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My name is Gabriela Athziri Casta単eda Mtz. My age is 15 years My birthday is February 23 My school is ENAP 1 My favorite colors is red and pink I am from Mexico City

CONTENT 1.- About Me 2.-Introduction 3.-My pet 4.-My father 5.-Life in Mexico 6.-Email to my friend 7.-Bed & Breakfast 8.-Film & Television 9.-My Job

10.-Work & Study 11.-News Weather 12.-My Event 13.- Coming & Going Festival 14.- Transport in Mexico


Here compositions that were conducted in English classes is where the first units are taught to describe oneself, another time made a composition of your pet where we had to describe it we are many compositions as making a TV show that more we pleases and also dream a little with some hotel in which We like staying and one of the last times was the city of mexico. We learned a lot of these compositions.

MY PET Hello, this is my dog . Her name is Kelly. She is four months but she is already very large. She is a labrador. She is is very playful and barks a lot, She is very pesky and is almost never quiet, I feed her kibble . She is very cute.

MY FATHER Hello He is my dad, he is 42, he is much like me, the Chinaman and has his hair is white, his birthday is on April 9, he lives here he is in mexico city, his favorite color is green, the favorite pastime is athletism, his favorite football team is the blue Cross. His full name is Gabriel Casta単eda Castelan and sells seafood. it's just my dad and I love him very much.

LIFE IN MEXICO In Mexico city, many people get up at 7:00 in the morning to go to school . At 10:00 in the morning, people usually eat breakfast . At 2:00 in the afternoon is time for lunch. Then it is a good time to go to the park or anywhere to relax, and at 8:00 pm a light dinner and going to be sleep at 10:00 pm . At weekends people go to bed later, around 11 : 00 you can also to the clubs.

EMAIL TO MY FRIEND by: the: I'm writing because a family you know wants to visit your town. Do you have time to tour the city? My father loves to go to Hawaii with you, because he loves the beach. Hawaii is a paradise. My mother hates to go to Hawaii because she hates the sun. See you I hope to see your next vacations.

BED & BREAKFAST Dear Itzel I would like informations about the apartment located in Chiapas and I would like to rent. The description says it has very good rooms, only three people are going and my parents and I would like to know how big are they? how many beds are there? could you send me some pictures of the rooms? Another question is how good is view there in it? how close are the ruins? can we use buses? otherwise, can we walk there? could you send me a sketch of the location of the apartment? could you tell me if the pool is available? could you send me a picture? another question is about the food, what time is breakfast served? is it included? is there another type of food packages? finally, I would like to know

it you have gym? I would also like to know about the price? when can I make my reservation? I look forward to hearing from you best wishes.

FILM & TELEVISION The Real Entertainment Site The programmes that real people recommend Category: Tv programmes Starting next all week, we can watch all of the Tv series ยกCarly. It's on Channel 5 at 8 pm every night. The setting is a town called California and it's about a girl and two friends Carly's from Denver California, it's funny and friendly. The other main characters in the programme are, Samm and Fredy. They are crazy and funny. Some people think it's funny and I recommend it because I think so too.

I love ยกCarly.

MY JOB Hello my name is Gabriela Castañeda and I would like to apply for a job as a waitress at the restaurant “Summer Nights”. I’m 16 years old and I’m from Mexico. My parents have a sea food restaurant in downtown coyoacan. I work with them every saturday so I have experience with people. My specialty is to serve people quickly. I only speak a language other than Spanish and I understand a little English. I have excellent presentation, I am friendly customers, and great experience and punctuality.

please write soon. Yours sincerely.


WORK & STUDY Dear. Mrs Emilio FernĂĄndez

I saw your advertisement for a teacher on the internet and I would like to apply for a course in history. The online option is best for me because I live in London. I am interested in the course because I would like to change my job and travel to other countries, and I need an official qualification. I attach a copy of my CV. As you can see. I studied math at university, so I learned Math very well. I was also an assistant teacher in a math school for a year. I’m good at using the internet and have a lot of experience of online learning. If necessary I am available for a telephone interview at any time.

I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely . Ray Gabriela Casta単eda.

NEWS & WEATHER MY EXPERIENCE This happened last year in Mixquic in mexico city I went to a celebration for the day of the dead rituals. This takes place since the pre-hispanic era. When we arrived the weather was cold and we were in the autumn season and we were surrounded by flowers, typical food of the region and the smoke of incense. We explored the exhibitions and plays that were there and walked by the graveyard and traditional market. Only at the end we went to see the ball game the prehispanic era, it was very interesting, we finished this celebration and returned to my home.

MY EVENT Last may in my secondary school was the mother's day, me and my partners danced for our mothers, the teacher congratulated our mothers and organized a mother's festival and we made a beautiful picture frame with a photography of my mother and me. This day everybody ate a big cheesecake, it was very delicious and the end of the event there were speeches and fireworks. it was a beautiful day.

COMING & GOING FESTIVAL Fair Texcoco This fair is organized every year in the State of Mexico, during the first weeks of April. The trip takes about an hour from the city of Mexico to Texcoco. The best option is to get cars taking the highway that takes you to the State Mexico. Traffic gets heavy specially when the show is over because everyone comes out. It is best to wait for a while and have dinner. Visitors can find good food, bands of all genres and places like clubs, the most important is the arena where the singers are presented and livestock expo is fabulous.

There are a lot of hotels to continue to enjoying another day of this festival.

TRANSPORT IN MEXICO In Mexico some people travel by metro. Metro is very cheap and they are usually punctual.People take the metro to go to work or to go shopping.Metro is mostly efficient but sometimes it in quite crowded. In Mexico city, many people are tracking the metro these days. It faster and more efficient. Some people travel by car, but traffic is becoming heavier. The situation is changing, a few people are also using bikes now but it is very dangerous in the city centre. Most people travel between city is by car or by metro. Express metro is faster and safer than cars. It takes about two hours to get from Xochimilco to city centre. Our main problem is that in Mexico there aren’t many

However, at the moment we are building new motorways and the situation is getting better.

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