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up. Clean up is the one area that I think your guests should not be involved unless you have that one guest that absolutely insists. If it helps them to not feel guilty that’s ok but generally – it’s not something I would accept. When guests arrive, I want them to feel relaxed, so the kitchen shouldn’t look like a mess where they feel compelled to jump in and start cooking. For me, that’s where Bounty comes in as I pretty recently ditched my sponges as it was the one thing in my kitchen that got really gross and make my space look so messy. When you’re using the same sponge to wipe off the counters all day and to clean your utensils it just doesn’t look inviting when you see them there. I don’t want my guests to walk in to see

gross dirty sponges and dishtowels when they walk in. I have my Bounty papertowels to wipe things down and to use a good cleaning spray. I can keep my pans clean as I go and it’s like using a dishtowel in that it doesn’t tear apart when you are using it and I can simply throw it away when I am done as opposed to having it out visibly. It’s my biggest cleaning hack. AM: We know that you recently partnered with Bounty? CS: For me, I really believe in the product and quality and I use it everyday myself. We really, at our company think really carefully about the products and brands we work with and don't have that many

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