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Hristo Dinkov Hristov I was three years old when I became involved in sports (judo, swimming, skiing, tennis). I started playing football when I was eight and in the years to follow I had to exert massive efforts in order to actively train, play and compete in soccer without harming my studies, graduating successfully and on schedule.

Personal Date of Birth: Address: Sex: Height: Weight:

02-07-1993 37, Trakia Str., Sofia Bulgaria Male 174 cm 64 kg

Academics High School: Current Year:

Secondary English Language School “Thomas Jefferson� First year - Business and Economics at the University of National and World Economy, Sofia


Cumulative GPA - 5.05 (out of 6.00)


1350 93


To get a University Degree in Business and Administration, Business and Economics or Management. I have particular interests in Journalism, Economics and Tourism.

02 | Hristo Hristov | Soccer | Bulgaria

Elite I do believe that my integration in the American Collegiate system will give me much better opportunities to thoroughly exploit my full potential, both academically and sport wise. Hristo Hristov

03 | Hristo Hristov | Soccer | Bulgaria

Athletic info Sport: Current Club:

Soccer Vustanik (Voinegoyci)

Achievements: 2004/2005 2005/2006 2006/2007 2007/2008 2008/2009

1st place in tournament in Greece 1st place in tournament in Serbia 1st place in tournament for young talents 7th place in tournament in Albena (Bulgaria) Team Captain 7th place in the Championship FC Septemvri (Sofia)


Triaditza (Sofia) Septemvri (Sofia)


04 | Hristo Hristov | Soccer | Bulgaria

Winner A skilled athlete, Hristo is driven to win and expects nothing less than a victory every time he steps on the pitch.

05 | Hristo Hristov | Soccer | Bulgaria

Legacy Hristo’s talents on the soccer field are well known in is home country. He is ready to let America know if these talents as well.


What makes you different to other athletes? I score almost every time when facing the goalkeeper. I have an extraordinary sense for the pass and more often than not make great assistances. Struggling for control I am difficult to be surmounted in the midfield.

How hard do you work on your goals? I set my goals and then do anything and everything possible depending on me to achieve them in an ordered succession.

Why should a coach choose you for their team? Because no matter how bad the situation is on the pitch I never give up hope and spare all my efforts concordant with my trustworthy teammates. College Goals To step up as far as possible on to the Academic Ladder of the eminent American Collegiate system.

Life Goals I am keen to having a high class education, a decent job and a strong family one day.

07 | Hristo Hristov | Soccer | Bulgaria

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Hristo Hristov  
Hristo Hristov  

Hristo Hristov top soccer athlete from Bulgaria