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When it comes to iconic destinationsthat you have to check off your bucketlist, Tavern on the Green is one of them. It's not just a culinary destination, but it is steeped in history. Earlier this fall we had the chance to talk with their General Manager, Kelly Harbison during their Fall Apple Event. With the holidays descending upon us, we had to circle back to share the history of Tavern on the Green, it's new incarnation, focus on approachability, being a steward in the community and of course, receive a snapshot on what the holiday season is like for them going into this time of year. ATHLEISURE MAG: Can you tell us about the iconic history of Tavern on the Green? KELLY HARBISON: Tavern on the Green is called Tavern on the Green because obviously we are located directly in front of Central Park and our building in the 1800’s was a sheepfold for the sheeps that would graze in Sheep’s Meadow which is right across the street from us. It’s really not even just historical in the 1900’s or even recently, but really all the way back to the building of Central Park where our building is a historic landmark is really influential in that kind of a growth of Central Park as a location which is really exciting for us. Our ownership of Tavern on the Green has been since 2014. And basically, it was a restaurant for most of the 1900’s and then is was closed down for a little while and then the city really wanted to find a new owner/operator to come in that would bring the park inside. The old Tavern on the Green was really big and people were always in the Crystal Room that had all the chandeliers and such which was great and beautiful, but in the new incarnation of Tavern on the Green, we really looked to bring the park inside. We took down the Crystal Room and having that really beautiful Courtyard that really opens right up to Sheep’s Meadow and having an entrance open on that side so that peo ple can just walk right up from being in

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