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Nancy Day England Lacrosse

Nancy Day Striving to be the best I can be is something I always aim to do. I don't compare myself to others, instead, I focus on what I can do to improve. My determination allows me to push myself until I achieve my personal goals. My overwhelming sense of pride when competing with my team, whether we win or lose is a one of my most positive characteristics. I am able to take constructive criticism well and use any advice given to me. Receiving feedback from the England coaches has allowed me to develop my game further. I try to push myself outside my comfort zone and use all the resources available to me to learn more.

Personal Information Date of Birth: Sex: Height: Weight: Country of Residence:

31 October 1995 Female 5’4 60 kgs England

Academic Information School Name: Year of Education: Grades: US Equivalent GPA: NCAA ID: SAT Score:

St Catherine’s School, Bramley 1st Year - A Levels English Language - A (4) English Literature - B (3) Maths - A (4) Dual Science Award - A & B (4&3) Spanish - A* (4) History - B (3) PE - A (4) Textiles - A (4) 3.67 Registering in New Year Test to be taken during 2013

Academic Goals:

My ambition is to achieve a minimum of 2 Bs and 2 As at AS Level. As for A2 I would like to achieve 2 As and 1 A*. Alongside strong A Level results I understand the importance of accomplishing strong SAT scores. I know this will be a challenge but I feel performing well in both exams would be an advantage in college applications.

Practice “I strive to be the best I can be, focussing on what I can do to improve.� Nancy Day

Athletic Information Sport: Current Coach: Coach Contact: Current Club:

Lacrosse Vic Alexander Contact Athletes USA for coach details Centaurus

Lacrosse Achievements Centaurs - Junior MVP 2011/2012 U15 National Lacrosse Champions 2011 U18 National Lacrosse Final Four 2012

Representative Teams • • • • •

South of England Lacrosse U18A Surrey Lacrosse U15A & U18A St Catherine's 1st Team Lacrosse Centaurs 1st Team Lacrosse Member of the National Centex Squad

Other Sports • • • • •

St St St St St

Catherine's Catherine's Catherine's Catherine's Catherine's

Swim Squad Gymnastics Team Rounders Team Biathlon Team Netball Team

Additional Sporting Information • 2nd Place at the National Biathlon Championships (Team) • U16 Netball County Final Four 2012


Top athlete “The first time I saw Nancy play was at the Surrey County Lacrosse Trials. It came as no surprise to me that later in the day Nancy was selected in the 1st Team. Her work ethic was ‘second to none.’ She regularly created attacking and scoring opportunities for herself and others on the team.” Ben Smith Athletes USA UK Director

Interview Why should a coach choose you for their team? I take responsibility for my position within the team so that I can be the best team member I can be. I am determined to be good support for my team and contribute to the support network both on and off the pitch. I also believe I have a good work ethic that will drive me to improve my weaknesses and contribute to the success of the team. How hard do you work on your goals? Goal setting is a big part of my training and I work extremely hard to work towards goals. I try not to focus too much on the end result, but instead what I am doing in that moment to achieve it. However, when my goals have not been achieved in the past, I have worked harder, especially on my mental attitude, to achieve them.  College Goals My goals for college are to play for a Division 1 Lacrosse college and study a subject I am passionate about. The experience of Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I want to play lacrosse to the best of my ability. I am most excited to play and win with a team where we share the same passions and achieve success together. The experience of having a constant support network would be invaluable and would make studying away from home a lot easier and more enjoyable. I believe playing for a Division 1 or 2 lacrosse college in America would be the best and most enjoyable thing I can do for my studies and lacrosse. Life Goals I’m considering teaching as a career where I would either teach biology or physical education. I am also considering physiotherapy as I enjoy science and working with others. I am certain I will have a job that involves some aspect of physical education or sports as only then will I enjoy my job.

College Lacrosse “I believe playing for a Division 1 or 2 lacrosse college in America would be the best and most enjoyable thing I can do for my studies and lacrosse.�


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Nancy Day  
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