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Lily-Ana Kreutzer Tennis

Lily-Ana Kreutzer

Personal Date of Birth: Address: Sex: Height:

10-24-1997 Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Female 5’6�

Academics High School: Current Year:

Okanagan Mission Secondary Sophomore (2015 Graduation)


Chemistry Algebra English World History Fitness Training




My academic goal at this point in time is to get the grades necessary that would allow me to attend a reputable NCAA Division I university. I would like to receive an undergraduate degree in the field of my choice that I could expand upon if I choose.

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Elite Lily-Ana has worked hard to put herself in position to compete against the best competition around. Her confidence, courage, and dedication separate her from the rest.

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Athletic info Sport: Current Club: Current Coaches:

Tennis Okanagan Mission Ogi Katsarov (senior coach at the Weil Tennis Academy) Joachim Neirfeld (Interior of BC provincial coach) Holger Neirfeld (club coach)


Right-handed Two-handed backhand Quick feet, enjoy net play Favorite shot is forehand and volleys Working on first serve placement and increasing percentages, second serve is top spin kick and slice out wide

Ranking: Ranking Goal:

7th BC Provincial ranking (singles) 14th BC National ranking (singles) 98th Southwest USA (tennis recruiting network) 85th California (tennis recruiting network)


10-15 hours of tennis weekly, consisting of two hour and a half high performance sessions, and two semi privates. 3-4 hours of strength training weekly 1 hour of private with a certified trainer weekly


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Get back into top 10 BC National ranking and play summer nationals

U14 Victoria Open Champion, Spring 2011, Victoria, BC U14 Whistler Open Champion, Fall 2011, Whistler, BC U14 Harvest Fall Champion, Fall 2011, North Vancouver, BC U16 Whistler Open Champion, Spring 2012, Whistler, BC BC school Sports Provincial Tennis Championship, Okanagan Mission Valley champs, finished 3rd at Provincials. Okanagan had its best finish in over 15 years. I represented OKM as the number one girl in my freshman year, Spring 2012, Vancouver, BC U16 Stanley Park Open Finalist, Summer 2012, Vancouver, BC 49th Annual Anaheim Junior Quarterfinalist, Winter 2012 West Coast South Bay fall Junior Open Quarterfinalist, Winter 2012 23rd Calabasas Junior Open Quarterfinalist, Winter 2012 Provincial Qualifier Finalist, Winter 2012, Abbotsford, BC



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Legacy Lily-Ana desires to compete against the best in the country and has the work ethic to get herself there. She is also a model human being that will be a great addition to any team.

Interview What makes you different to other athletes? At twelve I moved to Ojai, California to attend the Weil Academy. The year and a half I spent there taught me a lot about myself. I quickly learned that life as the youngest girl would take a lot of confidence, courage, and dedication. Discovering these qualities helped me excel and adapt successfully to academy life. Among the girls at the Weil (all ages) I won several fitness awards. Living in a small non tennis community has taught me to be proactive and to aggressively pursue opportunities. Why do you want to compete in college? I have always liked competing and would love to travel and bond with like minded girls, working towards a common goal of a championship. Representing a top university would be incredibly rewarding. College Goals I would like to attend a top NCAA school that would not only allow me to grow as a player, but as a well rounded person. My time at the Weil Tennis Academy has taught me how to cope with a demanding schedule consisting of many things. These life skills will ensure I adjust well into collegiate life and the team I represent. Life Goals I would like to be a person remembered for being a positive influence in all that life has in store for me. Whether I am part of a great collegiate team, or being a good global citizen. I want to inspire and lead others by my actions. I only have one life and I want to make the most of it. Additional Information Something that most people would know about me is that from the ages of 3-11 I was a dedicated ballerina. I performed in numerous nutcrackers Christmas productions, and have received several certificates of distinction from the Canadian School of Ballet. I also played soccer competitively from the ages of 5-12 and was picked to play on the select soccer team. I gave both ballet and soccer up at the ages of 12 to follow my passion in tennis.

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Lily-Ana Kreutzer  


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