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Kate Norman England Field Hockey

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Kate Norman Using my determination I am looking to develop my athletic ability further. I am passionate about hockey but also about sports in general. I lenjoy trying all sports and have played golf, tennis, cricket and soccer. In addition I also ski, swim and run regularly. Sport can bring people together no matter what background they come from and I believe college Hockey in the US will provide me with the opportunity to integrate with others. My caring and sociable characteristics are ones which will allow me to develop new lifelong friendships.

Personal Information Date of Birth: Sex: Height: Weight: Country of Residence:

29 April 1995 Female 5’2� 110 lbs England

Academic Information School Name: Graduation Year: Grades: US Equivalent GPA: NCAA ID: SAT Score:

Ellesmere College 2013 English Literature C (2) English Language B (3) Maths B (3) Physical Science A&B (4&3) Geography C (2) Spanish A (4) Physical Education A (4) 3.12 1210030146 Results on 26 January 2013

Academic Awards 2012, 2010, 2008

English Speaking Board Awards (ESB)


PE A/S Prize


Spanish GCSE Prize

Top athlete “When I first viewed video footage of Kate I was very impressed with her movement in attack. Her darting runs between defenders combined with impressive stick skills enables her to provide scoring opportunities for both herself and the team.� Ben Smith

Athletic Information Sport: Current Coach: Current Club:

Hockey Sarah Ralphs Shrewsbury Hockey Club

Hockey Achievements 2012/13 2012/13 2012/13

Captain of Sport at Ellesmere College Captain of 1st XI Hockey Leading Goal Scorer

2011/12 2011/12 2011/12

U18 County Champions (Captain) Leading Goal Scorer Full Hockey Colours

2010/11 2010/11 2010/11

County Campions Leading Goal Scorer Captain of Junior 1st XI


Captain Junior 1st XI

2008/09 2008/09

Hockey Player of the Season Hockey Full Colours

Representative Teams Ellesmere College Hockey Shrewsbury Hockey Club

Other Sporting Achievements 2011/12 2011/12 2010/11 2008/09

1st Team Representative - Netball, Tennis and Rounders Colours for Netball Tennis Inter-School National Finalist Head of Sports House

Other Athletic Information Advanced Level Skiing Competent Golfer Former Competitive Swimmer Lawn Tennis Association Ranking

Quote “My enthusiasm, energy and self motivation contribute significantly to the teams I represent.� Kate Norman


Academic Goals Academically I want to obtain a degree in Spanish as this is a subject that I enjoy and I wish to improve this as much as I can to enable me to use this qualification vocationally in the future. My short term academic goals are to complete my Advanced Levels and achieve the following results - Spanish B, Physical Education B and Media Studies C.

College Goals I wish to concentrate on my hockey once I have left school. I love the game and really enjoy the competitiveness and camaraderie that a positive team environment can provide. My enthusiasm, energy and self motivation contribute significantly to the teams I represent. Playing soccer at a competitive level as a youngster has allowed me to develop into a prolific goal scorer with attacking instincts. A team that has the same expectation of success as I do is a team that would suit me perfectly.

Life Goals I want to develop my talents so that I can use them in later life. Playing competitive hockey for as long as I am able and developing a career using my language skills are two things I am most interested in pursuing. I hope to be able to speak fluent Spanish and thereafter use that either as a teacher or translator. I believe that my skiing ability will allow me to teach Spanish speaking skiers once my language skills have developed. I would also like to be able to coach hockey in the future and put something back into a sport that has given me so much enjoyment.

College Hockey “I love the game and really enjoy the competitiveness and camaraderie of being in a team.”



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Kate Norman