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May 2013


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Letter From the Editors Throughout this project we learned key facts about weathers importance. The way everything affects weather and how weather affects us. The atmosphere, the oceans and winds are just a few of the things that help cause natural disasters. The three of us working on the project split up the topics evenly. Jodie, took thunderstorms and flash flooding. Emily, did tornadoes, and I researched Hurricanes. The theme of the project was obviously weather, we had to go in depth with individual aspect of natural occurrences. Some of the things we found were; how they formed, where and when they occurred, the damage and dangers, and the


precautions to take during or before it happens. This Project wasn’t overly difficult if you did your research. The group worked well together and enjoyed the time we had to work. The information that was collected was shared with all of the group. Not one person, did alone, their own article, without giving or receiving advice from another member. Overall, we think the magazine is informative and interesting and hopefully you enjoy it! - Sara Wheeler , Jo!e James, and Emily Mayer

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Weather Of The World By Sara Wheeler, Emily Meyer, and Jodie James

Weather. Something you see every day. Whether it is

When you hear the word weather, what do you think?

rain, sun, snow, sleet, tornadoes, storms, clouds, or

Rain, snow, sun, hail? Weather is actually all that and

hurricanes. Weather is something that affects me.

more. It is the properties in the atmosphere at a specific

Something that affects you. Something that affects every

time and place, this includes, temperature, precipitation

person on this planet. It is the thing that completely soaks and air movement. All weather happens in the lowest you when you’re waiting for a taxi. It is the thing that

layer of the atmosphere called the Troposphere.

makes your day when you see the sun twinkling in the

Everything we do is influenced by weather. If its 90

sky . It is the force that gives and takes, but there is so

degrees and sunny, you wouldn’t go out wearing a winter

much more that makes weather besides a grim looking


cloud. Weather is an amazing force of nature that gives us so much to question, and so much to learn.


And is it just me or does the world seem bipolar? I mean we know how to dress no matter what

Acorrding To Pokemon; Lightning is Yellow

the weather, but why does it have to be 70

masses. All specifically formed around the climate they

degrees one day and 50 the next? Well there is a reason, are around. An air mass is a large area of air that has different things influence weather and cause it to change.

specific characteristics. A front is where two masses

Some things that influence the weather in the land of

meet. The denser cooler front sinks below the warmer

liberty are the cold fronts from Canada, the sun, the jet

front. A warm front runs right over the top of a cold front.

streams, the warm fronts from the south, the oceans and

This ascending air cools down and forms clouds. Cold

the atmosphere. Geological features such as mountains

fronts move faster than warm.The period of changing

also play a part in whether. There are many different

weather in a warm front will last longer than that of a cold

climates in the united states of america so to properly

one. When moisture is added to this mix, clouds are

speak of this topic I need to speak of a certain region. So


lets start with the region I know best, the place where I live, the hoosier state, Indiana. Indiana’s climate is humid continental which

Moisture isn’t just in the clouds, it is also in the ocean, which in turn affects the climate. Most people confuse climate with weather, however, they most

means there are four distinct seasons and high humidity

certainly are not the same. Climate is is the average

and precipitation. Its weather and the things that affect it

weather occurrences while weather is simply what is

varies depending on where you live in indiana. In the

happening right now. Climate is affected by weather and

northern parts cold fronts from Canada and Lake

all things related to weather, so it is also affected by the

Michigan are the major factors in weather change. In the

ocean. The ocean and any large form of water will absorb

south it’s warm coastal air from the south and sometimes

and store the sun's heat, that is why if you go to Lake

the Ohio river.

Michigan in the beginning of summer the water might still

The sun is more than just a giant ball of fire in the sky

be cold. The opposite is true is you go to Lake Michigan

that warms coastal air, though, it is part of the reason we

in the early winter/fall, since the water would likely still be

have seasons. It is no surprise that the sun beats down

warm. Along with storing the Sun’s heat, the ocean pulls

on the Earth affecting the temperature of the planet, but

the sun’s energy along certain paths. Affecting how warm

Earth’s axis also plays a big part. The Earth is tilted about an area might be. 23.4 degrees on its axis (an imaginary line through the center of the Earth). The Earth spins on this axis as it orbits around the sun creating a circle within the circle. As it orbits the sun hits the Earth in different places. When it is summer where you live the Sun is hitting your side of the earth more directly. Therefore, when it is winter where you live, the Sun is hitting the Earth less directly. This direct and indirectness of the sun’s rays on the Earth causes the seasons which in turn causes weather like snow or rain. Snow and rain, like most weather happens in the Troposphere. The atmosphere ties into lower/higher pressure systems and weight. It gets colder as you go up. The higher you go the less dense the air is. This is why when people climb mountains, they travel in a zigzag pattern, stopping every now and then to camp and readjust to the thin air. The atmospheres properties, precipitation, humidity, temperature, create fronts and air


Acorrding To Pokemon; Lightning is Yellow

Tornado facts


The power of a tornado is rated by the fujita scale, they range form F0-F6

by; Emily Mayer It’s a Monday and like every Monday you’re at school your

All tornadoes are unique, they all have their own color, sound and shape.

eyes glued to the ever moving hands on the clock. You hear thunder howling in the distance, its voice coming closer. The wind whipping at

Their paths can be for one mile or longer.

the building and windows, water slamming onto the the ground.

Most tornadoes only last for a few minutes.

Before you know it the loudspeaker comes alive and worried, a nervous voice says “ This is a tornado warning, it is not a drill everyone go to your designated area, I repeat this is not a drill.” Then the voice cuts off along with every light. Your teacher rushes you to your safe area, but you decide to look out the window, curiosity pulling you there like a puppeteer controlling a puppet. The sight you see terrifies and mesmerises you. The normally blue skies are now dark gray, trees waving then snapping in the wind. A funnel cloud has formed in the angry sky. Lighting flashes and cracks across the wild blue yonder. It lights up your

cold front meeting warm or hot air mass. Next the warm air mass rises above the colder air, because heat

reach to the ground if the air pressure

rises , as the hot air cools down and

is low enough. The outcome is a

then turns into rain. The warm airs


rising motion causes a large updraft

Even Though tornadoes are

in the atmosphere. As this is

dangerous much more property is

happening winds that are close to the

destroyed than lives lost. On average,

surface that move slower than winds

60 people die each year from

higher up in the atmosphere make

tornadoes mostly for falling or flying

the air mass between the ground and

debris. The cost in damage can range

the supercell thunderstorm rotate. In from hundreds of dollars to billions. the atmosphere the warm up draft

There have been pictures of

lifts the air mass on its end making a

toothpicks driven into concrete.

mesocyclone. A mesocyclone is a

Some tornados can send a car flying

vortex of air within a thunderstorm.

across a yard and into a house like a

we think of destruction, and death

The key factor of the formation of a

bullet shot for a gun. While others

but what are they? Tornados are a

tornado is the barometric pressure of

only have the strength to pick up

form of weather. They are dangerous,

the air under the mesocyclone.

lawn chairs.

destructive vortices of air. Tornadoes

Barometric pressure is atmospheric

are usually formed for an extreme

pressure measured by a barometer .A

thunderstorm called a supercell

spinning cloud mass will then follow

thunderstorm. They occur when two

the trail with the least resistance and

face as you watch mother nature at her most frightening. Tornados, when we hear this word


large air masses collide, usually it’s a

The likelihood of an F5 tornado is 0.1% and there has never been a F6 tornado.

Acorrding To Pokemon; Lightning is Yellow

Anywhere a thunderstorm can develop, so can a tornado. Convexly, the tornadoes seem to follow a path, making parts of the midwest of the United States a haven for these volatile storm. Most of the tornadoes happen right here in the United States of America. There has been reported tornadoes in every state in america, in every season. A Tornado commonly happens from 3pm and 9pm but can happen anytime. Tornado warnings usually happen 13 minutes before the actual tornado comes and 70% are false alarms. Over 1,200s tornadoes hit us each year. Most happen in tornado alley, a nickname for a broad area with a high occurrence of tornadoes in central america. Some of the states in tornado alley are Oklahoma, Kansas, the Texas


Panhandle, Nebraska, eastern South Dakota, and eastern Colorado Everything after that was just a blur, people crying, and screaming for their moms. Before you know it the tornado disappears like God was a magician and the tornado was his trick. You don’t dare to look back at the window afraid of what the scene outside looks like. The old saying “curiosity killed the cat... but satisfaction brought it back” rings in your ears. So you change your mind and look. What you see can’t be put into words.

Acorrding To Pokemon; Lightning is Yellow

Hurricanes By; Sara Wheeler These devastating disasters we call hurricanes I woke up on an eerie morning to the sound of

are a tropical storms that form over an ocean. rumbling thunder. I usually like storms, so I look In order to form, the water has to be at least 80 out the window. Only to catch a glimpse of degrees Fahrenheit, causing more evaporation, large mailboxes and blue trash bins flying

clouds, and humidity. Winds come together

through our yard. It seemed out of the normal.

forcing each other upward. Then the wind flows

My mind didn’t register how bad it was until the

outward above the storm, allowing the air below lights go out and I hear panicking from the other to rise. Winds outside the growing storms start room. Going into the hall, my mother is rushing to form the hurricane. Wind starts to spin in a around the house putting things together;

circular pattern like that of a tornado. Strong Flashlights, non-perishable foods, water bottles, winds at a high altitude help discard the now etc. In the background I hear the news talking rising air. If this cycle continues, the hurricane about about a hurricane just off the coast of

will continue to grow. The eye (or middle) of the

Florida. We had been told in school that a

storm is the calmest place in a hurricane,

hurricane can start to affect places 36-72 hours

because of the winds spinning in a circular

before the actual hurricane hits. So all the rain

direction, everything stays out of the middle.

we have had these past few days makes

Where and When?

sense. Then I realize that if the hurricane has

You usually see hurricanes along coastlines

formed just off the coast, it would be in our

and islands. They usually don’t reach too far

hometown of Frostproof in no time.

inland but the effects can go as far as Indiana

What are hurricanes?

from a hurricane along the coast of Georgia. Hurricane season starts around end of May or


Acorrding To Pokemon; Lightning is Yellow

water, for days. Residents should the beginning of June. They don’t

tie down pool covers and take

reach very far north because they

anything that might fly/break in the

die in cooler waters and over land.

wind, into a garage or shed,

What are the Precautions? Dangers? Damage?

making sure you also securely shut the shed door. People can get

Hurricanes can produce a mass

locked in their homes from depres

range of damage. The minimal

or flooding. Meaning no food or

being unanchored mobile homes or water. You should always store tree branches cascading around

extra water bottles and non-

town and the catastrophic damage

perishable foods just in case.

consisting of roofing ripped from

Lastly, and maybe one of the most

the foundation of houses; windows, important things to keep with you, doors, and mobile homes

is a first aid kit. You never know

completely ravaged, and some

how much damage may come to

buildings even collapsing to the

you or someone around you.

ground below. The range of damage depends on the wind

The Aftermath

We walked out of our now destroyed home. Our neighborhood strength. Most hurricanes stretch didn’t look that bad. From the 74 to 155 mph winds. These winds sounds of the whipping wind, I thought the damage would be also carry sea water onto land, worse. We walked around, helping neighbors out of their homes and causing extensive flooding in low making sure there was no one lying areas and homes. This storm severely injured. I’ve never surge can also keep residents from experienced this, but I sure don’t want to again. Even though the evacuating. In case of this, you will hurricane didn’t hit us that hard, it would still take quite a long time to need to take precautions such as rebuild our little town preparing for no heat, AC, food, or


Acorrding To Pokemon; Lightning is Yellow

THUNDER AND LIGHTENING; VERY, VERY FRIGHTENING Written By; Jodie James It is a Saturday night, you are home alone zig-zagging, jagged lightning appears from the sky and snuggled under a warm blanket. You’re

singes the ground. Thunder echoes

about to turn on the tv when suddenly, the lights go out. It all around, and like any sensible person... you scream. is completely black. You can’t see

Everyone who has ever been in a

anything, not the starlit sky, not the couch you’re pretty

thunderstorm knows just how scary they can be. It is

sure you’re still lying on, not even your hand in front of

not just the uneven, unnatural light that touches the

your face. You simply can not see. Panic washes over

ground, it is the boom of thunder as the

you. Who knows what could be lurking in the shadows,

light fades. It is the eerie darkness of the night that

after all, isn’t the dark a perfect time for a crime? You pull

surrounds you. Even if none of these

your blanket over your head, only to increase the

things scare you, they should. Lightning alone kills more

darkness. You begin to shake uncontrollably, when

people than hurricanes and

suddenly light floods the room. You freeze, but the light

tornadoes each year, and thats not even the scariest

10appears again. Hesitantly you

lift the blanket away from

your face and pear into the darkness. A strike of

part. No one is safe. Thunderstorms can happen everywhere, every state, every country, at every

Acorrding To Pokemon; Lightning is Yellow

approximately 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Sound hot? time of the year. Basically you can

Thats because it is. 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit is six

run, but you can’t hide. Every looming cloud could be

times hotter that the surface of the sun- and you thought

bringing lighting strikes and thunder no

sunburns were bad.

matter where you are.

What are Thunderstorms? Those dark clouds you sometimes see in the sky could very well be thunderstorm clouds. However, thunderstorms are not just heavy rains, winds and dark skies, they are the presence of crackling lightning and booming thunder. Thunderstorms are formed from cumulous clouds. Moisture, unstable air, and lift are three elements needed

I’m sure we can all agree that getting hit by searing lightning would certainly not be fun. One strike and you could lose a ligament, your memory, or even your life. Still, if someone near you is hit with lightning call 9-1-1 immediately. They will no longer carry the electric charge so if you need to touch them, do so.

Avoid Danger; Take Precautions If the skies start getting darker, winds start speeding

to create a thunderstorm. Once the storms clouds are

up, or crackled lightning breaks through the sky, take

formed all that is needed is lightning and thunder.

precautions for a thunderstorm. Get to sturdy buildings or

Lightning is formed when positive charges form and the

a car. Keep away from the trees and cover your ears to

top of a cloud and negative charges form at the bottom of avoid hearing damage. Stay away from conductors of a cloud. The negative charges will shoot down towards

electricity like water and stay off of electronic devices.

the ground, while positive charges are floating up from the ground. When the charges meet lightning is formed.

The thunder booms again echoing off the window. The

Lightning in turn creates thunder. When lightning is

scream that had been escaping from your throat cuts off

formed it literally makes a space in the cloud, so when it

abruptly. Your body keeps shaking, you can’t stop. Tears

goes away there is an open hole. The light collapses

slip down your face and the fear grows stronger and

back into the whole (channel) making the booming sound

stronger...until, the lights suddenly flip on. You jump from

of thunder.

the sudden brightness, focusing on the figure by the lightswitch. Your father stands there, a disapproving look

The Mysteries of Lightning Unveiled Think back to the first time you saw a strike of lightning. Can you remember what color it was? Most people describe lightning as white, yellow-white, or a white-blue color. All of those observations are correct. Lightning’s real color depends on the background it is against. In some places it may be a white flash, other places a jagged line of electric blue, and still in some places a charge of yellow all followed by the threatening crash of thunder. The color of lightning isn’t the only thing that is interesting. To some people the yellow color or shape of lightning reminds them of the burning flames of a fire. These people couldn’t be more right. Lightning is


on his face. “Really?” He says, “Its just a thunderstorm.”

Acorrding To Pokemon; Lightning is Yellow

Rain and Consequence Flash Floods

By; Jodie James On a normal Sunday evening you

you don’t realise how scared you are until you

and your family are cruising down the

actually sit down. The intensity of what is

backroads. The radio is up high and you’re

happening hits you like a brick, and a silent

singing along as you watch out the window. It

tear slips down your face blending with the

has been raining for days on end, but

ongoing rain.

stubbornly you still wanted to drive along the

A flood like the one described

countryside. Stevie Wonder’s “Just called to

above can be the effect of many different

say I love you” begins to play and out of habit

things. A tremendous amount of rain or melting

you sing along; “In fact here's just another

snow can sometimes be the cause of a flood.

ordinary day. No April rain. No flowers bloom.,

These two things, in turn, can also cause rivers

but just as you are about to belt out the course

to overflow. Flash floods might also be the

the program is interrupted. The announcer says result of a slow moving thunderstorm. something about a flash flood warning but you

Regardless of the way the flood

quickly tune him out. The rain is pouring

formed it is still just as deadly. Imagine plenty of

heavier now, pounding on the roof of the car. At

water flowing so fast it sweeps people right off

some point in the drive you fall into a light sleep their feet. Flash floods are the number one and wake to a flooding street. Your dad is trying weather related killer in the United States. to start the car but it seems to be stalled. In a

Nearly 80% of those deaths are related to

frantic hurry everyone is scrambling to leave

automobiles during the time of the flood.

the car and as soon as they are out, they are


You should be aware if your area

running to a hill in the distance. Your blood is

is at risk for flooding. If the land around you is

pumping and adrenaline is flooding your veins,

anything but flat, you are at an even higher risk

Acorrding To Pokemon; Lightning is Yellow

Your family was doing just that, checking all the electric items in the house. You had watched the flood for hours. Eventually you had stopped crying and only focused on valleys, and canyons than it does over flat land. wondering when it would finally be over. There were two If a flood ever does occur where you are get other families with you, all cuddling around each other trying to ignore what was happening around them. You to a high place where the water is less likely to reach were the only one who cared to watch the rain fall onto the Earth. You watched people run in a frantic hurry you. If you are in a car, do not attempt to drive through towards the center of the flood itself. You watched people flooded streets. If your car stalls leave it and seek higher scream for themselves, and scream for their children. ground. It is possible that is the flood gets extremely bad You even watched people’s cars float off into the distance. When that was over you would have to walk your car could be picked up and swept away. Once you home, and experience the aftermath first hand. Your stomach clenched at the thought of walking through the get to the highest place all you can do is wait out the damaged streets where people may have taken their last flood. When it is over it may not be safe to drink the breath. You wondered how you would ever be able to go back to a normal life. You had just witnessed something water, therefore, all the drinking water should be boiled. that would change your life forever, how do you just fall back into regular routine after that? Any electrical items should also be checked and dried for flooding. Water moves faster over hills,

before being used.


Acorrding To Pokemon; Lightning is Yellow

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