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KH: Haha yes! AM: On Nov 29th, this will be the 3rd Annual Tree Lighting for Tavern on the Green. Why did you guys start this tradition and what events will take place on this night? We know this is one of many events that will flow throughout this holiday period. KH: The holidays here are about a month and a half of events at Tavern on the Green. We start with Thanksgiving Week. We do over 1500 people for Thanksgiving that Thursday and obviously, we know that that whole weekend is really a fun food and beverage weekend for everybody. That Saturday, we start our Holiday Brunch so our Executive Chef, Bill Peet puts together a $70 prix fixe menu that really focuses on the holiday and celebration and we run that menu every Saturday and Sunday through New Years. So coming off of that week, we head into the celebration of Christmas and all the holidays. So one thing that we do is participate in Winter’s Eve which takes place on Nov 26th at Lincoln Center which kind of brings together all of the restaurants out onto the street. We set up little kiosks and it allows us to be a part of the neighborhood and welcoming in the winter celebrations. This flows right into the Tree Lighting which takes place on Nov 29th and I’m so excited about it! One of the things that I really love about it is, that yes we are in this iconic city, at an iconic restaurant, but we also try to be a good local steward of our community as well. Our charity partner for both the Winter’s Eve event and this Tree Lighting event is the West Side Campaign Against Hunger - a hyper local charity that really does amazing work around issues of hunger and scarcity right in our backyard. They run a food pantry which is set up like a grocery store and it allows people that need that food support to be a customer and get the kinds of

things that they need for their families versus just giving boxes of food to them. It’s a really classy and respectful way for you to help someone out while making them feel valued at the same time. We love partnering with this organization for these reasons. So all of the money we raised for the donations from the delicious apple cinnamon donuts and delicious hot chocolate dipping sauce that was made for the Winter’s Eve event will be given to the West Side Campaign Against Hunger and similarly on the evening of the Tree Lighting Ceremony, we will host students from their Chef's Training Program who will be giving out soup and and raising money as well. Once again, we’re tying in this celebratory Tree Lighting into something that is a little greater than that and a bit more about the reason for the season – I think they say!

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