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Murat Deniz

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Thank you Our mission is to provide sport scholarships for athletes, enabling them to continue their Education through Sport. We thank Athletes World Foundation partners for making this possible, for aspiring athletes like Murat.

Worldwide supporters

Welcome Athletes World Foundation (AWF) provides sport scholarships Many athletes are unable to afford education. Athletes World Foundation (AWF) aims to break down athletes financial barriers preventing them from continuing their Education through Sport. Our team has extensive experience within sport allowing us to recognize and understand the challenges student athletes commonly face in life after sport without an education.

About Murat I love to play basketball, but I also care about my education. Doing what I love through college is very crucial for me. Also, playing basketball abroad is very important to me to see what I am capable of as an athlete.

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Personal info & Academics

Date of birth: 01.03.1996 Citizen: Turkey Sex: Male Height: 6’1� Weight: 165 lbs NCAA Clearinghouse No. 1303243222 High school: Aci High School Graduation: 2014 Grades: GPA: 3.5 College education goals: I am not going to college just to play basketball, I want to get an education. I was an above-average student and I plan to continue that work ethic and become a great student-athlete.

Why America? “I have always dreamed of playing basketball in the NCAA. Even the thought of playing in front of a large group of fans gives me goosebumps. Unfortunately, here in Turkey we do not attract as many fans and basketball is not as important as it is in the States.� Murat Deniz

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Why Murat I want to become an essential part of the team and be a good example of a student-athlete. Murat Deniz

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Athletic Information

Sport: Current coach:

Basketball Sahin Kundakci

Achievements 2012/2013 IGL Champions Undefeated Champions in League 2 6th in Istanbul



Why should a coach choose you for their team? I believe my strongest side is on defense; I can make a lot of interceptions and steals. Even though I am a little bit undersized I can easily guard opponents bigger than me. On the offensive side I am a solid 3 point shooter and I have fine court vision. How hard do you work on your goals? Besides basketball I am a hard working student and I believe that is just as important as being a good athlete. College goals? I would like to compete for a championship team and graduate with a degree that I can use for the rest of my life. Additional information I also play soccer and many other sports so that I can keep in shape and continue to better my athletic ability.

Im ready Murat is not only gifted physically, but he represents the true meaning of a student-athlete. He will be a great addition to any team, both on the court and in the classroom.

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Solving a worldwide problem Education through Sport Athletes World Foundation (AWF) provides sport scholarships for athletes, enabling them to continue their Education through Sport.

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Murat Deniz  
Murat Deniz