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In This Issue: • Why Sage 300 ERP? • Businss Disaster Planning • Monthly Triva • Congratulations to FiveTen • Writing for Business Tips

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With all of the software choices today you might be asking yourself, “Why Sage 300 ERP”? Some of you may be pondering that question harder than others as your business model changes, mergers and acquisitions occur or the software you are using is becoming obsolete due to hardware changes or the software developers. There are compelling reasons to look industriously at Sage 300 ERP. Sage 300 ERP deployment options is a good place to start, it can be deployed On-Premise, Online or hosted. If your company is expanding its global reach, hosting can be a cost effective approach to your IT budget. And speaking of global…Sage 300 ERP is a multi-lingual and multi-currency ready solution. Important factors when we look at how the North American continent is doing business on a global scale. If your business is considering acquisitions in differing markets, Sage 300 ERP becomes even more attractive with over 450 additional bolt-on products for industries such as Service, Manufacturing and Distribution, Food & Beverage, Not-For-Profit,

Government and Banking. Don’t see your industry listed? Sage 300 ERP was developed with the idea that not all companies are alike and some may have exclusive needs where only customization, macros and optional fields can satisfy your unique needs. Sage 300 ERP is a customizable solution and able to adapt. If today’s research in what companies need most out of an ERP system is true, then budgeting, planning and forecasting are important to your company. With the Sage Business Intelligence software that comes with Sage 300 ERP, at no additional cost, you can visually see profit centers, analyze sales data, and deploy the data in Excel format to those in need of significant information and trend reports.

As we welcome in the New Year, we reflect on the devastation wrought by Super Storm Sandy. There is much we can learn from that horrible event. Whether the threat in your area is tornado, hurricane, earthquake, flood or fire, there is no better time to establish your disaster plan and educate your employees on how to carry it out. A July 2012 Sage survey found that 61% of surveyed small businesses do not have a disaster preparedness and recovery plan. Not

only are your business assets at risk, but the safety of your employees and survival of your business is at stake. Your plan should include how to get back up and in full operation as soon as possible. How will your employees be able to get to work? Will your communications systems function properly? Will your mission critical data be available? How will you account for lost property and replace it efficiently and affordably? Sage

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January 2013 Writing for Business Tips 1. Leave out the metaphors 2. Use simple, concise language 3. Avoid wordiness, make sure you self-edit 4. Stay current, using active verbs can energize your message 5. Don’t use jargon, it can cloud your message 6.Beware of the exclamation point, only use when absolutely necessary

Disaster Planning Continued... Fixed Assets is a business critical tool to assist you in tracking, with photos, all your assets to speed insurance claims to recovery. Contact your Sage Business Partner for more information on Sage Fixed Assets. See the link below to the Sage Software document, “Seven Ways to Prepare Your Organization for an Emergency”. More information and helpful documents on Disaster planning are available from the Small Business Administration at Please visit our Blog on the Answers Technology website to download “7 Ways to Prepare Your Organization for an Emergency” PDF.

7. Limited use of adverbs 8. Know when to use “that” & “which” 9. Don’t confuse “affect” & “effect” 10. Always use a professional sign off, like “Regards” or “Sincerely” Answers Technology, Inc. is pleased to feature one of our oldest clients; FiveTen. Founded in 1985 by avid rock climber Charles Cole, FiveTen is now an international leader of performance, high-friction footwear. Living up to their tag line “Brand of the Brave,” FiveTen has conquered the industry with specialized shoes designed to withstand the rigors of ascending rock faces around the world. As many businesses do; FiveTen started small, but has grown quickly and along the way has embraced and utilized their business solution software to overcome the growing pains and adapt to their needs. Starting out with a DOS system, FiveTen has gradually adapted Sage 300 ERP (formerly Sage Accpac), Sage CRM, an integrated Iciniti web store, Orion POS (Point of Sale) and have embraced an EDI

(Electronic Data Interchange) solution to meet the needs of their major retail chains. By implementing an integrated system, FiveTen and Answers Technology, Inc. have eliminated double entry, and streamlined FiveTen’s business practices, thereby allowing them to expand their productivity and client base. In November 2011, the Adidas Group purchased FiveTen in whole, recognizing the potential in FiveTen’s specialized product line, and helping to grow Adidas’ action sport community sales. Senior Vice President of Adidas Outdoor was quoted as saying, “FiveTen has continuously been at the forefront of innovations and shares the same passion for athletes as we do at Adidas.” By continuing their growth pattern, FiveTen is now focusing on their facility in Germany and installing Sage 300 and Sage CRM, following in their North America’s facilities successes. Answers Technology, Inc. is proud to support FiveTen as a client, and we would like to congratulate them on their success and growth over the years.


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