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From The editor With the constant change of fashion, its nice to be able to keep up on the latest trends. Unfortunatley, the graphic inappropriate ads bring on some serious blushing. You could buy the fashion magazines off the rack, and rip out half the pages. can subscribe to What I Wear, What I Do And Why I Did It's seasonal fashion magazineMODEST-for FREE!Instead of un-realistic items for you to buy and wear, this magazine promotes frugality and modesty. Get the scoop on the latest trends, without comprimising your eyes! Each trend includes a way to make it modest (see Modest-fied trends)! What are you waiting for?! Settle into a comfy chair and enjoy!

Military Inspired

The latest trend, military inspired, has crept its way slowly into the stores. Everything from purses and skirts, to jackets and shoes. Reminiesent of the early years of military, it can be a great addition to your closet! More of the feminine type? Try a military inspired dress, or pair one the more 'edgier' jackets with a frilly pink shirt.


Modest fashion magazine

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