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it’s kind of modernized in a way that makes it appropriate to sell into a restaurant. You might sell 10 a day or 2, but if you cooked a whole lamb everyday, that wouldn’t be sustainable. AM: That sounds really good – we’ll have to try it! CHEF AH: Well you should come in soon as we’ll be taking it off of the menu soon as it is more of a spring or summer dish. AM: Oh no! CHEF AH: Realistically, we probably could change the garnish on it to make it feel more wintery, but the overall

story of eating lamb in the spring or the summer time outside in the piazza where people gather around – is just like having a suckling pig for a barbeque – you think of it as more of a summery thing. AM: Are you constantly thinking of different dishes and coordinating with the sommelier as well as your pastry chef? CHEF AH: Yeah usually for pastry, there is some sort of collaboration between the party chef and myself, but I try to leave Chef Rebecca to have more creative freedom there and just make sure that it is something that we can execute consistently. As far as coming up with a new menu, we work with Cen-

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