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truth, talking about your sexual health may be a completely off limit subject between mom and daughter. Even though the average age of a young girl getting her period is 12 years old, puberty, in all its glory, starts as early as 8years old. Breast buds are noticeable 2 years before the period actually starts and can be detected between 8 to 13years. Pubic hair, hair under your arms and legs and acne also joins the hormonal party during the "tween" years. It's important to skowly and comfortably ease your daughter ito talking about her body and changes associated with puberty which empowers young women to embrace their body in a healthy way. Promote body confidence. Teach your daughter about her body, use the correct descriptive terms when talking about her breasts, vagina and period. If young girls and women are not able to confidently own the proper words to describe their female body parts, it makes it difficult to comfortably talk about their personal needs and experiences. AM: Vaginal care is an essential and we liked your analogy to taking care of this area as we do our faces. Can you break that down for us? DR. SR: The one thing I wish women knew was where their vulva was located on their "vagina". This is vagina confusion that women will appreciate understanding more about... You must get to know your vulva and vagina, up close and person. First - let’s be clear what we are talking about regarding the vagina. The “vagina” actually includes the vulva, labia-majora (outer lips) and labia minora (inner lips), the opening to the vagina is called the introitus, the inner vagina, the urethra (small opening leading to the bladder), the clitoris and the protective hood of the clitoris. The inside of the vagina, where tampons go, is a temperamental and ultra-sensitive area. 50% of women wonder if their vagina is normal looking. My first and foremost advice

to women is to get to know your lady parts, know what your “normal” is so you will know when a potential problem arises. If you have not done so already, pull out the mirror and get to know your vagina, your vaginal health depends on it. Every woman needs to take a “vagie” to really know this lady part intimately. Your vulva and vagina are very sensitive to everyday feminine rituals. Using the wrong types of soap can cause irritation and bad odor. Avoid soaps which are heavily perfumed and are not pH balanced which upset your body. Using a gentle, lightly fragranced wash and natural skin moisturizer daily is ideal, especially ones made specifically for the vulva. Your vulva and vagina does need a special cleaning routine and it usually begins with using a special wash and warm water. You cannot use the same soap to clean your feet and underarms to wash your vagina! I highly recommend Summer's Eve Cleansing Wash made specifically for our most sensitive area on our body. Vagina friendly washes carefully clean the vulva, remove odor-causing bacteria and are balanced for a woman’s natural pH. Cleaning the outside of the vagina or the vulva, clitoris, and vaginal opening every day with a vagina friendly wash is so important. You can use a wash cloth or your fingers to clean this area in the shower or bath. AM: Why have you partnered with Summer's Eve and why is it essential to utilize cleansing products like this as opposed to total body soaps that are not formulated for the vagina. DR. SR: Partnering with Summer’s Eve was an easy and authentic relationship since I wholeheartedly believe women have to care for their vagina in the same way we care for the skin of our face. Using vagina friendly and specially made products for this sensitive and temperamental area of our body is so important and necessary. Summer

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