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We should train hip extension for sprinting using high-velocity exercises that load the muscles at short muscle lengths in the contracted posistion, like jump squats, hex bar jumps and heavy kettlebell swings Chris Beardsley

Conclusion By understanding the ways that strength is specific, we are able to design a strength program that results in a maximal improvement in performance. However, while this article explored some of the ways that strength is specific, it is by no means intended to be an exhaustive list of the way strength transfers to the unique requirements of sprinting. The challenge for you to take from this article is to think about the other unique strength requirements of sprinting and which exercises in the gym will transfer most effectively.

Note on Coaching Young Athletes “Even though laboratory research demonstrates that specificity training results in faster adaptation and leads to faster increments in performance, this does not mean that coaches and athletes have to incorporate specificity training from an early age. In this narrow approach to children’s sport, the only scope of training is achieving quick results irrespective of what may happen in the future of the young athlete...This is like trying to build a high-rise building on a poor foundation.” Tudor Bompa PhD

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