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touch of glamour, gray color tones and good lighting are key elements to a great bathroom. At Home Memphis & Mid South chatted with Leslie Cetingok and Erin Carlson about this year’s trends in bathrooms.

Leslie Cetingok

Owner and Creative Director, DesignArt At Home Memphis & Mid South: What are the top trends in bathrooms for 2016? Leslie Cetingok: Achieving the spa-like or Zen experience at home is still all the rage for 2016. We will continue to see beautiful natural stones not only on the floors, but also up the walls in showers and as backsplash material. Clean, open areas highlighted with freestanding tubs and floating/freestanding vanities will be prevalent. A move toward minimalism in general will continue to occur, and anything with multifunctional elements will be in demand. We may also see more use of metallic accents on walls, ceilings and backsplashes.

40 | At Home Memphis & Mid South • January 2016

AHMMS: Tell us about the design of the featured bathrooms. LC: This bathroom on p. 41, bottom and p. 42 is at my own personal residence built by Ken Garland Custom Homes. I worked with Karen Kassen and the amazing team at Kitchens Unlimited on the floating cabinets and hardware. In order to accomplish the minimalist look and add a bit of old Hollywood glamour, I chose black cabinets against a background of white marble. The glass handles bring in an art deco feeling and act as “jewelry” for the cabinets. I designed the mirrors to maximize the amount of area covered then had trim installed and painted on-site to serve as “frames.” The dressing area (not pictured) is a favorite of mine. The built-in cabinets and drawers are a must for keeping things organized. The marble is carried throughout the dressing area and closets to provide continuity and flow. The settee was designed specifically for the dressing area and is one of my favorite places to sit and chat with my husband in the evening. The next bathroom on p.41 top, is a renovation in the home of Julia and Rush O’Keefe. Their beautiful historic home is over 100 years old so this renovation had to be done very thoughtfully. Julia was incredibly involved and an amazing project manager.