I hoped to encapsulate these joys in the flicker of the candlelight.’ All the candles are made from 100% natural soy wax infused with the wonderful aromas of pure essential oils to provide a clean long lasting burn with aromatherapy benefits.


PORCELAIN VESSELS BY SIMONE MORRIS Inspired by colour, collections and porcelain as a material, I use hand building techniques, mould making and slip casting to create collections for both you and the home. Mixing my own colours into porcelain gives me the ability to create a unique tonal palette that brings my work together as a collection. As a Staffordshire maker I am passionate about supporting local businesses. I source all materials locally aiming to keep Stoke on Trent as the heart of my Ceramic world.”




SNAZZY ANNIE BAGS BY ELAINE WEEDY I love woollen fabrics and making bags of character. Sturdy textures, subtle colours, I collect as much as I can by way of British heritage wool; Harris tweed, welsh tapestry, Lakeland herdwick. Patchworked together I make robust and characterful bags, a tactile and satisfying way to be in contact with these lovely fabrics throughout the day. 44

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Art: WISH exhibition APERTURE LIGHTING BY CLAIRE NORCROSS Claire’s personal inspiration behind her forms comes largely from the natural world, the Aperture Light was designed by Claire in 2003. This sculptural paper shade was inspired by the nature of a pine cone and its ability to open and close according to the weather conditions. This aspect is reflected in the versatility of the design and the users ability to open and close each ‘aperture’ in order to dazzle or diffuse the light.




WIRE WRAPPED JEWELLERY BY AMANDA ROBINS I enjoy creating the unique and sometimes slightly off the wall wire wrapped jewellery that has become my trademark, and I love to search for unusual materials and beads. My designs are influenced by the changing seasons, the fabulous colours that nature produces and the wildly wonderful clashing colours of marine life.


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Creative Arts: Hesters Haberdashery

Get to know..

Hester’s Haberdashery and Wool have recently moved from the Lancaster Market to Gage Street in Lancaster, they share their story and offer tips on getting started on knitting. Do you knit and sew? What do you like to make? I can knit but many of the staff a brilliant knitters and are always happy to help. When and why did you decide to open a haberdashery? I was a Saturday girl for Margaret Leach who owed the business. When she retired I decided to take the challenge on. I have been running it for 11 years now and have expanded our product range in particular knitting yarns. What is the strangest thing a customer has ever requested? Working with the public there can be many strange requests! We had a period of time where men were coming into the shop to buy small shiny sequins, we later found out they were using these for fly fishing, not for accessorising their outfits at home! Whatever your requirements our very experienced staff can generally help. Is knitting just for old people? Definitely not we have a very varied age range from university students to Grandmas’ and very capable men. Do you find that craft brings people together within the community? Craft in the community is important in bringing people together for social and learning reasons. We also have a Knit and Natter group on a Monday morning (All welcome). Transition City Lancaster also meet on a Monday afternoon, this group is part of a Global movement to help make communities more sustainable. The project brings people together to relearn forgotten skills which helps strengthen our communities and make individuals self reliant. 46

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Tell us about the wool you stock Patons, Stylecraft, and SMC, from 3ply to super chunky, baby to adult. For the autumn /winter season we have a large selection of chunkier yarns. We have a huge selection of colours, and types of yarn.- and we keep on growing!! What do you need to get started as a new knitter? WOOL - Choose a wool that you like the feel and colour of, some wools are easier for beginners to knit with so please ask our advice. NEEDLES - There are all sorts of different knitting needles available make from metal, plastic and even wood. They come in different sizes, but the shop staff will help you choose. CROCHET HOOK - A crochet hook can come in handy for picking up and dropped stitches, SCISSORS - You will need scissors handy to cut your wool, as snapping it will cause stretching and will break the fibres in the wool. HOW TO START: Casting on is the most difficult part of knitting to learn but is easy once you get the hang of it. Why not come along to our knit and natter Mondays 10-12. We would be happy to get you started on the basics. Most of our scarf ranges are simple and quickly knitted. Also the chunky yarns knit up very quickly.


HESTER’S Haberdashery and Wool

Family run “Hester’s Habby” has moved from Lancaster Market and can now be found on Gage Street (just down from the Dalton Square Pharmacy)



01524 68893

in association with

BusinessM atters Building our The Lancast er District Cha mber of Com merce

brings you


March - April 2012


Local develop




ment & regen

eration review

The Lancaster District Chamber of Commerce magazine

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Light fantastic Window of op portunity From the cellar up – Profile Day in the life of a land age nt

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This space (half page) from only £85 per month

Author interview: Paul McKenna

I can make you smarter

Hannah Stephenson talks to Paul McKenna about his life and his new book “I can make you smarter” Paul McKenna has made millions out of his guidance on how to make us happy, confident, thinner, richer and smarter. Yet the ‘hypnotist to the stars’, whose wide circle of friends and clients includes Simon Cowell, the Beckhams and David Walliams, was unable to assuage his own intense grief when his father died after a long illness. “His death made me question my own life, and realise how precious and short life is,” says McKenna, whose books (including I Can Make You Happy/Sleep/Thin/Rich) have sold more than any other non-fiction author in the UK. “It brought it home to me. Major life incidents like this get you to question your values. And while the foundations of my values haven’t changed at all, that doesn’t mean I don’t take time to check out who I am and where I’m going.” After his father died, he didn’t do much for a few months. He left his luxurious home in the Hollywood Hills, to spend time in England with his mother, whose health had also been ailing. “I still have moments when I really miss my dad but I don’t want to be dysfunctional or sitting crying all the time. That’s not what he would have wanted.” His latest book, I Can Make You Smarter, took longer to finish because he needed to spend time with his family, he reveals, and the death of his father gave him a different perspective on life.

The son of a builder and home economics teacher, he didn’t excel in education. “Many people are told at school, ‘You’re not good enough, you’re not smart’, and assume those things are true. But you don’t have to buy that,” he says now. “I was told I would never amount to anything. Research shows that while school has many positive qualities, it does tend to stifle divergent and creative thinking out of a necessity for conformity.” For much of his life he felt he had something to prove, he reflects. “I’ve got a cantankerous nature. If somebody says, ‘You can’t...’ I say, ‘Well, why not? Maybe I can...’ Part of my personality has sparked this.” On leaving school, he began DJing in Topshop at Oxford Circus and went on to work for Capital Radio, where he interviewed a hypnotist who fuelled his interest in the field. The rest is history. Today, his marketing skills seem almost as acute as his self-help talents. “I don’t have all the answers. I’m not a guru, more like a technician. I have good systems to help people in certain areas, like weight loss. I think of myself as a solution business. “My job is to take the airy-fairy, intellectual ramblings out and make it very common sense and easy for people to get the solutions they want.”

“I thought to myself, if I died tomorrow, I could look back and think, ‘I’ve led a good life’. But then I thought, ‘Hang on a minute, I could up my game and do even more’.”

“I think to myself, ‘What do people need?’ and look at what people want in life, where there is a gap. Smarter is not just about being more intellectual. Right now the world is in a massive process of change and we need to adapt. A lot of this book is about adaptation.”

I Can Make You Smarter is perhaps a throwback to his unremarkable childhood in Enfield, Middlesex.

I Can Make You Smarter by Paul McKenna is published by Bantam

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S P A R K L Y t







from 1st December to Chr istmas Eve


and many more

B ellwood & W right F I N E


56 PENNY STREET | LANCASTER | LA1 1XF w w w. b e l lwo o da n dw r i g h t f i n e a rt. c o. u k

01524 35656

RUSKIN LIBRARY 15 Oct – 14 Dec 2012

Ruskin and the Sacred

Gallery opening times, during exhibitions: Monday-Friday 10am-4pm (closed weekends and Bank Holidays) ADMISSION FREE ENQUIRIES 01524 593587 Location: at Lancaster University, On A6, just off junction 33 of M6

the curtain “ When giggles as two feet poke out from underneath…

...that’s why I foster!“ Do you want to join a foster care service that feels like a large family?

Community Foster Care

We provide: • Specialist training, support and guidance Building Communities - Developing Confidence • Regular activities and days out for foster families • 24 hour telephone support • Up to £23,500 annual allowance per child* (maximum three children per home)


t: 0800 0124278

*Terms and conditions apply - please check our website for more information.

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something's happening in Lancaster...

Launching October 2012 First Fridays: every month, take a chance on something new A free 'What's On' smartphone app for Lancaster arts activity

InspIrIng Arts AcrOss LAncAster Lancaster Arts City showcases excellent arts activity in Lancaster, Morecambe and the district, for residents and visitors alike. It will inspire, delight and challenge you to see the city afresh.

Arts- Light up Lancaster

Light up Lancaster

It’s not only fireworks that will be lighting up Lancaster this November. For the team behind the Lancaster Arts City campaign have chosen the First Friday of the month – November 2 – to stage Light Up Lancaster, a new free family event. Every First Friday of the month, Lancaster Arts Partners(LAP) plan to offer a range of free events encouraging residents and visitors alike to see the area afresh and try out something new on the arts scene. LAP chair, Joe Sumsion, said: “Lancaster’s reputation as an historic city is well established and now it’s time to shout about its status as an arts city too. This project signposts the professional performances, exhibitions and events taking place on our doorstep and celebrates the fantastic cluster of arts organisations in Lancaster, Morecambe and district.” There’s also a new Lancaster Arts City free app which can be downloaded by registering at www. The app is simple to use and includes helpful search features and a map featuring all the participating venues such as Lancaster’s Grand Theatre and The Platform in Morecambe. The idea behind the Light Up Lancaster event is to see the city’s beautiful buildings and squares in a new light, animated by music, film, dance and art.

Market Square will feature giant lanterns and the latest exhibition at the City Museum – Recuerdos De Mexico by Melling-based artists Sue and Pete Flowers - will be turned inside out as images are projected on to the historic building. The Northern Lights Orchestra will provide live music to accompany your autumnal stroll. In nearby Marketgate, a Chinese ensemble orchestra lit by Chinese lanterns will play. Sun Square will become the setting for the screening of two films on the night. A dance film produced by Ludus Dance will be projected in the Square and a specially commissioned film by Lancaster-based theatre company imitating the dog will be projected on to the Music Room café. Also during the evening, there will be dance flashmobs appearing across the city and the windows of some empty shops will be transformed to recreate stories from Lancaster’s past. For more information on Lancaster Arts City, First Fridays and the free app, visit

This evening stroll with a difference reveals corners of the city which often go unnoticed where you can stumble upon a story from Lancaster’s past. You can enjoy Light Up Lancaster at any time between 7.30pm and 9.30pm on Friday, November 2. Collect your guide to all the events or in Dalton Square from 7.15pm on the night. Dalton Square itself will be just one of the city centre outdoor venues lit up for the occasion thanks to fire poi performers and More Music’s illuminated instrumental Bell Tower. @Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


BOX OFFICE 01524 64695


PAUL CHOWDHRY ‘What’s Happening to White People?’ UK tour 2012 Saturday 3rd November at 8pm Paul Chowdhry, star of Channel 4’s ‘Stand Up For The Week’. Seen by many as the UK’s number one Asian comic. Tickets: £12

JENNY ECLAIR: Eclarious Sunday 4th November at 8pm

JIMMY CRICKET - Great Value for a Tenner! Tuesday 6th November at 7:30pm

JULIAN CLARY - Position Vacant, apply within Thursday 8th November at 8pm

Welcome to Jenny Eclair’s new stand up show. After thirty years in the business she should vaguely know what she’s doing? Suitable for 16+

Jimmy remains one of the few completely family friendly comedians on tour and takes pride in having a truly clean act. Tickets: £10 adult £2.50 child is a bargain

Julian Clary is looking for love and he’s not leaving town empty handed! Master of Camp Julian Clary is scouring the land in search of love. Recommended age 16+ Tickets: £20 /£18 conc

CRISSY ROCK Tuesday 13th November at 8pm

AN EVENING WITH PAM AYRES Thursday 15th November at 7:30pm

Tickets: £17.50

FASCINATING AIDA The Cheap Flights Tour Friday 9th November at 7:30pm

THE JONGLEURS COMEDY ON THE ROAD Monday 12th November at 8pm

Continuing their smash-hit sell-out tour, three times Olivier Award nominated and now a global internet sensation, Fascinating Aida are still Britain’s best comedy cabaret trio. Tickets: £18.50

The world famous comedy club at Lancaster for one night only. During this hilarious evening three comedians and a compere will take to the stage to tickle your funny bone!! Tickets: £12

AL MURRAY THE PUB LANDLORD The Only Way Is Epic Tour Sunday 25th November at 7:30pm

Much loved comedienne, actress and now bestselling author Crissy Rock takes to the road this autumn to play a handful of selected theatre dates. Tickets £15

“If you get the chance to see Pam Ayres, do; don’t think you’re the wrong generation to appreciate it. Anyone who can be on stage for 2 hours ... and have an entire theatre curled up in small squeaking balls of glee, deserves goddess status.” Sunday Mail Tickets £20

This monumental new live stand-up show from the multi-award-winning comedian, directly follows the nationwide success of the Guv’s twice extended Barrel of Fun Tour and is sure to sell out fast. Tickets £22.50

To book online visit

What’s on- Remember remember

Remember remember

Every year the country’s skies erupt with colour, but there’s more to bonfire night than the fireworks. moving off the ground. Check to see if there is a safe, organised firework event in your local area where all the family can enjoy the spectacular fireworks.. Lancaster Fireworks Spectacular - Saturday 3rd November 2012

sent the legendary Guy Fawkes to keep watch over the barrels of gunpowder hidden under the We’ve all heard this rhyme and know Parliament floors. He was found and arrested and the plan was it’s related to Bonfire Night and blown to pieces. In celebration something to do with Guy Fawkes of his lucky escape, King James and the Houses of Parliament. Or ordered for a bonfire to take was it the House of Commons? place each year in remembrance. Bonfire Night was born. It’s only natural that we start right Steeped in tradition, the whole at the beginning with the history of Britain comes out and enjoys of Bonfire Night. The main cause 5 November year after year, no for this near-catastrophic event matter the weather. It’s probably in British history was, of course, better if the fire doesn’t turn to stemmed in religion. When King embers as quickly as it starts, but James I came to the English throne hey, whether it’s raining, blowing in 1605 he established his power in the persecution of as many Catholics a gale or (fingers crossed!) crisp as possible, being a devout Protestant and dry, we all love a good bonfire. himself. Obviously, the Catholics, who weren’t even allowed to practice their To get the most out of your beliefs, opposed this idea and the bonfire, make sure you invest in famous ‘Gunpowder Plot’ was born. some decent fireworks, and I don’t mean the £10 ones bought from Aiming to blow up the Houses of your corner shop which just spit Parliament and all who were inside (namely King James), the group an array of colours whilst never Remember remember the fifth of November…

Join us for a full day (and evening!) of family-friendly entertainment and activities in Lancaster. Last year’s event drew record crowds, with an estimated 15,000 people enjoying the fireworks across the city. This year’s attendances could be just as high as the fireworks are launched for the first time ever from the top of Lancaster Castle. For Quay Meadow and Giant Axe only (the most popular viewing areas) we are operating a wristband-only admission policy this year. Wristbands are free and you can order yours online at www. Warm up for the Lancaster Fireworks Spectacular with a full day of entertainment including guided walks, funfair (from 4pm at Salt Ayre), crafts, workshops and story telling, as well as enjoying the many city shops and cafes which are also getting involved! Then from 6pm make your way to our free official viewing areas at Quay Meadow (St George’s Quay), Williamson Park, Giant Axe Field and Salt Ayre Sports Centre, and enjoy the amazing fireworks display from 8pm.

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Beyond the castle ONE of the oldest parts of Lancaster could be getting a new look by using the creativity of local people. Emma Hunter tells us more about the ‘Beyond the Castle’ project which aims to create a high-quality public space around Lancaster’s historic castle and priory.

Almost hidden behind the castle, which overlooks Lancaster with a historical presence that reminds us all of the important history of our city, the park has become the focus point of a team of talented and inspirational designers hoping to encourage the public to expand their artistic visions and design their own recreational area. Imagination Lancaster’s ‘Beyond the Castle’ project team have been pondering a new park; a wellknown and thoroughly used public space that has always served a multitude of people for an endless number of purposes. As a means of experiencing the true value and meaning of the park, the organisers of this project decided to immerse their professional minds in the everyday views of their city’s general public. Imagine a normal day at the park; dog-walkers, joggers, children playing. Each individual undeniably, if not subconsciously, is heavily reliant upon the easy accessibility and freedom of this open space and its natural resources which the team hope to enhance and improve. In but one of the pre-cursor events to the final design of the park, Imagination Lancaster invited the general public to openly present their ideas for their own park. Regardless of architectural knowledge or any form of talent for design, individuals from as young as toddlers to those who 56

@Lancaster Community Magazine


could detail the history of the park over the past few decades were warmly greeted and their visions fuelled by professional design enthusiasts. In this design session, the group of both professionals and locals used resources such as sticks and clay to mould their ideas into 3D models of the park, utilising these natural aspects that many hope to preserve and develop. The range of designs in these prototypes included play-parks, pathways, wooded areas, and seating spaces, helping Imagination Lancaster’s organisers to further their understanding of the real uses of the park by real people. Whilst the aesthetics of the re-design are dealt with through these models and drawings, the practicalities of the reform show that this space will continue to be used for many different purposes; the public, honorary co-designers in the process, might also take into consideration the events that could possibly take place there after the re-design. Perhaps in the future we will see many more cultural and social events made possible by the innovative designs of our local people and the Imagination Lancaster team. Although still in the relatively early, yet incredibly promising, stages of the project, these seedlings of ideas from the minds of the public will continue to be nurtured in order to create something perfect for all, before finally flourishing in early 2013, when a landscape designer will finalise the plans created by the community, ensuring that the future park will cater to the wants and needs local neighbourhood. Many of the locals present at the event, held at The Storey in late September, were aware of previous designs and developments of the park, wherein the lengthy history of Lancaster and the population’s continued efforts to preserve and protect the historical and natural elements were highlighted.


Local projects: Beyond the castle

Also highlighted were issues and concerns surrounding the previous re-development of the park, back in 1973, wherein the future of the remains of the Roman bathhouse came under scrutiny once again. Those that were hopeful about the old being integrated into the new voiced opinions about the re-excavation and permanent exhibition of these remains, which are still undoubtedly fundamental to Lancaster’s history. These aspects of Roman Lancaster, along with the city’s not-so-long-ago history, was incorporated into the public’s re-imaginings of a city in which times gone by are proudly remembered by dogwalkers frequenting the park every morning and historical enthusiasts alike.

The upcoming event, ‘Picture This’, confirmed for Thursday 15th November, will showcase the designs that have come to fruition through this project and allow people to take part even further in the entire design and creation process. The ideas accumulated from this union of professionals and community members will be further developed and perfected by Lancashire County Council and Lancaster City Council with the hope of producing a wide range of concepts and proposals for the future of the site for the beginning of 2013. Although led by professional designers, the influx of enthusiastic Lancaster residents, from as young as primary school children, proves that the local community is heavily involved, hugely appreciated, and incredibly valued. The ‘Picture This’ exhibition will take place at the gallery in The Storey, Lancaster, from 6 – 8.30pm on Thursday 15th of November. For more information, visit their website for upcoming events, future projects and news updates, at http://imagination. ‘Beyond the Castle’ was initiated by Lancaster City Council and Lancashire County Council, and is supported by a co-design challenge led by Lancaster University through PROUD, an EU INTERREG project.

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Christmas Festival

at The Festival Market in Morecambe

Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd December

Carol singing | Mince pies | Mulled wine | Visit Santa autumn/winter 2012

Extra Christmas stalls, Plus Santa’s grotto every Sunday until Christmas FESTIVAL MARKET | CENTRAL DRIVE, MORECAMBE


platform the

MusiC | CoMedy | danCe | theatre | Cabaret Children’s shows | CoMMunity events

Central Promenade, Morecambe Ticket Line 01524 582803

and the

Wednesday 26th December Sunday 30th December


Daily shows at 2.30pm Tickets Adult £7 Child £6 Family £22

Tickets make great Christmas gifts!



Central Promenade, Morecambe

Ticket Line 01524 582803



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Local events - Lancaster mother needs your support

Lancaster mother needs your support

Friends and family of Heather Pinder, a Lancaster mother who has suffered brain injury as a result of cardiac arrest, are holding a Christmas Fayre at the Boot & Shoe to raise money to support her recovery, please come along to show your support. Heather Pinder (Procter) is a 31 year old, who on the 17th November 2011, suffered a cardiac arrest. She is a wife to Stephen and mummy to Scarlett, who is only 2 yrs old. Heather and Steve had only been married for 16 weeks when this illness struck Heather down, who was previously of good health and had no previous history of heart trouble, she now has a defibrillator fitted to correct any abnormal waves in her heart, if they should occur. Heather worked as a full time forensic psychologist at HMP Hull as well as being a wife and mother. She has grown up in Lancaster living in Scotforth and attending Scotforth St Paul’s school followed by Ripley St Thomas School where she made life long friends. At this moment in time, Heather is at Goole Neuro Rehabilitation Centre in Yorkshire where she is having intense therapy. Being diagnosed intellectually recovered Heather is well aware of what has happened to her and now has the long and arduous task of getting her mobility back. As Heather had lack of oxygen to her brain, it has affected her eyesight and is now partially sighted. However, Heather is young and has the strength and determination to get her through this, she is an inspiration to anyone how has suffered an acquired brain injury. As mentioned, Heather made life long friends during her years at Ripley St Thomas School and it is with the support of a loving family and good friends that Heather will succeed in her battle to regain mobility and go on to have a good quality of life .

We are trying to raise money to help Heather in that battle, whether it be extra speech and language therapy, physiotherapy, a specially adapted wheel chair anything that will help Heather to improve. We are on a mission and we hope you will help us to raise as much money as we can to help our friend Heather. Thank you for your support!




At the Boot & Shoe Function Suite 171 Scotforth Road, Lancaster LA1 4PU 01524 63011

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Creative Arts: Bring joy to your workplace

Bring joy to your workplace

There is a Swedish saying - Man får inte roligare än man gör sig meaning, you will not experience more joy than what you create. Here is Fredrik’s story and why he moved from Sweden to Lancaster. There is a Swedish saying - Man får inte roligare än man gör sig - meaning, you will not experience more joy than what you create. Here is my story and why I moved from Sweden to Lancaster. It all began in 2005 when I decided, together with my family, to move to England. Not because of work or education, but because of a love for England and a brave decision to go with our intuition. I used to be a musician in a symphony orchestra and a conductor back in Sweden. My wife was a teacher and we wanted to start with a clean slate when we moved over, to take control of our lives, find our purpose and make it happen in a physical, practical way.

Sound Consultations Sound Awareness Courses Concerts Music Tuition Composed Music

It is not easy to move country even if you know the language and are generally accepted. The experience has created an understanding for what it is to be an immigrant and how challenging it must be for those who have to move far away with knowledge of the culture or language. Our daughter was five when we moved and we did not feel like the best of parents the first 3 months when she did not say anything and just drew Swedish flags in school. I found Pauline Turner and the International School of Awareness, based in Morecambe, to be of invaluable help as the school offers a new way to look at who we are and what the individual needs, rather than their wants. I don’t know of any other school that could provide this service, the school was another reason for us to move to England. When I came over I did not know what to do, my wife quickly got a job, but I really did not know. I did not understand the culture and it seemed that the last person I was truthful to was myself. I desperately needed someone to talk to who could look at who I am and what I do. This has in retrospect not all been heavy soul searching, it has also been great fun! After a long period of trial and error it became clearer what and how I could work. Simplicity is the answer.

In Tune - Music for Joy

w w w. 2 b - i n t u n e . c o m

07780 623855


@Lancaster Community Magazine


So in short what do I do now? I use music to help people find a more joyful life! I offer CDs with recorded music, tuition, live music and a unique Sound Awareness Course. I rent a studio at The Storey, which just has been taken over by Lancaster City Council. My wife still works part time at the job she got initially and has a business where she helps people on the side. My daughter is now bilingual and goes to Ripley.   We are all thriving and we do love Lancaster! By Fredrik Holm


Roddy Woomble Familiar to many thousands of music fans as the front man in Scottish rock band Idlewild, Roddy Woomble is also a celebrated solo songwriter and performer, and he’s coming to perform at The Hothouse in Morecambe. Roddy Woomble was born in Ayrshire in 1976, living in the coastal town of Carnoustie where Roddy spent his teenage years before moving to Edinburgh to study Photography. It was at Edinburgh University that Roddy met Colin Newton and Rod Jones and formed the group Idlewild. The band have gone on to record and release 7 acclaimed albums and 3 compilations. Two of these albums debuted in the UK top ten. They have released 12 UK top forty singles and have toured throughout the world, as a headline act, and also as support to REM, U2 and the Rolling Stones amongst others.

In 2006 Roddy released his debut solo album ‘My secret is my silence’. The record featured Rod Jones from Idlewild, Ailidh lennon and David Gow from Sons and daughters. The album featured in many ‘best of the year’ polls, and spent several weeks at number 1 in the UK folk charts. Roddy’s second solo album ‘The impossible song & others songs’ was released in March 2011, and a 3rd solo album is now in the pipeline and will be recorded this year.

“This is a distinctly lovely affair”


Roddy Woomble

The Lakeland Fiddlers Bill Lloyd Thursday 22 November 8pm At The Hothouse, Devonshire Road, Morecambe Familiar to many thosands of music fans as the front man in the scottish rock band Idlewild, Roddy Woomble is also a celebrated solo songwriter and performer. Tickets £10/£6 concessions

More Music Presents...

A new series of musical events featuring a headline set from nationally aclaimed artists with support and collaborations from community bands and local musicians Become a fan on Facebook Follow us on Twitter: Moremusic1

For tickets and more information contact More Music 13-17 Devonshire Road Morecambe, LA3 1QT

Call: 01524 831997 Email: Web:

More Music is an accredited Arts Award Centre, Company Reg. 4189582 | Charity Reg. 1097929

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Broadband for the Rural North Broadband For the Rural North (B4RN) was set up last year to provide an internet connection for eight parishes in the Trough of Bowland and Lower Lune Valley, find out all about it here.

While urbanites are benefitting from ever faster broadband across the UK, the countryside is lagging behind, unless they are near a town or city. Broadband For the Rural North (B4RN) was set up last year to provide an internet connection for eight parishes in the Trough of Bowland and Lower Lune Valley; Abbeystead, Quernmore, Littledale, Tatham, Wray, Wennington, Melling and Arkholme. These are isolated upland villages to the east of Lancaster, and many homes have very slow or dial-up only broadband, and some have no mobile signal. These eight parishes are however just the start; where other neighbouring communities want to join them once the original network is built, B4RN will seek to explore which other communities can benefit from this model of community development. Already the interest and support from the community has been overwhelming. B4RN has started to lay fibre ducting and has put ‘hubs’ in several villages already, with Quernmore leading the way, having several customers already testing the live connection. Arkholme is catching up fast, with digs starting to take place in other areas. As we all know, the weather has been terrible this year, and so B4RN has invented a new sport, Extreme Digging! There are several videos on the B4RN website showing the determination of the people to get a connection to the internet. 62

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Broadband for the Rural North has been described as visionary, which is a real compliment in such a new and fast moving area. We have won two industry awards and are also been listed as a finalist in another. Neelie Kroes, Vice-President and European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda has praised what we are doing and said it should be a model for other communities to follow. Farmers are granting free wayleaves for the ducting to be laid through their land, and many are helping with the digs. Doctors, self-employed builders, gardeners, professors, retired people and many others are all pitching in anyway they can. B4RN is a real community project. People are investing in their own network, and this gives them pride in its ownership too. They are doing this because B4RN is a community benefit company, and in the future all its profits will go back to the community. They are the shareholders, and they have a vote on how the company works. The people are the company. Money generated by B4RN will be fed back into the community and we are using local labour and creating jobs. B4RN has not been able to get any public funding for the network despite our best efforts, so we have relied on shares bought by the people in the parishes. We have raised sufficient funds to build


Local project: Broadband for the Rural North the core of the network, and once that is done we will be seeking more investment to complete the build out to every single property in the eight parishes. We are currently looking at loans, and at the AGM in October several shareholders encouraged the community to loan us money rather than a bank. We are looking into this, as it fits in with our belief that we should keep everything local, so the profits stay in the area. Already volunteers from each community have backfilled trenches and laid duct, sometimes one village helps another and this is building cohesion between many communities and inspiring others to join in and help build their future network. Volunteers put equipment into people’s houses and more volunteers blow the fibre into that equipment and make it live. Several people will soon be working for the company for shares as payment, and once income starts coming in they will be taken on with a wage. We hope to employ many people in the area once the network is up and running. We will provide local helplines for support. Right now we have the connection to Manchester live, so we are in effect ‘peering with the world’. This keeps data charges very low, and means we avoid all the congested and expensive ways of reaching the internet. We have become what the House of Lords describe as a ‘digital parish hub’. We have the primary connection working in Quernmore, shortly to be followed by Arkholme. These two village hubs will have a hyperfast feed, and will supply 3 other hubs, which will give a future-proof connection to every home via a fibre. The whole management team are volunteers, and are training others in the community to lay ducting and blow fibre, and to install the equipment in homes. Videos and photos are available of all the different procedures on our flickr album. http:// B4RN is building a new inclusive digital future for parts of the Lune Valley area. We are the first in the world create a community based project with fibre directly to everybody’s home like this in such a rural area. The speeds delivered will be

unrivalled. New televisions have network ports to connect straight to the B4RN fibre connection. A full HD film can be downloaded in 32 seconds. A good example of how restrictive these new developments are is the YouView service, a free over the internet TV service. The small print on the adverts state that a minimum speed of 3Mbs is required. The majority of people in the B4RN area do not have access to these speeds currently, with many still on dial up. Some landlines won’t even support a dial up connection as they are so old and damaged. Also worth mentioning is that the government’s minimum speed commitment for the UK is 2Mbs, so not even fast enough for the latest media developments. BT admitted on the One Show ( that they weren’t a charity, and even with funding they couldn’t deliver ‘superfast’ to our area. Because we are doing it ourselves we can do it far cheaper and provide a much better solution. Its called people power, and we have it by the shedload. The possibilities with a superfast connection are endless. CCTV, e-Health, e-Education, free video calls, sharing videos and photos with family and friends. The list goes on. If you want to be part of the future with us, contact us through our website If you would like to sponsor a metre of our ducting you can do through this link sponsor-a-metre and your name will be written on it before it is buried and photographed for our hall of fame. sets/72157630002477992/

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Cook up some savings Cooking nutritious and filling food doesn’t need to be expensive and time consuming. With a little imagination, the most humble ingredients can deliver winter warming suppers with serious taste bud appeal.



400g potatoes, thinly sliced 1.2 litres chicken stock 150g streaky bacon, thinly sliced into strips, plus another 100g cut into small squares 1 medium carrot, diced 1 medium onion, sliced 3 sticks of celery, sliced 1/2 leek, sliced 1 heaped tbsp of butter 1/2 small cabbage, shredded 100ml double cream Salt and freshly ground black pepper Sprig of flat-leaf parsley and sage

750g leeks, trimmed and washed 350g fromage frais 2 eggs, beaten 75g Roquefort or Stilton cheese, grated or grumbled 1tbsp fresh flat-leaf parsley, chopped Butter for greasing 2tbsp hazelnut oil Salt and freshly ground black pepper Heat the oven to 225C/Gas mark 7.

Simmer the potato slices in the chicken stock for 20 minutes or until soft. Meanwhile, grill the strips of bacon until crispy and reserve.

Cook the leeks in plenty of boiling salted water for 10-12 minutes, then drain well. Alternatively, steam the leeks for 10 minutes. Mix the fromage frais with the eggs, half the cheese, salt, pepper and parsley.

Gently fry the carrot, leek, celery, onion and diced streaky bacon in the butter for about 15 minutes until soft. Blend the potatoes with the chicken stock until smooth, then pour in with the vegetables. Add the cabbage and simmer for 10 minutes.

Butter an ovenproof dish and pour in half the egg and cheese mixture. Lay the well-drained leeks on top and cover with the remaining sauce. Dot with the remaining cheese and sprinkle with the oil.

Add the double cream then season with salt and pepper. Garnish with parsley, sage and the crispy bacon strips.

Bake in the pre-heated oven for 15 minutes.


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Recipes: Cook up some savings Recipes taken from Recipes taken from Family Food For A Steal edited by Kyle Cathie published by Vincent Square Books

ROCKY ROAD BROWNIES (Makes 16) 500g rich tea biscuits 300g dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids) 300g milk chocolate 200g butter 300g golden syrup 100g dried dates, chopped small 100g dried apricots, chopped small 120g hazelnuts, skins off, roasted and chopped roughly 100g mini marshmallows You can use ready-roasted hazelnuts with their skins off, but if you prefer to roast your own: place plain hazelnuts in a single layer on a baking tray and roast in a 180C/Gas mark 4 oven for five to eight minutes, or under the grill for two minutes, until browned, checking regularly that they aren’t burning. To make the cake, begin by lining a 20cm square tin with cling film, leaving bits overhanging the sides so you can lift the cake out easily.

& New local shop open

Traditional Foods | Hampers Gluten Free | Cake Decorating Cookware & Bakeware

Break the biscuits into small pieces, smaller than bite-sized, but not reduced entirely to crumbs. Melt the chocolate, butter and golden syrup in a large heatproof bowl set over a pan of simmering water. Remove the bowl from the heat and stir in the broken biscuits, then add the dried fruit, nuts and marshmallows. Stir well, then pour into the prepared tin and refrigerate for six hours. Lift out of the tin and peel off the cling film. Cut into sixteen chunks.

Due to the high success of Health & Flavour, our online shop, we have now opened The Bay Cookshop, come along to find out what we have in store.

361 Lancaster Road, Torrisholme Morecambe, Lancashire LA4 6RL

Tel: 01524 419617

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The Meeting House is a familyrun restaurant run by head chef and owner, Leann Smith and her father Eddie Smith.

Call 01524 848049

now to book your table

Diners can enjoy a delicious menu of local meat and vegetables, sourced from the surrounding area, in an informal and attractive setting.

OPENING TIMES Evening: Tue – Sun: 6:30 – 9.30pm


Christmas Menu 4 COURSES

£25 per head Including

A glass of cava on ar



Locally sourced fo

bass & Filo parcels

Sea Turkey, Steak, Lamb,



01524 848049 11-15 Meeting House Lane | Lancaster | LA1 1TJ





Serving a deliciously different Christmas Menu

Our “Deliciously Different” Christmas menu will be available from Friday 30th November to Monday 24th December 2012. Full details are on our website or give us a call & we will post a copy to you.

FESTIVE FOOD, GIFTS & HAMPERS will all be available in our shop from middle of November – come down for a browse & enjoy coffee & cake by the log fire !

Corricks Lane, Conder Green | Lancaster | LA2 0AN Email: | Tel: 01524 751234

w w w.t h e s t o r k i n n .c o.u k


for every occasion! Wine Time is a truly unique wine shop, offering an extensive hand-picked range of Wines from around the world as well as friendly staff with expert wine knowledge to guide you (should you need it!) in your choice. • Regular exciting offers • 10% discount when you buy a case • No minimum purchase • Glass loan and delivery available

20% off all Australian wines throughout November


FREE CORKSCREW! Greenlands Farm Village Tewitfield, Near Carnforth, LA6 1JH Tel: 01524 784198 Email:

Opening Times: Mon to Sat 10am-6pm | Sun 11am-5pm

PINEWOOD coffee shop Pinewood coffee shop is a friendly & welcoming traditional cafe serving a variety of homemade meals including all day breakfast, afternoon teas (£7.95 for 2 people). We are situated off the A6 between Lancaster and Cabus.

We are open every day 10am - 4.30pm

We are popular with walkers and cyclists due to our location. We are next door to Armstrongs Garden Machinery.

PINEWOOD coffee shop Wallace Lane, Forton, PR3 OBB Tel: 01524 792422


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Food & Drink - Wine - Winter warmers

Winter warmers from down under WineTime wineshop at Greenlands Farm in Tewitfield shares with us some winter warming wines from Australia and New Zealand

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc needs no introduction. Arguably producing the best Sauvignon in the world, this world-class wine is a must-try. Light and delicious, yet with a depth of character this is perfect for cosy winter evenings. On the palate it is soft and well-rounded with the classic Sauvignon aromas – passionfruit, cut grass and asparagus – finished off with a kick of citrus. Clean, crisp and refreshing this wine is perfect to drink alone, or with lighter dishes that will complement the style.

We couldn’t leave a classic Aussie Shiraz out! Thanks to the consistent warm, dry climate of the Barossa region this wine really sets the bench-mark for all Aussie Shiraz. Deliciously dark in colour this wine boasts powerful aromas of ripe black cherries, blackberries, eucalyptus and spice. On the palate it is rich and full, with dominant flavours of plums, vanilla, blackberry and a final kick of spice. The perfect partner to char-grilled meats and slow-cooked red meats. This wine is ready to drink now, but if you can resist this wine will cellar for ten years.

This delicious fruity white is proof that the Aussie’s are capable of producing delicate whites as well as bolshy reds! Made from lateharvested (forgotten) Riesling grapes the result is a medium-dry wine, with hints of blossom, rose petal and citrus on the nose. On the palate the citrus notes dominate, balancing out the residual sweetness. Well-rounded and balanced this wine is a must try. The unlikely perfect partner to spicy Asian cuisine – try this wine with a curry dish. This wine is ready to drink now, but will cellar well for up to three years.

The Cross Pinot Noir, Hawkes Bay NZ £7.99

Head Over Heels ‘Forgotten’ Riesling, Eden Valley Australia £9.75

Berton Vineyard Reserve Shiraz, Barossa Australia £11.50

Penny Lane Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough NZ £8.50

Australia and New Zealand are main contenders in the New World wine stakes, offering fantastic wines made from traditional French grapes. Australia is renowned for its big dominating Shiraz, but the Aussies’ viticultural talent extends beyond this and we are consistently impressed with their take on beautiful white wines such as Riesling. In terms of wine New Zealand is as synonymous with Sauvignon Blanc as Australia is with Shiraz, however like the Aussies, their Kiwi neighbours also produce other great wines including Pinot Noir and their take on the classic Bordeaux Blend – Cabernet and Merlot. These wines are our favourites – perfect for enjoying on a chilly winter evening.

Perfect for a cosy evening in front of the fire or dinner with friends – this silky red is made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes. Welcoming aromas of mocha, boysenberry and raspberry are evident, with notes of juicy cherry with slight oaky character and soft lengthy tannins to the end. If cellared, this wine will develop delicious earthy notes - making it the perfect accompaniment to game dishes.

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at Mansergh Hall Farm



£15.95pp £7.95 Child 12-2pm Mon-Sat


£18.95pp £9.95 Child 6-9pm Mon-Sat


A pre dinner glass of bubbly, three course meal followed by the party with our resident DJ, games and boozy prizes. £25.95pp or booze and snooze £35 (based on 2 sharing)


Serving from 12-3pm £55.00pp £27.50 Child Let us do the hard work with a relaxing five course meal and a little surprise from Santa

AVAILABLE ON OUR STALL AT: Lancaster Charter Market every Wednesday and Saturday Lancaster Uni Farmers Market Every Thursday (term time only) Carnforth Market every Wednesday Kirkby Lonsdale Market every Thursday Nationwide delivery available. Great selections boxes for Christmas presents.


Enjoy a family get together dining from our brasserie menu plus lots of Christmas specials


Come and see the New Year in with us. Cocktails, carvery buffet, scottish piper and DJ 4 Posters for £50.00pp bed breakfast

We are now taking orders for Christmas for local free range turkeys and geese

Book now on 01995 600999

E F 01995 602100

Please contact us for more information

Garstang Road | Catterall | Nr Preston | PR3 OHD

015242 71397


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Food & Drink - Taste the difference

Taste the difference

Support your local farmers and experience the taste difference of free range meat, Mansergh Hall share their story. maturing nature of the cattle, their diet, and Jim and James’ experience combine to produce beef that is renowned for its flavour and tenderness and is highly sought after.

So November may bring some cold grey days but are we not truly spoilt to live in such a beautiful area – Lancaster and the Lune Valley? An undeniable part of this beauty is our farm land, nurtured for so many years by our farmers. The land does have a purpose though, and in the Lune Valley this is largely to rear and feed sheep, cattle, dairy cows and pigs. One such farmer is Jim Hadwin and his family who have farmed at Mansergh Hall Farm, near Kirkby Lonsdale since the mid-1800s. You may well recognise the name “Mansergh Hall Farm” as for five years the family have been attending Lancaster Charter Market where they sell their own produced and local free range and grass fed meats. It is usually Jim himself who can be found behind the stall and he is always happy to share his knowledge

and answer queries about the meat he takes pride to produce and source. Like most of the farms in the Lune Valley Mansergh Hall Farm is a real family business and it is now Jim along with his son who farm the land, whilst Amanda his daughter and her husband Simon run the direct sales side of the business with Jim. Since Jim established the meat business in 1991 the farm has returned to its 1880’s roots and brings 9 month old Galloway and Highland Cattle from a farm near Wigtown in Dumfries & Galloway, to slowly mature on the mixed pastures at Mansergh Hall. Galloway and Highlanders are beautiful cattle and are well suited to the terrain and thrive off grass alone either in the form of pasture or silage. The slow

It’s not only the beef that has a following. You can definitely taste the difference between free range pork and that which is intensively reared. Free range rare breed pigs were re-introduced to the farm by James in 2005. The delicious free range pork is used to make hand-made sausages - a family sausage recipe dating back to the 1860s has been recreated; named Granny’s Recipe Sausage and is a firm favourite. Legs, loins and belly pork are also dry-cured to make bacon and gammon like it should be. As with most farms in the Lune Valley sheep have played an important part in the history of the farm and although sheep are not lambed on the farm anymore lamb and mutton are still an important part of the farm Jim uses his 50 year experience of rearing lambs to source the finest grass fed lamb and mutton from farms local to the Lune Valley. So as you drive around the beautiful Lune Valley on what may be a cold day have a thought for the farmers who farm the land and how lucky we are to have this resource on our doorstep. Why not make a choice to support your local producers.

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Christmas Wishes Greaves Park in Lancaster bring you deliciously different fresh festive food and drink straight from local suppliers.

CHRISTMAS FIXED PRICE MENU Served 12-6pm Monday - Friday 1 course £8 | 2 course £10 | 3 course £12


1st - 24th & 26th - 30th December 3 courses £19.95 per head (£2 supplement added on party nights - DJ & late bar)


£30 per head including evening entertainment


Start on the 7th December late bar and disco, booking essential.



Pop in for mulled wine and mince pies by our cosy fire.

(up to 13 years old)

All party bookings with have dressed tables which will be decorated with crackers, party

4 course meal £50 per head or £25 for children

poppers and lit tealights.

TASTE LANCASHIRE HIGHEST QUALITY WINNERS Recognises establishments who provide a consistently high quality dining experience and show a commitment to the use of local produce.

BOWERHAM ROAD | LANCASTER | LA1 3AH 01524 389335 | |

Located above The Music Spot in Great John Street, Lancaster, The Tea Spot Café is now open. Mon-Sat 11am - 4pm

.75 Panini £2 Pancake £3.50 0 Soup £2.5 anini Soup & P £4 deal only ts too! ea tr & Cakes



OPENING TIMES Monday & Wednesday 10am - 5.30pm Closed Tuesday’s Thursday & Fridays 10.15am - 5.15pm Weekends 10.15am - 4.15pm

FRESHLY GROUND COFFEE LARGE SEATING AREA HOT AND COLD FOOD Huge five tiered play structure and 35 foot high four lane astra slide. Dalton Square, Lancaster, LA1 1PL

Tel: 01524 382225

Pop in and taste our delicious freshly made panini, pancakes, soup, toasted tea cakes, homemade cakes and biscuits and a selection of teas and coffees. Families and children welcome, we have a children’s play area 01524 842007 PARTIES & FUNCTIONS The Tea Spot is available Saturday evenings, Sunday and in the school holidays for hire for up to 30 people.


Animal Care has 35 unwanted dogs who do not want to be left alone in kennels this Bonfire night as this is a scary time, many of the dogs get very upset. This year we have decide that all the staff will stay over night in a kennel with their chosen dog.

“Please sponsor us and donate to help fund someone so look after us and cuddle us incase we are scared” Text a donation txt pets20 to 70070 with the amount you want to donate. Donate through our website (using just giving)

Sponsorship forms at Animal Care, Bay vets in Lancaster Hala Pet Shop & Hala News Agents

Animal Care | Blea Tarn Road | Scotforth 01524 65495

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           





         


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           



          



        



          




           



         

            


          

           




        

Experience the Celebrity difference on board

Celebrity Infinity®





At Celebrity, everything is designed for the discerning cruiser! It’s what elevates style to high design. Food to haute cuisine. Service to new heights. Mere luxury into something special. Or days afloat or ashore into life-affirming experiences and adventures. This is the ideal opportunity to experience the Celebrity difference with the convenience of departure from an English port! Enjoy the unique experience of being on board Celebrity Infinity’s® maiden sailings into and out of the 2008 European Capital of Culture, Liverpool.

A Taste of Scotland from Liverpool to Harwich

All prices are per person and include: • Coach travel from selected local departure points to Harwich or Liverpool and back to your original departure point • On board accommodation in a shared Stateroom◊ • Full board on board ship • Gratuities on board ship • Exclusive Cruise Connections’ Cocktail Party • Fully escorted

5 nights, departing Sunday 1 September 2013 Liverpool / Glasgow / At Sea / Inverness / At Sea / Harwich INTERIOR STATEROOM from pp






A Taste of Scotland includes: A tour of the Trossachs National Park and Loch Lomond visiting the villages of Luss and Arrochar, and also free time in Helensburgh. A tour of the Cairngorms National Park visiting Carrbridge, Tomintoul and Braemar. A guided tour of the Glenlivet Distillery is also included

France, Guernsey & The Emerald Isle from Harwich to Liverpool 6 nights, departing Monday 26 August 2013 Harwich / Paris (Le Havre), France / St Peter Port, Guernsey / Cork, Eire / Waterford, Eire / Dublin, Eire / Liverpool INTERIOR STATEROOM from pp



Willow Mill, Fell View Caton, Lancaster LA2 9RA

Tel: 01524 771 701 Fax: 01524 771 702






Organised by Cruise Connections, ABTA Y4752, and Omega Holidays Plc, ABTA V4782, all part of the Omega Holidays Group Plc. Single supplement applies. Subject to availability. ◊Staterooms for single person occupancy are offered, subject to availability, at a supplement. Prices were correct as of Monday 30th July 2012, and can be withdrawn or increased without notice.

A taste of the Arctic I was very privileged recently to go on an educational trip with Hurtigruten who operate a fleet of ships up and down the coast of Norway. Julie McIntyre from Cruise Connections in Caton explains. We arrived in Tromso at about 5pm, our group were collected by a driver from the Villemarkssenter which is where we were going to go Dog Sledding! We had just arrived after a huge blizzard and there were mountains of snow everywhere, it was like a picture postcard.

On the journey back to the port we were dropped off at the Rica hotel at approximately 10.45pm as the ship was not due to arrive till midnight. The ship arrived on time and we were onboard by 12.15am!

We arrived at Villemarkssenter the first thing you notice as you stepped off the coach is the cold. After acclimatizing to the dark, all you can see in front of you are about 300 kennels each with a dog nearby. The guides quickly took us into a boot room where we were issued with another layer of protection in the form of a full thermal suit and boots. Definitely not for the fashion conscious amongst us! As we left the boot room and approached the sleds the barking of the dogs seemed to crescendo as they were desperate to get away and run as this is what they are bred for. I was teamed up with a fellow travel agent from Blackpool and we were shown over to our team of dogs and musher. Our team of dogs was made up of 11 Siberian and Alaskan huskies and soon we were off. We covered about 12km in total (approx 2 hours) by which time I had lost the feeling in my lower regions so you can guess trying to get out of the sled was as hard as trying to get in! We quickly warmed up as we were taken into a Sami tent where we were given some warm bouillon followed by Reindeer Stew (I had to promise my son that this was none of Father Christmas’ reindeers) and the most delicious chocolate cake I have ever tasted in my life. 76

@Lancaster Community Magazine


My cabin number was 667 which was a P grade outside cabin. Although basic it had all the facilities that you would need with twin beds, a small table in between, dressing table, duvets and blankets, bathroom with shower and my favourite - under floor heating in the bathroom. Our first stop was Finnsnes but as this was at 4.45am I missed it although I think we were only there for 15 minutes. Breakfast in the morning was open dining and there was a good selection of pastries and meats etc. The hot breakfast was mainly herring or some other form of fish. The ship, MS Midnatsol, docked at 8am in Harstad and we were on a coach by 8.05am for our coach trip,” A taste of the Vesterlaen”, whilst en route to collect the ship again in Sortland. We visited a church whose origins dated right back to the 13th Century and listened to a short service by the local priest. Our guide was extremely informative and informed us about local Norwegian traditions and everyday life. Part of this tour included a ferry crossing from Flesnes-Refsnes which included afternoon tea onboard. We were served hot drinks along with waffles with brown cheese, apple cake and cinnamon cake. The brown cheese was definitely a hit or miss as most people thought it was caramel until they had taken a bite. The ferry crossing took about 20 minutes. We arrived in


Travel: A taste of the Arctic

Sortland at midday and within 5 minutes were back on the high seas. Lunch onboard was again open seating and buffet style with a selection of hot dishes with fish again playing an important part! At 2.15pm we were back off the ship in Stokmarknes where there is a museum dedicated to Hurtigruten. This was worth the visit. We then sailed through the Raftsundset Straits which apparently is only 6-7 metres deep on our way through the Lofoten Islands which have the traditional wooden coloured fishermen’s cottages. Our next port of call was Svolvaer where we went to the Ice Bar where there were ice sculptures and you were served with a Raspberry Vodka in a conical shaped glass made from ice. The cost of this was 135KR. Dinner back on board is served in two sittings and we were on the 8.30pm sitting. Dinner has a different format and you are served a set menu with no choices although I have to say the food was exceptional.

tasted although I discovered its quite hard to eat ice cream in a snow storm as you are not sure where one ends and the other begins. Our last day was in Trondheim where we disembarked the ship and went for a tour of the town. The most spectacular parts were the Niadoros Cathedral and the old part of the town which had the traditional wooden coloured houses on stilts at the riverside. Personally I cannot fault Hurtigruten for their organisation and service. The only thing I would say is if you are after luxury then this is not for you as this is niche cruising where you are going for the scenery which is spectacular. The only thing we missed out on was the Aurora Borealis but I guess I will have to go back for that. A TASTE OF THE ARCTIC is available with Hurtigruten from £1149 per person. For more details please call 01524 771701 or email Julie McIntyre

Entertainment is made by you as there is only one bar onboard although in the evening they do have a keyboard player for dancing and karaoke till about 1am. Alcoholic drinks are very expensive with a Gin & Tonic costing nearly £7 per shot! The next day we were out on deck between 9-9.30am as we were crossing the Arctic Circle where there is a small island with a globe on it as a marker. Three stops had already been made during the night and the next stop for us was Sandnessjoen where there is a pretty town to walk through and after this was Bronnoysund where the ice cream is the best ever @Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


A sweet Belgian treat

Sample the delights of Ghent, a thriving city half an hour from the Belgian capital. Throwing Flemish phrases this way and that, hoards of teenagers with brightly coloured, nylon rucksacks meet my mother and I at Gent Sint Pieters station. Our journey to Ghent, a thriving city half an hour from the Belgian capital, has been non-stop. A three-hour, streamlined and futuristic trip from London. When Britain joined Europe’s rail fun and opened its first high-speed rail line (HS1) between London and the Channel Tunnel, it reduced the journey time from London to Brussels to just 1 hour and 51 minutes. After bouncing our suitcases over cobbles for half an hour, trying to find a hotel, we finally saw the glowing sign of the Marriot beaming down from an attractive, historic red-brick house, metres away from where we’d been all along. But the charm of this medieval city has already started to rub off, and shoving frustration to the back of our minds, we tore up to the entrance, 78

@Lancaster Community Magazine


determined to unpack and rejoin this magical city as quickly as possible. It was growing late by the time we actually made it back out and by this time, the night had transformed Ghent’s gothic stone skyline into a romantic, back-lit film set. As we gazed at ornate churches and 16th century renaissance homes, we were on the lookout for The Belga Queen (www., a grain store-turned-restaurant that came highly recommended in our guide books for its stunning architecture. Quite apart from the collection of churches (complete with Rubens paintings) and gorgeous views, there were museums devoted to everything from psychiatry and outsider art at the Dr Guislain Museum, to a Design museum that boasted a ninemetre vase by Italian designer Andrea Branzi.


Travel: A sweet Belgian treat There’s an artistic, boho vibe to Ghent, which is distinctly high-end, and nowhere is this better reflected than restaurant De Blauwe Zalm. Set in a quiet, semiresidential historical avenue near the castle (think the Mayfair of Ghent), chef Danny De Cleyn has received deservedly high levels of praise for his exquisite food. In this design-conscious, yet understated Flemish townhouse, we sipped smoky halibut soup, flavoured with ginger and caramel, before devouring delicious lobster risotto and a clean dessert that left our mouths feeling fresh and sweet. It was the kind of meal that stops you in your tracks. We started with the basics and a little walk round the car-free city centre, taking in St Baafskathedraal (also known as St Bavo’s). While not the place for a relaxing catch-up with your maker, this 14th century Gothic style cathedral is nevertheless impressive. Big on sculptures featuring tormented souls, it also boasts the Van Eyck brothers’ 15th century polyptych altarpiece The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, as well as Saint Bavo Enters The Convent At Ghent by Belgian’s most famous baroque painter Rubens. There’s also a thriving young artists’ community, kept alive by the university and made visible at SMAK (the city’s museum for contemporary art). It’s unusual for any city’s tourist brochure to bear a picture of a woman biting into a bloody dove, but doubtless the ‘Masters’ would have approved. We then headed over to the Castle of the Counts - a massive medieval fortress in the heart of the city built in 1180, before stopping for a cup of tea in an uncrowded coffee shop overlooking the canal, just a few steps away. Despite its landmark tourist sites and powerfully beautiful medieval aesthetic, this city isn’t overwhelmed by tourists. Both the third largest city in the country, and the capital city of North Flanders with a population of 235,000, it has a port, university and relatively thriving local economy of its own, making it ideal for Eurostar fans who’ve done the cutesy trip to Bruges or enjoyed the bureaucratic beauty of Brussels.

Another discrete treasure, tucked behind apparently domestic doors, is the Aqua Azul spa. Unlike any spa I’ve ever visited, in this ‘silent’ spa, you move carefully, under instruction from the owner, between the different temperature saunas, plunge pools and showers, before heading upstairs to relax in the library, have a massage, and then start all over again. It’s all rather hypnotic and addictive. And I’m pretty sure if I lived in Ghent I’d rarely leave. In fact, it wasn’t easy to convince ourselves to get back on the train. KEY FACTS - GHENT Best for: A weekend of cultural pottering.

Time to go: Ghent is an all-year-round destination, but take plenty of layers in winter.

Don’t miss: If you like interiors, leave enough room in your suitcase for impulse buys. Don’t forget: With so many museums to enjoy, make a plan before you head out.

In the afternoon, we wandered north of the historic centre to find independent clothes shops, interior design boutiques, eclectic vintage shops and fantastic value second-hand furniture. @Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


For The Nic

e Things In


Christmas Fayrere 17th and 18th Novemb VISIT Santa Great stalls with local and national companies Crafts & Foods Stalls Hog roast Salvation Army Band and lots more... Breakfast with Santa bookings now being taken.





Christmas Trees From 30th November


HAMPERS - You pick, we pack | COAL & LOGS at amazing prices

Tel. 01524 733780 Email. Mill Lane, Bolton-le-Sands, Carnforth, Lancs. LA5 8ET

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Home & Garden - Festive decorations

Festive decorations

Bay View Garden Centre have a fantastic range of Christmas gifts, trees and decorations, but with so much choice what will you choose? We may or may not look forward to midwinter and Christmas celebrations, but as the nights draw in we start to think of cosy nights by the fire, candlelight and winter scents. It is a time to wrap ourselves in home comforts. We can start to think of festive decoration for the home starting with adding soft light. Many of us already burn candles for the ambience they give and also for the scent.

THE TREE Of course Christmas would not be complete without the tree. Whether real or artificial there is a lots to choose from with artificial trees looking increasingly more convincing!

INDOOR LIGHTS An alternative way of adding light is to use pre lit twigs in a vase which can brighten a dark corner. Another idea is to use strings of lights in a glass bowl or across a fireplace. These look really pretty and are available in different styles and colours. Some also have a timer so that they automatically switch off after six hours. Although we often buy these for Christmas many of them can of course be used year round.

This year we have two brand new themes as well as the traditional red and gold:

OUTSIDE For the outside, net lights over box balls (real or artificial!) look really welcoming at the front door. In pots by the door you can use small trees such as Buxus (Box), Bay laurel or Picea. Cyclamen add colour and often scent and can be used with pansies, ornamental cabbages and grasses. In the weeks before Christmas we hang festive wreaths on our doors but there are lots of designs now which could be used throughout winter. Often made from twigs and berries they may also contain fruits, squashes and chillies.

Whether you like to change all your decorations each year, or add just a few new ones we have something for everyone.

Our ORIENTAL ROSE blends pearl, rose gold, and silver which can be adapted to suit either a modern or traditional home. SWAN LAKE is snowy whites with pale green and lilac. Our traditional theme incorporates reds, golds and browns and features the ever popular woodland creatures such as owls, hedgehogs and robins. For a more contemporary look the red can be used with the pearls and rose gold from our Oriental rose. In each of the themes choose from beautiful glass baubles which can be used in bowls as well as on your tree. PLANTS Houseplants such as cyclamen, Solanum (with orange berries) Hyacinth bulbs and of course Pointsettia add that finishing touch.

Glass baubles from £1.99 Artificial trees from £19.99 Robins from £1.49. Battery Lights from £5.99. Lit blossom trees from £56.00

@Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


Christmas Trees: Advice from Ashton Hall Garden Centre

Christmas Trees

Christmas is now less than two months away and shortly it will be time to choose your Christmas tree. Julie Lasseter from Ashton Hall Garden Centre shares her knowledge of Christmas trees. Choosing a Christmas tree can be a little daunting with the huge range available and a everyone seeming to be in a race to pick the best looking in the size most fitting for where you want to put it. FRESH CUT TREES Fresh cut trees are always beautiful with their glorious scent and looks giving them their appeal as well as the trip out with the family to the Garden Centre to choose one. Stay with that decision if it is what you like and love. Ashton Hall Garden Centre stock Nordman Christmas trees, they are by far Europe’s most popular Christmas tree and for good reason, being fast growing this makes it affordable for Christmas tree growers to grow and so a Nordman Christmas Tree can be purchased for a reasonable price. Nordman Fir Christmas Trees are soft to the touch and so will not leave your hands feeling like you have just put them in a bag of needles. They are usually lush green in colour and give off a nice scented smell which is an added bonus over the Christmas period. They are well known for the excellent needle retention which means that you won’t be getting needles in your feet on Christmas morning or be left with a needle less tree. JULIES TOP TIPS Keep your tree outside for as long as possible before bringing it in the house, do not store it in the garage but let it have some rain and weather. Before bringing your tree inside, cut a few inches off the base of the trunk, this will open up the 82

@Lancaster Community Magazine


cells to allow the trunk to be receptive to water. Do make sure that your Christmas tree is stood in water, and water regularly, it can surprising how much a tree will drink each day, but by keeping it hydrated, you will reduce the amount of needles dropped. ARTIFICIAL TREES On the other hand, also available are artificial Christmas Trees. I know a lot of you are now crying out, ‘ARTIFICIAL’! but times have moved on and you get what you pay for. Without needles getting stuck everywhere and the need to vacuum several times a day, lots of artificial trees are now very realistic and crafted for exceptional quality, beauty and convenience, mimicking the real thing. Flocked, frosty, white, black, with or without berries and cones, they come in a range of varieties and sizes so you can choose the height and width to suit your home. The less expensive are made from strips of PVC wound onto steel wire attached to a steel frame but advances have firms making moulds from live firs and using subtle colour changes and textures to make them indistinguishable from the real thing! They come full and bushy or slimline, even bare twig tree shapes. There are professionally strung pre-lit ones to take away the hassle and minimize the wires, fibre-optic trees with filaments of light in gorgeous spectrums of colour. Once the initial one-off investment has been made, you can enjoy your tree for years to come!



and Pear Tree Cafe



Mother Christmas

Thursday 8th November until 9pm

Sunday 2nd December with Cockerham Handbell ringers and The Christmas Belles from 1pm

Quality plants & giftware | Delicious homemade food Historic walled garden We are a popular garden centre located just outside Lancaster and we are proud to present our huge range of quality gardening products. Whether you’re a keen gardener, just looking for a gift or fancy a trip out for a homecooked lunch, you are sure to find what you need here and much much more. We are open 9am - 5pm Monday to Saturday and 10.30am to 4.30pm Sundays. ASHTON ROAD | THURNHAM | LANCASTER | LA2 0AJ | TEL. 01524 751767

The forgotten We stock just about anythdogs ing

OFFERING A WIDE SELECTION Offering a wide selection ofOF:

pet products pet food, bedding, PET PRODUCTS housing, toys and treats, FOOD as well asPET collars and leads, BEDDING dog coats and clothing

to do with pets, Animal Care takes in dogs everyday or can be forit lots of different reasons and in many cases order ed! it’s not long before the lucky pooch finds a fantastic new home with a new loving family...

But in some cases a few dogs stick and find themselves in kennels for months and HOUSING sometimes even years. This is Rabbits, hamsters, HUTCHES/CAGES really sad and upsetting and the longer the dogs stay in the guineaTOYS pigs, gerbils kennel environment the more birdsTREATS and a variety their behavior problems get. of coldwater fish We believe that every dog COLLARS & LEADS Roxie deserves a chance and that DOG COATS & there is an owner for every Hutches, outdoor runs, dog in rescue. The 8 dogs below are Animal indoor hutches and Cares most desperate doggies who would do bird/small animal cages anything to be part of a family! We believe strongly that with the right owner theses dogs will blossom. They need time, training FREE PARKING and an understanding owner with dog (outside the store) experience is best and a home with no other dogs or young kids is all these guys need. If Free local you think you have what it takes please just delivery give us a call or pop up and see us. If you’re a volunteer dog walker and would like to ng rki pa FREE work more with these dogs please come and the store) (outside 10 LENTWORTH HOUSE, LENTWORTH DRIVE, see us. A few hours out at the beach or the ry ive del FREE LANCASTER LA1 4RQ park makes all the difference to these guys’ 01524 847434 lives.

ck just We usttoanytheintgs! abo o with p to d

Special WWW.HALAPETSTORESONLINE.CO.UK Every year we see an increase in dogs being Monthly Offers



01524 847434 84

@Lancaster Community Magazine


abandoned and every day of the year we run to our maximum capacity wishing we could build more kennels to rescue more dogs! We would like to thank every single one of our supporters for the help you give us whether it is donations or volunteering Animal Care would not be able to run with out you all. If you could share with your friends are latest appeal we would be, as always very, grateful.


Animal Care - The Forgotten Dogs

Hi, my name is Harry, I am a Saluki Cross and am 10 years 8 months old. I think that at the moment I am one the senior citizens here, but don’t let that put you off. I am such a favourite with all the staff and volunteers that I get taken for more walks than any other dog, and am always ready for more. I’m slim, fit and energetic so don’t mind all these outings - but I also like to chill in a cosy warm place, in fact this is what I would like most of all - a home for my ‘retirement years’. I must also be the most unlucky dog here as twice over the past year or so I thought that I’d found my ‘forever home’. Once my owner went abroad and another time my owner got a new dog and I didn’t really like it. Like all old gents I do have my faults - I really want to be the only dog in my new home and sometimes I bark at dogs when I pass them on my walks. I’m not too keen on cats either BUT I’ve perfected this walking to heel lark so well that you will need to look down to check I’m still with you. I know a few tricks like ‘sit’ and ‘give paw’ and I take treats gently. Everyone says I’m extremely handsome and I must agree - so what are you waiting for come up and visit me - you won’t be disappointed.

Hi my name is Jet, I am a 1 year old Wolfhound German Shepherd cross and I have been at Animal Care for nearly a year. I have been passed from home to home ever since I was a puppy in July 2011 I was handed in to a dog pound I was very scared and did not no was happening. I was then moved to Animal Care where I am very well looked after by the staff and wait in my kennel every day in the hope i can find a new home with people who will love me forever. I am very very scared of men and shake with fear if I see one they have not been very nice to me in the past so I find it very hard to trust them! I need a new home with people who have experience with big dogs and dont mind carrying on my training. I would rather a home with no children and no other animals.



Hi my name is Badger, I am a female Fox terrier and and 9 years old. I love the outdoors walking and running free is my favorite things to do! What i lack in size i make up for in attitude and i am very bossy i like things done my way and i dont like to be fussed! I love to go out for a long walk and then have a nice sleep on my own bed. I love my own company and sometimes i just like to be left alone! I need a home with someone who loves long walks and understands that ill never be a lap dog! I am not keen on children and would rather not live with another dog as i dont like sharing!!  


Animal Care Lancaster Blea Tarn Road, Scotforth, Lancaster, LA2 ORD


01524 65495

@Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


For more than 100 years our practice has provided a wide range of veterinary services to pets over a large part of North Lancashire and South Cumbria.


* Pet Consultations *


* Specialist Pet Clinics *

Self Heating Pet Pads

Warm -

Stress Free -

* Ambulance Service *

Sound Desensitisation Programme

* 24 Hour emergency service *

Entertained -

(exclusively by our own vets)

Kong Wobbler Toy

* Pet Health Plans *

We stock a range of good quality food,

accessories and toys to enhance your pets’

development, training and behaviour. We stock Royal Canin lifestage and prescription, James Wellbeloved, Supreme and Burgess, and with

Baldrand House Bowerham Road Lancaster LA1 3AJ 01524 32696

next day delivery we can order any brand of food to cater for all dietary needs.

01524 32696

194 Lancaster Road Morecambe LA4 5TL

12 The Square Milnthorpe LA7 7QJ

01524 410867

015395 62770


@Lancaster Community Magazine


Baldrand House, Bowerham Road, Lancaster, LA1 3AJ Ample Parking | Range of quality food | Accessories Toys | Cat Flaps | Grooming tools | Collars/Leads



Vets Advice - Cat Flu

(Upper Respiratory Tract Infections) If you notice your cat is reluctant to eat, coughing, sneezing and depressed, your cat may have cat flu. BayVets in Lancaster tells how it can be prevented. ‘Cat flu’ is a common disease in cats of all ages, but tends to be particularly severe in young and old cats. The vast majority of cases will be caused by one of two viruses – feline herpes virus and feline calicivirus (also know as feline rhinotracheitis virus). CLINICAL SIGNS OF ‘CAT FLU’? Signs of ‘cat flu’ are similar to colds and flu in people. The major signs are inflammation of the lining around the eye (conjunctivitis) and nose (rhinitis). This causes a clear discharge from the nose and eyes, which becomes thickened and purulent as the disease progresses due to secondary bacterial infection. OTHER CLINICAL SIGNS: - Raised temperature - Depression and dullness - Sneezing - Reluctance to eat - Coughing Without treatment signs usually resolve in 2-3 weeks but some cats are left with a chronic, intermittent nasal discharge or eye disease. Mouth ulceration can feature as a result of the feline calicivirus causing severe inappetance. Ulcers may also occur on the tongue, nose and hard palate. Long-standing (chronic) inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) has also been associated with the presence of feline calicivirus. DIAGNOSIS In most cases the diagnosis is made on clinical signs but in cases where there is recurrent disease or in vaccinated cats a specific diagnosis may be required. A swab from the cat’s mouth is sent to a laboratory for culture testing.

TREATMENT As for cold and flu, specific anti-viral treatments are not generally available. Treatment is aimed at controlling secondary bacterial infection (with antibiotics and stimulating eating and drinking as, particularly dehydration, is a major cause of worsening disease). Young kittens and old cats are more at risk of serious health complications. WHAT CAN BE DONE TO HELP TREATMENT? Good nursing plays a crucial role. Keeping the eyes and nose clear of secretions by gently bathing the areas with cotton wool and lukewarm water. Encourage eating and drinking. Hand feeding can help and provide highly flavoured foods such as sardines warmed to body temperature. Wet foods have a high percentage of water content that will help hydrate your cat. Severely ill cats may need hospitalisation, intravenous fluids and feeding by naso-oseophageal tube. HOW IT CAN BE PREVENTED AND CONTROLLED For most households, with a few cats, vaccination is sufficient. Vaccination is not 100% protective but will greatly reduce the severity of the disease. Unfortunately some cats can still develop severe disease despite being vaccinated. In multi-cat households, particularly where new cats are continually arriving (rescue or breeding), vaccination alone may not be sufficient to control the problem – isolation and quarantine is also required. Most cats become infected by aerosol droplets sneezed or coughed out by infected cats. My cat has had ‘cat flu’ should I bother to vaccinate it? YES! Your cat is likely to have been infected with only one of the viruses so will still be susceptible to infection with the other.

@Lancaster Community Magazine - THE best quality magazine in Lancaster




3 7

1 8


9 8 6 6 1 7 8 3 5 7 1 6 2 4 7 4 5 6 2 1 4

I V T -

7 88

Find as many words of three or more letters as you can using the letters in the wheel. No plurals allowed. All words must use the central letter. Can you find the word that uses all the letters?


D x

+ 5

Word wheel




Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every coloured shape contains the numbers 1 - 9.





+ -

x -

18 4




-2 6

@Lancaster Community Magazine


Number square Complete the grid so that the numbers 1-9 each appear once in the grid so as to complete the sums that read across and down the grid. Perform the sums from left to right and top to bottom.



Ask an adult to help you cut out the grey sections and replace with photos of friends or family. THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


What’s on Listings: November 2012

Low Borrowdale & The Lune Sunday 4th November 10am 7.5 Miles - Easy Contact Mike 01524 734867

WISH Exhibition @ Gallery 23 18th October - 5th January WISH is a showcase of stunning arts and crafts to inspire people of all ages. See page 44. For more information please call 01524 61111 or email info@

Roeburndale East Sunday 11th November 10am 6 Miles - Easy Contact Rebecca 01524 848767

Ruskin and the Sacred 15th October - 14th December Ruskin Library 01524 593587


Dolphinholme Sunday 18th November 10am 5 Miles - Easy Contact Jane 07580 052963 Kent Estuary & Levens Deer Park

Sunday 25th November 10.30am 5 Miles - Easy Contact Jennifer 01524 382465


Wed 3rd - High Bentham 7 miles Sat 10th Satterthwaite 7 miles Wed 14th Grt stone of Fourstones 7 miles Sat 17th Bowland Traverse 9.5 miles Sun 18th Nether Kellet 4 miles Wed 21st Lythe Valley 6miles Sat 24th Roeburndale 9miles Sat 27th Horton 13 miles Wed 28th Crooklands 8 miles For further information please phone C. Pickles on 382980 or D Johnson on 811366


@Lancaster Community Magazine

Light up Lancaster Friday 2nd November 7.30- 9.30pm A new free event for all the family, taking place in outdoor spaces across the city centre! Take an autumn evening stroll through the city and be surprised and delighted by music, film, dance and art, lighting up Lancaster’s beautiful buildings.

Wednesday Walkabout : ‘Soup’er-duper Starlings’ Wednesday’s 7, 14, 21, 28 14.30-16.30 or dusk if earlier Price: Adults £5 (RSPB members £2.50) Join us to see some of our winter wildlife and then, before dusk we will be looking out for spectacular flocks of starlings coming in to roost in the reedbed. As a treat, we will provide a warming mug of soup afterwards. No need to book.. Leighton Moss Nature Reserve Telephone: 01524 701601

Lancaster Fireworks Spectacular Saturday 3rd November The skies above Lancaster will Zumbathon for BBC be ablaze with colour once again Children in Need when Lancaster City Council Sarurday 10th November launches its 2012 Fireworks 3.30-5.30 Spectacular. Everyone is welcome This year’s pyrotechnic including children and no spectacular will have a experience is required. Just Lancashire Witches theme, turn up on Saturday 10 to mark the culmination of November from 3.30pm in the commemorative events our main sports hall and join surrounding the 400th anniversary in the fun. A donation to BBC of the Lancashire Witch Trials. Children in Need will be To warm you up for the evening’s collected on the day. event, there will be themed Salt Ayre Sports Centre activities to enjoy from 10.30am 01524 847540 on the day including guided walks, storytelling, arts and crafts and lantern making workshops. Don’t Forget to check event times and dates with the organisers before setting off. TELL US ABOUT YOUR EVENT Email:



What’s on Listings: November 2012 The Jongleurs Comedy on the Road Monday 12th November at 8pm The world famous comedy club at Lancaster for one night only,with another superb lineup from the best of British stand up circuit. During this hilarious evening three comedians and a compere will take to the stage to tickle your funny bone!! Keep an eye on our website for full details of the line up. This is the perfect way to get your weekend off to a hilarious start! Telephone: 01524 64695

Picture This exhibition Thursday 15th November 6-8.30pm A showcase of park designs for the regeneration of the area behind Lancaster Castle. See page 56. castle

More Music Presents Roddy Woomble -The Lakeland Fiddlers Bill Lloyd Thursday 22nd November 8pm At The Hothouse, Devonshire Road, Morecambe Familiar to many thosands of music fans as the front man in the scottish rock band Idlewild, Roddy Woomble is also a celebrated solo songwriter and performer. See page 61. 01524 831997

Sparkly things Exhibition 1st December - Christmas Eve Bellwood & Wright Fine Art 56 Penny Street, Lancaster 01524 35656

Christmas Fayre Fundraiser for Lancaster Mother Friday 30th November Join us at The Boot and Shoe on Scotforth Road. Games, stalls, cake stall, raffle, tombola. Please read Heathers story on page 59.

Mother Christmas Day at Ashton Hall Garden Centre Sunday 2nd December from 1pm With Cockerham Handbell ringers and The Christmas Belles Telephone: 01524 751767

Festival Market’s Christmas Festival Sat/Sun1st & 2nd December Carol singing, Mince pies, Mulled wine, Christmas Stalls, Santa’s Grotto. ukfestivalmarket




At the Boot & Shoe Function Suite 171 Scotforth Road, Lancaster LA1 4PU 01524 63011

THE best quality magazine in Lancaster


Directory of Local Services

COUNCIL SERVICES Lancaster City Council Customer Service Centre, Town Hall, Dalton Square, Lancaster, LA1 1PG Tel: 01524 582000 Out Of Hours Emergencies Tel: 01524 67099 Domestic Waste And Street Cleaning Tel: 01524 582491 Council Tax Tel: 01524 582900 Highway Faults Tel: 0123 456 789 Electoral Registration Tel: 01524 582905 Planning Tel: 01524 582376 Pest Control Tel: 01524 582935 Stray Dogs Tel: 01524 582757 Bus Passes Tel: 01524 582958 Recycling Tel: 0800 0929705 Homeless Advice Tel: 01524 586827 Lifeline Care Alarm Service Tel: 01524 582527 Flooding Tel: 01524 582955 Handyperson Scheme Tel: 01524 586812 Sheltered Housing Tel: 01524 586858

DOCTORS Dalton Square Practice 8 Dalton Square Lancaster LA1 1PN Tel: 01524 842200 Ash Trees Market Street Carnforth Lancashire LA5 9JU Tel: 01524 720000 The Meadowside Medical Practice 1-3 Meadowside Lancaster LA1 3AQ Tel: 01524 32622 Queen Square Medical Practice 2 Queen Square Lancaster LA1 1RP Tel: 01524 843333

Owen Road Surgery 67 Owen Road, Lancaster, LA1 2LG Tel: 01524 846999 Rosebank Surgery Ashton Road, Lancaster, LA1 4JS Tel: 01524 842284 Galgate Health Centre Highland Brow Galgate, Lancaster, LA2 ONB Tel: 01524 751284 King Street Surgery 38 King Street Lancaster, LA1 1RE Tel: 01524 541651 Halton Surgery 110 High Road Halton, Lancaster LA2 6PU Tel: 01524 811226

Scale Hall Surgery 1 West Drive Scale Hall LANCASTER LA1 5BY Tel: 01524 64135 Bailrigg Health Centre University of Lancaster Bailrigg, Lancaster, LA1 4ZP Tel: 01524 387780 Caton Health Centre Hornby Rd, Caton, Lancaster, Lancashire LA2 9QS Tel: 01524 770718 Brookfield Surgery Bolton le Sands Carnforth, LA5 8DH Tel: 01524 822088



Service for people who need a GP outside their doctor’s surgery opening hours.

Central Dental Practice Telephone House Fenton Street Lancaster, LA1 1AB Tel: 01524 34778


GENERAL ENQUIRIES Ashton Road Lancaster, LA1 4RP

Tel: 01524 65944

Mayo Clinic Mayo House Meeting House Lane Lancaster, LA1 1GW Tel: 01524 33225 Bay Dental Partnership 6 New Street Lancaster, LA1 1EG Tel: 01524 32639 Brook Street Dental Practice 8 Brook Street Lancaster, LA1 1UU Tel: 01524 37324

Yourdentist Church Street, Lancaster Tel: 01524841196 The Dental Surgery 6 New Street Lancaster LA1 1EG Tel: 01524 32639 Market Gate Surgery Market Gate Lancaster LA1 1JF Tel: 01524 32630 The Lancaster Orthodontic 3 Moor Lane Lancaster LA1 1QD 01524 848344

Directory of Local Services PLACES OF WORSHIP

Holy Cross Orthodox Tel: 01524 840759

Lancaster Priory and Parish Chuch Tel: 01524 65338

Christians Alive Church Tel: 01524 845554 St Lukes Vicarage Tel: 01524 63249

Christ Church Tel: 01524 34430

Grace Baptist Church Tel: 01524 841133 http://www. freegracelancaster.

St Thomas C of E Tel: 01524 590410 Lancaster fm Church Tel: 01524 841941

Christians Against Poverty Tel: 01524 61582

Lancaster Baptist Church Tel: 01524 39677

Moorlands Evangelical Church Tel: 01524 64146 Lancaster Quaker Meeting Tel 01524 62971 www.lancasterquakers. Lancaster Methodist Church Tel: 01524 32717

King’s Community Church Tel: 01524 388490

Drop in sessions Monday 9.45am - 4pm Tuesday 12.45pm - 4pm Wednesday 9.45am - 4pm Thursday 9.45am - 1pm Friday 9.45am - 1pm

Telephone advice: 01524 400400 Tuesday 10am - 1pm Thursday 1pm - 2.30pm Address: 87 King Street Lancaster, LA1 1RH

You can hire a scooter, electric or manual wheelchair or walking frame. Lancaster on Wednesdays and Fridays or Morecambe on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Prices start from as little as £3 Shopmobility Tel: 01524 382764

St Paul’s C of E Scotforth Tel 01524 843135 LOCAL SERVICES

Lancaster Cathedral Tel: 01524 384820



Trinity United Reformed Church High Street - service 10.30am Bowerham - service 6.30pm

Lancaster District Homeless Action Tel: 01524 842008

Help Direct is a service for all adults in Lancashire. We offer support, guidance and information to help you make the decisions you need to get the most out of life.  Call in and speak to an advisor any weekday at our office:   7 – 11 Chapel Street, Lancaster (9am – 5pm) You can also email your query to us, or phone us on the low-cost phone number weekdays (9am – 5pm) Or visit Alternatively, you can make an appointment to see an advisor at your local GP surgery:  

LANCASTER Dalton Square , King Street, Meadowside, Owen Road, Queen Square, & Rosebank MORECAMBE MHC (Coastal), West End, Westgate, Yorkbridge Also at: Ashtrees, Windsor in Garstang & Carnforth.

ONE VOICE DISABILITY SERVICE One Voice is a disabled person’s organisation providing services, project and support for disabled people, their families and carers. Find out more : 01524 34411 St Leonards House St Leonards Gate Lancaster LA1 1NN

Lonsdale District Carers is a user led organisation that provides support and services for adult carers in the Lancaster and Morecambe District. 01524 418278 info@lonsdalecarers.

Drop in sessions at various locations across the district. Please phone for details.

0303 333 1111

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Directory of Local Services: Education PRIMARY SCHOOLS Caton Community Primary School Broadacre Road Caton, LA2 9NH Tel: 01524 770104 Skerton Community Primary Skerton, Lancaster, Lancashire LA1 2AY Tel: 01524 63785 Scotforth St Pauls C of E Primary Scotforth Road Lancaster, LA1 4SE Tel: 01524 65379 Quernmore C of E Primary Quernmore Lancaster, LA2 9EL Tel: 01524 66628 St Wilfrid’s C of E

TUTORS Martin Lowe Inspired Child tuition services. Maths English, Music, Languages and IT. 01524 841980 www.inspiredchild. Fredrik Holm MA(mus) Piano, singing, basoon, recorder and music theory 07780 623855 www.2b-intune. co,uk Jan McCartney Professional tuition for pupils aged 6-16 years old. Tel: 01524 61199 94

Primary Penny Stone Road Lancaster, LA2 6QE Tel: 01524 811230

Dolphinholme C of E Dolphinholme Lancaster, LA2 9AN Tel: 01524 791530

Lancaster Ridge Primary Keswick Road Lancaster, LA1 3LE Tel: 01524 841589

Moorside School Bowerham Rd, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 4HT Tel: 01524 66516

The Cathedral Primary Balmoral Road Lancaster, LA1 3BT Tel: 01524 64686

Bowerham Primary Bowerham Road, Lancaster, Lancashire LA1 4BS Tel: 01524 63999

Christ Church C of E Primary School Derwent Road Lancaster Lancashire LA1 3ES Tel: 01524 60955

Dallas Road Primary High Street Lancaster, LA1 1LD Tel: 01524 64520 Ryelands Primary Torrisholme Road Lancaster, LA1 2RJ Tel: 01524 64626

Cockerham C of E Primary School Main Street Cockerham Lancaster LA2 0EF Tel/Fax: 01524 791550 www.cockerham.lancs. Caton St Pauls C of E Moorside Road, Brookhouse, Lancaster, LA2 9PJ Tel: 01524 770241 Thurnham Glasson Church of England Primary School Marsh Lane Glasson Dock Lancaster LA2 0AR Tel/Fax: 01524 751425 www. thurnhamglasson.lancs.

Lancaster Royal Grammar East Road, Lancaster Girls Grammar Lancaster, LA1 3EF Tel: 01524 580600 Regent Street Lancaster, LA1 1SF Tel: 01524 32010 Our Ladys Catholic College Central Lancaster High Morecambe Road, Crag Road, Lancaster, LA1 2RX Lancaster, LA1 3LS Tel: 01524 66689 Tel: 01524 32636 www.our-ladys-rc. www.central.lancsngfl.

Jamea Al Kauthar Ashton Road, Lancaster, LA1 5AJ Tel: 01524 389898

Jonathan Gray. Expert History tuition for KS3, GCSE and A-Level students. Tel: 01524 298093

Skerton Community High Owen Road, Lancaster, LA1 2BL Tel: 01524 65143 www.skertonhigh.


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Carnforth County High Kellet Road, Carnforth, Lancashire, LA5 9LS Tel: 01524 732 314 Ripley St Thomas Church of England High School Ashton Road Lancaster, LA1 4RS Tel: 01524 64496 www.ripley.lancsngfl.

Directory of Local Services: Take-aways, Coffee Shops, Transport TAKE AWAYS CHINESE Wok Express 60 Penny Street Lancaster, LA1 1XF Tel: 01524 847575 Fired Wok Chinese Takeaway 98 Prospect Street Lancaster, LA1 5ES Tel: 01524 36000 The Woo Ping 16-18 Church Street Lancaster, LA1 1NP Tel: 01524 64713 Bamboo Garden 30-32 New Street Lancaster, LA1 1EG Tel: 01524 849984 INDIAN Bombay Balti 16 China Street Lancaster, LA1 1EX Tel: 01524 844550 Nice and Spicy 2 Lower Church Street Lancaster, LA1 1NP Tel: 01524 33333 Urban Spice 21 Brock Street Lancaster Tel: 01524 847107 Iky’s Balti House 133 St Leonards Gate Lancaster, LA1 1NL Tel: 01524 34432 PNP Currys and Kebabs 154 Ryelands Road Lancaster, LA1 2RA Tel: 01524 555857 Moghuls 91 King Street Lancaster, LA1 1RH Tel: 01524 36253

Sultan of Lancaster The Old Church Brock Street Lancaster, LA1 1UU Tel: 01524 61188 JAPANESE Miyabi 6 Cable Street Lancaster, LA1 1HD Tel: 01524 848356 OTHER Domino’s Pizza 20 Church Street Lancaster, LA1 1NP Tel: 01524 848999 Subway 11 Church Street Lancaster, LA1 1LP Tel: 01524 33351 or Ryelands Service Station Owen Road Lancaster LA1 2LL Tel: 01254 383605 or 99-101 Penny Street Lancaster, LA1 1XN Tel: 01524 599328 Pizzetta Republic 75 North Road Lancaster Tel: 01524 33332 Flames 1 Rosemary Lane Lancaster, LA1 1NR Tel: 01524 382399 Bowerham Chippy 2 Coulston Road Lancaster, LA1 3AE Tel: 01524 61230 Pizza Hut Kingsway Retail Park Lancaster, LA1 1DQ Tel: 01524 599222

Lancaster Fried Chicken 3 Rosemary Lane Lancaster, LA1 1NR Tel: 01524 66575 Supanova 18 Church Street Lancaster Tel: 01524 841488

Maxwell’s Cafe & Delicatessen 71 Penny Street Lancaster LA1 1XF Tel: 01524 388435 Casa Rastelli Marketgate Lancaster, LA1 1AL

TRANSPORT Coastal Taxis Tel: 01524 424424 or 01524 60000 A to B Taxis Tel: 01524 844922 32090 Taxis 35666 Tel: 01524 32090 or 01524 35666 8 4 8 Taxis Tel: 01524 848848 John’s Taxi Tel: 01524 845210 Lancaster Road Taxis Tel: 01524 844844 National Rail Enquiries Tel: 08457 48 49 50

COFFEE SHOPS The Old Bell Coffee House Bashful Alley Lancaster, LA1 1LF Tel: 01524 36561 Lewis Of Lancaster‎ 23 New Street Lancaster LA1 1EG Tel: 01524 389 642‎ Starbucks 19 Market Street Lancaster LA1 1HZ Tel: 01524 381 795 Cafe Nero 23 Market Street Lancaster LA1 1HZ Tel: 01524 36130 Sunbury Coffee House 28 Sun Street Lancaster, LA1 1EW Tel: 01524 843312 Local Bus Journey Planner 0871 200 22 33 Budgie Transport Provide a waterbus service on the Lancaster Canal. Tel: 01524 389 410. Lancaster Bus Station Timetable Stagecoach Northwest 0871 2002233 Lancaster Train Station Meeting House Lane Lancaster LA1 5NW Virgin Ticket Line: 0871 977 4222

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Directory of Local Services: Restaurants

RESTAURANTS Blue Moon Thai Restaurant 6 Rosemary Lane Lancaster, LA1 1NR Tel:01524 381111 Teatro Grill 60-62 Church Street Lancaster Tel:01524 380012 Wagon and Horses 27 St Georges Quay Lancaster, LA1 1RD Tel: 01524 846094 The Sultan of Lancaster The Old Church Brock Street Lancaster, LA1 1UR Tel: 01524 61188


Penny Street Bridge Penny Street Lancaster, LA1 1XT Tel: 01524 599900 Quite Simply Food 13 Moor Lane Lancaster, LA1 1QD Tel: 01524 34916


Christmas Menu 1 Course £8

Quite Simply French 27a St Georges Quay Lancaster, LA1 1RD Tel: 01524 843199

2 Courses £10 3 Courses £12

1725 Tapas Bar 28 Market Street Lancaster, LA1 1HT Tel: 01524 66898 The Stork Corricks Lane Lancaster, LA2 OAN Tel: 01524 751234

Served Monday to Friday 12-6pm 24th November - 21st December

The Litten Tree 33-37 Church Street Lancaster, LA1 1LP Tel: 01524 541580

Bistro 26 26 Sun Street Lancaster, LA1 1EW Tel: 01524 846252

Greaves Park Bowerham Road Lancaster, LA1 3AH Tel: 01524 389335

Castle Balti 23a Castle Hill Lancaster Tel: 01524 388454

The Borough 3 Dalton Square Lancaster, LA1 1PP Tel: 01524 64170

Bella Italia 26-28 Church Street Lancaster Tel: 01524 36340

Miyabi (Japanese) 6 Cable Street, Lancaster, LA1 1HD Tel: 01524 848356

The Spaghetti House 18 Mary Street Lancaster, LA1 1UW Tel: 01524 846011

Pizza Margherita 2 Moor Lane Lancaster, LA1 1QD Tel: 01524 36333

The Mill at Conder Green Thurnham Mill Lane, Lancaster, LA2 OBD Tel: 01524 752852

The Sun Cafe 25 Sun Street Lancaster, LA1 1EW Tel: 01524 845599

The Water Witch Canal Tow Path Lancaster, LA1 1SU Tel: 01524 63828

The Sun Hotel & Bar 63-65 Church Street Lancaster, LA1 1ET Tel: 01524 66006

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Mung Mee (Thai) 6 Chapel Street Lancaster, LA1 1NZ Tel: 01524 64107 The Merchants 27 Castle Hill Lancaster, LA1 1YN Tel: 01524 66466


01524 389335

The Meeting House Restaurant 11-15 Meeting House Lane, Lancaster , LA1 1TJ Tel: 01524 848 049 The Three Mariners Bridge Lane Lancaster, LA1 1EE Tel: 01524 388957 Moghuls (Indian) 91 King Street Lancaster, LA1 1RH Tel: 01524 36253 The Gregson 33 Moorgate, Moor Lane Lancaster, LA1 3PY Tel: 01524 849959 The George & Dragon 24 St Georges Quay Lancaster, LA1 1RB Tel: 01524 62265

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A refreshingly and contemporary Thai restaurant in Lancaster Dont miss ourmodern LUNCHTIME DEAL with an menu offeringonly the £7.95 finest thai All food is prepared Starter & authentic Main course & Rice perdishes. person by our professional Thai chefs with the finest ingredients. We are fully licenced and can provide group bookings and private functions.

refreshingly modern We are fully licenced nd contemorary OpeningThai 7 days a week 12noon-3pm | 6pm-11pm and can provide group staurant in Lancaster bookings and private th an authentic menu functions.

Dont miss our LUNCHTIME


dishes. Opening times : Starterby& Main course only £7.95 per person l food is prepared 12noon-3pm|6pm-11pm our professional Thai 7 days a week

Heart of the City

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ingredients. A refreshingly modern and contemporary Thai restaurant in Lancaster with an EMARY LANE | LANCASTER | LA1 1NR authentic menu offering the How to find us finest thai dishes. HONE/BOOKINGS 01524 381 111

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Ln ge Grand Theatre All food is prepared by our professional Thai chefs with the finest ingredients. We are fully licenced and can provide OPENING TIMES: group bookings and private 12noon-3pm & 6pm-11pm 6 ROSEMARY LANE | LANCASTER | LA1 1NR functions. 7 days a week TELEPHONE/BOOKINGS 01524 381 111 Moo r Ln



Bringing Lancaster together this Christmas



Extended opening hours until 9pm* *Check individual store opening times

FREE shoppers car parking* *on City Council & Market Gate Car Parks

CHRISTMAS LAUNCH & LIGHTS SWITCH ON THURSDAY 22ND NOVEMBER 2pm - Bay Radio with presenter Darren Milby 4pm - ‘Real live’ Cairngorm Reindeer return for viewing! 6.45pm - Cancer Care Santa Dash & Reindeer Run. Support the 4th annual festive, family fun event around the city centre. 7.30pm - Christmas Tree & Lights Switch On with Santa!







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Thursdays 6pm till 9pm 22 & 29 November and 6, 13 & 20 December Sundays all day 25 November and 2, 9,16 & 23 December

JOSEPH 2012 - 2013


54 NORTH ROAD | LANCASTER LA1 1LT | TEL: 01524 63981


An unforgettable


67 Penny Street | Lancaster | LA1 1XF | 01524 847100

67 Penny Street


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