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Najwa Jumali Sailing

Najwa Jumali

Personal Date of Birth: Address: Sex: Height: Weight:

04-29-1994 Singapore Female 1.59m 51kg

Academics High School: Current Year:

Raffles Institution (Junior College) 2012 Graduation


SAT I Reasoning Test (2 June 2012): 1860 SAT II Math 1 Subject Test (26 Jan 2013): 690 SAT II Chemistry Subject Test (26 Jan 2013): 670


Najwa obtained the GCE A level certificate in 2013


I have always been keen to pursue my interest in the area of design (e.g. architecture firm, retail shop etc.). Thus, I plan to obtain a degree in business accounting.

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Elite When speaking about Najwa’s skills in the water there is no other way to describe her against the competition other than “elite”.

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Athletic info Sport: Current Coach:

Sailing National Coach: Fernando Alegre (Optimist), Mark Plummer (Byte CII, Laser 4.7, Laser Radial) and Zhang Yongqiang (420)


1. Female World Champion in the Byte CII World Championships 2009 (Ontario, Canada)

2. 5th position overall in the Byte CII World Championships 2009 (Ontario, Canada)

3. Silver Medalist at the Asian Youth Games 2009 for the sport of sailing (Singapore)

4. Overall champions at China Cup 2010 (Shenzhen, China, Far East 26)

5. 2nd Girl at the Asian Sailing Championships 2008 in the boat class of Laser 4.7 (Bali, Indonesia)


Raffles Girls School Sailing Team Singapore National Team Team Singapore Raffles Institution (JC) Sailing Team


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Winner Najwa does not only compete at the highest level, she is a winner as well.

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Legacy After having great success in Singapore and other parts of the world, the only thing left for Najwa to do is continue her legacy in America.


What makes you different to other athletes? Personality-wise, I am willing to work hard. I am adept at picking up new skills quickly. I do not back down easily. I am not afraid of standing up for what I believe in.

Why do you want to compete in college? Firstly, I am competitive in nature. I see competition as the best way to learn as well as the best way to test my techniques and tactics. Secondly, I wish to compete against high-calibre sailors at a higher level, and US colleges present me with that opportunity.

College Goals To achieve excellence in the academics and sailing.

Life Goals I want to take my sailing to greater heights, i.e. possibly the Olympics. I also want to own a successful business as this can empower me to make a positive difference in people’s lives and leave an impact on my community and country.

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Najwa Jumali  
Najwa Jumali  

Najwa Jumali world class sailor from Singapore