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and decided to solve the problem themselves by designing their own line. (Shocker, right? Moms making it happen!) We want to make it easier for other moms to find these great brands. That’s a huge part of why Mia Tango exists. MB: We started with four designers and have now expanded to over 20! We’re always on the lookout for great new brands. When we see someone wearing something that we love, we research the designer and what they’re about, and designers seek us out as well. Quality is important to us, as is the designer’s vision - it’s got to fit with our woman’s lifestyle, values and aesthetic. We really believe in the brands that we carry. AM: Will you extend these offerings to baby clothes as well? SR: We have so many great ideas about how to expand our offering - we’re excited about all of them.

AM: As mothers who run this boutique, how important is it for women to ensure that they maintain self-care, take care of their families as well as to find outlets whether they are creative levels of expression and/or entrepreneurial?

and physically. Family is a big part of that, but something to feed your brain and maintain your body and mind is equally important. How you feel about how you look is a big part of your physical being and your physical presence. That’s where Mia Tango comes in and it’s a big part of why I love it so much. Pregnancy and motherhood should be a time when you feel great about yourself, and clothing plays a huge part in that. For all the sacrifices you make, getting dressed should make you feel like, “heck ya, I’ve got this!”

SR: Whether a woman works outside of the home or in the home (and let’s be clear - it’s all work, and it’s hard work) so often, as moms, we’re told to put ourselves last when really we should be putting ourselves first. That’s a tough shift in thinking. But, it’s a crucial one. Everyone needs a base level of care in order to be able to function as a human. But, to really share your gifts with others (yes, you have gifts!) you need to be fed spiritually, mentally

MB: When I feel like I don’t have time to even take a shower, I always remind myself of what the flight attendants tell you during the routine safety demonstration: put your own mask on first before assisting others. As moms, this is so unbelievably counterintuitive, but you really can’t help anyone if you aren’t well yourself. For me, self-care is about sleep, exercise, proper nutrition, a bit of meditation and quality time with my husband. When anyone

MB: At our heart, we are about the mom and what she needs, so any product extension that we consider has to pass through that filter first.

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