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Sage Trade-in Offer

Sage Pro ERP & Sage PFW customers will receive trade-in credit toward their new Sage ERP license purchase. Promotion Details: Customers receive a per-user trade-in credit, trade-in value diminishes over time.

Buy Three Get One Free User

For every three full-use users purchased (module-based and user-based), existing customers will receive an additional user at no additional product cost. Promotion applies to Sage 300 and Sage CRM. Promotion Details: Offer Expires June 30, 2013 and the first year of maintenance is required for the free user and is not included in this promotion. Offer does not apply to hosted or subscription orders.

Contant ATI Sales for more information: (866)680-7742 ex. 903

Such a vital yet basic function as distributing the right information to the right people is key to running a successful business, but is not necessarily easy to achieve. Simple activities, such as emailing an invoice, making sure your sales-reps follow up with all prospects or ordering new stock all play a key role in running a successful business, but can get lost in other day to day activities. Luckily, KnowledgeSync by VineyardSoft automates all of these activities and alerts the right people at the right time so no task will be forgotten or go undone. Take control of all communications concerning sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing and service with KnowledgeSync Business Activity Monitoring. KnowledgeSync will act as an “invisible assistant” watching over all aspects of your business and warn you and your employees about any conditions that need attention. These conditions include following up with leads, reording stock items, and it will even help you collect past due invoices. Your new “invisible assistant” will streamline all repetitive business processes including invoice delivery, assigning leads to sales staff, and distributing key reports to desired members of

As an HR manager you face a daily dilemma. You would like to spend more time helping your company save on workforce related costs, improving the work environment for your employees and implement training and development programs for your staff, yet you spend most of your days doing paperwork. A well-planned Human Resource Management Solution (HRMS) can help you achieve all of your HR goals.

your staff. Not only will KnowledgeSync monitor outgoing communications, it will also monitor incoming email requests from your website, incoming support questions and product information requests. KnowledgeSync offers a wide range of alert options, these alert options include: • PDA/Cellphone • Pop Up • Email • Fax • Web Brower You also have the option to customize the alerts by staff member, letting you configure alert preferences and distinguishing between work and home addresses based on the day of the week and time of day. Another helpful function is the ability to create a failover (if the main contact for the alert is not available, a second person with be alerted, so no task will go unattended). Let KnowledgeSync assist you and your staff in running a more efficient and effective business, allowing you to focus on the big picture.

The Power of a HRMS Continued...

In the Family Offer

Customers on Sage 300 ERP, who purchase Sage HRMS, Sage HRMS Payroll, or Sage Employee Self Service will receive a 20% In the Family discount off the product. Promotion Details: Offer Expires June 30, 2013 and the qualifying solution must have been purchased at least 12 months prior to the promotion expiration date. Offer limited to one option only.

Off-Plan Customers

Reinstatement fees waived (up to 100%) for off-plan customers who are lapsed less than three version back from current version. Simply purchase any of the products listed below and the reinstatement fee will be reduced dollar for dollar up to the value of the product purchases. • Sage Intelligence • Sage CRM (minimum 5 users) • Sage Fixed Assets • Sage HRMS • Sage Inventory Advisor Promotion Details: Offer Expires Sept. 30, 2013. For subscription sales, the 12-month value of subscription will be applied.

Contant ATI Sales for more information: (866)680-7742 ex. 903

The Role of HRMS Technology: An HRMS Solution will provide an integrated software solution for managing and automating your company’s core workforce administration, including: • Employee job and personal information • Government compliance • Employee benefits • Attendance • Payroll • Recruitment • Planning, analysis & reporting • Employee development, compensation and retention A well-planned HRMS can help you: • Reduce routine administration & paperwork • Drive costs out of your business by automating core HR, benefits, and payroll processes for increased efficiency and productivity • Increase retention by providing a high level of service to employees • Easily create accurate, timely reporting and analysis • Reduce the cost of compliance and risks

associated with increasingly complex and burdensome regulations, including the avoidance of the fines, penalties and costly litigation. • Employee Self-Service Portal By implementing an automated HRMS Solution most of the routine paperwork associated with HR will be eliminated. Your new HRMS system will also impact the bottom line by standardizing processes, increasing productivity, and ensuring better compliance. About Sage HRMS: A customized HRMS Solution; Sage HRMS will help you optimize your HR processes and maximize your Return On Employee Investment (ROEI). Developed by HR professionals, Sage HRMS delivers a tightly integrated set of comprehensive features and functionality that will increase your efficiency and improve productivity. Sage HRMS will automate and streamline your day-to-day HR business processes, letting you spend more time and energy on the most vital aspects of your company.

It can be difficult to determine how long you should keep different personal and professional documents for tax purposes, most people end up keeping them for years on end. Luckily, Answers Technology, Inc. has CPA's on staff and they have put together this quick reference guide for document retention.

employer stock plans, roll-overs and KEOGH/SEP plan contributions or withdrawals 4 years after plan assets have been paid out or withdrawn

Residential Records: Escrow statements for purchase and/or sale; receipts for improvements; mortgage & refinancing loan documents At least 4 years after the property is sold Investment Records: Purchase and sale records on securities notifications regarding splits, reinvested dividends, etc. At least 4 years after the security is sold Depreciation Records: For any real estate or depreciable business property: • Cost (Escrow statement, if real property) • Date acquired • Depreciation claimed in prior years • Receipts for major improvements At least 4 years after the property is disposed of Retirement Plans: Keep records of retirement plan contributions, including non-deductible IRA deposits,

Tax Return Supporting Documents: All tax return supporting documents such as: • Bank statement / cancelled checks • Credit card statements • Medical and contribution receipts • Business entertainment records • Self-employed business records, including contracts, employment records, deposit records, paid invoices, financial statements and payrolltax reports 6-7 years Insurance Policies & Household Inventory: Including photos and appraisals of valuables 4 years after expiration of policy

Answers Technology, Inc. April 2013 Newsletter  

Let Answers Technology help you streamline your business, allowing you to focus on your future goals.

Answers Technology, Inc. April 2013 Newsletter  

Let Answers Technology help you streamline your business, allowing you to focus on your future goals.