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Franziska Vรถllinger

Sports Scholarship Agency

Sports Scholarship Agency

Franziska Vรถllinger

I want every round of golf to feel like the best of of my life.

Introduction In my opinion, the American College system is much better than in Germany. In America it iss easier to combine studying and playing golf. You have the chance to expand both. A coach should pick me because I am very enjoyable to train with and I always give my best. The coach will see good progress from training to training because I am willing to learn. I will transform their visions in my own training and I will test some new training ideas for the path we travel on together. I am very team orientated and always strive for success.

Personal Information Name: Email: Date of Birth: Sex: Height: Weight:

Franzi Völlinger 10 May 1993 Female 172cm 56kg

Academics Name of High School: Equivelant GPA: TOEFL: SAT: Potential Major: College Goals:

Dietrich – Bonhoeffer – Gymnasium 3.26 81 Sitting on Nov 5 Business Complete my studies to the highest level possible. Play a very big role in the college team and be one of the best

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Golf History Current Club:

Golfclub am Reichswald e.V.


Career Low of 2.7 (currently 3.5)

Recent Results in competition:

Bavarian Championship - 3rd Girls Club Championship - 1st Ladies Club Championship - 2nd Girls IB-Noris Young Masters - 1st

Scoreaverage since June ‘11:


Average Course Rating since June ’11:

+ 4.1

Fairway in Reg since June ‘11:

72 %

GiR since June ‘11:


Putts per round since June ’11:


I am disciplined, so I know what is important, what has priority and what hasn't

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