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the ghillie

travel further afield to places such as the northern Norwegian rivers, Russia and Canada. 6. I would have to think about that one! The most unusual sight on the river?

Probably something to do with canoeing or rafting, oops shouldn’t whinge! 7. A dirty rising river has got to be worst conditions when I have seen salmon caught.

8. Why do I love the job and life style? It is the outdoor life and passing on my experience to other anglers. I get more satisfaction seeing others catching from giving my guidance than I do catching myself.

9. My pet hate is Guests not listening to advice when we want them to have the best possibility of catching. 10. My favourite dram has got to be Balvenie 12yr old double wood.


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Shooting Scotland Magazine (October - November 2017)  

Shooting Scotland Magazine (October - November 2017)