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that we do partner with. We want to work with the ones that are integral in my life as well as within the studio as we create content. It’s always great when you have the chance to work with a brand that has a natural cohesion with the things that you are already doing. For us around the holiday season, we’re always talking about how to simplify, how to have beautiful surrounding throw really great parties without being stressed and Bounty is one of the ways that we are able to do that. AM: With Christmas and Hanukkah and other winter holidays – people have a number of gatherings that are not as intensive as hosting a dinner. What are really simple ways that people can host to enjoy their guests while keeping it stress free? CS: I like events where guests can jump in and have a bit of interactivity and can lighten the load on the host. So, any type of do it yourself menus like Build Your Own Flatbread Bar where you can make flatbreads and bring them out and they can put on their own toppings and they can build them themselves. It’s perfect with those that have dietary restrictions as they can ensure that they are only adding in items that work for their needs. The same with cocktails, think of a specialty cocktail and have a self-serve bar with a few recipe cards and let them mix their own for the season. I love things like that as it’s a great way to get guests mingling and to use their hands to do something. It also makes my job easier as I’m not mixing up cocktails or making individual plates when my guests are hanging out. I can jump in and enjoy my guests and create alongside them. AM: We know you’re based in Austin, TX. Where can we find you grabbing a bite/cocktail, working out and shopping?

CS: I love this – I’m such a proud Austinite. In terms of getting a bite to eat, there are so many! I would probably say, oh my gosh I have to break it down by season. In the winter, I love to go to June’s it’s a really cozy spot on South Congress. They have an amazing Chicken Matzah Ball Soup – if you go there, you have to get it! Its so heartwarming and cozy and a fun casual environment. That’s probably my go to winter spot. In the summer, I like to sit on the patio of Laundurette and order a glass of rose and they have an amazing burrata dish and everything they do is really creative and interesting with spicy flavors. Shopping, if I had to choose one place – I LOVE, I’d say Sunroom it’s a really cool shop on South Congress that has a cool beachy vibes. They carry designers and brands that you don’t find anywhere else in Austin and their buyer buys the coolest pieces. I just feel I wouldn’t find it anywhere online and I do a lot of online shopping so when I go there, it is always an experience and different. I work out at MOD Fitness (, my barre studio and I also do SoulCycle and I also love to walk and run with a good friend around Lady Bird Lake. PHOTOS COURTESY | Marc Babin

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