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Prior to each workout, I warm up with a 15-20 minute run, during which I try to cover at least 2 miles of distance, depending on pace, followed by a warmup of 2 sets each of the following exercises, each one minute long. 1. Burpees 2. Jumping jacks 3. Squat jumps for a total of 6 sets. You should be about 30 minutes in at this point. *If you are near a beach, try sand running instead. A piece of advice, sand running KILLS your calves and abs, so ensure you plan ahead knowing that you will be very sore in those areas for 2-3 days after the workout. 1.

Day 1 – Chest/Back

Pull ups a. 3 sets of wide grip, 3 sets of close grip – this exercise is great at targeting your latissimus and serratus muscles, as well as biceps. If you cant do a full pull up, or have trouble doing more than a few, you can use resistance bands or a partner to help assist you in lifting your body weight. Don’t worry, before long, you will be stronger than you think. Push Ups a. Alternate each set with one set of push ups. 2 sets of close grip, 2 sets medium grip, 2 sets wide grip. I use a set of push up bars that allow a better range of motion, and help in isolating your chest and triceps. 2.

Day 2 – Legs and Abs

that you have FULL flexion of your spine, meaning that the thigh portion of your leg must make contact with your chest. If that is not the case, you are not engaging your abs properly. When Im feeling particularly enthusiastic, I wear 10lb ankle weights for straight leg raises, and trust me, that’s all you need. Hanging Sit Ups a. You can also combine these exercises for a more thorough workout b. Use a partner here for SURE, as not doing so can result in slippage and injury For more intermediate and beginning athletes: Crunches a. 5 sets of 40 Decline bar sit ups a. 4 sets of 20 Bicycles a. 4 sets of one minute each Legs Resistance band Squats a. 6 sets of 10 total. First 3 sets using a wide leg stance, then 3 sets of ten using shoulder width stance. this is basically the same exercise as regular body weight squats, but using resistance bands to add extra resistance instead of weights. Ensure that you keep your chest forward that could compromise posture and cause injury resistance band lunges b. 3 sets of 10, first one leg, then the other, for a total of 6 sets)


Day 3 - Shoulders and arms

For More advanced athletes:

Resistance band Military press 4 sets of 10

Hanging leg raises a. 3 sets of straight leg followed by 3 sets of bent leg raises. The key to doing this movement properly is ensuring

Resistance band lateral raises 4 sets of 10

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