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Catherine Clohesy Track & Field, Cross Country

Catherine Clohesy

Personal Date of Birth: Address: Sex:

03-30-1995 Adelaide, Australia Female

Academics High School: Current Year:

Loreto College, Marryatville, Adelaide South Australia Year 12 (2013)


Graduated Year 11 with straight A’s, including an additional Year 12 science subject (Nutrition) and received a South Australian Certificate of Education perfect score of 20/20 A+ with Merit.




My objective is to combine my academic studies and sporting talent in this once in a lifetime opportunity, and to explore the opportunities within Athletics. The ability to take my running to the next level whilst completing for a College will give me the opportunity to participate and compete in the sport I love in a way in which would not be possible within Australia. I have the experience and motivation to work hard in both required attributes in order to leave an impact on the college team I represent.

02 | Catherine Clohesy | Track & Field, Cross Country | Australia

Training Monday- AM:RPM class PM: Light Jog Tuesday-Long interval session (800m’s-1kms) with club Wednesday-45 Min morning Jog Thursday- 400-500ms intervals with club (RPM class in morning if short that night) Friday-Rest Saturday-Fartlek (15min)/ Tempo Run (30-40min) Sunday – 60min Long Run

03 | Catherine Clohesy | Track & Field, Cross Country | Australia

Athletic info Sport: Events:

Track & Field Cross Country 3000m (10.11) 5000m (17.14) 10,000m (36.15)


1500m - sub 4:50 3000m - 9:50 5000m - sub 17:00 10,000m - sub 36:00 National U17 Squad

Achievements: Track: 1500m: 4:53 at Australian All Schools Track and Field Championships 2012, Tasmania (10th) 3000m: 10: 11 (Same meet as 1500) (5th) 5000m: 17:14 at Australian Junior Championships (U/20) 3rd-Bronze Medal (Perth) 10,000m: Zatopek: 10 Open Women’s race 2012 ( 36:15. 7th Australian Open Female and 2nd U/23 Australian Female (Melbourne) *This race was won by Neely Spence who graduated from Shippensburg, in a time of 32:16 . Jessica Trengove who competed in the London Olympics marathon also placed 4th (3rd Australian) in a time of 33:36. -South Australia State Open 10km Female State Champion -State U/20 3000m Champion (2012) - ahead of Sophie Linn, recently signed contract at Uni of Mississippi Cross Country: -4th National Australian All Schools Cross Country, Oakbank, Adelaide. (6th Australasian including New Zealanders) 4km- U/18’s -State Open Long Course (8km) Female Champion -World Championship trials, Canberra, 8th U’20s Other: -Competed at Triathlon National Championships 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 (next month). 2012 finished 13th in Australia (senior girls) with 2nd fastest run split. -Qualified for and competed at Cross Country Australian National Championships 4 times. -State Junior Elite Female Triathlete of the Year 2011-2012 -State Short Course & Olympic Distance Junior Elite Female Champion (2011-2012) -Captain of SA state Triathlon Team twice. Vice Captain of SA Cross country team 2012. Road races: 5th Open Female City to Bay 12km -42: 42 (Nikki Chapple, graduate of Iowa State won in 39:19) -State 10km Open Female Road Champion (2012) -Fitzy’s 5km (2012) 3rd Open Female 17: 03

04 | Catherine Clohesy | Track & Field, Cross Country | Australia


Click Here - 10km (red singlet, black briefs, long socks)

Click Here - Cross Country (bib no. 743)

05 | Catherine Clohesy | Track & Field, Cross Country | Australia

Legacy Catherine wants to compete in college and make a name for herself not only in sport, but in the classroom as well.


What makes you different to other athletes? I think I would be a strong addition to any College team as I love working hard in association with others and bringing out the best in one other.

College Goals My demanding schedule has allowed me to learn how to combine my current studying while gaining top results at national level. This ability will allow for me to integrate well into the college team I represent. I want to be the No.1 athlete on the team and will do what it takes to win national championships.

Life Goals What do you want to achieve in life. -Pursue a career in medicine or a science based area such as dietetics/ nutritionist. Although also interested in veterinary science -Compete at an international level such as the Commonwealth Games and Olympics in Track and Field and also in other world championship events

Additional Information At the end of Year 9 in high school I was selected as part of an Australian Cross country team to travel to the US. We visited California, Nevada, LA and Las Vegas and participated in various High school meets, such as the Sunny Hills invitational . At the time I was more of a triathlete and not a very strong runner however I had the time of my life competing and making friends with US high school athletes and coaches. Ever since then I have loved America and when I was introduced to the fact I could compete for a college there whilst completing an undergraduate degree, all my other post-school plans were forgotten. This was my ultimate dream, I never would have though back then in year 9 this was a possibility, but now that it is, I would do anything to be able to achieve a scholarship and have the chance to be a part of and compete on a College team.

07 | Catherine Clohesy | Track & Field, Cross Country | Australia

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Catherine Clohesy  

Catherine Clohesy

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