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THE ART OF INTERIORS with Natalie Officer

NO: 'Twas really an organic blend, and that always works the best.

the table.

Our partnership came organically from the design and development of the customizable Cafe line, developed internally by Maggie Ballinger. What we have expressed in our brand identity was desirable to the concept, and we were honored to be contacted to participate as the designers of the Matte Black Kitchen for Cafe.

AM: The space you created was stunning. Can you tell us about the tiles, countertops etc that were in your space as you had so many stories that really brought this to life.

The copper hardware was a driver of course, but really we simply took our vibe and parlayed it into "lifestyle" influences. The venue and map of New York City and the Bon Ton tile hand-made in Minnesota gave a wonderful splash of activity in the space. We coupled it with the use of Maharam fabrics and the mix of forged copper, linen, and hand thrown ceramics on

Of course the Lucas Pete lighting made our heart skip a beat.

NO: It is part of our brand to utilize small brands, started concepts, and to work with people who still answer the phone. We utilized Caesarstone and the natural deep emerald Nuvalato stone as our countertop surfaces, and built in the copper Rohl sinks, pairing them with the beautiful and attainable faucets from Cincinnati's own Signature Hardware. Each piece and placement from the tile to the table scape, thought through collectively

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