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form your best on too-little sleep, you can fully make up for lost sleep on weekends and turkey and warm milk make you sleepy. AM: What are the perfect sleep aids that we should have to help us go to sleep? DR. MB: This is an individual question depending upon what the sleeping issue may be. For some, it could be Melatonin, CBD, Valerian, Hops, etc. For others, it could be a combination of herbs. @TheSleepDoctor

er nutrition and exercise. AM: What are ingredients of ensuring a good sleep, and what can we do during the day to support our nightly routine? DR. MB: I believe that sleep is a performance activity, when you have the right equipment you will perform best. Just like a runner, if they have the right shoes, dry-fit wear, and music they run better. The same holds true for sleep, if you have the right mattress, pillows, and sheets (a sleep system) it all works together. You can check out more items that I suggest here. AM: What sleep myths are there that we believe to be true and aren't, as well as those that actually are true? DR. MB: There are a ton! Some of the most notable ones: everyone needs eight hours of sleep, you can get by with less than six hours of sleep, sleep needs diminish with age, you can train yourself to per-

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