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Aurelien Bouguier Soccer

Aurelien Bouguier

Personal Date of Birth: Country: Sex: Height: Weight:

05-08-1990 France Male 1.83m 165lbs

Academics High School: Current Year:

Promeo Formation 2012 Year 12 graduate


English Economics French Mathematics Sciences Spanish History/Geo. Sports


TBD In process


My goal is really to get a diploma because I don’t want to go to America just to play soccer. For me it is very important to succeed in my studies to find a better job if I have to come back to France. Moreover, I want to perfect my English to become perfectly bilingual thanks to this cultural experience.

02 | Aurelien Bouguier | Soccer | France

A B+ D B+ F C A A+

Elite A leader on and off the field, Aurelien is the type of player that makes any team better.

03 | Aurelien Bouguier | Soccer | France

Athletic info Sport: Current Club: Current Coach:

Soccer USM Senlis Christophe Languille


Winner of the Oise Cup (u15 ans)

Division Superior Regional Champion (u15 ans)

Division of Honor Champion (u18 ans)

Quarter Final in Gambardella Cup (Niort)

2nd in France Amateur Championship (Niort)

Division Honor Champion (Senior)


USM Senlis Regional Team Athletic Club de Boulogne-Billancourt Niort Selected for the University Regional Team (2010)


04 | Aurelien Bouguier | Soccer | France

Winner Aurelien knows that winning is not given to you, it takes hard work and preparation.

05 | Aurelien Bouguier | Soccer | France


What makes you different to other athletes? My technical ability makes me different from other players. Thanks to this quality I rarely lose the ball, which is very important when you play at this position. I understand my key position on the field so I try to organize the game of my team as a leader.

Why do you want to compete in college? I played the collegiate system in France (runner up in 2011) but it’s definitely different from the American collegiate system. This is an opportunity to me to compete against the very best soccer players in America and at the same time be able to keep learning at school in good condition and get a good diploma.

Life Goals Because I am quite young, I want to try to play soccer at the best level possible and at the same time, get a diploma which will allow me to find a good job if I don’t succeed in a soccer career after graduation.

07 | Aurelien Bouguier | Soccer | France

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Aurelien Bouguier  

Aurelien Boguier top soccer athlete from France

Aurelien Bouguier  

Aurelien Boguier top soccer athlete from France