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Whitney Vilmaure

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Thank you Our mission is to provide sport scholarships for athletes, enabling them to continue their Education through Sport. We thank Athletes World Foundation partners for making this possible, for aspiring athletes like Whitney.

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Welcome Athletes World Foundation (AWF) provides sport scholarships Many athletes are unable to afford education. Athletes World Foundation (AWF) aims to break down athletes financial barriers preventing them from continuing their Education through Sport. Our team has extensive experience within sport allowing us to recognize and understand the challenges student athletes commonly face in life after sport without an education.

About Whitney Going to America is an opportunity to combine tennis and studies to improve my level in both of them. I give my best in everything that I start so that I can achieve the best results. I have a great work ethic and if a college can give me a chance to prove my claims I will be really proud to do so.

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Personal info & Academics

Date of birth: 03.26.1991 Citizen: France Sex: Female Height: 5’9” Weight: 145 lbs NCAA Clearinghouse No. 1209985535

High school: Lycee Le Corbusier Graduation: 2011 Grades: Provided upon request SAT: 870 College education goals: I really want to become a Physical Therapist and an Osteopath.

Why America? I want to come to America to compete on a team for a National Championship and get everything possible out of my tennis game.

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Why Whitney Whitney is a tireless worker. She has great goals, both in life and tennis, and with her drive she will attain all of them.

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Athletic Information

Sport: Current club:

Tennis SDUS

Profile Right-handed Two-handed backhand Strengths: combativeness, brave Favorite shot: My two-handed backhand

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Serve Speed on the 1st serve, effect on the second serve or sometimes effect on the 1st and 2nd Training 1hr 30 min every other day Achievements Won Won Won Won

against a -2/6 Girl in France last month a lot of Senior Tournaments in my area Ile de France Championship Paris Championship


What makes you different to other athletes? My love to play tennis along with my goals and determination. Tennis is a part of my life and I work hard everyday to progress and improve my game Why do you want to compete in college? Since I was 14 it has been my dream to join an American team. I love to play and work alone but some times it’s hard. Playing on a team is an approach that we never have when we play tennis because tennis is an individual sport. I want to be on a team that all have a common goal; to win a championship. College goals? My demanding schedule allowed me to combine my current studying while gaining top results at a national level. This ability will allow for me to integrate well into the college team I represent. I want to be the No. 1 athlete on the team and will do what it takes to win the National Championship. Life goals? I want to achieve a lot of things but the first is to earn respect and live my life by the sweat of my brow. I want to become a good tennis player and prove that anyone can do something if they really want it. Focus and hard work are the only solution to be great and achieve our goals.

Im ready “I’m ready to take my game to the next level and continue working towards my goal of a National Championship.”

Whitney Vilmaure

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Whitney Vilmaure