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Christy Chapman

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Thank you Our mission is to provide sport scholarships for athletes, enabling them to continue their Education through Sport. We thank Athletes World Foundation partners for making this possible, for aspiring athletes like Christy.

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Welcome Athletes World Foundation (AWF) provides sport scholarships Many athletes are unable to afford education. Athletes World Foundation (AWF) aims to break down athletes financial barriers preventing them from continuing their Education through Sport. Our team has extensive experience within sport allowing us to recognize and understand the challenges student athletes commonly face in life after sport without an education.

About Christy My objective is to combine my academic studies with my sporting talent to give myself the best possible future opportunities in both fields. I am selfmotivated and capable of working hard in both areas to leave a positive impact on the college team that I represent. I believe that having a fit body produces a fit mind and I have used this to give a high standard in both sports and academics. Athletes World Foundation | Christy Chapman | 02

Personal info & Academics

Date of birth: 08.02.1996 Citizen: New Zealand Sex: Female Height: 1.67m Weight: 130lbs SAT TBD High school: Pukekohe High School Graduation: 2013 Grades: NCEA level one – endorsed with merit NCEA level two – endorsed with merit Agriculture: Outdoor education: Biology: Art:

Level one endorsed with excellence. Level two endorsed with merit Level two endorsed with excellence Level two endorsed with merit. Level one endorsed with excellence.

College education goals: My passion lies with both rowing and agriculture. I plan to pursue both and want to obtain either a bachelor or masters in the agriculture/agriscience field. I am prepared to work hard to gain the highest marks possible and my interest in the subject will definitely give me the motivation to do so. My previous agricultural grades reflect this and show how I am more than able to perform under external examination conditions and study efficiently.

Why America? I have always wanted to pursue my rowing further while studying. An athletic scholarship to America would allow me to do this while competing to the highest level I am able to. I am the kind of person that will never let an opportunity go past and no challenge is ever too much for me. I see this as an opportunity of a lifetime and fitting what I want to do perfectly. As a competitive person I see this as a chance to prove to myself that I am more than capable of succeeding both in rowing away from home and completing my degree to the highest possible standard.

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Why Christy I have worked hard over the last season on my rhythm in the boat and am now confident that I am able to hold a strong rhythm throughout both training and racing so that the boat I am in has efficient run at any stroke rate. I believe this makes me a good stroke seat rower along with my ability to lead a team regardless of the size. I have had different leadership roles through school and extra curricular activities and am able to work well leading and within a team. I am a good listener and do my best to take on board any advice or criticism given to both rowing and other aspects of life. I strive to be the best I can be at everything I turn a hand to. I am hardworking, mature and independent.

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Athletic Information

Sport: Current coach:

Rowing Ian McKinnon

Achievements Link to Rowit - Click here for results This links directly to my profile of results in the regattas that I have competed in over my time rowing competitively in New Zealand. Video

Video - Click here to watch

Interview What makes you different to other athletes? My ability to set challenging goals for myself and then succeed at meeting them. Having clear well set out goals with a system as to how they are going to be achieved is something that I have learnt in recent years from goal setting at school. The drive to compete and train, pushing myself until I have definitely given my all to achieve the best results that I both physically and mentally can. Because of being a lightweight and having to compete against bigger stronger girls, I have learnt to race and train smart. Knowing the weaknesses and strengths of the crews I row against is not always possible so I use a mixture of a set race plan and my own strengths to put together a ‘smart’ race. This has benefited me I the past with close finishes. College goals? My demanding schedule has allowed me to learn how to time manage efficiently combining my study and training to produce solid results in both. This ability will allow me to be able to integrate successfully into the team. I aim to represent the college team at national level and be in the starting crews and highest performing boats. I may only be a lightweight but I have the capability and drive to be able to contribute well to any boat and work well in both stroke and other seats as well as in a single. Life goals? My mantra is fitter, stronger, faster. To me this means to continue pushing harder at training and school to become the best that I can be and succeeding at whatever I set my mind to. Ultimately to become the best farmer using the skills my degree and life have taught me to make my mark on the agricultural society. Continue using each and every day to become a better person and not to waste time thinking about the past. The future is where it’s at and I intend to make it the best lifetime that I can possibly by setting myself up to achieve all the things that I want to do now. ROW until I cant anymore, then retire to coaching and ignite the same passion I have in someone else like my coach did for me.

Im ready I believe that I am more than capable of taking any opportunity and undeniably able to handle the rowing and university challenge.

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Solving a worldwide problem Education through Sport Athletes World Foundation (AWF) provides sport scholarships for athletes, enabling them to continue their Education through Sport.

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Christy Chapman  


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