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Cherry Creek Chat

Vol. 01 | April 2018


Welcome to  vol.  01  

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Happy Apr il ladies! Welcome to vol. 01 of the Cherr y Creek Chat, this month we talk a lot about product, sustainability, partnerships within the company and tons of other exciting news happening at Creek.

“Ignite th e Po we r of Sh e ”

Important Dates To Remember New Product 04|25|18

Double Points 04|20|18

Tax Day 04|17|18

42% newness Swim, new tight, travel + more!

10x rewards from 4/20 - 4/29

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Cherry Creek Chat

Vol. 01 | April 2018

A note from Katelyne Hello ladies, I want to first thank you all for the excitement built up around this newsletter. Mel and I have been carefully collecting topics from Zipline, C hi Blog,



most importantly

In hopes to make this first issue an exciting

one. I have had a blast putting this together to help create a place of reference, learning, and a place of fun! Please continue to pass along your ideas to me in person





info rmation


P.S. Thank you Lisa Enjetti for helping us curate the name of our newsletter! P.S.S. You will see several hyperlinks, feel free to click them for additional information right at your fingertips.


Table of Contents

Cherry Creek Chat

Vol. 01 | April 2018

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Ath le ta p artn e rs wi th REI

Le arn mo re abo u t B Co rp an d 2 02 0 Go als

In f ormati on ab ou t P .A. C.E.

Gi rls o n th e Ru n Vo l un tee r O pp ortu n ity

to ge tHER M o nth ly Fo cu s

B usi ne ss U pd ate s

Pro d uct In sigh t f or Ma y Rel ease

Empl oye e Spo tlig ht

O utf it H igh li gh t

M isc el lan eo u s f in ds & Cre ek Ne ws


Athleta Partners  with  REI  

Cherry Creek Chat


Vol. 01 | April 2018

Ever sin ce th e be gi nn in g, Ath le ta’s m issio n h as be e n to in spire a com mun ity o f h eal thy, con f id en t, ac tive w ome n an d girl s to re ach the ir limi tle ss po te nti al. To day, with th e in ten tio n of cre atin g a n ew an d e xc itin g w ay to de li ve r th at mis sio n and o ur pro du ct to o ur c usto me rs, w e are a nn o un cin g a partn e rshi p wi th REI to o ff e r an asso rtme nt o f style s i n s el ect REI sto res nati on wi de an d on li ne . Re ad m ore o n ho w th is partn ersh ip came to be p lu s h ow o ur tw o bran ds are m ore ali ke th an yo u th in k. We stri ve to bri ng ou r me mb ers the b est ge ar to he lp o utf it th e m f or a lif e o utd oo rs. That’ s wh y we ’re th ri ll ed to an no u nce w e’ re n o w o f fe rin g an Ath le ta co ll ecti on —featu rin g h ike , yo ga and swi m ap pare l— in se le cte d REI sto res and o n REI.c om. We e xplo re h ow thi s partn e rs hi p came to b e and wh at yo u can e xpe ct from th e co ll ecti on . Ath le ta an d REI h ave b ee n ad mirin g e ach oth e r fo r ye ars. “It co mes do wn to two wo rds: co mmo n val ue s,” said C hri s Samway, ch ie f fin an cial o ffice r an d he ad of strate gy an d bu sin es s de v el op men t fo r Ath le ta. “A thle ta w as cre ate d fo r wo me n wh o lo ve to ge t o u ts ide an d take on n e w ad ve n tu re s. Tw en ty years late r, th at re main s co re to ou r b rand .” We are e xci ted to se e wh at kin d o f cu stome r ac qu isiti on REI can bri ng to Ath le ta alo n g w ith the se e in g h o w th is p artne rsh ip c an gro w in th e fu tu re. Prod uc t to b e ca rried at RE I Tre kkie Po we rvi ta Swi m U PF T ops Ru n Sh o rts Cri ss Cro ss Sw eatsh irts

Colo rad o L oca tion s Gre e nw oo d Vi llag e Di ll io n


Cherry Creek Chat

Vol. 01 | April 2018

Athleta is now Certified B Corp! B Co rp is to the re tail i nd u stry w hat Fai r Trade ce rtificatio n is to co ffe e. It’s ri go ro u s stan dard s ou r co mpan y me ets th at e ns ure s we ’re pu ttin g pe o ple first wh il e d ri vi ng tran spare n cy in o u r p rod uc ti on . He re are so me thi ng s th at make Ath le ta a c ertifie d B C orp . 4 0% of o ur prod u cts are su stain abl e -Re cycle d P o ly is m ade fro m p ost c on su mer p lasti c bo ttle s -O rgan ic Co tto n is gro wn with o ut h armf ul pe stic ide s -Le n zin g M o dal is a fib er th at is pro d uce d fro m Euro pe an be e ch wo od tre es harv e sted f rom sustain ab le fo re st -Re cycle d Nyl on d ive rts was te f rom lan df il ls we u se thi s fabric in o ur Trekkie b otto ms Fai r Trade C erti fie d Ap pare l -Fo r e v ery Fair Trad e C ertifie d g armet so ld , we pay a pre miu m d ire ctly back to th e pe op le wh o made i t -Yo u wi ll se e p rod u cts th at are de no te d wi th a han g tag th at spe cifie s th is O the r C ertif ie d B Co rp C omp ani es -Pa ta gon ia , TOM S, Ei le en Fish e r, Warby Parke r, TO M S, Al lb irds, K ickstarte r, Ne w B el gi um Bre win g & mo re . L ast ye ar we set som e agg ressive social an d environ men tal responsibility g oals for 2020. Whi le our deadline is s till a few ye ar s off, w e’re ex cit ed t o share our prog re ss so far.

“ Th e B Co r p mo ve me nt is o ne of th e mo st imp or tant o f o ur li fetime , bu il t on the sim ple fac t th at b usi ness im pac ts and se rve s mo r e than j ust sha re ho ld er s – it h as a n e qu al re spo nsibi lity to co mm uni ty and th e pl ane t.” R o se M arc ar io , CE O o f Pata goni a Le arn M o re ab o ut B C orp

Our 2020 Goals


Cherry Creek Chat

Vol. 01 | April 2018

One million  women.  One  million  lives.   In 2007, we launched Gap Inc. P.A.C.E . (Personal Adva ncement & Career Enhancement) to help the women who make our clothes gain the skills and confidence they need to adva nce at work and in life. More than 65, 000 women in 12 countries have participated in the program to date. In 2016 we launched P.A. C.E. for girls in communities, and are committed to reaching one million women + girls around the world by the end of 2020. Ma ny women say P.A.C.E. has been life changing, tea ching them tangible skills while shifting their perception of themselves and their abilities. They describe becoming better at communicating, managing their finances, taking ca re of their health and planning for the future. Each woman has her own story to tell about crea ting change – whether for herself, her family or her community. We began offering P.A.C.E. in community settings in 2013 to support women outside of the factory. I nspired by the stories of the women who have pa rticipated to-date and their dreams for their daughters, we are expanding our community prog ram to include adolescent girls ages 13 – 17. One by one, girls around the world will g ain the skills and confidence to change the course of their lives. Meet the women of P.A.C.E. at ce #1MWomen


Cherry Creek Chat

Vol. 01 | April 2018

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY Athleta Cherry Creek In-Store Voluntee r Effort: Thank yo u c ar ds for Girls o n the Run Coaches Who: You! And Girls on the Run (GOTR), a nonprofit organization that inspires girls to be jo yful, healthy and conf ident using a fun, experience based curriculum, which creatively integrates running. What: Th ere are more than 600 coaches who support Girls on the Run teams in Colorado each year, GOTR sends hand written thank you cards to each one. Our job is to help them write these cards. When: Whenever you have a few minutes during your break or before/after a shift. Where: In-store! We’ve brought the volunteer opportunity to you. No need to go anywhere! Why: Athleta is taking this month to volunteer and support our local communities. Th is is a perfect tie-in with our 2018 Holistic Community strategy where we will “connect, inspire, and impact local community through volunteerism.” The rally will take place from 4/1-4/30 and is an excellent opportunity to focus your efforts and drive volunteering for your store. How:

-Take a blank card f rom the envelope in BOH -Hand write one of the suggested messages provided by GOTR -Put your finish ed cards in the “Completed Cards” envelope -Write your name on the volunteer sheet and the number of cards you wrote

Help us suppor t Athleta’s goal to log more than 1,000 hours acr oss the entire store fleet. If each store in our District has 50% or more employees volunteer, the store with the highest participation in each District will win custom Athleta swag ite ms for each associate in your store. FYI: Athleta Cherry C reek is the tear tag and mile marker sponsor for the GORT Cherry C reek race on May 13 th .


Cherry Creek Chat

Vol. 01 | April 2018

togetHER skills   Our goal is to create an environment of warmth and belonging. We may not (initially) know what Her day has been like, or what is going on in Her life, but by the end of Her visit, if we are showing up in the right way, every customer should leave feeling uplifted by Her experience with us.

7 Observables 1. Style/Appearance What is she wearing, and what does that signal to you about Her? Is she wearing Athleta or other performance wear? What’s Her style? 2. Posture/Movement How is she standing and moving around the store? Does she seem comfortable? Confident? Hesitant? Hurried? 3. Gesture/Touch What types of hand gestures is she using? Does she seem interested or uncertain? Is she touching certain products or material types?

Engage With H ER

Every month we will focus on one aspect of our togetHER techniques. This month I want us to use this information to truly engage with HER. Learn to understand her, her wants, her needs, her hesitations and more.

4. Facial Expression How expressive is Her face? Is she considering certain options intently? Do you notice Her building up more eye contact throughout the interaction? 5. Eye Contact How much eye contact is she initially comfortable with? Do you notice Her building up more eye contact throughout the interaction? 6. Voice/Tone How quickly or deliberately does she speak? Is Her voice louder or softer? What else can you hear in the quality of Her voice? 7. Words/Vocabulary How formal or informal is Her vocabulary? Does she favor particular jargon or words? Does she use filler words like “um” or “uh?”

Suggestive Selling   1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 8

Make good judgment calls Make personal recommendations from product you love Select the appropriate add on for Her Create a consistent bond and trust with Her Know wh en to make useful suggestions Adapt strategy and make your own


Cherry Creek Chat

Vol. 01 | April 2018

BUSINESS UPDATES #SUITUP The right swimwear can have a powerful effect. Just as power suit inspires confidence in a business meeting, suiting up with th e righ t swimwear can inspire confidence. For women everywhere, suiting up in Athleta is about feeling empowered to move with ease and take on summer with no regrets. Athleta swimwear is designed to flatter a range of female forms and perform – it will stay put and stay supportive whether lounging out by the pool, splashing with her kids, or kite surfing. Trend-forward suits have never been so flattering and functional. Soft, technical fabrics combined with stay-put d esigns mean Athleta swimsuits fit perfectly, feel amazing and pass the cannonball test. So during your next shift ask a leader when would be a good time for a #SUITUP Fit Session.

Credit Card  Contest   For the month of April we will be joining Park Meadows in a battle based around Card. The store that reaches 100% of their goal will win a $50 stock your fridge fund from the losing store. If neither store reaches 100% of their goal, the store who reaches the higher percentage to goal will receive a $25 stock your fridge fund from the losing store. Get those game faces on!!

DOUBLE POINTS   Athleta Card holders earn 10% back in rewards from 4/20 – 4/29 Visa Card holders earn 5% back on gas, groceries & dining through 6/30 Visa Card holders earn 3% back on all other locations through 6/30

May New  Flow   New Produ ct Coming… Sonic Capri & Skort Micro Mesh Tee Interval Jacket Passpo rt Jacket Shiva Tight Flip Around Twist Tank Sculptek Skinny Crop Jean Cloudligh t Tops Mod Trekkie

Women’s 40% Newness 249 CCs GIRLs 66% Newness 43 CCs

GAP Inc. has partnered with a new APP called Shyft. This is our innovative way to request any shift swaps. Managers are able to approve the swap right in the APP without having to call the store! If yo u have not already please download the app using code AT4798.

(continued pg. 10) 9

Cherry Creek Chat

Vol. 01 | April 2018

Product Insight

INTRODUCING: Swiftlite  

Swiftlite is a new fabric launching in the Sonic Capri and Skort silhouettes. We’ve positioned this as our lightest weight knit bottom fabric ever as its quick drying and near-naked feeling make it best f or sweat! Perfect for indoor spin or HIT class, th e fabric features a free cut hem with no restrictive binding seams that create minimal on body feeling and is made from recycled Poly containing postco nsumer plastic bottles.


BIG Ideas   FLOW OF STORE May has the largest amount of newness being the first drop of the season preparing for Summer sales. Newness is dropped in each sho p through merchandizing and outfitting to create an obvious visual upd ate to excite the customer. The flo w of store carries through from the previous season fore ease of navigation and workload and will continue throughout all of summer with smaller amounts of newness in consecutive drops. OUTFITTING AND COLOR We’ve paid special attention to outfitting and color to create a shopping experience around outfits and ease of navigation. Throughout the sto re, tables, rolling racks, hangbars and now tiered faceouts are carefully curated to highlight easy outfitting options in each shop. This allows us to d rive sales in the slow moving tops category and aid in increasing UPT (units per transaction) by creating clear outfitting choices b y sh op. WHITE TREND POD To participate in this relevant trend, we created a head to toe white presentation adjacent to Train. Stores with additional space can expand this trend utilizing other crossover styles in white.

Summer color story will be a mix of warm and cool colors 10

DENIM Denim launches as a big idea with additional styles to support a full destination in all stores and is a big volume driver for the season.

Cherry Creek Chat

Vol. 01 | April 2018

Employee Spotlight APRIL   BIRTHDAYS  

WELCOME TO     THE  TEAM   Alex LaSala Devin Maroney Edmarie Meaux Madeline Do Megan Skelly (w e lc om e b ac k!)

Megan Stautz Sam Crowe Sydney Fischelis

April Athletaversary   Karleen 6 Years 04/21/2012

Bryanna Rinaldi


Sarah Elbing


Julia Wiggins


Katelyne McMahon


Edmarie Meaux


Doranne Gwilliam


GOOD LUCK  MEL!   Mel is running her 5th Boston Marathon on Monday April 16. Help cheer her on with us all day long by following her all day. Bib #20813

CELEBRATIONS Amelia got engaged!!!

Welcome Janet  

Michelle & Karleen run Platte River Half Marathon

Long overdue but we want to welcome Janet Woods, our community coordinator to the team. Janet started with Athleta in November and has been a huge asset to our team, our ambassadors, and our community. Thank you Janet for all your hard work

Rachel is out of her boot!

DID YOU  KNOW?   You can show appreciation to your fellow teammates by recognizing them on aCHIeve! Just lo g into Tip: Username is your employee # 11

Cherry Creek Chat

Vol. 01 | April 2018


Outfit Highlight

-INSPIRED FOR: adventure to fro, travel - SUSTAINABLE: Made from recycled Poly, a supremely sleek fabric made from post consumer plastic bottles - Adjustable straps for custom fit - Featherweight stretch - BREATHABLE. Sweat can travel through the fabric so it can evaporate to the surface - UPF 50+ - Fits true to size

-INSPIRED FOR: adventure to fro, travel - STOWAWAY HOOD - Mesh-lined ventilation at upper back - Raglan sleeves give you room to move with flattering seam lines - Adjustable interior waist cinch for a custom fit - 2 front pockets with locking zippers - Recycled Polyester - WATER REPELLENT - WIND RESISTANT - Fits slightly too big/true to size

- INSPIRED FOR: adventure travel, adventure to fro, wear to work - SUSTAINABLE: Made from Recycled-Poly - 4 Pockets. 2 easy access front, 2 secure zip back - Rib knit waistband and side panels for mobility and comfort - Semi-fitted, mid rise, tapered leg - INSEAM: Regular 27”, Petite 25”, Tall 30”


Cherry Creek Chat

Vol. 01 | April 2018

Cherry Creek Shopping Center News Rise Pies $2 cheese pizza on Tuesday & Thursday Häag en-Dazs ½ off all ice cream products every Wednesday in April Wetzel Pretzel 4/ 26/18 National Pretzal Day: Free pretzals all day long Zara A company from Spain with over 2k stores wo rldwide will be co ming to Denver soon! Aromas Frozen Yog urt 20% Mall Employees

Overnight Oats When you’re tired of the KIND Bars ½ Cup of oats ½ Cup of milk (almond, flax, coconut, etc.) 1 Tsp. vanilla ½ Tbsp. of sweetener (honey, agave) 1/3 Cup of blueberries/strawberries/blackberries ½ Banana 1 Tbsp. chi seeds and/or flax seeds ¼ Cup of nuts 1 Spoonful of nut butter

Tasty Tip F or m ore cru nch, keep topping s as ide to add in w hen ready for added fr esh nes s

Instructions: 1. In your mason jar add oats, milk, vanilla, sweetener, seeds and gently shake or stir 2. Either mix or layer in your fruit within the oats 3. Top your oats with nuts/nut buttera sprinkle of cinnamon, chia seeds, a sprinkle of honey berries or more

A few last things… New fun game wheel coming for card performance! Reminder: Read the Rally Board posted behind the door each week Ask a leader about a fit session for swim suits along with shorts, skorts and tops. Cherry Creek Sneak is happening 4/22. Keep your eye out for road closures in the Chi Blog Facebook group


Cherry Creek Chat Vol. 01 April 2018  
Cherry Creek Chat Vol. 01 April 2018