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“The primary finding was that 6 weeks of resistance training led to significant increases in maximal strength and fat-free mass. In addition, it seems that increased training frequency does not lead to additional strength improvements when volume and intensity are equated. High-frequency (6× per week) resistance training does not seem to offer additional strength and hypertrophy benefits over lower frequency (3× per week) when volume and intensity are equated. Coaches and practitioners can therefore expect similar increases in strength and lean body mass with both 3 and 6 weekly sessions.”

Training Volume, Not Frequency, Indicative of Maximal Strength Adaptations to Resistance Training In Athletics Coach - 2 / 2018, we shared a weekly training program used by sprints coach Glen Mills, which resulted in some coaches expressing surprise at the infrequency of his gym sessions. A recent study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research may offer an explanation of his rationale, with higherfrequency training resulting in no signficant improvements in stregnth or hypertrophy benefits comapred with lower frequency training when intensity is equated.

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