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n-SICE is a network that brings together leading international academics, key civil society representatives and consultants from voluntary/public sector partnerships to critically explore potentials, prerequisites and methods for voluntary work and civic engagement. The n-SICE targets absolutely critical questions that precede the resource perspective increasingly adopted by European governments, namely questions as to the preconditions and consequences of citizenship as a resource. In this way, nSICE addresses question of how social innovation and a shift of responsibility from the state to civil society (to individuals, community groups, charities, and the corporate world) can be made possible in a sustainable in environmental, social and economic way. The network has three thematic strands: (1) Engaging Civil Society in Social Innovation, (2) Developing Democratic Cross-Sector Partnerships and (3) Social Innovation and Social Media. Each thematic strand focuses on one of the three key questions that drive the research interests of n-SICE: 1. What are the structural and cultural incentives that drive Social Innovation initiatives and Civic Engagement? 2. How can we ensure that Social Innovation has a sound civic grounding and thus is socially sustainable? 3. How can social media help reconfigure these challenges by facilitating dissemination, organization, transparency and participation? The purpose of n-SICE is to address these broad, fundamental questions through case studies of civic engagement at different levels – across national and local levels. n-SICE is funded by the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration.

Upcoming events Call for abstracts: Multi-stakeholder workshop, Copenhagen 2013

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