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She has worked in many different ateliers in Kutahya in order to learn classical and local techniques of embossed Ceramics. Her curiosity in innovation directed her towards experimental art and she was the fir st artist to use the relief and sunken-relief techniques in embossed Ceramics.

Bride Vase

"CARNATION" First samples of LEVNALEVN embossed Ceramics are hand molded from clay mixtures and fired up to 1200째 Celsius in order to obtain unglazed ceramic tiles. The desired embossed motifs are made on unglazed tiles and then hand painted by donkey-hair brushes using special organic root colors and dyes. The heights of the reliefs are about 1-4 mm. Then the tiles are glazed with a Majolica glaze, and fired again to obtain a glassy surface. The tiles are lastly treated with real gold or platinum solutions to obtain the desired color. The whole process lasts at least 15 days and then fired again to achieve the final result.


Sule DINCEL She has been a Watercolor artist for 4 years and generally her works are noted as self-portraits, but with different figures and faces. She embodies women figures under the subjects of feminism, death, marriage, love, gambling, pregnancy,generally portraying somber moods. Today, whatever she sees around her is a color for her and she uses ink, Watercolors, Watercolor pencils, nail polishes, gouache, sketch pencils, fibr e pens, finger paints, powder pastel, and salt.


Her hair, black and curly is like flares. Her skin so white and pure seems as if she is the daughter of Aphrodite. Her eyes tells stories of how century after century she has seen love, passion and sorrow.

Dimensions : 1in W x 18in H x 28in L

Rýdvan COSKUN In his work, Coskun prefers to utilize different techniques and methods. His subjects are present time and cities. In his art, Coskun does not desire to dictate the same feeling to each art lover; on the contrary, everybody can find personal sentiment through his paintings.

LONE MAN I Artist sees his paintings as reflections of a human spirit during daily occurences. His powerful blend of colors, and stylistic brush strokes detach the stories of his paintings from being ordinary and breathes a different kind of life into them.

Dimensions : 2in W x 24.8in H x 45.2in L MA0309RCRY021-0668

Mustafa AGATEKIN Mustafa Agatekin, a Ceramics and glass artist, attended Anadolu University, Faculty of Fine Arts,Department of Ceramics between 1987 and 1991. He continued his education at the same university and received his M.A. Honorary Degree at the Institute of Social Sciences in 1993 and earned his doctorate in 2003 with his dissertation on “Human depictions on til e surfaces of the Seljuk period�. In addition to his position as the Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Agatekin continues his artistic and academic work at Anadolu University. Agatekin utilizes many diff erent methods in his art, including fusion, hot glass blowing, and hand painted stained glass.

This artwork is made with the Pate De Verre glass art technique. First heat resistant molds of sculptures made from materials like mud and wax are prepared. Then the mold is filled with broken glass pieces and baked. With this technique each mold can only be used once. Therefore each piece is very unique. After the baking process, the mold breaks apart in pieces and the glass is revealed.

Dimensions : 8.5in W x 15in H x 9.5in - LMA0708MAOOC024-0372

Isýl YAYKIR Women figures inspire the color and the forms of her paintings with the style, energy and charm they radiate. Yaykir captures the essence of existence these women create with their being. Artist prefers to use acrylic mixed technique on Canvas

Dimensions : 1in W x 37in H x 22in - L0509IYYT001-857

Dimensions : 1in W x 43in H x 23in - L 0509IYYT004-860


“The beauty of the trees, the softness of the air, the fragrance of the grass speaks to me. The summit of the mountain, the thunder of the sky, The rhythm of the sea, speaks to me. The faintness of the stars, the freshness of the morning, the dewdrop on the flower, speaks to me. The strength of the fire, the taste of salmon, the trail of the sun, and the life that never goes away, they speak to me And my heart soars."

Dimensions : 1in W x 39in H x 39in - L 0509KYYT005-866

Chief Dan George

"... everything on the earth has a purpose, e very disease a herb to cure it, and every person a mission. This is the Indian theory of existence." Mourning Dove - Salish

Dimensions : 1in W x 39in H x 39in L0509KYYT001-862

Yasemin ASLAN BAKIRI She has worked with various international artists such as Annette Meech, Christopher Williams, David Taylor, Fleur Tookey. Since 1986, she has been exhibiting her work in museums, galleries, and exhibitions in various cities in Argentina, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the USA. She received the second prize at “Serpocam” Ceramic-Glass National Exhibition in 1988 and the “Young Designers” award at The Business Design Center in London in 1995. She runs a Glass Art center called “Camhane” in a historical building in Balat, Istanbul and continues to work from her studio as a glass artist.

My Colorful WorldI 0809YACO011-1126

Dance with Green & Blue 0809YACO015-1130

Glass Wall Panel 0809YACO004-1119

World is Full of Life 0809YACO009-1124

Ruby's Light 0809YACO002-1117


“When a new artwork is going to be created, the leaves that are appropriate for the subject are chosen. The subjects are generally chosen from three great religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Attention is paid that the themes are love, peace, and tolerance messages from past to our day. Then the leaves are dried until their saps are removed through a complex and special method. Perhaps the most important part of the work is to dry the leaves correctly.” The magic world of the leaves have influenced many around the world and continue to inspire others. Merdenyan’s customers include Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, Bill Gates and many celebrated families. Art technique: Calligraphy on Dieffenbachia leaf, made by fine cat hair brush with specially mixed pigments and 24k gold.The artist uses a traditional secret technique in preparation of the leaf and the colors.

• The artworks are placed in between two glasses and surrounded with a wooden frame. Under no circumstances take it out of its frame or expose it to direct sunshine. Blessing 0709NMYI009-1075

Meeting Point 0709NMYI019-1085

Matthew 43:44 0709NMYI018-1084

MEERSCHAUM PIPE Meerschaum: Literrally translated from German means "seafoam". This name reflects its characteristic of lightness in weight and whiteness in color. It is one of the most porous substances found in nature. Will not burn out, and is considered by pipe smokers as the perfect material for a cool, dry smoke. Unlike Briar Wood pipes, Meerschaum is a mineral. ( Hydrous Magnesium Silicate) Making a pipe: Since every " Nick's" pipe is inviduall y hand carved, the first step is for the craftsmen to select only the stones which he feels to be of the finest quality based upon size of the stone, density, color, and homogeneity. Our carvers then transform this block of raw stone, using the same hand carving techniques which have been handed down from generation to generation, into various style of pipes from the elegant smooth shapes, to intricately carved designs. This makes Meerschaum pipes one of the most prestigious, enjoyable, and beautiful pipes you can own. Comment: There are many misconceptions surrounding Meerschaum pipes. Remember, just as no two pipes are exactly same, no two pipe smokers are exactly the same. Do not be afraid to hold and handle your meerschaum pipe. Smoking your pipe is a traditional pleasure and watching it color adds to your enjoyment. also, unlike Briar which must be dried after each smoke, Meerschaum can be smoked many times a day because of its absorbing qualities. For hundreds of years, Meerschaum Pipes have been known as the ultimate pipe for enjoying the pleasures of smoking. Because each Meerschaum Pipe is a handcrafted work of art, it is passed on from generation to generation giving each a special pride of ownership. The entire of artwork completed in one year. The artwork is 15 year old . The meerschaum pipe will be delivered in a special wooden furniture with plate glass door.

Dimensions : 29in W x 14in H x 9in - L 1009NMLP031-1219



Harmony Dimensions : 1in W x 16.93in H x 43.31in L


The call of the Tulips to the sky in harmony... In the production of this artwork the madder s are blended with bile and aspersed on Ketre (the Crock full with water) with the brush. During the cr eation process, the artist goes through a spiritual journey with improvisation. As a result the artwork reflects the spirit of the artist. Artist prefers to use modern motifs in her work.


Deep Dreams Dimensions : 1in W x 17.32in H x 22.83in L 0309HOER015-0922

In the depth of space... In the production of this artwork the madder s are blended with bile and aspersed on Ketre (the Crock full with water) with the brush. During the creation process, the artist goes through a spiritual journey with improvisation. As a result the artwork reflects the spirit of the artist. Ozyildiz prefers to use modern motifs in her work. She uses traditional Spanish tecnique in this artw ork.

Mehmet GURSOY His work has been acquired for collection by the National Art Gallery; the Smithsonian Museum, Washington D.C.the Ankara Anatolian Civilizations Museum; USA Santa Fe International Museum and Indiana University Museum of Art, Aberystwyth Art Cent er, Wales UK. A master of Ceramics, Gursoy stated the following in his interview with the Turkish Daily News on August 20th 2004: “The art of til e making resembles nature created by God, and this is nature’s transformation of clay, stone and paper. Everything that God has created is beautiful and carefully formed. For this reason, Turkish tile making finds itself strivingor f the perfection of noticeable details and motifs.”

CARAFE This carafe is made by hand using 16th Century Iznik tiling technique. Gursoy beautifully communicates the airy quality of daisy motifs. The ovely l harmony of blue and white completes this fresh feeling.

Carafe ZA0808MGPI009-0478 Dimensions : 9.84in W x 15.75in H x 9.84in L

JAR This jar is made by hand using 16th Century Iznik tiling technique. Gursoy beautifully communicates the airy quality of daisy motifs. The lovely harmony of blue and white completes this fresh feeling.

Jar Dimensions : 8.66in W x 11.81in H x 8.66in LZA0808MGPI002-0471

Kemal ULUDAG Sitki M. Erinc defines Kemal Uludag’s artistic character as follows: “Having observed Uludag’s work, step by step in his development and transformation, I have observed with appreciation how his works have become clearer, purer, and he was able to tap into the non-figurative forms. Kemal Uludag, with his individual styl e, has proved with this exhibition that his Ceramics need not only be about functional ware. He also draws attention to his non-functional abstract artistic expression,as he has kneaded detail-fr ee substance with emotions.” “Humans are transformed into a standard form by the law of the society, yet as member of a society it is unavoidable that it makes you an individual. This group of works shows that an individual person stays as a phenomenon; these compositions create not only an aesthetic value but also self-identification and self-reliance in which we find the artist’s success.”


The Tulip Era 0609KUHY004-0935

“The Tulip Era” sculptures are artworks that portray both societal and personal forms. The outer silhouette resembles a very traditional figure of the Ottoman and Turkish art: the Tulip. On the other hand even though the figures unite at the same base, each one of them represent being a unique individual in a society . Stoneware - 1200 °C Dimensions : 12in W x 8in H x 8in L

HUMAN CONSTRUCTIONS “Human Constructions” are a set of stoneware sculptures that portray diversity of figures originating from the same base. The smooth texture and the distinct outlines of the figur es are characteristics of Uludag’s style. The artist effectively captures the fluidity in these sculptures and forms movements of human figures from stone. Stoneware - 1200 °C Human Constructions Dimensions : 12in W x 11in H x 8in L 0609KUHY010-0941

ONE WAY Labyrinths had many meanings through out history. Prehistoric labyrinths were believed to trap evil spirits.”One Way” is a powerful sculpture of the Medieval Labyrinth. These ones symbolize the path to reach God. The entrance is birth where the circular center represents God. One Way Salt-glazed Wood-fired - 1300 °C 0609KUHY007-0938 Dimensions : 10in Diam.


Ahmet Duymaz, developed an interest in the ancient art of copperwork at an early age. After completing the apprenticeship stage of Copper art, he became a Master in this art form and opened his own atelier in 1973. Over the years, he has educated many new Masters in this rare and fine art form in order to revitalize this often-forgotten piece of Turkish history. Following the success of his first personal exhibition in Gaziantep, he opened anxhibition e in Istanbul Yildiz Palace. Currently, Duymaz is a faculty member in the Department of Handcrafts Research and Development at Gaziantep University. One of the few remaining authorities of this art form, Duymaz creates masterpieces of Ottoman, Seljuk and Islamic Art.

PLACE VASE HITTITE EPOCH VASE Palace Vase Dimensions : 30in H x 15in D0709ADBO008-1003

Hittite Epoch Vase Dimensions : 10.5in W x 12.5in H0709ADBO003-0998

Hittite art drew upon earlier sources developed in Sumer and Babylon and upon local Anatolian culture of the 3d millennium B.C. The shape and the motifs of this vase embody the style of the Hittite epoch. The vase is constructed from one copper piece without any welds.

COPPER WINE BOWL The two parts of the tinplated artwork, body and stand, have been created separately from copper sheets. Intertwining, geometric plant and nature motifs have been engraved. The artwork is inspired by the late periods of the Seljuk Empire. Copper Wine Bowl Dimensions : 16.5in H x 22in D0709ADBO007-1002

While creating some of his pieces, Duymaz makes 3000 hits per cm².

Kerim SEFER Kerim Sefer’s family has created traditional art and adapted it to modern dimensions sinc e the 1800’s. In the beginning, the family used to travel from city to city on horseback and carried the Carpets and kilims with them to showcase. The first stop in their journey was Ankara / Ulus. When the modern Turkish Republic was built, the family opened the famous Sammas Carpet Store in the capital and they expanded to three other stores in Ulus. The Sefer Family’s goal has always been to protect the Turkish motifs and to present them with quality and trust. Kerim Sefer is the fourth generation to carry on the family tradition and he currently directs the company. In the collection, there are more than 9,588 Carpets that have been knitt ed in 236 different regions of Turkey. Some unique pieces of Kerim Sefer’s collection are also presented in the catalogues of the Turkish Ministry of Culture.

Dimensions : 92.13in H x 73.23in LKS0808EDH007-0417

Konya Carpets are extremely rich in decor and color. Historians state that these Carpets showcase an understanding of color that can compete with paintings. This unique one is ornamented with Tree of life and dragon motifs. The tree of life is a theme which stands for men's thrive for immortality or the hope for life after death. The dragon is believed to be the master of air and water, the cause of lunar eclipse, the guard of treasures and secret objects as well as the tree of life.

KONYA CARPET DOUBLE TASPINAR CARPET Dimensions : 127.56in H x 44.09in LKS0808EDH039-0449

Beautiful harmony is the most important characteristic of Taspinar Carpets. This 110 years old piece is ornamented with Evil eye, flower and central heart motifs. Evil eye is a motif used to reduce the effect of the evil glance which is believed to be a power possessed by some people that cause harm, injury, misfortune and even death. Flower motifs are symbols of the Garden of Eden.

The art of painting miniatures or a painting in an illuminated book. A painting executed with great detail often on a surface such as vellum or decorative letter on an illuminated manuscript...

Kivanc YERULUG This artwork is inspired from “Surname” (original copy is displayed in Topkapi Palace Museum.), the masterpiece of the greatest Ottoman miniature master, Levni. Master Levni painted this ostentatious royal Circumcision Feast, which lasted15 days and nights, of 4th son of the 23rd Ottoman Sultan, Ahmet the third (1673–1736), whoseeign r lasted 27 years.

Fisherman 1008KYMT005-0650

Musicians of Janissary Band Dimensions : 2in W x 19in H x 19.5in L 1008KYMT010-0655

Protection Prayer of Evil Eye 1008KYMT004-0649

Noah's Ark 1008KYMT016-0661

Artworks are precious treasures because of her unique talent in portraying the smallest details in Miniatures. Her visualizations become more powerful with her expert use of colors. This particular Miniature is made with golden leaves using Watercolor technique. Dimensions : 2in W x 16in H x 18in L

Cuneyt GEDIK He began to create with wood; however, the most important transformation in his artistic creations occurred when he began including sterling silver in his works. As a jewelry designer, Gedik is drawn to sterling silver as its color connects him to the sea and, in recent years, he has extended his use of sterling silver to sculpture. Today, Gedik continues his artistic work in his atelier in Ankara and he defines his perspective as “I reunite the sea with Anatolian steppes, I mold both, I sharpen and I chip�.

The Fish Gazing Through Water Bubbles 0709CGGO003-0975

Sailing 0709CGGO001-0973

JAZZ "Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything." Plato Gedik's "Jazz" transforms the essence of music Plato mentions in this quote into an entertaining sculpture. 925 sterling silver sculpture ornamented with bell particle and a wooden base. 0709CGGO002-0974

SILVER WORLD'S The most ancient piece of silver to have been recovered is a ring. Discovered in Beycesultan (Turkey), this ring belongs to the Chalcolithic period. Another tr easure is a collection of golden and silver pieces from 2000 B.C Troy. After the birth of Christianity, especially during the rule of the Byzantium Empire, silver was mainly used in churches. Pieces from this period are most predominantly seen in Anatolia, Syria, Egypt and Russia. At this time, Constantinople (Istanbul) was one of the major silver production centers.







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