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We're fans of shows that transport us to new locations - whether we actually visit or not. A new twist on the classic travel show includes the stories and cultures that Travel Channel's host, Jack Maxwell encounters on Booze Traveler. On his way to Tahiti, Jack told us about the show, where he'd like to film and what he's learned doing the show.

at Lake Baikal in Siberia and also enjoyed the episode of the Smoothie in Belize - what was your favorite country to enjoy a drink and what was it? JM: I really loved having an authentic Mojito in Cuba. Drinking great Port while sailing the river through the Douro Valley in Portugal was another favorite. Having cocktails with the Conch Republic in Key West while fighting the Coast Guard, and zip lining through downtown Las Vegas with a Dean Martin impersonator were both fun, unforgettable experiences.

ATHLEISURE MAG: Tell us about your background - how did you become the Booze Traveler and had you ever bartended before or done anything in the alcohol industry? JACK MAXWELL: Growing up shining shoes in the bar rooms of South Boston, I fell in love with the magical combination of booze, travel, adventure and storytelling. My neighborhood was filled with divey pubs and all sorts of characters who loved a drink and a story.

AM: Where would you like to film next and what beverage story would you like to learn about there? JM: Having filmed Booze Traveler in roughly 50 countries - covering six continents - has been wonderful, a real eye-opener. I would love to find a native tribe somewhere yet to be discovered and have a drink with them. That would be fantastic.

AM: Although the show follows you drinking through various countries, it's not really about drinking per se, but more of an Anthony Bourdain style (which we're fans of too) of the culture behind why one drinks or the history behind certain beverages. Why do you think that this resonates with viewers and what have you learned after doing this for 3 seasons?

AM: The show is an hour, but we see you enjoying a number of beverages and finding a particular drink, what is it like when you are taping for one of these shows? JM: I probably don't put away as much booze as it seems. A lot of what you see on the show happens off camera, too. The camaraderie is real. The travel can be a grind, but the crew is great and we keep each other loose.

JM: Maybe “Booze Traveler� resonates because we meet such interesting people, with really great stories. Hopefully my gratitude for that, along with my natural curiosity and joy for life, comes across.

AM: With all of the traveling and beverages, do you detox or cleanse and what workouts do you do?

AM: How important is interacting with the culture and sharing it with viewers of The Travel Channel?

JM: I like to tell people I only drink at work, which is mostly true. Hard to pass up a nice bottle of wine with dinner though or a celebratory cocktail when I reunite with friends. Don't work out as much as I'd like. We are constantly on the road shooting long

JM: It's what the show is all about. The drink just gets us into the scene. It's all about the people and the culture. AM: We loved when you drank vodka

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