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The holiday season is exciting because you have the chance to see a number of your friends, family and colleagues in one place and at various gatherings within a dizzying 6 weeks. You know there are a number of events that you will attend and of course, you will be hosting. In theory, it's exciting until you realize that you will be hosting and throwing a dinner, event or a combination of the two. Before you stress out, we sat down with Camille Styles who knows a thing or two about planning events, cooking meals and being a great hostess. This event planner got her start in the industry planning events and pairing it with food. In addition to sharing her creations and tips on, Cooking Channel, O Magazine, Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living and more, Camille also shares her tips on her namesake site. We took some time to talk with her about how we can tackle being a great host, the approachable way to creating tablescapes, her favorite places in Austin and her partnership with Bounty. ATHLEISURE MAG: Can you tell us how you got into the event space as we know you have done a lot with HGTV. com and your website is beautiful. CAMILLE STYLES: So part of my career is in events as you said. About 12 years ago, in my 20’s, I was an event planner for a catering company so I am really thankful that I was able to start as an event planner with a focus on food. I feel that number 1, food is my favorite part and the focal point to any kind of gathering and it also really taught me the nitty gritty ends and outs on what it takes to really create a great event. I got my feet wet there and fell in love with entertaining, parties, hosting and bringing people together. As a side creative outlet, I started really as a creative project. I mean at that time, it was 10 years ago so blogs were really more of a hobby and something to do for fun

on the side. Over the next year or two, it started to really pick up speed and gain an audience and as a Journalism major I have always loved to be able to right and really to use that degree to create content even if it was just for fun. Over time, I built an audience where I was able to see that this was something that could be a full time gig and so I stopped planning events and put my time into creating content for the website. For the next 9 years, I continued to build and built a team of 7 right here in Austin – which I can’t believe that it’s been that long. I also have a few contributors from around the country as well. The content that we created it’s grown from focusing on entertaining to a number of lifestyle topics from design to interiors. But we really do keep the heart of what we do, which is about entertaining and for me it really is about those gatherings and finding ways to connect with people – especially during this time of year around the holidays. It’s about creating these feelings and spaces with those you love. I’m truly able to do my dream job to create this kind of content around these verticals. AM: Focusing on entertaining, what advice do you have for someone who is about to embark upon hosting their first holiday dinner with 10 people? How can we curb the anxiety that comes around hosting and making that person feel that this is an attainable task? CS: This is a topic that is really near and dear to my heart. Entertaining is not just about bringing people together, but also being able to interact with them! Finding ways to host holiday gatherings without feeling stressed is so key because the host should be able to have fun right beside their guests. I think that for me, it all starts with making a detailed plan, especially when it

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