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Stefan Popov Swimming

Stefan Popov

Personal Date of Birth: Address: Sex: Height: Weight:

02-25-1995 Bulgaria Male 1.78m 155lbs

Academics High School: Current Year:

Sofia High School of Mathematics 11th grade (2014 Graduation)


Literature English German Mathematics Informatics: Philosophy: Biology Chemistry Physics History Geography PE




When I started studying at the Sofia High School of Mathematics, I had a keen interest in Mathematics, over the years however I found Computer Science and Informatics are what I want to study further and thoroughly.

02 | Stefan Popov | Swimming | Bulgaria


Elite Stefan is a top quality competitor. Is is not only a tireless worker in the pool, but in the classroom as well.

03 | Stefan Popov | Swimming | Bulgaria

Athletic info Sport: Current Coach:

Swimming Lyulyana Dimitrova

Achievements: 2010 Personal Bests:

Missed Nationals due to injury, Silver medals from international meets in Sofia (Zamorata) and Skopje (Nemo Cup) in 50, 100, 200 Breaststroke 50m breast – 35.08 (LC),35.44(SC), 100m breast - 1.19.61 (LC),1.16.22(SC), 200m breast – 2.52.02(LC), 2.43.42(SC)

2011 Personal Bests:

3rd in the 50, 200 breaststroke at Bulgarian Junior LC championships, 3rd in the 200 breaststroke at Bulgarian Team Championships (SC), 1st in the 100m breast at 2011 Vosa Cup in Novi Sad, Serbia. 50m Br- 33.82(LC), 34.30(SC) , 100m Br- 1.11.30(LC), 1.09.26(SC), 200m Br – 2.38.66(LC), 2.28.47(SC)

2012 Personal Bests:

2nd in the 200m breaststroke at the 2012 Bulgarian Open SC Championships, 3rd in the 200m breaststroke at the 2012 Bulgarian Open LC Championships, 3rd in the 100m and 200m breaststroke at the 2012 Bulgarian Team Championships (SC), Gold, silver and bronze medals from international meets in Thessaloniki(Niobeia Cup – a Olympic Qualification meet), Nis(Saint Nicholas), Belgrade(Ante Lambasa). 50m Br – 31.52(LC), 30.67(SC), 100m Br – 1.07.80(LC), 1.05.62(SC), 200m Br – 2.25.39(LC), 2.22.98(SC)



04 | Stefan Popov | Swimming | Bulgaria

Winner Already a proven winner, Stefan is never satisfied. His times in the pool continue to get better and he will never stop working towards improvement.

05 | Stefan Popov | Swimming | Bulgaria

Legacy Having already done a great deal in his home country, Stefan hopes to make a name for himself in the United States of American as well.


What makes you different to other athletes? Unlike most of my teammates of the National and Club team, I do not study at a Sports school obviating my training twice a day, which according to me is essential to the sport of swimming. I therefore believe that all the hard work and great results are yet to come. I am quite persistent and coachable swimmer following strictly the coach’s instructions and recommendations.

Why do you want to compete in college? In my opinion, the US collegiate system will help me achieve not only my sports goals, but also my life ambitions. I love competing, whether in practice or in races that not only helps me improving myself, but affects my teammates as well, and getting into the US Collegiate system is the next big step I am willing to take. I will be very proud to represent my College in all competitions and will do my best to support its presentation to the public as a prominent sports institution as well.

College Goals My main goal is to pursue my ambitions of becoming the best Bulgarian swimmer while achieving good grades in College. I do hope to become an important representative of the College team and contribute to the College image as an athlete.

Life Goals My dream is to become an Olympian and standing on the podium representing Bulgaria in large International forums. I would also like to become a successful Computer Science Engineer. I look forward to become a model citizen with good profession to decently support my family.

07 | Stefan Popov | Swimming | Bulgaria

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Stefan Popov  


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