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Jasper von Hoersten

Jasper von Hoersten, Soccer Player

Sports Scholarship Agency

Sports Scholarship Agency

“Jasper is a very honest and sincere person and has very good leadership qualities. Jasper was at our school as a foreign exchange student and fit right into our small town community and was accepted by everyone he came into contact with.” Robb Ingram Bloom Carroll HS Men’s soccer


Personal Information Name: Date of Birth: Email: Sex: Height: Weight:

Jasper von Hoersten 22 September 1992 Male 188cm 190lbs

Academic Information Name of High School: Current Year of Education: Grades:

Gymnasium Mellendorf (Bloom-Carroll High School) 12 (Senior) English:12 Points German: 9 Points Biology: 12 Points PE: 12 Points (including theoretical sports education) Politics: 9 Points Religion 9 Points History: 13 Points Math: 8 Points Geography: 10 Points Presentations with PP: 13 Points Arts: 9 Points

I love the idea of combining my favorite sport with education. I would love to be on a team that sticks together and in which everyone has a passion for soccer.

Soccer Information Current Club: Current Coach(es): Bench Press: 100 meter sprint: Cooper-Test:

SC Wedemark Michael Gaus Robb Ingram (was High School coach) 190-200 pounds 12.2 seconds 2900 meters

Soccer Acheivements *Top scorer several times *Fairness award in 2010 *Leagues Best player award twice


I love the idea of combining my favorite sport with education

I am very disciplined and I always try to improve

“Jasper is hard working and will excel at whatever his task entails� Robb Ingram High School Coach

Sports Scholarship Agency

Sports Scholarship Agency

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