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the park and have a drink with us at our Courtyard. Our main dining room is the Central Park Room and it has a full glass front so that people can be experiencing the park while they are dining with us. Our two other rooms – our Bar Room and South Wing were really designed with nature in mind. So the original wood in the Bar Room or the leaves in the South Wing really help us to bring Central Park in and make it a bit more of an approachable place! The Old Tavern, you would wear a suit and tie and go there for a 1,000 person gala and in the new incarnation, both the city and the operators really wanted to make it a place where everybody could come. You could still do a gorgeous wedding here in our Courtyard, but you can also stop here for lunch on a Mon if you are here visiting NYC and really have Tavern be a part of NYC as well as Central Park. AM: We love that and we think that that is why Tavern on the Green has such a feeling for those visiting the city as well as those that live here! Because you guys have a number of rooms/areas, is the menu the same regardless of where you choose to dine? KH: We generally for our dining room, have one menu. We have a lunch, brunch and dinner menu depending on the day and time. Additionally, we have our bar menu which is only served in our Bar Room and that has snacks and light bites if you are looking for something to nosh on while you have a nice beverage. In addition to that, we have our nice To Go Window open mainly year around although it closes in Jan. and Feb. – that’s more of a grab and go kind of thing for sandwiches and coffees for those that are walking through the park and don't have time to sit down for a nice meal. You can still have a nice lunch while you are walking by. AM: As the General Manager, what is

your role at Tavern on the Green? KH: My role is to be the liaison of our ownership. We have over 300 staff members over a number of departments and a lot of things going on! I always joke that Tavern may be one restaurant, but it’s really 5! At any given point, we can have a wedding reception going on in our South Terrace, we can have our To Go Window open, another party in our South Wing, have a la carte in our Bar Room and Central Park Room and then have a full Courtyard with people coming in off of the Park and enjoying lunch or brunch. So it’s one building, but it’s really telling many stories at the same time. So my job is to help our ownership put that all together and what that looks like to ultimately hone in on the guest experience. I make sure that all of our departments whether it’s the front of house or back of house is firing on all cylinders and really just providing that really magical Tavern experience. I know that you said before that people may have come here years ago – we have guests that come in that say, “oh this is my first time back since my friend’s wedding 10 years ago.” Or they will say, “I have never been here, but my grandparents got married here.” Or that their mom proposed to their dad here. There are a lot of really special family moments that we enjoy having them as Tavern moments as well and being able to speak to that. Simultaneously, being a part of NY. We have a number of guests that live across the street on the UWS and they love having us here as their local establishment. It’s about holding those two things together and making sure that we are serving all those guests with absolute perfection - which is essentially my job and helping the management team from the front and back of house to do that! AM: To be sure that is a huge job!

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