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WELCOME ! I want to compete in the US college system because I think that system is the one that allow you to learn how the competition world is about and where you can develop your game.




Adrian Torres

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Personal info & Academics

Date of birth: 06.29.1996 Citizen: Spain Sex: Male Height: 1.7m Weight: 60kg NCAA Clearinghouse No. TBD

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High school: I.E.S Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer Current year of education: 2º de Bachillerato (12th equivalent)

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SAT: Jan. 14, 2014 College education goals: Get a university degree and use it if I cannot live by my sport.


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Athletic Information



Current club:

Retamares Club de Golf

Current coach:

Lloyd Evans



Handicap 4,2 Clubs distance: PW: 110 (m) 9: 125 (m) 8: 135 (m) 7: 145 (m) 6: 155 (m) 5: 165 (m) 4: 175 (m) Híbrido 4: 195 (m) 3 Wood: 220 (m) Drive: 260 (m)


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Achievements I´m on the top 5 first players in my club, and the second player on my golf team. I´m the winner of my club league currently. The last July I have won five of six tournaments I have played. Also I’m on the top 50 Spanish players in junior.

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Why should a coach choose you for their team? Because I think I have a different game than the other players, I know how to use my head, and that is really important for a golf player. What makes you different to other players? I think I’m very consistent and calm when I need to make a hard decision in shots. How hard do you work on your goals I work as hard as I can, using the most of my time practicing and trying to make my dreams come true. College goals? Live a new experience, meet new people, form as a U.S student and golf player and improve my English and sport level. Life goals? I would like to live with my sport, being professor or professional player. And if that way doesn’t work, I would use my university degree.

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Adrian Torres  


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