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comes to hosting a meal like, Thanksgiving or Christmas that has a lot of components where you are juggling a lot of different menu items. You want to hone in on exactly who is coming, making a specific plan about when they should show up, when dinner will be and of course – planning the venue. A detailed list of exact recipes, ingredients needed and most importantly, what can be done in advance so you can get as much done that’s not on the holiday so that when the day rolls around – you’re not too overwhelmed on what needs to get done. AM: What are your go to’s that you like to make in advance? CS: Make ahead recipe wise, there are a few things I always do, like sauces and sal ad dressings can be made a day or two ahead. I pop them in Mason Jars in the fridge. Pie crusts can be made really far in advance and you can actually freeze them. Things like cranberry sauce can be made 3 days ahead. Roasted vegetables are perfect to make a day ahead and then you can pop them in the oven to warm them up. We actually just posted Make Ahead Recipes which are perfect for holiday meals! I have a lot of my favorites in there that really showcases how important it is to do things in advance. If you are actually trying to make 8 dishes ON Thanksgiving or Christmas, you are going to be running around like a crazy person! This is the best way to maintain your sanity. AM: In terms of tablescapes, what options do people have whether it’s going to Williams-Sonoma, your favorite department store or just going outside? People want to be able to showcase that they took time to present their meal in a beautiful and fun way. CS: I love during this time of year to really take inspiration from nature. Where I live, we can go on a nature walk and collect branches, leaves, acorns or berries and gather them into a bowl. I’ll go to the grocery store and pick up some pomegranates and put them in a big shallow bowl to place them on the table. Anything that

you can do to bring in some of those natural elements and really speak to what is happening outdoors, really speaks to the fall and season. Right now, there are a number of stores that are carrying some really beautiful faux greenery and branches – it’s such a great option for someone that doesn’t have those natural elements – to be able to place them on their table. AM: In terms of cleaning up from such a feast, what are your tips there – should they be cleaning as they go or accept guests requests to pitch in? CS: I’m all for guests being invited to participate in any realm except for clean

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