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be one of your office staff members? 5. How often do you suggest I get a pap smear? 6. Make sure the OBGYN is board certified and there are no malpractice claims against them. The most important quality to find in a new OBGYN is that you feel comfortable talking openly and honestly with her/him. AM: Over the last year, we feel that we have learned about conditions that women are battling such as Endo and thanks to social media we have learned about symptoms and the stories of celebs, influencers etc that have given us information - but what is a resource that you suggest that

women can use to find out answers to their questions when they aren't talking to their OB/GYN? DR. SR: Your medical information is as reliable as the source you are using. I would stick to WebMD, Mayo or Cleveland Clinic and the Harvard Health Newsletter and avoid chat rooms that can lead to a lot of confusion and misinformation. I also like GoAskAlice. com for relatable and accurate medical information. AM: Tell us about what are you up to this summer and fall as we know that you are working on a number of things - feel free to share with our readers. DR. SR: I am working on my next books, She-sequel and the 7 Cycl Systems that

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